Waking Beauty: A Novel

Waking Beauty A Novel What would you do if you went to bed ugly fat and depressed and woke up the next morning in the body of a goddess This is exactly the miracle that befalls Allison Penny who has spent most of her tw

  • Title: Waking Beauty: A Novel
  • Author: Elyse Friedman
  • ISBN: 9781400051069
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • What would you do if you went to bed ugly, fat, and depressed and woke up the next morning in the body of a goddess This is exactly the miracle that befalls Allison Penny, who has spent most of her twenty two years on this earth in a serious slump to say the least Having long since given up on her life, Allison is stuck in an apartment with an evil sexpot roommate, traWhat would you do if you went to bed ugly, fat, and depressed and woke up the next morning in the body of a goddess This is exactly the miracle that befalls Allison Penny, who has spent most of her twenty two years on this earth in a serious slump to say the least Having long since given up on her life, Allison is stuck in an apartment with an evil sexpot roommate, trapped in a dysfunctional relationship with her alcoholic mother, and miserably working as a cleaning lady to pay the bills Now, of course, Allison wastes no time in test driving her new looks, and she experiences all of the power and fun that come with being gorgeous Men and modeling agencies are falling all over her, and she finally has the con dence to live her life without trying to disappear into the background But even for the beautiful people, things can get complicated, and soon Allison finds herself with a whole new set of problems.Darkly hilarious, engaging, and full of surprises, Waking Beauty is a modern day fairy tale with an all too real moral No matter how much we hate to admit it, it s what s on the outside that counts.

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    One thought on “Waking Beauty: A Novel”

    1. The ending saved it, I suppose. Honestly, I didn't like this book much at the beginning or in the middle. The main character's outlook on life is bitter and sardonic, which maybe some people appreciate, but I didn't. There are a few more sex details than I'd care for too. The author does, however, use excellent vocabulary and superb diction, which coupled by the pessimistic outlook, made for an ironic read.

    2. The cover of this book is entirely misleading. I picked it up looking for a quick summer time read and instead found a darkly funny, pessimistic, entirely addictive novel about our appearance obsessed society. I simply love the way Elyse Friedman writes. There are obvious problems with the plot line, (certain things never being explained or resolved) but I love the book despite this. It's one of those books I find myself coming back to over and over again.

    3. 3 because at least it wasn't boring, but 2 in the terms that I really didn't like the story or the main character.

    4. The idea is great. The plot is good. The novel has lots of interesting moments.Unfortunately, the descriptions are way too long. Otherwise, it would be 4 stars at least.

    5. My guilty pleasure. I love this book, even though there really isn't any message to it at all. Oops

    6. My book, "Waking Beauty", was set in Canada. This book was about a girl named Allison Penny who isn't the prettiest, skinniest or the richest girl in the world. She takes out the trash and cleans office buildings for a living. She has a crush on Nathan, a geeky video store clerk who waters the plants at the building where she cleans. She feels like she isn't good enough for him. One morning, she wakes up and she has a model perfect body. She is stunningly beautiful and completely unrecognizable. [...]

    7. "It's not what's inside that counts. It's what's outside."What would you do if you went to bed looking incredibly ugly and woke up jaw-droppingly stunning?Allison Penny is one ugly duckling. She is short and overweight, her hair is mousy and flat, her skin is covered in boils, and she has a hairy mole on her face. All her life, people around her has treated her like crap because of the way she looked. Not that she cares. She's gotten used to it. She has tried being nice, but that didn't help her [...]

    8. This book is a revenge book, completely unrealistic, and for me, a real page-turner! Allison Penny goes to bed one night as a really ugly person on the outside--with bad teeth, hideous mole, a really fat body, bad skin, everything 'bad' that you can imagine (to herself anyway)--and wakes up a 'beauty'a real looker/super-model type, (who calls herself Allison Penny as well--explaining that she is the old Allison's long-lost friend from childhood & will be staying for a while, while the other [...]

    9. Allison is very ugly but wakes up one day looking like a model. No reason is ever given for this, just that one day she wakes up looking nothing like she used to. The only thing she has lost is her great voice and can no longer sing with the range she had before. Immediately she sets out to see what she can do now that she has outside beauty. This includes getting revenge on those who treated her badly, like her cute but mean roommate and a jerk at the offices she cleans. She also tries out dati [...]

