Meeting Amazing Grace: Wisdom for All Families and In-Laws

Meeting Amazing Grace Wisdom for All Families and In Laws Wisdom for all families and in laws

  • Title: Meeting Amazing Grace: Wisdom for All Families and In-Laws
  • Author: Gary B. Lundberg Joy Saunders Lundberg
  • ISBN: 9780915029068
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wisdom for all families and in laws.

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      113 Gary B. Lundberg Joy Saunders Lundberg
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    One thought on “Meeting Amazing Grace: Wisdom for All Families and In-Laws”

    1. Lindsey is in love with a momma' boy who proposes to her. What ever will she do? Good thing amazing Grace is there to help her learn some new skills that will make her more comfortable accepting the proposal. Grace helps Lindsey learn how to handle some tricky situations before they happen. The book is subtitled "Wisdom for all Families and In-Laws." I was given this book by a friend and I didn't know how much I would get out of it because I have great relationships with my family and in-laws. I [...]

    2. I first spotted this book in a catalogue from the Cardston Book Store. When I checked on it was highly recommended. It is an easy to read, engaging instructional novel. AND it has been life changing for me and I am only halfway through the book. I have already reaped benefits far outweighing the price of the book. I have also purchased an additional book for my daughters and plan to buy one for my son too. I doubt there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from this engaging book on family (and other [...]

    3. I leaned a lot from this book. At first I wasn't excited about it but pushed myself to keep reading since it was for my bookclub at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have never had serious issues with my in-laws until just the past 4 months when my insecurities have caused me to feel like quite the outcast so this book was heaven sent at this time for me. it includes some sound rules to live by when dealing with other adults, particularly in-laws. it also illustrates those ideas [...]

    4. So, I was at CostCo, and the Lundbergs were there promoting two of their books. Sweet Sister Lundberg (salesperson extrordinaire) gave me her sales pitch while I was trying to tell her how much I've appreciated the talks and music she and her husband have presented. (Anybody remember the play "It's a Miracle" with Brother Lundberg as-- I think -- an angel?)So, I love these people, so I bought Meeting Amazing Grace and Love That Lasts. The latter is for married couples, and I'm single, but Sister [...]

    5. This was a fast and easy read but don't discount its wisdom based on that or its occasional cheesiness. I met the authors at Costco where they were doing a signing. I recognized their name from a magazine article I read recently that had proven helpful to me. The story is about a young woman named Lyndsey. Her boyfriend has proposed and she doesn't know what to say. She meets a woman named Grace who takes her to "meet" various people. She hears different conversations on a variety of family topi [...]

    6. What a great book! The plot is a little cheesy, but the message is great! I have awesome in-laws, but what they share in the book is always a good reminder of how I need to act to have good family relations. If you are having difficulties in your family, read this book! They play out many different family senarios, many of which I have been a part of in my own family and in-laws. It was good to read and see how I needed to act to make the situation better. Luckily I don't have to practice a lot [...]

    7. The Lundberg's are close family friends so I am not completely objective about the book. They are amazing people with hearts of goldAnyway, the book is pretty straight forward but very clever for a self help book. For me I really appreciated the sections on having a compassionate heart and trying to understand why others might say things. It was good because there are some people in my family that I am literally afraid to talk to much because of reactions to things I have said or others have sai [...]

    8. This book is a novel but shares a lot of "wisdom for all families and in-laws." I applaud the idea! So many common situations that come up and how to deal with them wrapped into a non-threatening novel. I think an instruction manual for how to meet family situations appropriately and with love is a must and this is the first I have seen or read- not that I ever looked but you get the point. I didn't give it five stars because the style of writing was way to dramatic for me. I don't believe women [...]

    9. This book was a delightful surprise. I heard it was about getting along with your in-laws, but it is far more than that. Dr. Lundberg is a wonderful story-teller who is using stories of human relationships based on his practice. Each chapter is a vignette on self-improvement and personal responsibility in human relationships. Because each chapter is self contained, it is easy to take in small bites, but honestly, the stories are so engrossing, that it is hard to put the book down. Another re-rea [...]

    10. The Authors were at Costco and was almost a forced buy. When I first started to read it I was pretty upset with the suggestions in the book. I was almost afraid to even call the kids thinking I would be calling at a bad time and the suggestion that the in-law should have an appoitment to call etc. just set me off. I didn't finish the book. I was telling Donna at the Roy pool about it and she is really having trouble with in=laws and wanted to read it. So I reread it and it had some good points t [...]

    11. Lots of wisdom in this book concerning relationships with families and in-laws. The book is written as a fictional story that makes the reading seem less of an education book - it just makes it an easy read. It's one of those books I will probably read again so I can internalize the principles being taught. When I read some the stories in the book and realized that they were based on real-life cases, it made me so sad for the families that were so dysfunctional. And it also made me very grateful [...]

    12. A very pleasant book to read. I'm not sure what several of you mean by cheesy, as I don't see it that way at all. I thoroughly like Grace, known as Gigi. I think we would all like one of her in our lives. I like the wisdom she shares and teaches us all. Good book!!! Many principles of the Gospel are covered in this book under the guise of "Windows of _____" These important principles are what make relationships so important in our lives. Lindsey and her boyfriend Jeff are about to get engaged, a [...]

    13. This is a new book, that I thought sounded interesting. It taught some very valid points on different techniques when you have troubles with your in laws. Adding new family members to a family can be tough, but this books gives a lot of advice on practical ways to deal with it. I was blessed with wonderful in laws, but this book really opened my eyes on some of the simple problems you may face. I will admit it was a little cheesy at some parts, but there were some very touching stories as well.

