Indigo Three friends in search of a place to belong find that home is truly where the heart is in this new tale of enchantment from best selling master storyteller Alice Hoffman year old Martha Glimmer is

  • Title: Indigo
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780439256360
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three friends in search of a place to belong find that home is truly where the heart is in this new tale of enchantment from best selling master storyteller Alice Hoffman.13 year old Martha Glimmer is convinced this is the worst time of her life Her mother died, she grew 7 inches, and she has to put up with a woman who plys Martha s lonely father with food and opinions abThree friends in search of a place to belong find that home is truly where the heart is in this new tale of enchantment from best selling master storyteller Alice Hoffman.13 year old Martha Glimmer is convinced this is the worst time of her life Her mother died, she grew 7 inches, and she has to put up with a woman who plys Martha s lonely father with food and opinions about how 13 year old girls should behave Martha longs to leave Oak Grove and travel Martha s best friend Trevor and his brother Eli also want to leave Oak Grove Nicknamed Trout and Eel because of the thin webbing between their fingers and toes, they long to see the ocean Together, Martha, Trout, and Eel are going to find the true meaning of home in very unexpected places.

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    One thought on “Indigo”

    1. I wanted to like this, but I thought that the author tried to do too many things in too short of a book and it came out jumpy and disjointed. It is a very quick read (even for YA books), so perfectly worth it if you are interested in the concept. However, while I felt like I was shown some brief flashes of insights into characters/back stories/etc, they never followed through. I was left feeling like I walked through the middle of a conversation and never understood what was really happening.

    2. More like a long, mediocre short story about discovering who you are, despite what society or parents try to mold you into. It was okay, and the reason I'll keep it in my classroom library and maybe recommend it to a reluctant, low-level reader, is that they would be able to get through it, which may inspire them to keep reading novels. It's nothing that will change anyone's life, though. A bit of fantasy in an unrealistic story that is supposed to seem realistic.

    3. Personal Response:I personally liked this book a lot. I loved the story line behind it. My favorite part was the end when the brothers saved the town. I only wished it was more detailed!Plot Summary:This book is about two brothers Trevor and Eli McGill and their best friend Martha Glimmer. The Boys nicknames are Trout and Eel for their quickness and the thin webbing between their fingers and toes. They live in a town called Oak Grove where every one dreads water unlike the brothers. The McGill b [...]

    4. A really good friend sent me this last April because we are both huge water lovers! A really charming (short) children's book, I re-read this every so often just because :-)"Oak Grove is a dry, dusty town haunted by memories of a past flood. Everyone dreads the water - except two brothers, Trevor and Eli McGill. Nicknamed Trout and Eel for their darting quickness and the thin webbing between their fingers and toes, the boys dream of the farthest seas of a mysterious past they barely remember.Mar [...]

    5. I kept on reading when Aquamarine was finished in the book I have that has both stories. The quote "A real friend believes in you when you don't believe in yourself" immediatly struck me. I'll keep reading. . . . Two more quotes struck me this afternoon while reading: "sometimes words spoken are the ones you've been afraid to think, but once they're said aloud there's no way to make them disappear.""of how hard it was to leave behind the people you loved, even if the life you wanted wasn't the o [...]

    6. This is the kind of book you read in the middle of the night because you don't have to think and it's just a pleasant little book. Not boring at all. Great characters. Makes you want to go swimming and make a difference in the world, even your own little world, if not the big ol' world. Makes you appreciate the little weirdnesses everybody has that make us "different" or "weird" and wonder how you would be if you had this characteristic or that, and what you would do with them if you did have th [...]

    7. An excellent book about belonging to the sea -- a fitting read to end 2017, the year that I birthed a Pisces.

    8. Adolescent novella about three friends who have lost their mothers at young ages and do not feel like they fit in to their small coastal town because of mysterious birth circumstances.

    9. I read this book for work. Short and sweet. Cute story. Completely predictable but the 7th graders enjoyed it.

    10. I am a huge fan of Alice Hoffman’s books for adults like Practical Magic, The Probable Future and Here on Earth. I was so excited to see her in the juvenile fiction stacks. It is a short book, less than 100 pages, but a full tale where Hoffman covers a range of emotions and rich details in this book. Martha Glimmer has lost her mother. Her father is too sad to pay any real attention to her. They live in a town that was devastated by a flood many years ago. There is a real fear of water there a [...]

    11. I found this book in English version on the campus library. It's not thick, only 84 pages and it took less than 1 hour to finish it.The story is simple but interesting. 3 teenagers who lived in a dry town called Oak Grove feel that this town is horrible. It's too dry and the fact is, it never rained in Oak Grove. Martha and 2 McGill brothers (Trout and Eel) hated being traped in that town. The McGill brothers always dream about ocean. Eel told that he never go to the beach even collected the sea [...]

    12. This fantasy follows the lives of one ordinary girl, named Martha Glimmer, and her friendship with two unordinary adopted brothers named Trevor and Eli McGill. Trevor and Eli, nicknamed Trout and Eel, are not like the other kids in town, they have webbing in between their fingers and toes. The town, after suffering from a devastating flood when the river overflowed, dammed up the river and are scared of having a large body of water in town. Trout and Eel's adoptive parents are very adamant that [...]

