Hot Mall Santa

Hot Mall Santa You better watch out You better not cry Hot Mall Santa is coming to town Instead of round and jolly this year s mall Santa is chiseled and smoldering The second he strolls into Oakville Mall wearing

  • Title: Hot Mall Santa
  • Author: A.J. Truman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You better watch out You better not cry Hot Mall Santa is coming to town Instead of round and jolly, this year s mall Santa is chiseled and smoldering The second he strolls into Oakville Mall wearing sunglasses, stubble, and his Santa hat cocked to the side, Santa gets all the tongues wagging especially Tom Webster s A lowly retail associate at The D cor Store, Tom spYou better watch out You better not cry Hot Mall Santa is coming to town Instead of round and jolly, this year s mall Santa is chiseled and smoldering The second he strolls into Oakville Mall wearing sunglasses, stubble, and his Santa hat cocked to the side, Santa gets all the tongues wagging especially Tom Webster s A lowly retail associate at The D cor Store, Tom spends his time chasing a promotion and boss that are both out of reach His fantasies about being a ho ho ho for Santa soon cross into reality after an unexpected night together While the rest of the town obsesses over Hot Mall Santa, Tom gets to know the sweet, nerdy history buff under the suit and six pack abs But to win Santa s heart, he must fight off the lusty moms, adoring fans, and his own fear of rejection Hot Mall Santa is a fun and sexy novella at 32,000 words filled with nutty Christmas shoppers, a grown man wearing reindeer antlers, and too many holiday puns.

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    One thought on “Hot Mall Santa”

    1. ~3.5~Corny but quite funny; includes Santa talking dirty and pornographic use of reindeer antlers. If you're in the mood for a low-angst, sexy Christmas story with a retail setting, pick this one up. You'll never look at a mall Santa the same way again.

    2. This was a fun, little novella, full of holiday cheer and a few role playing sexy times.However, be warned, Truman definitely didn't hold back on packing those steamy bits with some intentionally-cheesy, cornball, "come down my chimney" type dialogue. If this weren't a kitschy holiday read, Lord, I'd probably be ranting about that, but I'll only give an eye-roll (or ten) here, instead.The plot was pretty simple and straight-forward in this one, with the only drama really being a slightly less-th [...]

    3. Cuando leemos historias de Navidad perdonamos muchas cosas que no perdonaríamos en otra novela, para las fiestas esperas cierto tipo de libros. Y eso es lo que es esta novella, una historia navideña del hallmark aderezada con sus momentos sexys. Si estás en el mood festivo, no está mal. (rolling eyes ante el problema del hot Santa que nadie ve lo excelente persona que es porque su hotness lo impide)

    4. “Holy holiday hard-on!” This was the blast of holiday laughs and smiles I needed to kick start the season.Twas a few weeks until Christmas and the malls were all aflutter with shopping and complaining and shopping some more, which meant long days and nights for Tom at The Décor Store. After 3 years, Tom was still busting his butt trying to impress and dazzle his boss in more ways than one. But life at the mall this holiday season changes in a dash when Hot Mall Santa swaggers on in. The gos [...]

    5. ***4.25 Stars***This was such a fun, sweet and sexy read! Tom is an over worked and under appreciated sales associate at the mall's home decor store and Randall is the hot mall Santa that's caught the eye and interest of everyone in town. But what Tom uncovers underneath the red and white suit is a wonderful guy, who has a passion for history and geeks out at sharing interesting facts about past presidents. Some hot and hilarious holiday role play"So who am I? The elf being punished for not hitt [...]

    6. Cute and fun festive romance3.5*I liked this one, it was funny and cute but also had a good solid plot which is difficult to pull off in a novella.There were elements which were a little bit obvious but overall I liked the characters of both Tom and Randall and it had a nice satisfying happy ending.

    7. 2,5 starsIf you are in the mood for slightly silly, a bit corny and a whole lot of ‘sexy’ Christmas puns, this will be fine. I guess I was torn between seeing the fun of it and rolling my eyes in exasperation.

