The Alphabet Tree

The Alphabet Tree When a fierce wind threatens to blow all the little letters out of the alphabet tree they must band together in words and then sentences to create a message that s even stronger than the wind peace o

  • Title: The Alphabet Tree
  • Author: Leo Lionni
  • ISBN: 9780394810164
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a fierce wind threatens to blow all the little letters out of the alphabet tree, they must band together in words and then sentences to create a message that s even stronger than the wind peace on earth With their newfound knowledge, there s nothing the letters can t do in this gentle parable about the power of the written word.

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    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] Ý The Alphabet Tree - by Leo Lionni Õ
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    One thought on “The Alphabet Tree”

    1. The letters hiding in the alphabet tree are taught by various creatures how to organize themselves into words, then sentences, and then something very meaningful. Illustrated in Lionni's typical style. A creative way to teach kids about the organization of language. I had mixed feelings about the political comment at the very end of the book. The letters eventually form themselves into a "very important" message, "Peace on earth, good will to men," and a caterpillar at the end invites the letter [...]

    2. The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni is about letters becoming stronger by forming words, then separate sentences, and then one sentence with an important message. The book seems as though it was meant to be for younger children with the intent to teach them the power in meaning a sentence can have. What caught my eye was the beauty of simplicity in the illustrations and colors so that all our attention could be dedicated to the letters, words, and sentences on the tree. The way the author/illustrato [...]

    3. This book was an interesting approach to teaching sentence structures and words. I'm not too fond of if, although it may be a helpful tool in teaching sentences to smaller children. For me though, I don't necessarily think I really would use it as a main tool in my class. I would definitely love to have it for students to brush up on their sentences or learn how to make new words. And I do agree with some other reviewers, the end was pretty random. Not a terrible book, but not a favorite,

    4. In the story The Alphabet Tree a group of letters are clung to the leaves of tree. The letters are all by themselves and some get blown away during a windstorm. The remaining letters are frightened and huddle together forming a large group. All of a sudden a word bug stops by and tells the letter they would be stronger as words instead of by themselves. They would be able to with stand any of the strongest winds. Once they were words, a caterpillar came and said they had no meaning alone as word [...]

    5. "The Alphabet Tree" tells the story of a group of letters who live on the leaves of a tree and bask in the sun. One day a gale engulfs the tree, sweeping away several of the letters and causing the test to huddle together in fear. Thereafter, a "word-bug" and a caterpillar show up to show the letters how to cluster together to make words, and then link up to one another to form sentences. The caterpillar teaches them that sentences alone do not give them the staying power to remain on the tree, [...]

    6. The Alphabet Tree was about a bunch of letters that were on leaves of a tree. They had helper friends like a "word bee" who told them they could combine to make words and the eventually sentences. Then they created a sentence about peace. Their caterpillar friend carried the finalized sentence off the tree and told them he would go tell the president about their new sentence. This book was really creative because it was not only entertaining but helpful to teach kids that they could use letters [...]

    7. The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni is a book that conveys a positive message to its audience. This book teaches you the importance of forming words and sentences. In the beginning, the Word-Bug explains to the scared little letters that if they bonded to one another, they would be strong enough to withstand the winds. Later, the purple Caterpillar taught the words to create sentences with meaning. Personally, I thought the book showed a creative way to shared a great message.

    8. pacifist claptrap!well, now that that's out of my system, it's a very sweet book, with the usual wonderful paintings by lionni. i just didn't like the ending which has a heartfelt message of humanist solidarity being delivered to a government head whose very existence likely depends on overseeing a system of mass terror and violence directed against the majority of citizens.

    9. This is a perfect book for explaining what letters are for. The letters on the leaves of the alphabet tree are terrified after a strong wind scatters them, but then the word-bug teaches them how to combine to make words so when the wind returns they are stronger and can hold on. Then along comes a caterpillar who suggests that they combine into sentences and "mean something," and so they try that. They make sentences like "the wind is bad" and"the bug is small." Finally the caterpillar admonishe [...]

    10. All the letters of the alphabet live happily in a tree, each on their favorite leaf, until the wind forces them into a giant huddle. From there, the friendly word-bug comes along and helps the letters join forces to become words making the letters no longer susceptible to the shifting winds. the words come together with the help of a purple fuzzy caterpillar to become sentences, and not just any regular old sentence will do, but they become one that means something important. In the end, the imp [...]

    11. Ages: kindergarten to 5th gradeSummary: One day a strong wind almost blew away all the letter that were on a tree. One day a strange bug comes about and teaches the letters about ABC order, words, and sentences as well as the difference of simple sentences and meaningful sentences. Review: Leo Lionni makes young students understand the importance and evolution of language in a simple yet beautifully illustrated book. Its flexible by helping students learn about words and creating a sentence. Use [...]

    12. Honestly, I thought this book was creative and cute, however it seemed to lack the "Wow factor" that books need in order to hook the reader indefinitely. I thought it was interesting that the caterpillar added meaning to the sentences and therefore meaning to the leaves' lives, but it just wasn't enough to make me want to read the book again.

    13. I liked the way the book transpired. It tells of an alaphabet tree. One day a storm scatters the letters off the leaves. The letters find their way back. The rest of the story is what happens to those letters.

    14. This was a fun book. This book talked about different letters, and sounds. Throughout this book, it also talks about how to form words. I absolutely loved this story!

