Black Light: Rescued

Black Light Rescued Sex Spies Stalkers Stars Three incredible hours was all it took to form a bond that refuses to be broken Saying goodbye after Valentine Roulette had crushed them both but Ryder Helms is a realist He

  • Title: Black Light: Rescued
  • Author: Livia Grant Maggie Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sex Spies Stalkers Stars Three incredible hours was all it took to form a bond that refuses to be broken.Saying goodbye after Valentine Roulette had crushed them both, but Ryder Helms is a realist He knows his CIA covert career will never allow him to be with a superstar like Khloe Monroe Deep undercover in Russia, Ryder has done unspeakable things to Sex Spies Stalkers Stars Three incredible hours was all it took to form a bond that refuses to be broken.Saying goodbye after Valentine Roulette had crushed them both, but Ryder Helms is a realist He knows his CIA covert career will never allow him to be with a superstar like Khloe Monroe Deep undercover in Russia, Ryder has done unspeakable things to prove his loyalty to the Volkov Bratva When faced with a morality test no man should have to take, he s forced to burn years of undercover work, earning himself very powerful and dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to exact their revenge Now an A list Hollywood actress, Khloe discovers that with fame comes danger When she is uncertain whom she can trust, she turns to her friends, Chase and Jaxson, for help She didn t expect them to bring in an experienced bodyguard A dominant who had the power to command her body, and crush her heart Discovering Khloe was in danger is all it takes to bring Ryder to her side, but was his presence putting her at even risk It terrifies him to think of what the Volkovs would do if they got their hands on the actress who had stolen his heart He knew one thing for certain No one got to hurt Khloe Monroe but himself.

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    1. Ryder and Khloe meet and spend one night together at Black Light! He is involved in some very dangerous work and she is a Hollywood actress. THey can never be together, right? Even after several months of being apart, neither can forget about each other. Both throw themselves into their work trying to forget each other but things have a way of getting them back together. When Khloe picks up a stalker, Ryder is the one who is assigned to help protect her. His own past is also catching up with him [...]

    2. The Ultimate Dom finds his perfect subThis is the story of two people who's lives were not mean to tangle, yet neither can forget the other Ryder is now on the "My Favorite Book Boyfriend List" and not just as my current, but as my forever. I love this book so much. Ryder and Khloe bring out a side to each other that they have never shared with anyone before. With Ryder, Khloe learns how strong she is. With Khloe Ryder finds a gentle possessiveness that he is new to him. But don't let that fool [...]

    3. A match made at Blacklight.Finally we get to know more about Khloe and Ryder from Valentine Roulette. They had only three hours together at Blacklight. But in that short time it became clear that they were the perfect fit. And then Ryder disappeared.As it turns out they both are still thinking of the other. Well, you might call it obsessing!But, circumstances, you know! They could never be together. No way!And then "circumstances" change and Ryder is suddenly back.When he and Khloe meet again, t [...]

    4. Wow!!! i love livia grant she is really good with words. she has a way of drawing you in and not letting go. In this book we meet back up with Ryder and Khloe and Ryder has to make a decision to blow his cover or do something he doesn't want to do. Khloe is going day to day trying to get over Ryder until he rides in on his shiny motorcycle and wisks her away from a stalker. The ? is who is this mysterious stalker and will they find him or her before they go too far. buy this story you wont be di [...]

    5. Holy Hotness!! What just happened?!? That book was so intense *sigh* Ryder and Khloe's chemistry continues to be combustible. Off the chart sexy. But there is danger. Intense, edge of your seat, nail biting, danger. And so Ryder continues to be mysterious. He's hot. He's cold. Which just gives us some delicious angst to go along with all the sexiness. Khloe is confused and a mess from what is going on, but also strong. And there are all the other main Black Light characters who make an appearanc [...]

    6. This book is part of the Black Light series, but don't worry if you haven't read any of the others, this provides you with a short prologue to familiarise yourself with the characters & where they are coming from. I loved this story, mostly because of Ryder. I loved that such a strong, dominant man in a violent career has such a capacity for tenderness and gentleness. Khloe was dealing with the demons that many women go through at the same time as having this external source of stress and th [...]

    7. Hot dramaI loved all the hotness and the drama of this book in the series. I became wrapped up in Khloe and Ryder in Roulette so I was happy to see more of their story. To get a true feel for their connection and Ryder's dominance, read Roulette first. But you can absolutely enjoy this book if you choose not to. The energy these two share is powerful and you can feel that in and out of the bedroom or club. I love that I could feel all the different dynamics of Khloe's emotions and reactions. Can [...]

    8. After reading Valentine Roulette, I have waited for Khloe and Ryder's story. There is suspense, danger, a lot of action and a heart stopping rescue scene. But most of all there is this great chemistry between Khloe and Ryder. The intimate scenes nearly made my e-book reader melt. I can't even tell how much I love this book. I hope there will be many more books written by Miss Grant in this series.

    9. Last Black Light book in the Black Light series. This was the most OMG, hold-your-breath, exciting read. It had action, adventure, drama, a stalker, bad Russians, humor and BDSM sex. What an unusual ending to this very loved series – but be aware, the authors will continue writing in February 2018 under a different series name (Black Sky Ops) – I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Khloe and Ryder (my opinion). I read all the books in order and loved each and every one. Outstanding!