    10. I read this book 16 years ago, when I was less invested in feminism and deeply unhappy with my post-baby body. I remember loving the book, loving that a "fat, ugly and depressed" young woman could wake up with the body of a supermodel and finally get the life she deserved. However - now, as someone older and wiser (and wider) I have different feelings. The message, whether the author meant it or not, is that physical, not internal beauty, trumps all. It leaves the physically imperfect reader fee [...]

    11. I bought this book because I needed something to read for a flight.On the one hand, it's fluff.On the other hand, I went back to it a couple of times because there was an aspect of wish fulfillment. I'm no triple-bagger, but there are times in every person's life (especially for women) where they wished they were either something they were not or something better than what they were. I read this book when I was wishing I was just five pounds lighter, just a little taller, etc. However, I was and [...]

    12. I'm not quite sure what to make of this book. it was definitely an interesting premise. There were some Bushnellesque witticisms and some bona fide moments where the reader is routing for Allison; I found myself thinking, 'yes, absolutely, I'd do that if I woke up stunningly beautiful one day.' But, there were more moments where I didn't like Allison very much ("old" and "new.") It seems from the book jacket that the author's message is supposed to be something along the lines of inner beauty is [...]

    13. So "Waking Beauty" has a great concept."Ugly Duckling" hates her life and her looks, goes to bed and wakes up as a "Swan."I just didn't buy it. I wanted to really like this book but I just really feel that the whole thing just fell flat. I'm not sure where it went wrong, it could be that the author introduces a character with no relationship ties to the story and I found myself skimming back through to see if I missed something.Then (without revealing too much), she drops a major character and n [...]

    14. A ugly, fat girl who works as a janitor goes to bed one night and wakes up the next day beautiful. Cute, right? Wrong. I kept skimming through the pages waiting for something good to happen, but nothing really did. The author tried too hard to make us feel sorry for the poor fat ugly girl as she scarfs Snickers bars and multiple falafels. (What is a falafel anyway??) I think the author really wanted to make this a sexy story, but really, to me, the whole story line just translated into stupid, k [...]

    15. Occasionally funny, but it couldn't maintain my interest. It was hard to empathize with the heroine when after her transformation, we discover that she's happy to get really ugly. But hey, as long as she "finds herself", it's all okay!

    16. Allison, who lives in Toronto, is fat and ugly. She wakes up one day as s beautiful woman. Moral of the story is that it really IS what's on the OUTSIDE that counts. She stays beautiful but stays with Nathan, who she liked before she was beautiful.

    17. As it turns out, Allison's problem isn't that she's fat and unattractive. Allison's real problem is that she has an ugly soul. Every couple of years, I read this book again, just to see if maybe I can find something that I missed. After four reads, I'm convinced that I haven't missed anything.

    18. It's quite an interesting book. Didn't hate it but didn't love it. I read this a while back. It was a random pick from the library. It was a little better than what I was expecting. It's a fun quick read.

    19. Terrible book. The main character is horribly mean and shallow - I quit in the third or fourth chapter. I don't know why I would choose to spend time with this personality and continue reading the book.

    20. So basically Allison spents the first few hours/days as "Beauty" trying to lose her virginity. I should had given up reading this crap when she gets a lick job from some construction worker she happen to past by.

    21. An ugly girl wakes up gorgeous. Throughout the book, she lives her fantasies as a pretty girl, and uses her looks to get what she wants. She never wakes up ugly, or thinks that her life was better ugly.

    22. The long awaited follow-up to her amazing first novel, THEN AGAIN. This was extremely unsatisfactory. A fat, ugly girl wakes up beautiful and apparently the moral of the story is cliches be damned it's what's on the outside that counts in this world. Yawn.

    23. This is one of my favorite, go to books. If you've been overweight then you have probably wished for this.

    24. A good (if unrealistic) story I could've done without most of the crude sexual descriptions. But the ending made it a worthwhile read.

    25. hilarious book - I only wish it was a little longer. Plus, who doesn't want to read a book about a woman who's ugly her whole life and then suddenly wakes up looking like a Supermodel?

    26. Interesting, if a little crude and too worldly. It's kinda sad, but I suppose typical, of what someone would do if they woke up beautiful.

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