    13. Don't let the slimness of this book fool you: it is a full, rich story told in a quick way and in a short amount of time. Every word and phrase is chosen carefully, and the characters are so intricately described and woven together, one will find oneself wishing for a sequel when the book finally comes to completion. Martha Glimmer has had a terrible year. Her mother has died and a woman who doesn't like kids has taken over her grieving father's life. In addition, Martha has strange friends. One [...]

    14. The book Indigo is a fiction story. The theme of this book is your fate will catch up with you at some point in time. At the beginning of the book you learn about two boys, Eli and Trevor McGill who were adopted. The boys moved to a town called Oak Grove. They met their best friend in that little town name Martha Glimmer. The three of them decided they were tired of that little town and decided to leave the town. They thought running away would be the best choice, so as the started to run away i [...]

    15. I was kinda lost when I found this book within amcor's shelves this afternoon. Not that kind of dramatic loss duh, I just found myself having no idea about what to do so I went to the campus library. I didn't know this novella was a part of a series and it is the second book yaela but I've read the half of the pages before I found out about it so I continue.It might be the most light reading I've ever experienced however the story is, surprisingly, not lacked of meaning. The plot is super except [...]

    16. This is another of the (three?) young adult novels written by Alice Hoffman, who is a favourite of mine (she wrote "Practical Magic," which is hands down one of my favourite books, ever). This is an even shorter tale than the first young adult Hoffman I read, "Green Angel."Basically, the tale of "Indigo," is the tale of a young girl, Martha Glimmer, who is coming of age in a painful environment - her father is currently quite numb after the death of her mother nearly a year earlier, and her thir [...]

    17. Indigo is a shorter story about a 13-year-old girl helping her two friends find where they belong. Her two friends are the sons of a mermaid but were orphaned as infants and adopted by humans. When the two boys grow up and meet the protagonist, they express their longing to see the ocean, and the three agree to run away together. On their way to the ocean, a terrible storm strikes their home town, and they quickly return to find that it had been hit by a devastating flood. The two boys help save [...]

    18. A book about 2 brothers who miss the ocean. They love the water in unimaginable ways. There is a reason behind it. The 2 brothers live in a very dry area where it almost never rains. They miss the ocean so the brothers beg their father, hoping to go back to the ocean. I think you should read it because it’s a really short but good book. The point of the book was that 2 brothers miss the ocean. They want to go back but their father won’t let them. They beg and beg but they don’t get to go b [...]

    19. Tiga sahabat; Martha Glimmer, Trevor dan Eli McGill merasa Oak Grove bukan tempat mereka seharusnya berada. Martha punya mimpi untuk berada di kota-kota besar dan mengambangkan karir sebagai penari, sedangkan McGill bersaudara merindukan laut yang tak pernah mereka jumpai sejak hidup di Oak Grove yang tinggi dan kering.Oak Grove sendiri punya sejarah yang suram berhubungan dengan air. Banjir besar membuat mereka membuat dinding yang melindungi kota itu dari air. Namun saat ketiga sahabat itu mem [...]

    20. IndigoBy: Alice Hoffman The book Indigo is an okay book I would give it about two stars, The book sadly had a large lack of detail and was rather odd… but maybe fantasy books just aren’t for me. The main setting took place in a town called Oak grove it was very boring and was haunted by memories of awful floods, so naturally everyone hated the water except for two boys. The Main characters Trevor and Eli McGill, the two people in the town that was almost always someone's main topic of conver [...]

    21. Indigo by Alice Hoffman is set in a mythical town of Oak Grove, blocked off from water since the "big flood" several years before. The story is set around Martha, whose mother had died, and her two friends, who are brothers, Trout and Eel. It is an imaginative read, but I wasn't impressed with the way the book was written. It felt like an adult trying (and failing) to write from a thirteen-year-old's prospective. I say thirteen because that is how old the protagonist is, but with the run on sent [...]

    22. Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors.Indigo has the feel of a young adult book, yet contains all the adult like magical realism that Hoffman is adept at writing.The town of Oak Grove was flooded years ago and the inhabitants now are obsessive about keeping the town dry.Martha Glimmer is weary of dry and longs for the beauty of water. Her two friends are bullied and made fun of by town folk. Their webbed hands and crystal clear eyes make them a target.Martha's mother died; Trout and Eel ar [...]

    23. Indigo by Alice Hoffman is an “enchanting” book about three teenagers from Oak Grove, “a dry, duty town haunted by memories if a past flood.” Eli and Trevor McGill nicknamed Eel and Trout because of the webbing on their feet and hands; and their friend Martha who dreams of dancing under the stars want to escape Oak Grove. Their memories of the past seem to follow them everywhere in Oak Grove’; running away to the ocean seems like the best choice for the tree friends.I remember getting [...]

    24. Indigo takes place in a small town where water is not allowed, to the point that there are no swimming pools, everyone takes short showers, and you can't water your lawn for very long. A long while ago there was a massive flood that nearly destroyed the town after the local dam broke. Since then two adopted boys have moved to town, and their main dream is too see the ocean.I've never had a personal experience with a flood, aside form the occasional over flow of the tub, but I can say that this w [...]

    25. A very enthusiastic student recommended I read this book when she found out that I'd read other Alice Hoffman novels. This is the story of two brothers, "Trout" and "Eel", who live in Oak Grove, a town once devastated by a flood. The townsfolk have gone out of their way to prevent another tragedy of that sort, ensuring that their town the driest around. The boys are plagued by dreams of the past, and they long to see the ocean. Did I mention their webbed hands? Aided by their best friend, Martha [...]

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