Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven Meet Gilbert and Moira the strangest couple to ever marry for each other s money Living in New York in is Gilbert Selwyn a young man possessed of boundless charm and an allergy to employment wh

  • Title: Blue Heaven
  • Author: Joe Keenan
  • ISBN: 9780099435044
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Gilbert and Moira the strangest couple to ever marry for each other s money Living in New York in 1991 is Gilbert Selwyn, a young man possessed of boundless charm and an allergy to employment, who has devised a plan to wring a nice pile of loot from his mother s newest and obscenely wealthy husband.The scheme, simply put, is to get married for the gifts But GilbMeet Gilbert and Moira the strangest couple to ever marry for each other s money Living in New York in 1991 is Gilbert Selwyn, a young man possessed of boundless charm and an allergy to employment, who has devised a plan to wring a nice pile of loot from his mother s newest and obscenely wealthy husband.The scheme, simply put, is to get married for the gifts But Gilbert, who s gay, needs a fianc e Enter Moira Finch, a demonically conniving young woman whose own mother, having recently married the Duke of Dorsetshire, will contribute richly to the couple s receipts Enter, too, Philip Cavanagh, Gilbert s longtime friend, former lover, and highly strung Best Man And enter, finally, the Cellinis, Gilbert s huge internecine stepfamily, whose fortune has not been amassed as innocently as Gilbert first thought, and who conform rather closely to Italian American stereotypes than Gilbert would like to believe As Gilbert, Moira, and Philip struggle to keep their plot under wraps, the scams get bigger and perilous, deceit multiplies, and a wonderfully calamitous trail leads us towards what could be the wedding of the season.

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    One thought on “Blue Heaven”

    1. a swiftly paced Wodehouse style farce set in Gay World. the author Joe Keenan is apparently a script writer for tv sitcoms - and it shows: the level of humor is unsurprisingly broad and stereotypical. lots and lots of so-called zingers, many that score, many that do not. but don't let any of that make you think that this is nothing less than pure enjoyment there is a sparkling verve and polish to all of the amusing goings-on that make the novel a fun-filled pleasure. i laughed constantly and lou [...]

    2. Just Suppose We ProposeA mercenary female, a gay male, a blackmail, a swindle, a mafia family, a magazine, a cupboard, a wedding, a photo shoot, a snort, a toke, a shot and a shoot-out. Just to think, it all started with a little proposition.Tag or Drag Along Rights and RitualsAs author Joe Keenan remarks of one of the hazy, crazy escapades in the book, it is such a childish, melodramatic way to deal with the situation, you just have to tag along. Or, if you prefer, you can come in drag.Consumma [...]

    3. Terminado. Lo he devorado entre baño y baño. Es divertidísimo, me he reído a carcajadas. Los personajes son tronchantes, las situaciones son cada vez más locas hasta el final, que ya me caían lagrimones de la risa. Muy recomendable.

    4. Finally, an answer to the eternal question, "what if Wodehouse had been openly gay and living in 90s Manhattan?"

    5. Una perfecta lectura para el verano. Esta comedia de enredos está muy bien escrita, ligera, ingeniosa, divertida. Tiene el sabor de las películas viejas al estilo de Some like it hot o de los libros de Tom Sharpe.

    6. Gilbert and Moira have a great idea: Get married for the gifts, then split it down the middle. Piece of cake, right?Except Gilbert is gay and Moira is an unscrupulous money-houndwhose mother is married to a Mafia boss who would bedispleasedif he found out what was going on.This is a light and frothy work by a script-writer and producer of TV show Frasier, and it's full of the trademark fast wit and dead-pan repartee that really does make you laugh out loud. Complication follows complication, and [...]

    7. I found this book hilarious. The characters are very memorable and the situations they get themselves into as they attempt to get rich quick, and without doing an honest day's work, are even more so. Gay men, mafiosi, a fashionista who only wears her own bizarre creations, and a back-stabbing social-climbing bitch are all in the mix. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a light, well-written, laugh-out-loud novel.

    8. A funny, fast paced farce with snappy dialogue and broadly drawn (ie. massively stereotypical) characters. There are half a dozen zingers on every page and amazingly, most of them are hilarious. The plethora of minor characters occasionally confused me, but I was having too much fun to really care. A good book to read on an airplane or in a sick bed. Deliriously daffy in an uplifting way.

    9. You know you're in good hands when on page five the main character describes his best friend using Ethel Merman lyrics. Swoon!"We could stop at your cash machine." "We could," he agreed, "but it would only be a social call."This was incredibly fun.

    10. super fun read--witty, well-written, laugh-out-loud funny. story itself is quite clever, and you can just see the movie version in your head as you read because of the narrator's vivid, tongue-in-cheek descriptions.

    11. This book is hilarious. Definitely a smart person's comedy. Great diction, something is always fresh, very smart.

    12. This is an oldie but a goodie. The characters are funny, the situations are funnyNot much else to say about this one except I highly recommend it for a good chuckle.

    13. Back in the day this was one of the funniest books I'd read. I'm going to read it again this summer to see if it stands the test of time.

    14. Dialogue driven gay farce, set in NYC in the late 80's and filled with unsympathetic, selfish, egocentric and almost despicable characters.

