The Silent Duke

The Silent Duke A hot historical from time USA Today bestselling author Jess Michaels Born mute Ewan Hoffstead Duke of Donburrow was abused by his wicked father and wretched younger brothers until an uncle swept

  • Title: The Silent Duke
  • Author: Jess Michaels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A hot historical from 5 time USA Today bestselling author Jess Michaels Born mute, Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow was abused by his wicked father and wretched younger brothers until an uncle swept in to save the day Still, he carries the scars of his past with him, including a terrible belief that perhaps a person like him truly doesn t deserve the title his uncle foA hot historical from 5 time USA Today bestselling author Jess Michaels Born mute, Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow was abused by his wicked father and wretched younger brothers until an uncle swept in to save the day Still, he carries the scars of his past with him, including a terrible belief that perhaps a person like him truly doesn t deserve the title his uncle fought so hard for him to earn Recently widowed Charlotte may be the proper Countess of Portsmith to Society, but when she is around Ewan, she still feels like the enraptured little girl who met him decades before when her brother was best friends with him and his cousin A planned trip to spend Christmas with their families at Ewan s estate reunites the old friends But when a storm keeps the others from arriving on time, Charlotte decides to stop living in fear and pursue the man she has desired and loved her entire life Ewan cannot resist her seduction, but he fears giving in to his heart Especially when the family that disposed of him returns and threatens not only his life, but that of the woman he loves Length Full Length Novel 70,000 words Heat Level Might burn your swiping finger This can be read as a standalone book, but is the fourth book in the 1797 Club series.

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    1. It could be that coming into this series at book four was my undoing, it could be because this is a new-to-me-author and sometimes there's an adjustment to writing styles or plot direction, whatever the case : but THE SILENT DUKE wasn't exactly what I was expecting it to be.Michaels has created a great premise with a mute Duke and the childhood friend who has loved him almost from the moment they met -- and vice versa. There's quite a bit of angst surrounding self-worth and deserving a title, a [...]

    2. 1.5 rounded up. I had such high hopes for this book. A storyline this unique really had the potential to be something special but instead, it just fell flat. Nothing worked for me. Ewan, the Duke of Donburrow, was born mute. This obviously didn't go over well when he was a child. His father wanted to throw him in an asylum because he was "damaged" and Ewan's aunt and uncle wouldn't hear of it. Charlotte and Ewan were friends when they were young (I believe they were neighbors?) and Charlotte nev [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI enjoyed THE SILENT DUKE cover to cover. It’s been a while since I’ve read a Jess Michaels historical romance and now I’m remembering how good they are. After reading the blurb and seeing it centred around a Duke with a disability, I was hooked in and I was not disappointed.This is a beautiful friends to lovers story that is as much full of emotion as it is heat. Jess Michaels knows how to write HR heat without losing story cohesion. This was a full story, with family and past th [...]

    4. Series: The 1797 Club #4Publication Date: 11/14/17What a book! I absolutely loved it from beginning to end – and couldn’t put it down until I could see how it all worked out. Do you want a broken heart? If so, just read the Prologue to this excellent book. The unimaginable pain a heartless and mean-spirited parent can cause is just palpable. Then, if you want a smile in your heart – read the rest of the book. It is an excellently written, well-paced, story of life-long friends finding thei [...]

    5. Ms. Michaels had to have known she was creating something special. I knew from the moment I read the blurb this story was meant for me. The Silent Duke is so much bigger than a seductive romance. It is a story of one man's struggle to be heard, despite unspeakable heartache. Told so masterfully through the eyes of courageous and the soul of love, this tale speaks to the heart on so many levels and is as inspiring as it is gut wrenching. Ewan is the ultimate survivor because he made it through ev [...]

    6. As I expected, this book had so much emotion and pain but also so much love that makes you want to say awww! Jess Michaels just gets better and better. Lately, her books have been involving even more emotional depth but not so much where is just a depressing sob fest. Lots of endearing and of course sexy moments to enjoy. I really understood the struggles that Ewan was dealing with and why he pushed Charlotte away. Almost everyone around him was so cruel and completely awful to him that I just w [...]