    10. SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS RYDER AND KHLOE'S STORY CONTINUED FROM THE ANTHOLOGY, BLACK LIGHT: VALENTINE ROULETTE. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THAT BOOK, THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. IT'S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU READ RYDER AND KHLOE'S STORY FROM VALENTINE ROULETTE BEFORE READING THIS BOOK.Three hours. That's all it took for Ryder Helms and Khloe Monroe. They met at Black Light, the famous (or is it infamous?) Washington, D.C. BDSM club, on Valentine's night. Nothing's been the same since. The chemistry w [...]

    11. Livia returns us to the world of that exclusive club, Black Light. Ryder and Khloe are back, continuing their adventure from Valentine Roulette, and trying to figure out how they can fit together and meet each other's needs. Ryder, our resident superspy, has managed to burn himself and had to leave his job in Russia in a hurry. That means that he's hanging around D.C. waiting to find out what to do next. He is working so hard at trying to not obsess over Khloe Munroe, but she has gotten under hi [...]

    12. Having loved Khloe and Ryder in Black Light Valentine's Roulette, I really wanted to know what happened next. We know, because of his job, that Ryder had to walk away but would this super hot couple get a second chance?Ryder's on leave from his super spy job when he hears that Khloe has been threatened. I loved how uber dominant and take charge Ryder is, but at times it made Khloe seem a little weak and wishy-washy. She never really got to stand up to him and whilst I know it was partly the dyna [...]

    13. This book is such a great read, i thoroughly enjoyed reading every word. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster of feelings from Khloe and Ryder.These two beautiful people met on Valentines day for a space of three hours, and in that three hours a bond was formed that couldn't be broken, so much so that when they separated after that night feelings ran high and nothing could be forgotten.Khloe and Ryder meet up again in dyer circumstances, and khloe immediately feels safe once more, the sto [...]

    14. Rescued, a continuation of the match made at BLACK LIGHT, VALENTINE'S ROULETTE. Ryder and Khloe meet again!Ryder is in a situation that could be dangerous for Khloe, but she needs him and he will do all he can to protect her.Khloe is being stalked and when Ryder shows up to help her personal bodyguard Trevor to protect her, Ryder also picks up being her master again which really does help Khloe get into the right mind-set to do what is best for her and what she really desires. The sex and differ [...]

    15. Fantastically interwoven plot-lines covering, stalkers, deep under-cover agents, film star’s love lives, anorexia, bdsm, the Russian Mafia, a kidnapped child of a life-long friend and more. Khloe and Ryder found each other in Black Light Roulette and reunite when her life is threatened. Knowing he can never be with Khloe publicly, as he is a marked man after naffing off the Russian mafia when he blew his cover to rescue an American family, he resolves to stay just long enough to find her stalk [...]

    16. An excellent addition to the Black Light series, this follows Ryder and Khloe after they experienced each other at the Black Light Valentines Roulette event. Ryder is forced to take time off of work and has to stay out of the spotlight which is hard when he starts protecting Khloe from a stalker who has access to her most restricted, private spaces. I love how Livia lets the reader have all kinds of suspicion before showing us we know nothing about the story and we shouldn't try to guess what is [...]

    17. I first fell in love with Khloe and Ryder in Valentine Roulette and I was happy when Livia Grant announced there would be a full book. This book kept my attention from the first until the last page. My heart just broke for Khloe and what she had to go through on a daily basis. Ryder is such a strong man, but he has a heart of gold and he is so good to Khloe. I cheered when they finally met again. I just loved reading about their relationship and how Khloe blossoms under Ryder’ s care. There is [...]

    18. Action packed Roller Coaster Ride!!!!!OMG!!! This book is amazing!! I have been waiting(not so patiently) for this book to come out and I was not disappointed at all. This book had me short of breath during an intense rescue scene, it had me blushing while I was reading it out in public due to the steaming hot sex scenes. It was just amazing. I read it in one day, I didn’t want to put it down, it was that good. Definitely worth the money and the time to read it!! You will not be disappointed a [...]

    19. I really like Liva Grant's writing. This book is a continuation of a story from Black Light Roulette - the only story that did not have a happy ending in that book. This is my least favorite story in the series so far because, although this would have been a complete book on its own, the epilogue shows that there is more to this story and I really hate unexpected cliff hangers. Skip the epilogue if you want to finish with an HEA.Ryder is an agent in deep cover, Khloe is a rising movie star and i [...]

    20. I was very pleased to see Ryder and Khloe back. I loved them in Valentine Roulette. So HOT! Loved how Ryder roared back into Khloe's life! "So romantic." *sigh* But their ups and down on the way to HEA. OMG! I, like them, was beginning to wonder it would never happen. So many "Gasps!" "Really?" "Your kidding?" "Wow!" *sigh* Then we got to the epilogue . . . Can you say frustration? No, it is not exactly a cliffhanger. But definitely a set up for more. I will be looking for it.

    21. Glad to see moreI was glad to see more of Ryder and Khloe, a couple we first met in the Blacklight Valentine Roulette anthology, and to see their HEA. The story had a good premise, interesting cast of characters, and hot sex, what more could we ask?

    22. OkI figured out the stalker half way through. Story was ok and characters written well. Sex scenes were boring. Surprised how many 5 star reviews this book had.

    23. 4.5 starsI'm really enjoying this series. Ryder is in my top ten BBF's. I cannot wait until the next book of the series.

    24. AmazingI love how so many different authors can come together and make a series that is so well put together. It's like one author made them all

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