    15. La historia de unas maricas malas que se cruzan en el camino de una familia de mafiosos. Muy neoyorkino todo. Mola

    16. Keenan, Joe. BLUE HEAVEN. (1988), ***. The author was the writer of the musical, “The Times,” and was a story consultant for the television show, “Frasier,” which I don’t think I ever saw. He has published at least one more book featuring the same characters as you encounter in this book, “Putting on the Ritz.” This story introduces his characters, mostly gay New Yorkers along with a coterie of women who are either in the arts or into larceny. Philip Cavanaugh, a budding writer who [...]

    17. This was another author mentioned on rectsoks in response to the inquiry for P. G. Wodehouse-like authors (some of the others were Lawrence Durrell, E. F. Benson, Tom Sharpe, and Tom Holt). Keenan is not only like Wodehouse, if he were any younger, I’d be tempted to say he was Wodehouse reincarnated. As it is, the best way to describe Blue Heaven is as a book by Wodehouse if he had grown up gay in the 1960s.Keenan is not simply imitating Wodehouse, either. It’s obvious that he’s read the [...]

    18. Confession: I am obsessed with Frasier. I never tire of watching the show. As part of this obsession, I have often speculated that Frasier and Niles' brotherly relationship was coded for a long-married couple who have settled into a routine of affectionate bickering and sherry. Every couple's dream, I like to think. That's why I was so delighted to discover that one of the show's foremost writers and producers, Joe Keenan, has written several novels in the same Wodehouseian style as the show fro [...]

    19. I just reread this book after ten years. I first discovered Joe Keenan's books at the Gerber-Hart Library in Chicago. When I picked up a copy of Putting on the Ritz for two dollars, it was mostly because I liked the song the book was named after. What I discovered from that book, and Keenan's two others, was a universe of sparkling wit and madcap capers that felt directly descended from Noel Coward.After rereading Blue Heaven some years later, I'm still in love with it. Some of the book is reall [...]

    20. Given that I don't read a great deal of non-genre fiction, I thought I'd give this one a try as the blurb sounded interestingPhilip Cavanaugh, living in New York, gets a shock when he hears rumours that his former boyfriend is getting married, then doubly so when he hears who Gilbert is getting married to, a woman that neither of them can stand! Already suspicious, Philip discovers that the couple are in fact attempting to scam their respective friends and family for the wedding gifts, with a pl [...]

    21. This is the funniest book I have ever read, hands down. Whenever anyone suggest some other book is funny, I have to wonder--will it make me smile, will it make me chuckle, or, like Blue Heaven, will it make me annoy all those within earshot by my constant explosions of uncontrollable mirth? (Probably not--this one's special).On the first page alone I must have grabbed my then-partner at least three times to read various sentences aloud, because they were THAT GOOD. I'll never forgot the first qu [...]

    22. Joe Keenan's BLUE HEAVEN is absolutely, without-a-doubt the funniest novel I've ever read. Over the years, I have re-read this book several times, marveling at the expert plotting (you will never find yourself reading a Joe Keenan novel and muttering, "This could all be solved quickly if they just" No, Keenan knows how to tie his characters into knots and then when you can figure no way out of the tangle, he masterfully shows you how to untangle things--both hilariously and logically). I love th [...]

    23. An enjoyable romp. I special ordered this and Putting on the Ritz because I had so much fun reading Keenan's My Lucky Star, which I picked up cheap at a book sale. Reminiscent of PG Woodhouse madcap style, a roller coaster of plot twists and turns that move so fast you don't really have time to stop and think if any of the character's motivations make sense. It's a marriage of inconvenience, the young couple a gay man with a long list of scorned lovers and a broke socialite. They're not marrying [...]

    24. Fun. Unadulterated joy, not totally mindless, but unchallenging enough to massage the brain. Although you must keep your wits together through all the plot twists while dodging oneliners! Verbally rich escapism of a very high order.As jy will ontsnap aan die wrede werklikheid, werp jouself gerus in die skrywersarms van Joe Keenan. Sy intrige is so ingewikkeld soos 'n groot bondel sykouse in 'n wasmasjien, terwyl sy spitsvondighede van die bladsy afspat soos vonke van 'n vonkstokkie tydens 'n Spu [...]

    25. Gilbert Selwyn is selfish, feckless, greedy and, more pointedly, openly gay, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to all and sundry when he decides to get married and especially when the person he is going to marry is Moira Finch, a person who, to all intents and purposes, he had previously loathed. What their friends don’t know, however, is that the marriage of inconvenience is a plot hatched by the money grabbing ‘couple’ in order to score a payday on the wedding gifts.Although you may not [...]

    26. Absolutely, wonderfully, brilliant. It's a very charming modern day PG Wodehouse-esque comedy of misunderstandings, and awkward situations. The mob! Weddings! Men disguised as women! And the banter is superb - he writes dialogue very well. You follow the charming misadventures of Gilbert and Phillip as they romp their camp way through a series of unfortunate incidents, and narrowly avoid being dismembered in the process. Driven by Gilbert's unquenchable optimism for making a quick buck by a simp [...]

    27. P. G. Wodehouse has an heir! Set in the late 20th century, this is a rollicking romp with the less than savory members of the supposed upper class. The writing is phenomenal! The metaphors, similes, contrasts and comparisons are vivid, creating engaging images in the reader's mind that will make them laugh out loud! Philip is a writer who is a bit down on his luck. But his best friend Gilbert has the perfect plan to help improve their financial distress. And what a plan it is! When these two "ga [...]

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