Mischief (The Adamson Family, #2)

Mischief The Adamson Family Judge me all you want I apologize for nothing She may have been my father s wife but I saw her first LeviTwenty years of pure torture Twenty years of watching the only woman that I ve ever come close

  • Title: Mischief (The Adamson Family, #2)
  • Author: Nicole Dykes
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  • Page: 107
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  • Judge me all you want I apologize for nothing She may have been my father s wife, but I saw her first LeviTwenty years of pure torture Twenty years of watching the only woman that I ve ever come close to loving married to someone else Twenty years of pleading with her to change her mind Of being jerked around, frustrated, and confused.Now he s gone, and the question Judge me all you want I apologize for nothing She may have been my father s wife, but I saw her first LeviTwenty years of pure torture Twenty years of watching the only woman that I ve ever come close to loving married to someone else Twenty years of pleading with her to change her mind Of being jerked around, frustrated, and confused.Now he s gone, and the question is, was it ever real Or was it just the thrill of the chase NatalieTwenty years of pain Of watching the choices of my youth destroy everyone I love.Of being so near to what I crave, but fighting temptation with everything I have.One act of selfish weakness tore apart so many lives, and I won t ever allow that to happen again.No matter how many sacrifices I ve had to make, I have only one regret .Him.

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    1. I am going to be honest here and say that I was determined to not like Natalie. I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to know her story but now, she is one of my favorites between the Monroes and Adamson families. There were some things that she did that I didn’t agree with but at the same time, I understand why she did them. As for Levi, I knew that I was going to love him from the previous books. There was never a doubt that I would like him. So if you are a fan of the Monroes and Adamsons, the [...]

    2. 4 Levi and Natalie StarsI love how this author brings something new to the table every time. When I think of her writing , I think of a chameleon because she changes and flows with different tropes and she’s pretty much fearless at tackling taboo . and there’s not much more taboo than a man being in love with his Father’s wife. We have met Levi and Natalie previously and their outward acrimony to each other is clear but bubbling just under is a love for each other that is anything but fami [...]

    3. Wow! This is my first book by Nicole Dykes, and it was one hot steamy romance! I absolutely loved it. The characters are so likable. And the plot was amazing! I would definitely recommend.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own

    4. This is my first read by Nicole Dykes and I can say I love the Adamson family! I will have to go read the Monroe Series now! I will be honest, I was a little hesitant to read this one with the plotwoman married to the man's dadat's not usually my cup of tea. I will say though that Nicole handled the sensitive nature of this very well! She drew you in to where you fell in love with Natalie and Levi as a couple and although I didn't necessarily agree with everything Natalie did, I was able to unde [...]

    5. ARC gifted for an honest review.She does it again - I love the Adamson's nearly as much as the Monroe's. I wasn't sure going in to this how I would feel, as readers of the previous books would know Nat and who she was married to. However, the story of Nat's and Levi's past glimpsed through chapters going back to what happened explained everything and you really felt for these characters. If only Nat had been upfront with Levi and let him know what was happening then things could have been so dif [...]

    6. Mischief is exactly why Nicole Dykes has become my one click author! I didn't like Natalie and didn't want to. But she made it very hard not to, after reading Levi and Natalie's story your heart just breaks for her! The anst is so good and keeps you wanting more. I read Mischief is one sitting!! You'll fall in love with Levi, he broke my heart! OMG!!! what an emotional roller coaster ride of FEELS!! I actually cried several times while reading. Young love stays with you through everything. You u [...]

    7. ARC received in return for honest review. This is a new-to-me author but I was hooked when I read "She may have been my father's wife, but I saw her first."I read this as a stand alone, not having the background of the Adamsons or Munroes so there were a lot of characters to get my head around. Levi is the oldest son in a dysfunctional family and a brief encounter with Natalie as a teenager comes back to haunt him when Natalie marries his father. Natalie has had a troubled life, made a lot of de [...]

    8. received copy for honest reviewI went into this story with my eyes wide open. It is a story of complicated relationships with characters with many layers. I knew Levi was and his family from the previous books. So when you read about Natalie you kind of think you will not like her. After meeting Levi(Mac) as Roxy you kind of like her. Her story is tragic. When she unknowingly got involved with his dad you kind of get a little disappointed; especially when she continued the relationship. I unders [...]

