The Eye

The Eye Nabokov s fourth novel The Eye is as much a farcical detective story as it is a profoundly refractive tale about the vicissitudes of identities and appearances Nabokov s protagonist Smurov is a lov

  • Title: The Eye
  • Author: Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov
  • ISBN: 9780679727231
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nabokov s fourth novel, The Eye is as much a farcical detective story as it is a profoundly refractive tale about the vicissitudes of identities and appearances Nabokov s protagonist, Smurov, is a lovelorn, excruciatingly self conscious Russian migr living in prewar Berlin, who commits suicide after being humiliated by a jealous husband, only to suffer even greater indiNabokov s fourth novel, The Eye is as much a farcical detective story as it is a profoundly refractive tale about the vicissitudes of identities and appearances Nabokov s protagonist, Smurov, is a lovelorn, excruciatingly self conscious Russian migr living in prewar Berlin, who commits suicide after being humiliated by a jealous husband, only to suffer even greater indignities in the afterlife.

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    • Free Read [Science Book] Ú The Eye - by Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov ✓
      299 Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov
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    1. In the Berlin of 1925 a Russian emigré, one Smurov, accosted and humiliated by a jealous husband, goes home and shoots himself. What follows is the story of his bifurcated, pseudo-afterlife. As if he weren't mixed up enough, in his dissociative state he has the ill luck to fall in love. Breathtaking narrative patterning here, beautiful in a way simple crystalline forms are beautiful. A marvel that can be read in a single sitting. My second reading, I've upgraded it to 5 stars.

    2. Ο Ναμπόκοφ κάνει κοινωνική σάτιρα με έναν πολύ ιδιαίτερο τρόπο.Όλα ξεκινάν από ένα ξυλοδαρμό και μια αυτοκτονία (ή μήπως όχι;)!Πρωτότυπο διήγημα με τον Ναμπόκοφ να αφήνει τον αναγνώστη να δώσει απαντήσεις χρησιμοποιώντας το δικό του "Μάτι"4/5

    3. REQUIEM FOR AN ASSHOLE: AN HOMAGE TO IAN "M" G."Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”SOMETHING SOMETHING PRETENTIOUS SOMETHING; PUNIf I can properly gauge my audience, which I obviously can due to my superhuman capacity for insight, I think it fair to say that most of you do not like Nabokov. Scratch that: do not GET Nabokov—at least not with the deeply penetrative nuance that I do. IF, however, you ‘Like’ this review and/or comment below in acquiescence with my agenda, then you d [...]

    4. Соглядатай = The Eye, Vladimir Nabokov The Eye written in 1930. The Eye, is Vladimir Nabokov's fourth novel. It was translated into English by the author's son Dmitri Nabokov in 1965. The action of the novel largely begins after the attempted (perhaps successful) suicide of the protagonist. This occurs after he suffers a beating at the hands of a cuckolded husband (the protagonist has been having an affair with a woman called Matilda with whom he has also, apparently, been rather bored [...]

    5. One of Nabokov's earlier works, The Eye is an amazing harbinger of what is to come. Completely obsessed (the character and the novella itself) with identity and, as such, the confines of one's own conscious self, The Eye foreshadows Sebastian Knight, Transparent Things, and The Original of Laura (plus, to a lesser extent, much more of his canon). (Oh, and it reminded me of Poe's "William Wilson," too.) The book is an exemplar exploration of how perception shapes reality as it questions the natur [...]

    6. Αν κάποιος έχει διαβάσει Nabokov και τον έχει χαρακτηρίσει κάτι λιγότερο από «ιδιοφυΐα», τότε…ε,δεν ξέρω τι να πω. Νομίζω είναι (οκ, ήταν) μαζί με τον Kundera από τους συγγραφείς που μέσα σε λίγες σελίδες μπορούν να θέσουν βαθιά, φιλοσοφικά ερωτήματα. Μας μιλάει για τον Σμίροφ, έναν [...]

    7. Yazarın 1930 larda rusça yazdığı ilk eserlerinden. en kısa romanı. Olmak ile olmamak arasında, Smurov kim , göz kim arafta gezinirken şahit olduğunuz muhteşem gözlemler gözetlemeler. Nabokov iyi ki var.

