Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories

Stranger Than Fiction True Stories From the bestselling author of Fight Club and Diary a collection of essays and journalistic pieces that prove that real life has imagination beaten cold in the strangeness and wonder departments Chuc

  • Title: Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories
  • Author: Chuck Palahniuk
  • ISBN: 9780385504485
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the bestselling author of Fight Club and Diary, a collection of essays and journalistic pieces that prove that real life has imagination beaten cold in the strangeness and wonder departments Chuck Palahniuk s world has always been, well, different from yours and mine The pieces that comprise Stranger Than Fiction, his first nonfiction collection, prove just how diffeFrom the bestselling author of Fight Club and Diary, a collection of essays and journalistic pieces that prove that real life has imagination beaten cold in the strangeness and wonder departments Chuck Palahniuk s world has always been, well, different from yours and mine The pieces that comprise Stranger Than Fiction, his first nonfiction collection, prove just how different, in ways both highly entertaining and deeply unsettling Encounters with alternative culture heroes Marilyn Manson and Juliette Lewis the peculiar wages of fame attendant on the big budget film production of the movie Fight Club life as an assembly line drive train installer by day, hospice volunteer driver by night the really peculiar lives of submariners the really violent world and mangled ears of college wrestlers the underground world of iron pumping anabolic steroid gobblers the immensely upsetting circumstances of his father s murder and the trial of his killer each essay or vignette offers a unique facet of existence as lived in and or observed by one of our most flagrantly daring and original literary talents.

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    One thought on “Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories”

    1. I have often said there is no reason to read fiction as life is far stranger and more interesting and it is this premise that leads award winning and best selling author Chuck Palahniuk to write this compilation of real life oddities and bizarre observations. Organized into journalistic sketches, Palahniuk describes such things as:out in the open pornography wheat field combine demolition derbiesthe art of American castle building (there is a castle near where I live that hosts a Renaissance fes [...]

    2. *Official rating is 3.5, but always round up!Collections of short works are tricky things to review. I say this almost every bloody time I review one. The reason being that each story or article or piece is inevitably pitted against one another in terms of likeability, and by a law of averages certain ones swim while other sink. A talent-fueled tale, followed by an even better one, tends to devalue the first.This is often the case with Palahniuk's 'Stranger Than Fiction'. This book was on my rad [...]

    3. i stopped torturing myself at the half way point and burned the book over my stovetop and ate the ashes in hopes of regaining the 3 hours i put in. didn't work. this was one of the worst things i've read since i tutored freshmen in their first writing course anyone who happens upon it and can't resist, here are the only nuggets worth digesting: you are here and the lady. and i'd say the latter was more so, if only for the quick spill on palahniuk's personal history. also it's worth taking in [...]

    4. You will like this book if you are easily amazed by the things your fellow humans do for fun or to make a living, or to survive or to fend off loneliness and despair' if you are not surprised but what we do to light the flickering light of "I am special". You will like this book if you prefer understatement and no-sentimentality in presentation of the harsh and the painful and the noble, and if you prefer examples of the profane in the presentation of the mysterious and even the mystical. If you [...]

    5. I liked this book.This is a collection of true stories of very bizarre things that have occurred or occur regularly. They are all as the old adage goes: So strange they could only be true.In the intro to this book Chuck Palahniuk even admits that he is something of a one trick pony. He views everything in America as the following struggle: We strive to be alone. We fight our way to independence from our fellow human beings by pursuing whatever interest we have, and then we get there and find our [...]

    6. I wanted to like this way more than I did, as I love stories about the things and the people who occupy the margins of society. Unfortunately many of the essays read like collections of notes, rewritten as to form a cogent narrative, but really lacked that certain something that makes them readable. There were a few times I nearly dozed off during an essay - never a good signEVER. There were two really wonderful pieces that I think made the whole experience worthwhile. The first was about the wr [...]

    7. In the spirit of this years motto, to boldly go where my inclinations have never led me to browse,I applied myself to finishing this collection of essays.I had liked the introduction very much but got bogged down immediately in alien territory and put it aside.Although he is better known as a novelist, I reasoned that if I was going to read only one thing by him, this might be the book to give me some kind of perspective on Palahniuks work.I determinined to finish with it already.I started agin [...]

    8. Another Palahniukwhat can I say?He's one odd character, but he has no shame and swallows his pride.These stories are all trued very interesting.I'm not a big fan of non-fiction, but I did enjoy this one.4 stars

    9. I don't yet have the stomach for Chuck Palahniuk's fiction. I've tried reading pretty much all of his novels and 'Fight Club' is the only one I've been able to finish, and that's because I'd seen the movie and pretty much knew what was going to happen. His writing is just so over-the-top graphic, filled with human suffering and self-loathing that for me they're too much of a mental, emotional, and physical workout to get through. But at the same time I would like to one day be able to read his s [...]