    15. Title: The Alphabet TreeAuthor: Leo LionniIllustrator: Genre: AlphabetTheme(s): Community building, working together, learning to make words and sentencesOpening line/sentence: "This is the Alphabet Tree," said the ant.Brief Book Summary: This book is about a tree that has letters on its leaves and branches. When the wind comes, however, the letters are easily blown off and they sometimes fall off. The letters are advised that they need to work together in order to not get blown off the tree; fo [...]

    16. The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni is a short children’s picture book that teachers young readers about the alphabet and how letters turn into words and how words can turn into sentences. The story starts off with two ants talking about the amazing alphabet tree and how there were once letters on all the leaves. The ants explain that one day there was an intense storm that blew away all the letters off the tree and into a big pile. The word bug ends up seeing the big pile of letters and explains [...]

    17. Leo Lionni was awarded the Caldecott honor several times over his career as a writer and illustrator of books for children. His books often work on multiple levels, with simple illustrations young children enjoy and stories with a depth that make them enjoyable for older children. The Alphabet Tree is no different.The conceit of the book is simple, a wind comes along and blows the letters off of their tree. This throws the letters into confusion and frightens them, until they learn how to make t [...]

    18. The Alphabet Tree is another classic Leo Lionni tale, complete with fantastic paintings and a narrative that brings a smile. The first pages of the book display a two page spread of a tree that is simple in form and color, but crafted with a complexity of shades and shapes. The illustration is so captivating, my children and I didn't want to turn the page. Our eyes kept noticing something new: a streak of brown, a blend of green, the shape of each individual leaf, and the placement of two tiny a [...]

    19. The Alphabet Tree is a story about all of the letters of the alphabet living in the leaves of a tree. With a strong wind coming these letters must come together to form words so that they do not get blown off of the tree. These words then started to form sentences and with a little encouragement, eventually these words come together to form a very special sentence that is important for all mankind. This book has cartoon illustrations that show motion through the drawings; from the flying of the [...]

    20. The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni is a wonderful book that describes how letters transform into words and words into sentences. The book shows that alone letters are nice and enjoy a quiet life. However they are easily blown away by a storm and are unstable and not strong. When they come together to make words they have more power and strength to weather a storm. Next, the book show that when words come together to make sentences they gain even more strength, but Lionni shows that you cannot stop [...]

    21. The alphabet tree by Leo Lionni is a picture book targets children in grades K-2. The overall all goal of this book is to teach kids the importance of alphabets in forming meaningful sentences. Firstly, the author showed how the letters by themselves cannot represents meaningful things. However, when put together, letters can be meaningful. The author delivered a nice message that says unification always makes us stronger and more powerful. In terms of the overall rating, I believe the book wort [...]

    22. Lionni,Leo (1968). The Alphabet Tree. Dragonfly Books: Alfred A. Knopf,New York, NY.Level:Pre-K - 1 The Alphbet Tree is a read aloud picture book that introduces the small letters of the alphabet formng them into small words and finally into sentences. The size of the book and illustrations limit its classroom use to small group presentations and either use by a single child or practice partners. The print is in bold standard type similar to that used in curriculum reading mateials allowing for [...]

    23. This is a perfect book for younger kids working on their letters and words. It had great illustrations on the letters being by themselves versus being paired with a different set of letters. The grade levels for this story would be at the oldest 3rd grade and under. As a teacher i would use this book to demonstrate how to spell and put words together.Some activities i can think of to use from this book would be for the class to make our own alphabet tree. Each student would get a letter and put [...]

    24. Personal Reaction:I loved this book, mostly because the last page is funny to me. I liked the colors and the way it was written captured my attention. I like that the bee helped the letters formed words and then the caterpillar helped the letters formed sentences. I think it would help children make sense of letters and words and realize that what you put together needs a meaning.Purpose:I would use this to demonstrate that the letters and words you put together need meaning. Children will need [...]

    25. 1. There was a tree full of letters and each letter had a leaf. One day a gust of wind blows away some of the letters. A bug and a caterpillar come to help the remaining letters so they will not be fearful of another wind storm. The bugs teach them how to make words and sentences.2. This book relates to chapter five in our textbook. Theirs book shows the letters of the alphabet and does more than just says each letter, it introduces words and sentences. I would read this book to ages five and up [...]

    26. I loved reading The Alphabet Tree, I thought it was a really cute story! It really makes you think, especially with all the letters and words you have to put together. This would be a great book for young kids who are just starting to learn the alphabet, and possibly putting words and sentences together. There is really nothing better than using an alphabet tree either,because of the way the tree is structured, it makes it more fun for the kids to put letters together. I think a great activity t [...]

    27. This is a cute book that seems pretty simple, but the message behind it goes a bit deeper than most people would think in my opinion. It is about a bunch of letters in the alphabet that live together on the alphabet tree. There is a storm one night with winds strong enough to threaten the letters of the alphabet tree. Some of the letters are lost in the wind so the remaining letters need to think of something to do to make sure that none of the other letters are lost. The letters receive some he [...]

    28. My kids really liked this book and have asked me to read it to them again and again. I'll admit that the first time I read it I also thought it was great but the ending was a little weird. But when my first grade son asked me to read it the second time I was surprised to find out the part he loves is the part I thought was weird. Then it made me think, the story is not only about cute little letters on leaves working together to make words. It's also about the power that words can have when put [...]

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