    8. 3.5 starsHeh. This was funny and corny but also sweet and fluffy.It is perfect if you are looking for something that isn't too serious but still has a plot, sweet times and sexy times with a hot AF Santa.I love that Tom was a happy mall clerk working the holiday season and didn't let the crazy mall goers get him down. I never got a real feel for Randall, he seemed to be a different guy with Tom than what he presented to the world. He is a very charismatic guy in public and it obviously confuses [...]

    9. This had its moments, but overall the funny just felt awkward.Tom has been working as a retail associate at the Décor Store for the last couple of years. He’s trying to become assistant manager, but his hot boss (who has a boyfriend) keeps telling him he needs to prove himself just a little bit more.When the mall hires a new Santa everyone is talking about him. Tom can’t figure out what’s so special about this guy, until he sees him. That is one hot mall Santa.When the two accidentally me [...]

    10. "You literally have a North Pole in your pants.""Dear Santa, you can come down my chimney anytime you want."Christmas sex puns, hilarious santa/boy-on-the-naughty-list role play, obscure facts about less popular presidents, and a sweet romance through it all.What's not to like? A funny, sweet, short holiday read.

    11. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsThis is a charming meet-cute story between two aimless men. Tom is so stuck in his box he has no idea how to get out; Randall is so used to going with the flow he has no idea how to choose his own direction. The friendship they develop over the course of the story feels natural and easy. Even the way their relationship goes from friends to something more than friends is as gradual and inexorable as a river meeting the ocean.There are no surprise twists and turns in [...]

    12. To be honest, I almost set this one aside and looked for something else. I thought it started out quite shallow, and I found the humor to be a bit silly. Even the first sex scene was too silly for my taste, what with the antlers, and the cries of "fuck me Santa!" But I persevered, and underneath the silliness, I found a sweet little story. I would have liked a bit more depth, but Hot Mall Santa, or Randall, was a really sweet guy. I hated how Tom kept bending over backwards for his dick of a bos [...]

    13. With all of the sentimental reads available this time of year there's nothing like a little humor. Humor's hard for me because well, don't tell but sometimes I just don't get it. So Sexy Mall Santa surprised me because it was funny but most importantly. I got it. I found it fascinating to read about somebody in the job of salesperson during the holidays. Despite the ridiculous cover the sexy mall Santa was s bit deeper than I expected but not too deep. This was a lite, fun read. Now tell me what [...]

    14. I'm voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.So super cute! Tom works at a home decor store, and has a crush on his (horrible-I hated him) boss. His boss clearly took advantage of Tom at every turn, but Tom's desire to advance to management made him an easy target. It is Thanksgiving week, and Santa has arrived at the mall, and boy is he hot! Adults are lining up childless to sit on Santa's lap, and Tom finds him absolutely adorable. When Tom finally meets the [...]

    15. *ARC provided by the author*Honestly, I have very troubling mixed feelings about this: on one hand, there were some fun parts. Some cute parts, even. On another, I just couldn't with the objectification of Randall. It felt like the development of the deeper part of the relationship between Tom and Randall was deeply overshadowed by how hot Tom found Randall, how hot everyone found him (and even though the drama pretty much came because of that, when it got resolved, it didn't feel too satisfying [...]

    16. This went from a 3+ star read to a ONE star read I went from liking this to disliking this in an instant. UGH!! My updates say it all :-/!!****************Borrowed from Kindle Unlimited :-)! If I really like it, I'll purchase it! I'm in the mood for the sweetness this little book promises!!I will always state when I borrowed something from Kindle Unlimited and whether I purchased it afterward or not! Why? Well, if I've borrowed something from KU, it - by default - means I am very unsure of eith [...]

    17. Well this was cute and funny. There's some dirty talk and not a lot of angst. It's sexy and passionate in an understated way. It's short and sweet.