    10. Terminé «Error Humano», de Chuck Palahniuk. Es lo primero que leo de él, y ya logró que lo quiera y lo envidie.El libro se divide en tres: «Gente reunida», «Retratos» y «Personal». Su nombre los describe lo suficiente.Todos son relatos cortitos que cuentan historias tan interesantes como extrañas. Desde un festival de sexo donde todos garchan porque sí hasta su paso por Los Angeles durante la época de «El club de la pelea».Tiene una franqueza y simpleza que nos hace sentir identi [...]

    11. Kitap, Palahniuk'un bir dizi yazısının bir araya getirilmiş hali. Bu nedenle yazılar arasında bağlantı zayıf doğal olarak.

    12. Error humano o, como es su título original, Mas extraño que la ficción, fue el primer libro de Palahniuk que leí. Es un compilado de crónicas sobre eventos bizarros, entrevistas no convencionales y un poco mucho de anecdotario y reflexión personal. Error humano escarba por lugares que nos remiten a El club de la pelea, y de hecho es esa perspectiva bizarra, de antro, por la que se inclina el autor, teniendo tantas opciones, que comprendemos el tipo de mundo que lo rodea.Si bien en algunas [...]

    13. Weird. A series of essays, most of which have been published in other papers/magazines. This is my first experience of this author and i'm not really sure what to make of it.Most of the early stories seem very stripped down, stories about wrestling - where the facts of each bout are told very basically. Other stories really grip the imagination - the combine demolition derby for instance, or the men who build castles out of chicken wire and plaster (or huge lumps of stone).There's a melancholy t [...]

    14. I will admit I was a little bored by his demolition car story, and the testicle festival wasn't my cup of tea, but the rest of the (chapters? essays?) I was in love, and as a whole I can definitely say I loved the book. I recommend this to anyone who likes good writing and smart writing and funny writing and isn't a sensitive reader topic/description wise.Chuck Palahniuk is a genius. He is funny, cohesive, and writes very well: eliminating cloggy words but not going overboard (you know- when you [...]

    15. Adoro Palahniuk, e in questo libro è interessantissimo scoprire da cosa gli sono venuti alcuni degli spunti poi confluiti nei suoi libri.Situazioni assurde della vita reale, raduni di gente che trova un proprio scopo in un'attività e fa in modo di ritrovarsi con altri suoi simili. Sia questa attività il sesso esibizionista, la lotta, gli scontri tra mototrebbiatrici, la costruzione di castelli in pietra.Interessante anche la parte con i brevi aneddoti tratti dall'esperienza personale di Chuck [...]

    16. The high rating is purely because:This is still one of the good ones from Palahniuk. This is still one of the ones he writes actual sentences and thinks. You can read all the thinking! I truly enjoyed reading about things that I knew to be actual facts, never mind how much I've heard urban legends about fem fight clubs or people choking on food at restaurants for money, I know the stuff Manson said is true coz I've read his book years back.There is a certain kind of honesty in Stranger than Fict [...]

    17. Stranger than Fiction es una lectura obligada para todo fan de Palahniuk, aunque no lleve el mismo estilo narrativo que el resto de sus historias. Es una respuesta a muchos por qués que uno se plantea cuando lee sus novelas: sobre su estilo, los temas que aborda, e incluso sobre su propia vida. Los primeros capítulos y algunos retratos son un poco pesados; otros, y sobre todo en "Personal", están buenos.Me parece genial que, escribiendo historias reales pero inverosímiles, cuestione esa crí [...]

    18. So it started out all right, but really crashed and burned in my opinion, maybe because I lost patience. This is a collection of stories, some interesting and indeed, almost stranger than fiction, others average. It is at its best when relating other people's stories, worst when it Palahniuk recording his own musings, which to me seemed as if he's trying too hard, and personal stories, which are not generally strange but seem more the experiences of a person who doesn't want to be well-adjusted, [...]

    19. Error Humano es un libro de relatos, en su mayoría, de tipos que están bastante pillados de la cabeza.Son muchas historias cortas las que componen el libro, de modo que me resulta difícil hacer una valoración general.Con algunas me he muerto de la risa (Casi California me ha matado), otras me han cabreado (como Querido Señor Levin) y alguna me la he saltado porque lo que hagan los paletos sureños con sus cosechadoras me interesa más bien poco.