    7. An auto-buy author for me!Charlotte, the daughter and sister of dukes and widow of an earl, has loved Ewen since she was a girl of seven and he a boy of 10. She has decided that enough is enough and she intends to have her heart's desire - a life with the man who holds her heart come hell or high water. Adverse weather conditions give her just the opening she needs. My favorite romance trope is childhood best friends. This story fulfilled my trope loving dreams in spades. Pure childhood love, ch [...]

    8. The Silent Duke by Jess Michaels1797 Club #4Ten teens at boarding school form a club to assist one another as they grow into their positions of being dukes one day - The 1797 Club - this series is already plotted out to have ten volumes starring the ten original members of the club. Over the years a bond stronger and closer, in some ways, than that of blood brothers is formed. In each book of the series we find out what has become of the members of the club and who they will find their HEA with. [...]

    9. "To love or not to love. That is the question.”I swear Charlotte is a warrior woman, a lioness in her defence of Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow.Right from when they met, Ewan a terrified ten and Charlotte Undercross, a perceptive seven, Charlotte has defended and encouraged Ethan.Even years later, when he turned his back on her she still loved him and wanted only the best for him.Ewan cannot get past the terrible burden his despicable father lay on him. Taunted as being deformed, defined by [...]

    10. I loved this installment of the 1797 club!I have read a lot of books with disabled people, but never one with a lead who is a mute. I was really not sure how Ms. Michaels was going to make it work, but she nailed it!Ewan, Duke of Donburrow was born mute and if not for the intervention of his uncle, he most likely would have been sent to an asylum by his loathsome father. Raised by his aunt and uncle, Ewan has known love, but the scars left by his family run deep.Ewan has known and loved Charlott [...]

    11. Jess Michaels has a way of breaking your heart then roping you in to the story and not letting you go until she has mended hearts and lives to happiness. Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow was born mute and berated by his father and mother daily for being born broken until he was ten years old. His father threatened to put him into an asylum and his aunt and her husband stepped in and took him into their home and raised him as one of their own. Charlotte Undercross now the Countess of Portsmith g [...]

    12. My ReviewWell what a book, I just loved it from start to finish a absolute must readis series is just getting better and better.As you know I won't be giving spoilers, What I loved most about this book was the chemistry between Ewan and Charlotte. I just loved the way Charlotte wouldn't give up and one by one she brought down the barriers that Ewan had placed around his heart.Ewan had thought the barriers that he had put in place were there to protect him, but in the end they became a hindrance [...]

    13. I love a book that draws you in and you start to feel invested in the characters and Ms. Michaels does just that in this book. The characters in this book are different the Hero is stubborn, and a mute who believes he is flawed but he is kind and so is the heroine. I love the different type of characters. I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 because, the ending felt extremely rushed to me it is finished (no cliffhanger), I just thought there should have been more personally. However, I look for [...]

    14. Jess, you have another winner. These stories keep getting better and better. Emotions run so high in this story. Ewan and Charlotte’s love for each other through several obstacles is such a beautiful story and their special language solidifies their oneness. You cannot deny love even though Ewan tried. I cried, my heart broke and I was angry while reading this book. Ewan finally understands that Charlotte just wants to love him and that his friends will always look out for each other makes thi [...]

    15. I have loved this series from book one, but this book is easily my favorite. Give me a tortured hero any day of the week and I'm smitten. Ewan was wonderful in every way and Charlotte was a great match for him. Their connection was powerful and absolute. It was a heart-wrenching, emotional story from page one and I became completed immersed in the journey. I love how strong their feelings were from the beginning and how the emotional drama played out through the rest of the story. Extremely pass [...]

    16. This book hit the floor running. I know when author's write novels where the characters know each other their entire lives and have an established history there's no need to do the "get to know the other person phase" but I kind of like that aspect to romance novels. Some people however like to skip all that stuff and dive right in. If that's your style you'll enjoy this book. I also liked the surprising twist of suspense near the end.

    17. Charlotte can be a determined woman and nothing that Ewan says would sway her mind, Charlotte straightened and put on her best “lady of the manor” face. “I most certainly am. Now, we can waste time talking about this or you can let us help. I’m not offering a third option.” Charlotte can make a man forget himself, “You are very handsome… wet,” she whispered. Suddenly Ewan didn’t care if he was cold. He didn’t care if he was soaked to the bone. He only cared about the woman ne [...]

