Talyn In a world where technology is magic and war is the only way of life Talyn is a soldier one of thousands trained from childhood to protect her country from the monarchist Eastil who would take awa

  • Title: Talyn
  • Author: Holly Lisle
  • ISBN: 9780765348739
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a world where technology is magic, and war is the only way of life, Talyn is a soldier, one of thousands trained from childhood to protect her country from the monarchist Eastil, who would take away the personal freedoms of the Tonk.Talyn long ago embraced her fate to die in battle This is a war of magic, not of swords, and the battles are fought deep inside the View,In a world where technology is magic, and war is the only way of life, Talyn is a soldier, one of thousands trained from childhood to protect her country from the monarchist Eastil, who would take away the personal freedoms of the Tonk.Talyn long ago embraced her fate to die in battle This is a war of magic, not of swords, and the battles are fought deep inside the View, a place where the magic inherent in everything and everyone is actualized The soldiers on both sides can bring this magic to the physical plane and use it to destroy houses, fields, and people.But the Feegash came from across the world, and demanded to be allowed to negotiate peace between the Eastil and the Tonk for the sake of the rest of the world Their success meant Talyn was out of a job, and at a loss for what to do with her life.Rather than follow most of her fellow soldiers to jobs in other parts of the world, Talyn stayed with her family in her town and there she is seduced by a Feegash diplomat With him she experiences a dark side of herself that she hadn t even imagined, and learns a new kind of magery.And she discovers the mistreatment of Eastil prisoners of war, still in Tonk hands, and weighs her life against saving theirs.It s a matter of honor and her honor will be challenged again and again as she slowly discovers that what the Feegash have brought with them was not peace but an overwhelming oppression, and an evil so insidious no one noticed it until it was too late.But if Talyn can hone her use of the Feegash flesh magery, she can turn their own magic back against them With the help of one of the Eastil prisoners, she might be able to use it to save the Tonk andthe Eastil, and defeat the Feegash once and for all if it doesn t destroy her from the inside out first.

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    One thought on “Talyn”

    1. While there are some aspects of this book that are interestinge way magic works, mainly, it stops there. Lisle creates an interesting character in Talynbut then doesn't really do anything with her. Nada. After Talyn's initial development, it falls to hell.**How can I do this when I know it's wrong???But.I love him!!**I'm sure it all wraps up into a nice and tidy ending, with Talyn overcoming her needs and saving the country, and I'm sure it was plenty interesting, but yeesh we really need to slo [...]

    2. Eek, the things you find in a used bookstore. I grabbed this for a dollar because the premise seemed so interesting . . . and didn't notice until I was home that the back jacket described it as "erotic." So, unlike some other reviewers out there, I was, in fact, warned, and decided to take my chances. The advertisement of "erotic" on the back flap instead of the front made me think that publishers were half-hiding that confession, or wanted to promote the book based on that impression but weren' [...]

    3. My youngest daughter is named “Talyn.” My wife adapted the name from a similar name in a famous Chinese novel. Until I brought Talyn: A Novel of Korre home, she’d never seen anyone else with the same spelling. I didn’t know the author and, because of my admiration for my daughter, I hesitated to read this novel lest it taint my thoughts of her. Well, the Talyn in the novel is from a fictional religion where promiscuity is both expected and encouraged and I don’t think that fits my Taly [...]

    4. When I first opened the book, I noticed the maps, and I love maps. In them, she lays out the foundation of an entire world and the island continent of Hyre. When I saw them, I thought the world map was a little much, but I was amazed that she was able to fit the names of almost all of the lands in the first chapter and not feel like I had been force-fed a lot of information. In this, I discovered that she was able to flesh out her world while advancing her story and introducing her characters. W [...]

    5. Talyn starts imaginatively and interestingly: two countries at bitter war for 300 years, followed, within 50 pages, by a sudden peace. But, more importantly, it immediately gives a cast of sharply-drawn and fascinating characters, and provides great interaction between them and the storyline. Plus, it presents us with a moderately new magic system, and follows is persistently throughout the book to a logical conclusion based on that system. Certainly, other fantasy authors have given us similar [...]

    6. c2005: FWFTB: Eastil, Feegash, soldier, magery, Tonk. Again, this was a random recommendation that I wish, in a way, I had noted down so that I could discount future recommendations from this source in the future. Wordy in a word. Lots and lots of philosophising and explaining and history and world building. I didn’t ‘get’ the main character at all. I liked the 3rd leg of the ‘triangle’ but didn’t find the eroticism mentioned in blurb. Sex, yes, but erotic – nah!Ms Lisle certainly [...]

    7. A Friendly Warning:I've heard of Holly Lisle for awhile, but it was until recently that I picked up one of her novels. The first book I read by her was called The Ruby Key, and was geared towards a very younger audience, but since I liked it so much, I decided to read more by her, and hearing that Talyn was a favorite, I decided to go with it. Now, I'm not one to read back covers (they always give away the best parts of the plot, in my opinion), but maybe if I had, I would have expected what hap [...]

