Henry II

Henry II Henry II was an enigma to contemporaries and has excited widely divergent judgments ever since Dramatic incidents of his reign such as his quarrel with Archbishop Becket and his troubled relations w

  • Title: Henry II
  • Author: Wilfred Lewis Warren
  • ISBN: 9780520034945
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  • Henry II was an enigma to contemporaries, and has excited widely divergent judgments ever since Dramatic incidents of his reign, such as his quarrel with Archbishop Becket and his troubled relations with his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and his sons, have attracted the attention of historical novelists, playwrights, and filmmakers, but with no unanimity of interpretation.Henry II was an enigma to contemporaries, and has excited widely divergent judgments ever since Dramatic incidents of his reign, such as his quarrel with Archbishop Becket and his troubled relations with his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and his sons, have attracted the attention of historical novelists, playwrights, and filmmakers, but with no unanimity of interpretation That he was a great king there can be no doubt Yet his motives and intentions are not easy to divine, and it is Professor Warren s contention that concentration on the great crises of the reign can lead to distortion This book is therefore a comprehensive reappraisal of the reign based, with rare understanding, on contemporary sources it provides a coherent and persuasive revaluation of the man and the king, and is, in itself an eloquent and impressive achievement.

    Henry II of England Henry II March July , also known as Henry Curtmantle French Court manteau , Henry FitzEmpress or Henry Plantagenet, ruled as King of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou, Maine, and Nantes, and Lord of Ireland at various times, he also partially controlled Scotland, Wales and the Duchy of Brittany.Before he was he controlled England, large parts of Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor Early life and marriage Henry was born in May , the son of Duke Henry II, Duke of Bavaria, and Gisela of Burgundy.Through his father, he was the grandson of Henry I, Duke of Bavaria, and the great grandson of King Henry I of Germany.By his mother, he was the grandson of King Conrad I of Burgundy, and the great grandson of King Rudolf II of Burgundy. Henry II Biography, Accomplishments, Facts Henry II Henry II, king of England who greatly expanded his Anglo French domains and strengthened the royal administration in England His quarrels with Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, and with members of his family ultimately brought about his defeat. BBC History Henry II Henry was born at Le Mans in north west France on March His father was Count of Anjou and his mother Matilda, daughter of Henry I of England Henry had named Matilda as his successor to Henry II king of France Britannica Henry II, the son of Francis, intensified repression, particularly when France and Spain made peace in and thus were free to devote attention to the suppression of heresy at home.The persecution of the Huguenots, as the Protestants came to be called in France, Henry II of France dies of tournament wounds History Today Born in , the future Henry II married Catherine de Medici in when they were both years old His father, King Francis I, reportedly supervised the consummation, announcing they had both shown valour in the joust. Henry II English Monarchs Henry II Parentage and Early Life Arguably one of the most effective Kings ever to wear the English crown and the first of the great Plantagenet dynasty, the future Henry II was born at Le Mans, Anjou on th March, . CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA St Henry II NEW ADVENT German King and Holy Roman Emperor, son of Duke Henry II the Quarrelsome and of the Burgundian Princess Gisela b d in his palace of Grona, at Gottingen, July, True to his duty, the king could not be induced to abet any selfish family policy at the expense of the empire Even Henry County Board of Commissioners l Home This is the official Henry County Board of Commissioners website. The Murder of Thomas Becket, A sword s crushing blow extinguished the life of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, on a cold December evening as he struggled on the steps of his altar The brutal event sent a tremor through Medieval Europe Public opinion of the time and subsequent history have laid the blame for the murder at the feet of Becket s former close personal friend, King Henry II.

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    1. Henry II's reign was complex. He inherited Anjou from his father, a claim to England and Normandy from his mother that as a teenager he had to fight for, he gained the south-west of France through marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine, control over Brittany through some Feudal shenanigans, obliged to intervene in Ireland to restrain some over ambition Norman-Welsh lords, quarrelled with Thomas Becket, Kings of France, his sons and his barons. Henry's life was a gallop across countries, jurisdictions [...]

    2. His greatest achievement, indeed, was not that he created a vast dominion, nor even that he held on to it and largely tamed it, but that he introduced to it the art of government.Huge effort to capture the essence of a tireless soul whose struggled to standardize and thus modernize the English realm. Perhaps growing up during such instability forged his resolve. His famous mother Matilda escaping the clutches of King Stephen, a winter walk for posterity. Despite there being precious little that [...]