    20. Ancora Palahniuk. Vista la qualità degli ultimi libri, non vorrei che l'autore - o il suo agente - volesse far uscire un libro all'anno solo per pagare le spese della propria sussistenza. Vista la qualità letteraria di questo e del precedente [Cavie] verrebbe da pensare che è cosi' che vanno le cose. Il testo è interessante, a tratti. Quello sui castelli americani, ad esempio, racconta fatti che mi hanno incuriosito: sono andato sul web a cercare - su Google Earth - il castello citato. Anche [...]

    21. Son una serie de relatos e historias que abordan la vida de Chuck. De cómo la vida puede cambiar con un hit como lo fue “El club de la pelea”, de convertirte en un escritor que revisa motores diésel para ser un escritor reconocido sin trabajo estable. Una primera parte que cuenta historias alrededor de la vida norteamericana, desde las peleas de máquinas que recogen el maíz, pasando por la vida de un camarero hasta quienes construyen castillos sólo por la loca idea de hacerlo. Para lueg [...]

    22. "About the third week, the priapism subsided or seemed to spread to my entire body. Weightlifting gets better than sex. A workout becomes an orgy. You're having orgasms, cramping, hot, rushing orgasms in your delts, your quads, your lats, and traps. You forget about that lazy old penis. Who needs it. In a way, it's a peace, an escape from sex. A vacation from libido. You might see a hot woman and think grrrrrr, but your next egg white omelet or set of squats is a lot more attractive."This is the [...]

    23. Lonely PersonAll my books are about a lonely person looking for some way to connect with other peopleThe dream is a big house, off alone somewhereWriting NovelYou plan and research. You spend time alone, building this lovely world where you control, control, control everythingYou stay in your story world until you destroy it. Then you come back to be with other peopleReading a books is not a group activityIn my own cycle, it goes: Fact. Fiction. Fact. FictionJournalist and NovelistThe journalist [...]

    24. Palahniuk is right. These essays of his are most certainly stranger than fiction. Just from the every first essay alone, you’re hoping that he’s making all this up. But no. The annual Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival just outside of Missoula, MT, detailed in the aptly-titled “Testy Festy”, is the kind of bizarre and mind-boggling public orgy that you think can – or should, rather – exist only in the most perverted of minds. (The shocking writing and fantasy worlds of Marquis de Sad [...]

    25. This collection of non-fiction essays starts you off with a one-two punch in the gut (no surprise for anyone that knows Palahniuk) with pieces including descriptions of sexual exhibitionism and of wrestling injuries. (I literally had to pull over to calm my stomach.)That being said, (and having got through without any 'projectile' incidents) the reader may then enjoy several enjoyable essays touching on Palahniuk's life pre- and post-Fight Club, as well as a few very enlightening interviews with [...]

    26. I missed the pattern to this book the first time around. Part of it is Palahnik's collection of anything he's encountered that he thought could be used. "Fight Club" used a lot of his experiences at a charity hospital, "Survivor" had as many interesting cleaning methods that he could find, and calls to telephone sex numbers ended up, well, everywhere. "Stranger Than Fiction" is a collection of the tidbits that he liked best, or hasn't been able to fit into a novel yet.But you also need to pay at [...]

    27. Con todo el punch que promete, y habiendo disfrutado ya de algunas novelas de Palahniuk, debo decir que la lectura sucesiva y continuada de estas crónicas, que en su forma original obviamente no estaban recopiladas, me dio pronto una sensación de hastío, de haberme topado con una fórmula para asombrar. Rompedoras como sean algunas de las historias, el tono de Palahniuk para presentarlas, esto-es-lo-que-hay-no-sé-por-qué-ofenderse-o-asombrarse, las iguala en cierta forma en la que, pues ya [...]

    28. If i could've given this book no stars I would've. I got about three stories in and realized I was forcing myself to read the next story. I ended up skimming through the rest and decided I wasn't missing anything.I think the book is an interesting concept; this fiction writer writes a non-fiction book about different people and how they live their lives. It's a book of stories to glimpse into how other people live their lives. The problem is, isn't that what books are in general? It's a glimpse [...]

    29. Here’s a question for you: can Chuck Palahniuk do wrong?? It doesn’t seem so to me. From someone who I associate so strongly with dark, twisted, soulful fiction I have now found dark, twisted, soulful nonfiction as well. Stranger Than Fiction is a masterful blend of storytelling, lecturing and questioning; in every way that Palahniuk explores his stories to find something deeper about them, he does the same to his readers and pushes them to look beyond the ordinary. Through Palahniuk’s way [...]

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