The Edinburgh Seer

The Edinburgh Seer A Seer a spy and the rebellion that will flip their world upside down Outlander meets Mortal Instruments in this romantic fantasy set in a modern alternate Scotland

  • Title: The Edinburgh Seer
  • Author: Alisha Klapheke
  • ISBN: 9780998737966
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Seer, a spy, and the rebellion that will flip their world upside down.Outlander meets Mortal Instruments in this romantic fantasy set in a modern, alternate Scotland.

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    One thought on “The Edinburgh Seer”

    1. Aini's got a secret that she's never told her candy-making father: she's a seer. As a sixth-senser, her kind are feared and hunted by the king's men, the Campbells. But when her father is kidnapped by the Campbells, she risks exposure to find and bring him back. With the handsome and mysterious Thane, mildly inappropriate green-haired Myles, and local historian Neve (all part of her candymaking team), Aini will follow the clues. But Aini isn't the only one who's been keeping secrets.I love the f [...]

    2. An engaging and fun romp through Scotland!A lot of reviews are comparing this book to Outlander, and I can see the comparisons in terms of location, time period and interesting romance. But there is not the level of sex or violence (no rape or mention of rape) like the first Outlander book had, so for younger readers or readers like me who don't find that as part of their cup of tea, this is an awesome book.Aini is helping her dad an expert candy maker in Edinburgh along with their 3 apprentices [...]

    3. The Edinburgh Seer was a captivating ride that I didn't want to end. The characters feel like real people that I could meet at any time. People that have amazing talents and are living their lives, ready for the next step. But they are also flawed, which draws me to them even more. I loved watching the plot unfold which brings new challenges to the table and just when you think the story couldn't get crazier, something comes along to up the ante. I also love that we get to see multiple pov's! It [...]

    4. Alisha Klapheke has done it again! She created a world, almost like our own, only slightly different. I read 2 short prequels to this book. Kingsman and Enliven. Whereas Kingsman promises that this new series will be dark and mysterious, Enliven shows it also has a light and magical side. Both sides are found in The Edinburgh Seer. The wonderful friendship between Thane, Neve, Myles and Aini gives the story a heart. And it takes place in Edinburgh, one of my favorite cities in the world (even if [...]

    5. The Edinburgh Seer is a mix of urban fantasy and alternate history, with a dash of Romeo-and-Juliet-esque romance thrown in just for fun.Aini MacGregor works with her father Lewis, a candy-maker who adds some fantastic qualities to his candy—like hallucinogenic and color-enhancing properties or, you know, slight alterations to gravity. He has three interns: Neve, who helps with flavor and works as a tour guide on the side; Thane, who helps come up with new formulas; and Myles, who does marketi [...]

    6. The Edinburgh Seer written by Alisha klapheke was a really good read for me. I read it in a day because right when I started it, I could not put it down for the life of me. I personally LOVED the theme of the book and I thought it was such an original concept. Aini is a beautiful, intelligent, naive sort of girl that works and lives with her father who is a candy maker and scientist. Her father is abducted and it’s up to Aini and her three friends, who also work for her father, to figure out w [...]

    7. Wow! What a great start of a new series that I thought was amazing and a wild ride. I loved the the twist on our modern world and the introduction of the people who have that extra sixth sense into a modern world were not following the crowd or crown could get you killed. I loved how the world was envisioned and the possibilities in this series. Once I started reading I was sucked in and finished it all at once as i had to see how it would end. I thought Aini, Thane, Myles, and Neve were great c [...]

    8. 5 Stars.The Edinburgh Seer was a delightful read, full of magic, drama and action, action, action!!!! I adored all the characters, especially the main duo Aini and Thane (and Bran has a super special place in my heart!). The world building and setting in Edinburgh was such fun to read and felt super immersive! The plot was fast paced and was filled with twist after twist. One of my favourite parts of the book was the intense emotional themes depicted and explored, that made the characters journe [...]

    9. What an amazing adventure! This was a unique read full of rebellion, secrecy, and romance. Klapheke delivers yet another story full of lush details and an innovative spin on a candy store—one of my favorite parts! It's beautifully written, unbelievably creative, and will leave you rooting for the main characters. Another standout of this author is her use of sensory details and authentic language. It creates a more immersive story that draws you in and makes you feel like you're a part of it. [...]

    10. In an alternative world where the British colonies never won their freedom and chemistry and candy combine, Aini, of mixed Balinese and Scottish heritage works with her father and others in his amazing candy business. She's a rules follower and list maker, in part because she has secrets that could get her and those around her killed.She's not the only one with secrets; her father has a few as does Thane, one of the shop's apprentices. Secrets have a way of coming out and causing troubles - and [...]

    11. A fast-paced, rollicking good time! Could NOT put this down! I enjoyed learning some new Scottish words! It’s a fantasy set in an alternate Scotland, where the Campbells serve as the King of England’s henchmen. The rebels are trying to find the Coronation Stone and restore Scotland’s rightful heir. Aini is hiding a secret. She’s a seer; someone the king is deathly afraid of. He kills any he finds. Her father runs an altered sweets shop – and the Campbells want to weaponize them. The Ca [...]

    12. Fate chosen was not what Aini had in mind when she discovers her father secrets, has to use her powers and gets to make new acquaintances. Because every one of those things are breaking the mains rules of the English King for Scotland citizens: not being a six-senser or a rebel.Undercover in the family of the young girl, Thane knows where his loyalties should lie. But that does not prevent him from helping Aini But to save her father and get justice for her fellow citizens Aini might have no cho [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading this book and being exposed to this literary world. It is an exciting book with many twists and turns, and I'm only giving it four stars instead of five because when I first started reading it, I found it a little difficult to get a grip on what was happening. This story is basically about a seer, who has to keep her abilities under wraps due to the governmental order to do away with all sixth-sensers. I enjoyed the Scottish language used all through this book, and I would reco [...]

