The Crossing

The Crossing On one side of the border is Manny Bustos an orphan scrounging on the streets of Juarez On the other side is Vietnam vet Robert Locke trying to forget the war in a bottle of whiskey When Manny decid

  • Title: The Crossing
  • Author: Gary Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780440205821
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • On one side of the border is Manny Bustos, an orphan scrounging on the streets of Juarez On the other side is Vietnam vet Robert Locke, trying to forget the war in a bottle of whiskey When Manny decides to slip into America, the two meet and discover endless new possibilities.

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    One thought on “The Crossing”

    1. I think that I have finally found a book that I like, that can replace another book with a lower lexile score. This book is rated 1150 on the lexile score, and it is easy to read. It's also short, has a boy hero, and follows my theme of You can Make a Difference. So, I'm going to start teaching this book this year. It was recommended by the Gates Common Core committee. I've checked out many of their titles, and this one will work for me. Yeah!! **stop here for spoilers*** In this book 14 year ol [...]

    2. The book "The Crossing" is a very interesting read. It gives a sad but ore realistic story of a boy named Manny Bustos who is struggling throughout his entire life. He competes with the older rivals who want to survive just like him, they will hurt even hurt each other for american tourists coins. All he wants to do is start a new life in the Americas, however it isn't as easy as he thinks it is and he comes across many obstacles in the way of him getting across to El Paso.I wold highly recommen [...]

    3. Young Manny Bustos is trying to stay alive on the streets. He’s an orphaned, homeless and society is not kind to him. Manny has to rely on begging and pick-pocketing tourist. One day Manny sergeant Robert S. Locke and “befriends” him. Locke is a cold man struggling with the trauma of war but he still treats Manny well. Soon Locke becomes the only one Manny can rely on.The Crossing teaches us that there will be one person you can rely one. Manny was able to rely on Locke when no one helped [...]

    4. Gary Paulsen did a nice job on the plot of this book but he coud've made the point of it clearer. There are a few parts of this book that some children shoudn't read because it shows many of the bad sides of life. It coudve been more positive. I also believe he coud've done a better job on the ending of this book. There were also many good parts of this book such as the build up to the main events. He did a great job on showing the main character, Manny's backround. He also did good on expressin [...]

    5. Heavy with meaning. Brilliantly crafted.On the Mexico side of the border town Juarez, fourteen-year old Manny has one wish: cross the river. Hunger, border patrol, violently competitive beggarboys, and men in pointy-toed boots who hunt people as much for profit as for pleasure demand a lifestyle of absolute lies. Just to survive.Seargent Robert S. Locke comes from the other side regularly to systematically liquor-drown haunting truths of his own past. Robert the soldier runs on autopilot. Robert [...]

    6. This is a good book for anyone who wants to see what happens for real. Outside of the United States. This is a very interesting book because it has the stories of two people. A soldier on duty on a border fort between Texas and Mexico. The other character is a poor young Mexican boy. Who is a orphan and dreams of crossing the border for a better life. There is a picture of the bridge on the front because that is the bridge because other children would be down there screaming and tourist to throw [...]

    7. I actually liked this book, but I am concerned about what age group should read it. Paulsen often writes stories with a political agenda, and though they tell of real circumstances these stories are generally dark and dispairing. He also writes stories for young children. The subject matter in this book is, I feel, for mature readers who can understand the under currents of the sergeant's problems and alcoholism as well as his internal dialogue. There are too many adult issues in this book to in [...]

    8. My first Paulsen book. I liked it. Simple language for much heavier issues. Not a read for my 5th grader but still a valuable book for humans to read when ready to read about alcohol intake and mind numbing methods to retreat from military horrors. His subject matter and treatment were balanced. I like the simplicity of it. The point is not buried. The story is brief yet fills me with new ideas about poverty, survival, kindness and alcoholism. I don't need a long book for a snapshot of the Mexic [...]

    9. In The Crossing, young Manny longs for a better life. On the streets for many years, he has learned to survive by begging for money and food. Running alongside Manny's story is that of Lt. Locke, a complex character who is drinking in order to forget memories that torment him. For me, the story felt forced, and I didn't quite connect with the relationship between Manny and Locke, I think it could've used more development by the author. Manny's difficult life on the streets is realistically portr [...]

    10. The crossing is a great book geared towards young adults. I enjoyed reading this book and think everyone should pick it up for a quick read. It is about a young boy in Mexico that lives on the streets and fends for himself. He dreams to cross the border in hopes of making a life for himself in the US. He meets a US soldier that is drinking his days away in an attempt to escape from his own pain. They form a small friendship. Read it to see for yourself.