    14. I found this book highly enlightening. I anticipated a book following one person's problems with her in-laws, and much to my delight, this book was filled with many different examples and ideas on how to solve numerous problems with in-laws. The brilliant aspect is, if one takes a closer look into the principles (or windows, as Grace calls them) enclosed in this work, one will find that these same principles can work with any type of relationship, whether it be family, or friend. A book filled w [...]

    15. I met the authors while I was at Costco one Saturday afternoon. They were autographing books and the subtitle "Wisdom for Families and In-laws" caught my eye. I could certainly use some help in my relationships! Wonderful advice! I wish that I had read this book when I was first married because I could have saved myself (and others) much heartache! I recommended this book to a friend, who read it and loved it. She, in turn, purchased the book, not only for herself, but for her siblings and other [...]

    16. Really good book about getting along with your in-laws. The authors took true stories from individuals and incorporated them into a fictional story about a character who is looking to get married, but worried about having her boyfriends mother as her new mother-in-law.It was well written and really made me think about the perspective a mother-in-law or father-in-law might have towards their new daughter/son -in-law.Written by LDS authors, however no specific mention of the LDS church, just Chris [...]

    17. I have to preface this review by saying that I have great parents and in-laws, but I found this book to be enlightening and interesting. The story is very simple and frankly a little unimaginative, but it is really just a frame for the different points that the Lundbergs want to emphasize. Although this book is specifically written about relationships with in-laws, I think the principals apply for virtually any relationship, making it a worth read for anyone whether married or not.

    18. Only got to about page 30 and realized that the whole book was going to be the same over and over again. Finally stopped at page 84. It might be helpful as insight to others you have a hard time dealing with IF those people smile and agree with you and everything goes according to the plan. Sorry - I read others reviews of it and still didn't seem to think it was all that great. The idea was good. Maybe I'm just not a fan of self-help novels

    19. This is one of those books that is what it is. Advice/counsel for family relationships - particularly the in-law relationship - couched in a fictional story setting. The advice is quite good, and if you were going to read it, that is what I would recommend reading it for, not for a story.Squeaky clean.I own this book because I was at Costco when they were signing it and I am a sucker for that :)(For some reason this reminded me of The Shack.)

    20. I really liked all the insights this book gave on marriage and in-law relationships. I wish all mothers, mother in laws would read it before their kids got married. I sure wish I would have read it YEARS ago. I learned one too many of the lessons in this book the hard way. I did find the story line a little cheesy and unbelievable. Yetis is the Lundbergs first novel. It is much more self help than novel. But it was a cute story.

    21. Being that I am an in-law and I also have in-laws, I found the advise in this book interesting and at times useful if not needed. The Lundbergs do a pretty nice job of presenting the information and it reads like a story somewhat, so it kept my interest. I have to thank Janice Tate for sending it to me out of the blue. I don't know if she thought I needed it or if she thought she borrowed it from me, but thanks Janice.

    22. I liked how it is a self-help but is written as a novel so it is fun and easy to read. It is really geared towards in-law relationships so it would be good for couples getting married to read. It does have good advice for relationships in general. It was a little too saccarin sweet at times and I felt like it was trying to simplify things when life relationships are more complicated. It read very fast and has some good advice.

    23. I was a little skeptical about how they would take real life incidences and put them together in one novel and have it flow well. It actually was done really well. Even though I get along with my in-laws I still saw some things I could work on. It also made me think about how I would treat my future daughters-in-law.

    24. This book has lots of really good advice on handling in-law issues, and the advice works in other situations too. The book reads a lot like a relationship book that was turned into a story - scenario after scenario - and sometimes it went on a little long. But it was very interesting and I actually did enjoy it.

    25. What the Peacegiver accomplishes with the atonement, Meeting Amazing Grace accomplishes with inter-familial relationships (or any close relationships, period). With both books, the vehicle to carry/teach the message is cheesy but the principles are spot-on and this vehicle seems to be an effective teaching tool.

    26. While I was reading this book, I was thinking about what I'd rate it, and it wasn't getting higher than a 3, sometimes only a 2. I think it's a little silly BUT I love the message and appreciated it more as I kept reading. I'm even going to copy "Grandma Grace's Pertinent Points for Happy Relationships" before I take the book back to the library.

    27. I read this book in about two days. It was a very quick read. The story itself I think is kind of silly, and much of the dialog is cheesy. What is being taught though is really good. It mentions many good ways to improve and have good in-law relationships, and it works for any other relationship as well.

    28. This story was really a thinly veiled avenue for giving relationship advice, particularly with in-laws. There were some great ideas for working through various problems but it didn't really hold my interest very well and I found myself skimming quite quickly through the book. Would definitely be worth your time if you're experiencing any of the difficulties they referred to.

    29. It's entirely possible that this simplistic view of relationships with others really works, but the frequent references to the Bible and the Window of Acceptance was too much for me. I made it to page 127 out of 260 before I quit. There may be a nugget of wisdom that I could keep in the pages I'll never read, butI'll never know.

    30. This book was slightly cheesy, it's an advice book. But it had a lot of good advice. It is about dealing with family and in-laws. A lot of the advice is common sense, but when family is involved common sense sometimes gets forgotten. I would recommend this book for anyone who lives close to family, in-laws and personal! It's a quick read.

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