    3. This is the most comprehensive and detailed biography I have ever read in my life. It is also the most academic work I think I've ever seen.The reign of Henry II, King of England, Count of Anjou, Count of Maine, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Gascony, Count of Nantes, Lord of Ireland etc is told from hundreds of contemporary sources and historians, and interpreted in such an astute and articulate manner that even the minor details of forest law being administered by sheriffs are ex [...]

    4. Henry IIWilferd Lewis Warren (W.L. Warren)Read it in old Hard Cover at 693 (including bibliongraphy+index+etc.)Succession is messy business. The story of Henry II of England and the founding of the Angevin commonwealth is no different. It was a long road for Henry II to realize his inheritance and the story begins with Henry I of England. At this time in history, the power and crown of England is owned by the Dukes of Normandy who must pay homage (for Normandy) to the French Crown but an equal i [...]

    5. I would exclaim, "INCREDIBLE!" if it weren't for the innumerable citations; and trust me: this is a compliment. AWESOME PIECE OF WORK.This will also prove to be a helpful reference book if I ever choose, or need to use it as such; and as I don't think I'll ever write a biography of Henry II myself, I suppose I could use it to back up my claim that Henry of Anjou was the Mozart of politics. I knew the man was kick-ass Now I'm just in awe :) 01/24 page 206 33.0% "If only all rulers were as ju [...]

    6. King Henry II is one of the most fascinating rulers of the Middle Ages. A man of deep passion and great ability he ruled not only England for over thirty years but he was also the master of half of France. Henry's lordship over half of France was a situation that did not please the two French kings that Henry had to deal with in the course of his reign: King Louis VII and his son Philip II.The book begins with the disaster of the White Ship that killed Prince William, King Henry I's son and heir [...]

    7. The very last line of reading stated, "He was no god-like Achilles, either in valour or wrath; but in cunning and ingenuity, in fortitude and courage, he stands not far below the subtle-souled Odysseus."Henry of Anjou, Henry II, had the ability to be anywhere and everywhere in the blink of an eye at any point in his realm. He could gather forces, go to war, make peace, and administer government when there weren't many precedents. He brought about changes in government to be a better administrato [...]

    8. After 40 years Warren's Henry II is still THE standard work on Henry II. This is not a work of popular history and does not read easily as a novel but is rather a fully scholarly work written to be accessible to a broader audience. As a colossus of medieval Europe, there is plenty from the reign of Henry II to enjoy; rebellions, wars, betrayals and intrigue, governance, diplomacy, medieval law & politics, a major clash with the catholic church, plus an unparalleled cast of characters includi [...]

    9. This was a lot of bookd mostly it was stupifyingly boring. It was much more of a technical, in-depth look at Henry's reign and how he achieved things than I expected. More like a textbook. An economics textbook. It wasn't chronological; I got lost! The chapter about Thomas Becket was interesting though; much more to that story than I realized! I learned a lot, mostly useless information such as what pipe rolls and adwowsons are. Trust me, no one outside the medieval scholars cares. And the footn [...]

    10. While not an easy narrative read, this book has an extremely large amount of detail about Henry II's life and reign. I was particulary interesting in Warren's take on his foreign policy and how he wanted his lands to be a federation, not an empire, so all his sons could inherit his lands-when they weren't to busy plotting against him. So, overall while not being quite a great book, it was a very good one, and certainly any scholar of twelfth-century England or France or a scholar of medieval his [...]

    11. Warren has written a truly comprehensive account of the great British monarch and his world.  Portions of the biography are also truly enjoyable.  Large sections of the book, however, are far too detailed for someone with only a lay interest in the subject.  This is definitely not a work of popular history.

    12. This classic biography provides a fascinating and authoritative look into the life of one of medieval England's most infamous rulers. Warren expertly illuminates the entirety of Henry's life and reign, including his tumultuous relationships with his queen, his sons, and Archbishop Becket. Part of the English Monarchs Series.

    13. Not only is this an excellent biography of Henry II, it's also an excellent overview of the late 11th and 12th centuries. Warren brings in discussions of kingship, taxes, castles and plenty more to the biography, making it all the richer. Another great volume in the series.

    14. This was one of the best and most definitive biographies of an English monarch that I've ever read. And I read it way back in College, for class (yes, I was a History major).

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