    11. Gary Paulsen, the well known, critically acclaimed novelist has done it again. I haven’t read many of his books, but the books of his that I have read are always worth it. This one follows suit, and is a definite quick read that you’ll love just as I did. As fourteen year old Manny, an orphan living on the streets of Juarez, Mexico fights to live everyday. He realizes that there is another world -- a new beginning on the other side… of the crossing. One day venturing near the Rio Grande i [...]

    12. This book is about a boy named manny, who is a poor and doesn''t have a family and has to get food for himself. His goal is to cross a bridge so he can have a better shot at life. So when he makes a plan to cross. Along the way he makes a friend named Robert who is a soldier that has money. He gives him food and takes his to a bullring. A week later he see's him again and the soldier has to go fight in the war and it's Robert against four men. It was hard for him But in the end he kills them all [...]

    13. I read it aloud to my kids. Because of the writing style maybe not the best read aloud but a good story. I thought Manny would die but it turned out Robert dies. Deals with adult themes - drinking to forget, war, starvation, child selling, etc. but still good. Because of adult themes perhaps a good read aloud even if the words aren't read aloud style. Allowed us to discuss sensitive topics.

    14. The book was pretty good. My big surprise was finding out that Manny, described as the main character, wasn't very interesting. Instead a character not mentioned was everything an MC should be.Full review at ReadingOverTheShoulder

    15. Deep and dark. A homeless boy in survival mode tries to find his way across the border. He latches onto a man, who is a heavy drinker trying to escape his own demons. Both sad lives briefly intertwine is this short read.

    16. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this book a lot. It is raw and realistic for the life of each of the main characters. Some of the plot and setting is not for the faint of heart, but even with the inclusion of over-indulgence in alcohol, seedy bars with nude female dancers, references to child slavery, and death it is still less than many middle school students experience daily or are exposed to in video games or on television/movies. It is recommended for 11-15 year olds and I initially began reading it so [...]

    17. I am going to go against the tide of the overall reviews here and suggest that this was too mature for most youths, and it's too simplistic for older readers. Manny is an illiterate street urchin in Mexico and he dreams of making it to America where he can get a job, buy a shirt with shiny buttons, and put a roof over his head. He knows he needs some food and money to make it through the crossing. He knows he cannot trust the coyotes to take him, because they sometimes take everyone's money, rap [...]

    18. Everyday men, women, and children risk their lives to cross illegally from Mexico into the United States. News stories usually focus on statistics, money spent, and politicians’ positions, rather than on the violence and extreme poverty suffered. Gary Paulsen, critically acclaimed author of popular young adult fiction (Hatchet and Dogsong), puts a face on the struggle for survival as he tells the story of one young boy in The Crossing. The Crossing is about the chance meeting of two very dif [...]

    19. This book takes place in a town near the border of the United States and Mexico. This town is called Juarez, Mexico, a somewhat medium sized town with tons of people to meet like Manny. Manny is the main character of the story and meets a tall sergeant half way through the book. The tall sergeants name is Sergeant Robert which comes from the United States to drink. First Manny is a boy with red hair, freckles, and very slim. He's like this because he doesn't have the money to pay for food so he [...]

    20. I recently read The Crossing by Gary Paulsen. The reason why I read this book was because I thought it was really interesting how people do anything for a better life and because I had some family that risked everything to come to the united states. This book is about a teenager named Manny. Manny is risking everything to try to cross to the united states because he’s heard that being in the us you have better chance to live better and happier than living in Juarez Mexico. Manny does anything [...]

    21. The CrossingGary PaulsenThis is about a homeless boy name Manny Bustos who lives on the street in Mexico but has a dream of living in America. After begging for food from behind a restaurant and trying to catch money under a bridge while Americans drop it, he goes back to where he sleeps outside a club and meet Robert Locke an American sergeant who is an alcoholic because he’s seen too many friend die in war and drinks it away. After one night Robert is gone, he’s brain dead and many tries t [...]

    22. 2.5 stars. This book was alright. Manny is a very poor boy who lives near the Texas/Mexican border and he decides that one day he is going to come to America. On the night he gets some food from a lady he knows and waits while a lot of people get caught going to American in the river. Some how Manny gets caught by four bad guys and they chase him (they want to sell him to someone because they are poor too). When Manny gets to an alley, he meets a guy who is puking his guts out because he is drun [...]

    23. Manny Bustos is a small orphan in Juarez, Mexico. He wants to cross the border for better life in America. Because of his body size he is at a disadvantage to gather money and cross the border. But, when he meets with an American Sergant his life is changed. Manny is able to cross the border and say goodbye to the life he had in Juarez: living under cardboard and barely having enough food to survive. He has new life in America. The Crossing by Gary Paulsen is a great book that expresses the hard [...]

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