    9. I jumped into this book without having read the first book in the series, and I’ve never read anything by this author, so I had no idea what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised!I in the worst way wanted to hate Natalie, but I found myself eager to know more of her past and see how things turned out for her in the end. I disagreed with many choices she made, but at the same time totally understand why she did some of what she did. Family love and responsibility is a hard thing to ig [...]

    10. Nicole Dykes is a new author to me. This book is an amazing read. I was hooked from the beginning all the way to the end. Although this is book 2, it can be read as a stand alone. The relationship between Levi and Natalie is a rollercoaster ride that is so deep and will hook you in all the way to the last page. This family is certainly not a stranger to some pretty twisted ways. I now understand the meaning behind "She may have been my father's wife, but I saw her first". I will most definitely [...]

    11. I loved Nat & Levi’s story!! I knew I would love Levi after meeting him in previous books, and I honestly was sure what I would think of Natalie before reading Mischief. Levi and Nat have always have some major twist in turns along the way, and when the worst happens they have no idea how to deal with it. Natalie makes decisions she feels like are right, and she felt like they were her only option at the time. Never judge a book by its cover, always read what’s inside. There are things N [...]

    12. This book will tear you to pieces. You will be on an emotional roller coaster throughout the entire book. This is a story about doing what you think you have to do to get through life.

    13. Holy S**t this book has blown my mind!! This is by far the best book Nicole has ever written and that's saying something because I have loved them all!!Natalie's story was absolutely heartbreaking, that woman is a fighter for sure. Only a woman with incredible strengths would come out of all that the way she did. I think she may have even taken the top stop of my favourite female character. Levi was amazing too. I just wanted to grab him out of the book and hug him. My heart just broke for him o [...]

    14. Levi Adamson has chased love for twenty years in pure torture. Yes he has fun with the ladies often but nothing compares to the girl he met at the track all those years ago.Natalie worked as a waitress at the dirt track when she was younger. Being in an abusive household she knew she had to save all the money she could to get her and her sister’s out of there. Meeting a young man one night gave her the safe haven she needed. Too bad it couldn’t last.Levi has always been in love with Natalie. [...]

    15. I really loved this story!! It was great to finally figure out what was going on with Levi!! Seeing the other side to Natalie was really nice. Levi and Natalie definitely had some stuff to work out and things just seemed to continue to get in the way. I really felt for them as we got to see both the present and the past. A lot of events seemed to kind of just conspire against them with misunderstandings and hurts. This story really focuses more on Levi and Natalie though we do get to see some of [...]

    16. Wow! What a ride!The Adamson family sure know how to suck you in and make you want to sit there and binge read this book!It was great that the series still involves all siblings as this family makes me feel like I’m apart of them and I love reading about all the characters!The Story of Levi was epic! It was emotional, it sucked you in and spat you out leaving you wanting so much more!!His journey over the last 20 years is raw and heartbreaking!Natalie’s story is also one of heartbreak and lo [...]

    17. ARC gifted for an honest review.From the beginning I was bound and determined to dislike Natalie but as the saying goes “you never know what someone is going through until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. My heart broke for Natalie after learning her true story. While I was frustrated with some of Natalie’s decisions I do not fault her. She is unbelievably strong, even though it doesn’t appear so on the outside.Levi on the other hand I knew I was going to like from his other appea [...]

    18. This is book 2 in the Adamson family series, but like book 1 as well as Nicole Dykes ' Monroe series, these books can be read individually. But to understand all the reoccurring characters it is more enjoyable to read all the stories. You will not be disappointed by Nicole Dykes. In book 2, we are reconnected with Levi and his "stepmother" Natalie. And from the prologue on, you will be shocked and surprised until the very last page. Like in book 1, each chapter goes back and forth between the tw [...]

    19. Wow we finally know why Levi is the way he is and the reasons are not his feud with his brother. Mac and Roxy met at the track one night and had a great time in the dark with each other and the simplest things but one night Roxy left and never came back. Levi’s parents have never gotten along and when his dad walks out on her he doesn’t come back but he moves a few minutes down the road. When he invites his children to dinner it’s to introduce them to his new girlfriend and the plot really [...]