    14. Alisha Klapheke’s The Edinburgh Seer is the start of a truly fantastic new series. It is set in an alternate, modern-day Scotland, where rebellion is in the air against the English King and his allied Campbell led “kingsmen” oppressors. It’s a fascinatingly great alternative world with a recognizable Scotland but a place where “sixth-sensers” - ghost talkers, “threaders” able to sense threads of emotion linking people, “seers” who can could touch a thing and see a memory, and [...]

    15. A unique read!A candymaker's daughterSecrets and revelationsA revolutionDanger at every turnWill the Seer rise?Or fail?A mysterious and suspenseful read that will leave you panting for more. I absolutely love the darkness of the novel - so alluring and seductive. Love the candy shop, especially the uses for it. Such a great and interesting idea. Full of darkness, magic, deception, secrets, mystery, a forbidden romance, sixth-senses and a revolution. Perfect for readers of urban fantasy romances. [...]

    16. In this alt-reality modern day, Aini has a secret, one that could be deadly. She is just a candy maker's daughter. Until the day her father goes missing, then all bets are off, and she finds the strength to fight for him.With the help of Thane, Myles and Neve her father's apprentices and her friends, Aini finds clues and tries her best to figure things. It isn't always easy to know who to trust, but they find a way. I love the way this story just hooked and drew me in right from the start. I can [...]

    17. Cover/title: The cover is pretty and the title only hints at the story. Characters: The characters are ok. I really didn't feel much of a connections to them. I wish I could say I even have a favorite but I don't. Plot: The plot idea could have been good but the book just didn't keep me interested. Honestly, I fell asleep twice while trying to read this book. I finally just decided to plow my way through. Overall: It was an ok book but not one of my favorites. I was a bit disappointed because th [...]

    18. When I began this book, I was thinking that I was not going to enjoy it much. My mood right now seems to go to paranormal and fantasy. Instead I am shook it off and cleared my thoughts. I am so glad that I did. I was quickly snared by the plot, mysteries, and intrigue that just left me wanting more. Before I knew it, I had reached the end and am left wondering what next? I am anticipating getting the next one and interrupting my to be read pile once again.

    19. This was my first book by Alisha Klapheke and I promise it won't be my last! I loved this book! It was full of wonderful, well developed characters and a story world that was fully believable and detailed. I enjoyed the dystopian feel and the uniqueness of the idea - candy making and magic! I definitely recommend this to dystopian fantasy readers and am looking forward to the next book in the series!

    20. My first by this author. I liked the unique candy-making occupation of the characters. The science of making weaponized candy was interesting. There was some action but it lacked a bit of oomph. The ending was better action wise and the book ended well. The mystery of finding the relics was well paced. Aini and Thane were perfect for each other. Myles was my favorite. I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

    21. What a creative story, magic and candy making! This book is a dystopian type set in modern day. There are the people called sixth sensors that have special gifts that the king has captured or destroyed. Aini works in her father's candy shop. Her father is taken and Aini sets out to save him. Myles, Thane, and Neve are Aini's friends and they go with her to help her find her Dad. This book is a page turner! Highly recommended! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    22. wow what a bookarts off slow and steady but gains momentum and we are in the thick of scottish fighting, sometimes it felt as though we were back in time and at other times in the modern world of mobile phoneswell worth a read though with magic and seers and a bit of sweet making that can be turned into weaponse 2nd book in this series seems to carry on the story so cant wait to read that onetely one to give a chance on liked the authors way of writing

    23. I loved this book so much it was really unique in that it was about a girl candy maker who has a dangerous secret that can get her killed but she isn't the only one with such secrets. to read more you have to get this awesome book. I haven't read anything like this. Such a great story line such great characters I really cant wait to read book 2

    24. The SeerThis was a little slow to start but finished with a bang. People with "abilities" hunted. The heroine of the story has a sixth sense when touching objects. A story about a society in conflict and people with their own personal conflicts. Good side characters that are friends and frenemies. Will read the next book to see how the characters evolve.

    25. This is my second book read by this author and what I can say is that every single word, description , is so full of life , color odors, feelingsAlisha has a way of describing people, events with such observation and detail that we actually feel that we are actually there , caught up in the adventure!.Always a very satisfying read !

    26. I really enjoyed this book. It was nice to hear them talk about places in Scotland that I have actually been. This book is written in the here and now but things are not what they are in our world. It was sad to see what the world could be like under a horrible ruler. Aini and Thane are great characters with a lot of secrets. I look forward to reading the next book.

    27. This was a fun read. I enjoyed the alternate world, much like our own with the same countries but including magic and an alternate history. I give it a 3.5 rating. It was good, but not great. I don't know of anything that is missing, but I don't feel like I'll die without reading the next book, or waiting until I read several other books on my list before I get to it.

    28. Candy as weapons and a King in modern Scotland. The Edinburgh Seer has been a really interesting read. Enjoyed the alternate reality and blend of science and mystic. Just wish there was more punch to the action sequences. Otherwise an entertaining read. Looking forward to the next one.

    29. GreatGreat story about what might have happened in an alternative world. Any six sensor has the King and his army ready to put them to death. All for an old prophecy about a stone and the real heir to the throne of Scotland. A fabulous read. Highly recommended.

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