    18. 3.5* fun quick read. Lots of cheesy Christmas puns and corny chat up lines. Low angst and a sexy santa what more can you ask for.

    19. Yes this was cheesy in places but underneath that was a sweet story. But I'm also the guy that had my bf help me put up twelve Christmas trees today, the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I'm pretty much a sucker for anything Christmas themed.

    20. After reading some cute holiday stories, this book was quite the bummer. It seemed to me that "Hot Mall Santa" tried to be both steamy and holiday-sweet, missing the mark on both. With cringe-worthy lines like "Ready to get your gingerbread house frosted?" and the reply of "Make it a white Christmas, Santa," [sex scene climax] this book was neither sweet nor steamy but rather raunchy with a bit of artificial sweetener thrown in. The author took turns 1. Describing porn scenes, (made a bit christ [...]

    21. This was a lot deeper than I thought it would be. While assuming it was going to be a hot, short, and simple story of a Hot Mall Santa and an unlikely attraction between him and another mall employee enjoying a quick yet temporary bit of hotness, I quickly realized I was quite wrong. Well, not completely wrong, just about the temporary part. This was so much more than that and I was drawn in by both men. I wish I got Randall's thoughts because he was much more complex than just a hot guy who was [...]

    22. Incredibly cute, sweet and funny story, with some cheesy laugh out loud dialogue. The characters are engaging and likable. Except maybe Kirsten. Several places I didn’t like her much, she was a bit too pushy and obnoxious, yet in the end she is a good friend to Tom. Then there is Antonio, as you find out, he’s not a nice guy at all. The contrast between Tom and Randall was part of what made this story work. That Randall, for all his good looks, had just as many insecurities as did Tom. Tom, [...]

    23. This is a fun Christmas novella. The story is a bit predictable, but I didn’t mind as it is well written with a good plot and relatable characters. Tom has a crush on his boss, Antonio, for years, but Antonio has a steady boyfriend. Then come rumors of a Hot Mall Santa to the store Tom is working at. And hot he is, but beauty is more than skin deep. While others only see Randall as a sexy guy, Tom gets to know him on a different level, with his extensive knowledge of US presidents, his little [...]

    24. This is a funny and corny, but still sweet little story. The perfect holiday fluff story. Randall is the Hot Mall Santa that has people lining up around the block to sit on his lap. He is also a presidential trivia nerd who loves holidays because he did not get to celebrate any of them as a child. He is sweet and funny and a little tired of compliments for being pretty. Tom has had a crush on his boss for years. He knows that it is an unattainable crush, but Tom is used to having those. He is a [...]

    25. 2.5 stars. Well, I got serious secondhand embarrassment from the cheesy holiday innuendos - especially the Santa roleplay, good lord - but the story was sweet, if OTT in parts. I wasn't really in love with the (view spoiler)['I'm so hot and people only love me for my extremely good looks' theme (hide spoiler)] and I especially wasn't in love with (view spoiler)[everyone acting like it's really funny to grind all over a mall Santa and make sexual innuendos to his face. It was pointed out that gra [...]

    26. If you want a hot and spicy read for Christmas then look no further.There's a new Santa at the mall and he's young, tall, built and hung like a donkey not short fat and old. Everyone seems to want a piece of him.Tom Webster is working so hard at the store chasing after a promotion which never seems to come his way. He is intrigued by the new hot Santa and when they finally meet you just know sparks are going to fly.An excellent Christmas read.

    27. This was so cute but the sexy was so cheesylol Sexy Santa comes to town and mild mannered salesman Tom decides if he can't have his boss crush then maybe Santa will fill stocking with something else ;)

    28. Christmas StoryTaking a chance on someone is something that is new for Randal and Tom. This holiday they were both given a special present, each other. Something they didn't think that would happen.

    29. 3.5 rounded upMy first holiday rwad of the year and I'm off to a goid start. This was a cute story full of endearing notes, sexy times & just a tiny smidge of angst. The ending ledt me wanting to see more of these boys which always means I've enjoyed a book!

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