    8. dreamersandco/2017/03/to-mΤι απίστευτη που είναι η χαρά όταν έρχεσαι αντιμέτωπος με ένα παγκόσμιο κείμενο, με τη λογοτεχνία στην καλύτερή της εκδοχή. Είναι η αίσθηση της προσωπικής ανακάλυψης που μας «ιντριγκάρει» όλους. Ο Vladimir Nabokov δεν χρειάζεται συστάσεις. Οι περισσότεροι τον γνωρίζ [...]

    9. (Some spoilers, but really it doesn't matter, as if you're reading Nabokov's books for their plots and nothing else, I have a feeling, based on this first excursion into his writings, that you may be reading him for the wrong reason and he will make you angry, causing you to call emperor's new clothes on him. I have very little sympathy for those who get pissy when you reveal important plot points from books or movies to them anyway, perhaps because of my own feelings on spoilers (to wit: I don' [...]

    10. -ναι, ολα σ αυτην ήταν μαρτυρικά, ήταν αγιάτρευτα λαχταριστά, και μονάχα στα όνειρά μου, τα μουσκεμένα με δάκρυα, κατάφερνα τελικά να την αγκαλιάσω και να νιώσω στα χείλη μου τον αυχένα της και το βαθούλωμα κοντά στην κλείδα της. Αλλα εκείνη ακόμη και στον ύπνο μου χανόταν, κι [...]

    11. Vladimir Sirin's fourth book shines as the author's first foray into narratorial deceit, a hallmark of the later English-language appropriating Nabokov. Don't worry, I won't be giving up the authorial game here (Naby's Forward practically takes care of that), but here is an evasive tease: a mopey, philandering émigré is beaten up by the brutish Berliner he cuckolded before fleeing to his apartment where a shot is fired, making our short-lived narrator ein toter. The rest of this breezy novella [...]

    12. And again, forgoing the chance to spend a week souping through Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle, I chose this 90-page quickie, written not by Nabokov but by Naboko, as the cover confirms, a dazzling novella (filed in my shelves under novels, I find sub-shelving a tedious business) involving a nameless narrator who shoots himself and hovers around the story waiting for the penny to drop.Naboko's prose is at its rippling glorious peak in the suicide scenes: never has a writer scalped the human mi [...]

    13. It is frightening when real life suddenly turns out to be a dream, but how much more frightening when that which one had thought a dream--fluid and irresponsible--suddenly starts to congeal into reality.This was a short and wonderfully absurd tale of dreams and reality merging, of what it means to exist, and what, if anything, is actually real. Life for our narrator is a tangled mess, an illusion. What is identity? Are we who we think we are, who we used to be, or are we merely a product of how [...]

    14. اوائلش طول کشید تا وارد داستان بشه، اما بعد فهمیدم اشتباه از من بوده :))خیلی پایان جالبی داشت، چون کوتاه بود خوندنش خالی از لطف نیستاما چیزی که برای من مساله‌‌س اینه که ناباکوف نویسنده انگلیسی به حساب میاد اما متنش به نظرم خیلی روسی بود.

    15. کلیت نگاه به چیزی از پنجره ی دید دیگران و برملا شدن امکانات هر چیز از طریق رجوع به تفسیر بقیه از آن چیز - خصوصا وقتی آن چیز محل نظر یک انسان باشد - نکته ای است جالب. اما من به شخصه حال نکردم با جزئیات روایت ناباکوف - یعنی همان نگاه آینه وار و همان ناظر همه جا حاضر ( همان چشم ) خوب در د [...]

    16. " قبل أن أنتحر ، أردت أن أكتب بعض الخطابات التقليدية ، و يحتاج هذا خمس دقائق - على الأقل- أجلسها بأمان . عندئذ - فتحت الحقيبة بسرعة ، و أخرجت ورق الكتابة و ضروفاً ، ووجدت قلماً بائساً - قلم رصاص- عالقاً في جيبي، جلست إلى المنضدة و أنتبهت مكتشفاً أنه ليس لدي من أكتب إليه . فلقد عرفت ا [...]

    17. Αυτό είναι το δεύτερο βιβλίο του Βλάντιμιρ Ναμπόκοφ που διαβάζω, μετά το "Το γέλιο στο σκοτάδι", που διάβασα τον Νοέμβριο του 2011. Δεν θυμάμαι και πολλά πράγματα από εκείνο το βιβλίο (τόσα χρόνια πέρασαν και τόσα βιβλία διάβασα στο μεταξύ, λυπηθείτε με!), όμως πρέπει να ήταν λίγ [...]