    20. Levi and Natalie's story is about correcting mistakes, finding your way, and accepting love. I liked the story, and as some of Nicole's books, it takes until the end to wrap everything up. The characters were great, however, I felt that there were times in the story that something was missing or rushed. That said, I still think this is a story that you need to read and everyone needs to one click this story today because I think you will love Natalie and Levi too. One of the things I always love [...]

    21. I knew Natalie’s story was so much more than what we learned in Mistaken. Her being in love with Levi but ending up marrying Mitch, his father, just didn’t add up. To walk Natalie’s journey is gut-wrenching but I got to see how strong this woman truly is. She made great sacrifices for her family while risking her own happiness. Levi’s hurt runs deep but he loves fiercely. These two love each other but is there too much hurt and destruction that forgiveness can’t be found? I couldn’t [...]

    22. Not my favorite book that I've read but still a good story. I felt the start was a little jumpy and the fact that Levi was so young when he seduced Natalie, made me a little uncomfortable. Levi and Natalie meet in secret after the race track has closed and there is a strong connection there. Then one day Natalie disappears, only to reappear on the arms of his father. The book was well written and after what I felt was a slow start, picked up momentum and kept me interested. I don't know if I mis [...]

    23. This book was everything I hoped it would be and more.Levi and Nataliewhere do I start? We met Levi in previous books and he was always the joker and one you wanted to know more about. We had heard of Natalie previously and she was always a mystery, especially with who she was married to. It's clear these two are meant to be together, there's no doubt at all. I shouted at my kindle so many times but it was so worth it. Nicole Dykes has a way of warming a cold heart and this was no different. Nat [...]

    24. I’m going to start off and say that I was unsure about this one and I really thought I wouldn’t like either Natalie or Levi, but can I just say how wrong I was! I devoured this book in a day. I fell a little more in love with both of them as the story carried on, and I felt so sorry for Natalie, she’s such a strong character to go through what she has and still come out swinging. The ending though?! How can you do this to us Nicole?! Not just one but TWO cliffhangers end this story, and I [...]

    25. He saw her first, but she's married to his father. Levi knows he shouldn't, but he loves her. This story had a lot of promise. I found myself tied up in trying to remember who all the characters were. Maybe if I'd read the first book, but it still worked as a standalone - I just felt like I had missed something. I wanted a little more than I got from this book. But - it did leave me wanting to read the next one to see what happened! The characters were likeable and intriguing. I just wanted to k [...]

    26. I’ll be big enough to admit that this book caught me by surprise. I knew a little from reading Mistaken about Natalie and Levi’s relationship so I was definitely intrigued but had no idea it was going to be as good as it was. It was great to catch up with Chris and Amy too as well as some of those Monroe’s! Nicole Dyke’s has most certainly created another fantastic read that is highly addictive! Just when I wanted to be a Monroe, I now want to be an Adamson! Now if you could ever so kind [...]

    27. I always enjoy Nicole’s books and was pleased to receive this ARC. My review is voluntary. I was a little unsure how this one would unfold but I enjoyed it. The characters are fabulous and easy to love. I got a little frustrated with the going back in time as I would have liked to see more build up between the characters in the present. They seemed to go from 20 yrs of hate to everything is fine with one conversation. It did fit well but more sweet moments between them might have been nice too [...]

    28. Seriously Nicole never disappoints!! I have read all of the Monroe books! And they always leave me with withdrawals!! I need moreke now! The never fail as soon as I received mischief I knew it was a guaranteed read that I would not be able to put down Nicole just gets better and better! This book will hook you and take you on one hell of a ride! I love Levi and Nats story and would recomend towell everyone!!

    29. Wow, I love this book. This is the first book I have read by this author. I started late so I had to read this book before reading the first in this series. I will go back soon and do that but I love this book so much! This book had me drawn in from the first few pages. I love the characters. I felt so many emotions reading this. Epic book that I would highly recommend. Advanced reader copy was gifted to me for my honest review.

    30. Mischief by Nicole Dykes is book two in the Adamson Family Series. This book can easily be read as a standalone. This is the first Nicole Dykes book that I have read. It was fantastic. I have already gone back and one clicked the first book Mistaken. I completely fell in love with Levi from the very first chapter. Levi and Natalie will break your heart. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you speed reading to the end. It has been a long time since I read a book that made me [...]

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