    18. Ewan does a pretty fantastic job of getting his point across when it counts. If only he weren't so pig headed. Lucky for him, he gets a second chance. But he's royally screwing that one up too. Charlotte has more patience then a saint, where Ewan is concerned. The number of chances she's willing to give him just shows the depths of her love for him.

    19. The blurb tells us that Ewan Hoffstead is mute since birth. After suffering through an abusive childhood, his uncle swoops in and rescues him from his awful father. During this time he also meets and befriends our heroine, Charlotte. They go their separate ways as young adults, but are reunited after Charlotte is widowed and Ewan invites her to spend Christmas with his closest friends and family at his estate. Naturally a steamy romance ensues.*sigh* My reviews for Jess Michaels novels are becom [...]

    20. Best in the SeriesI loved this one. I thought it was really a beautiful romance. I have read books where the hero was pretending to be mute for much of the book, but none where they were really mute through the whole book. I thought it made for a wonderful if tortured hero. I loved Charlotte she was sweet and determined to get what she wanted. The conflict was entirely self-inflicted on the hero’s part and I got frustrated with him a couple of times, but I thought it worked. I could understand [...]

    21. Originally posted on You Have Your Hands FullThe Silent Duke is the fourth book in Jess Michaels’ 1797 Club series of historical romance novels. I have not read any of the previous books in this series, but I belong to a group for fans of romance novels, and this book came up in response to a query about atypical heroes. Needless to say, I was very excited about the opportunity to read this book. Ewan is the Duke of Donburrow, but his ascension to the dukedom was somewhat controversial. He is [...]

    22. Ewan Hoffstead was born mute. As soon as his father, the Duke of Donburrow, realized that his son and heir wasn’t “perfect,” he began treating him as an idiot and abusing him, encouraging his younger sons to do the same. Finally, when Ewan was ten years old, his uncle begged that Ewan be given permission to live with his family. His father agreed, only wanting Ewan out of his sight. Here Ewan found love and acceptance from his aunt, uncle, cousin, and their friends, Baldwin and Charlotte.C [...]

    23. This was such an interesting story to tell, for a historical romance novel! I think it's the first time I have read a romance with a hero who is mute throughout the story. Elizabeth Hoyt wrote a book with a mute hero, but he does eventually talk towards the end, so his "flaw" is resolved. What Jess Michaels did was create a flawed character and make it so that the flaw wasn't even really considered a problem by the end of the story. By the end chapter, I almost forgot he was mute at all. This, I [...]

    24. FINAL DECISION: This is a sweet little story as two friends navigate the hero's insecurities and fears and find their way to a happy ending. The conflict here is the hero's, but I enjoyed the interaction between these twoE STORY: Ewan, Duke of Donburrow was born mute and abused by his father who wanted to commit him to an asylum so that one of his "normal" sons could inherit. The wounds inflicted by Ewan's father have scored deep. Charlotte, Countess of Portsmith, has loved Ewan forever. When he [...]

    25. Ewan Hoffstead was born mute.His father hated him because of this, and at age 10, Ewan found himself almost being placed in an asylum.Thanks to his aunt Mary, duchess of Tyndale, and to her husband, Aldous, he was raised in a home with love.When his father died, Ewan had to fight to inherit the title that was his by right (but his father wanted that Josiah, his next son, inherited).Ewan had his title and his fortune, was admired by society, but he would never have what he wanted most: the love o [...]

    26. I so totally loved this story!This is my first book to have read by this author and I must say how impressed I was at how wonderful the story was written and how easily it drew me in and captured my heart. Although this is the 4th book in this series it can be read as a complete standalone. Ewan and Charlotte's story is one that is full of heartbreaking emotion. Ewan was disowned by his ruthless father as a boy because of his mutism, always insisting that he was stupid because of it. Ewan had an [...]

    27. Born mute, Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow was abused by his wicked father and wretched younger brothers until his uncle & Aunt the Duke & Duchess of Tyndale swept in to save the day when he was ten. Still, he carries the scars of his past with him, including a terrible belief that perhaps a “person like him” truly doesn’t deserve the title his uncle fought so hard for him to earn.Recently widowed Charlotte Undercross may be the proper Countess of Portsmith to Society, but when s [...]

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