    18. A novella by a master writer. The tale of the Russian Emigre Smurov. A hero who departs the world and enters the realm of fantasy and imagination. We see him through the eyes of others, his identity ever shifting with a cast of emigres, secret agents, bankers, politicians, and various lovers. This is Nabokov 4th novel written in 1930 and translated to English in 1965. This novella contains that crisp prose that one finds later in Lolita and Pale Fire. A novella that with its publication the true [...]

    19. One of V.'s earlier works, experimental, half-formed, but illusory and deceiving as ever. A 'wilderness of mirrors'. Reminds me of Borges.

    20. “a sinner’s torment in the afterworld consists precisely in that his tenacious mind cannot find peace until it manages to unravel the complex consequences of his reckless terrestrial actions.”- Vladimir Nabokov, The EyeA short, tight little Nabokov novella about a Russian émigré's suicide. The protagonist/protagonist's ghost attempts, after a(n) (un)successful suicide to determine the characteristics of Smurov. The novella explores the concept of identity as being manufactured out of the [...]

    21. اگر تو را دوست نداشته باشند , ولی به یقین ندانی که رقیب سرسختی را دوست دارند یا نه, و ,رقیبانت چند تنباشند , و ندانی کدام یک خوش اقبال تر از تو است ,اگر به آن جهالت امیدبخش زنده ای که کمکت می کند بهگمانه زنی های تشویشی کمابیش تحمل ناپذیر خاتمه دهی ,آن وقت همه چیز خوب پیش خواهد رفت ,م [...]

    22. Βαθμολογία 4,5 όπου η μισή μονάδα πηγαίνει υπέρ του μαθητή, οπότε 5.Έχουμε να κάνουμε με ένα ιδιαίτερο κράμα γραφής και συγχρόνως από τα καλύτερα δείγματα της ρωσικής λογοτεχνίας. Η ποιητικότητα του Nabokov, ένας αυτόχειρας ήρωας και το πέρασμά του μέσα από πολλαπλές εκδοχές του [...]

    23. شاید این اول کتابی است که از یک نویسنده‌ی روس میخونم .در بعضی از صحنه ها احتیاج به توضیح بیشتری داشتم ،یک گنگی خاص حس میکردم که شاید دلیلش توی صفحات آخر پیدا میشه.در آخر کتاب همون حسی رو داشتم که موقع تموم شدن فیلم مکانیک داشتم.

    24. 'The Eye' follows the story of a sombre, somewhat preposterous young man, Smurov, a kind of maniacal Gogolian anti-hero whose attempt at suicide sends him into a existential crises, where he imagines his many "selves" as seen through the eyes of other people. Although 'The Eye' contains many of the hallmarks of Nabokov's fiction; unreliable narrators, the exploration of concepts of the self and a superficially charming (though with Smurov even this is a bit of a stretch) solipsistic narrator, [...]

    25. Μάπα το καρπούζι.Αλλά γιατί να το πω;Η πρώτη ξεγυρισμένη χλαπάτσα μου έσκασε με την ιστορία του ματιού.Η δεύτερη με το μάτι.Αλλά γιατί να το πω;Καμία σχέση η πρώτη μπούρδα με την δεύτερη μπουρδίτσα αλλά αν τριτώσει το κακό θα σιχαθώ και το "Eye of the tiger" που τόσο αγαπώ και είναι κ [...]

    26. با این حال من باز هم خوشبختم . بله، خوشبخت ، قسم میخورم ، قسم میخورم که خوشبختم . من دریافته ام که تنها خوشبختی این دنیا نظاره کردن است . تحت مراقبت داشتن ، مشاهده و بررسی خود و دیگران . در اینکه هیچ چیز نباشی بجز چشمی درشت ، کمابیش شیشه مانند ، چشمی خون گرفته و خیره . چه اهمیتی دارد [...]

    27. ''yine de mutluyum. evet, mutluyum. yemin ederim, yemin ederim mutluyum. bu dünyadaki tek mutluluğun gözlemlemek, gözetlemek, izlemek, kendini ve başkalarını irdelemek, büyük, biraz camımsı, biraz kanlı, kırpışmayan bir göz olmak olduğunu idrak ettim. yemin ederim mutluluk bu.''anlatıcı kim, kim kime aşık, birilerinin diğerlerinden haberi var mı bir türlü anlayamadığım nabokov kitabı biçim bir kitaptı yahu, hala hayret ediyorum ''az önce ne okudum lan ben'' diye.h [...]

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