    8. This is the first book by Holly Lisle I've read and I intend to find more. There are a lot of book with a similar premise that don't live up to their promise. Not this one. The writing was clear and precise, the characters well-developed, and the story well-executed. The society created by Lisle was utterly believable. Talyn is likeable, honorable, humorous, basically someone I felt like I could be friends with. Every once in a while, though, she makes a comment that forced me to realise that sh [...]

    9. It was refreshing to read a book that is wholly complete in itself. I was beginning to think everything good in SF/Fantasy had to be a series or trilogy. This is a very good stand alone novel.It was nothing like what I expected. Talyn, the lead character stayed true to her character. Whenever she felt weakness, she fought it with all she was. Her trials and tribulations were outside of the expected or ordinary. The storyline encompassed the best and the worst elements of religion and isolated co [...]

    10. I liked a lot of things about this book. The world it was set in was convincing and detailed, and Lisle managed to convey this without the longwinded descriptions typical of similar novels. Most of the main characters were also well-developed, and the treatment of magic as a technology allowed its limits to seem logical rather than arbitrary. Lisle explored issues such as religion, gender, and treatment of prisoners that went beyond the usual good vs. evil formula. Some of the scenes turned my s [...]

    11. Like Diplomacy of Wolves, it is thick with invention--political, cultural, magical, personal, and so forth--to the point of being too much. The book starts with layers of history and culture and background that roots the continent of Hyre and the long war between the Confederacy and the Republic, and it's clear fairly soon that the situation is not entirely black-and-white. I was looking forward to a complex resolution to the endless war by these entrenched opponents (I apparently did not read t [...]

    12. The blurb on the back was a little misleading. Still glad to have read the book. Probably should have ended about 100 pages earlier as I got a little tired of the story and some of what I found over the top unnecessary rants of the "here we come to save the day," "I love you but you're so wrong for me", "woe are we," destiny variety. The world Lisle created was well done in the first half but did suffer later. The culture and religion well thought out. In the end was still good vs evil. I prefer [...]

    13. I knew I loved Holly Lisle's ebooks on how to write, but I was terrified I wouldn't like her fiction writing. Finally, I borrowed a copy from a friend, and found that I had nothing to fear: Lisle is an EXCELLENT writer. And good at writing smoking hot scenes, too this book held me captivated, and I couldn't stop reading until I finished it all. Around 2 am, if I recall.

    14. I seem to be having some bad luck with fantasy lately. This is the second book in a row that seemed to have an interesting premise and had good reviews that just didn't grab my attention. Bummer.

    15. I posted a more in depth entry on my blog (link: with-a-flower/201), but here is part of it. I don't think I gave any spoilersToday I finished Talyn by Holly Lisle. Have you read it? Go now, find a copy, read, and tell me is it not splendid?! I came across this book on LibraryThing. The cover intrigued me (of course), but I read very little about its plot. I immediately went to PaperBackSwap and procured my copy. I didn’t read it right away (damn library books).I’m not always good with summa [...]

    16. The Tonk and the Eastils have been at war for hundreds of years, with neither gaining significant ground. Then come the Feegash, noted diplomats, promising peace and prosperity. Only a few people notice that along with that peace comes a complete disarmament and a troubling migration of their people away from their land. One of the Feegash takes an interest in Talyn, seducing her with dark magic until she no longer recognizes herself. She breaks free of his influence, only to discover just how w [...]

    17. This is a hard one to rate.Four stars for the world building. Interesting take on society, religion, politics and law. Nicely divided worldview between various countries. In spite of the presence of magic, humanity remains very human. The magic itself was limited due to human limitations and not mystical ones, which gave quite a bit of leeway. I really liked the feel of this world.Three stars for the characterizations. While supporting characters were barely more than one-dimensional, we still d [...]

    18. I'm approaching this one cautiously since Tanith Lee's Paradys caught me by surprise. So far I'm liking it. -FINISHED! (Exciting, since this is one of the few books I've been able to finish in my medical school career T.T)WARNING WARNING WARNING:My review is up ahead - there's no spoilers per se, but rather a general gist of the book. I do give my impression (without giving away) of the ending, so if you don't want to know - don't read ahead.Okay.A very interesting novel. Definitely was not expe [...]

    19. "Prolific fantasy author Holly Lisle has honed her craft to perfection with Talyn. From the first sentence to the last word, this tale of war and relationships is unpredictable and shocking. Honor is everything and magic is normal in Talyn's warrior society. When honor is put to the test and magic becomes anything but normal, Talyn's choice is between the love of everyone and everything she holds dear, and defending her country, even if it means violating every principle she has sworn to uphold. [...]

    20. Better on the second read-through, and better, in some respects, than its sequel Hawkspar. Where I found Hawkspar more intricately plotted and sometimes more exciting, I found the worldbuilding and characterization of Talyn much deeper. This is a good, thick fantasy book with an amazing world and a rewarding story. I highly recommend itRT-OF SPOILERS: the first time I read Talyn, I thought the evil of the villain was over the top, that no human could be that evil. I was only seventeen at the tim [...]

    21. I was thrilled to find a hardback copy of a Holly Lisle book which I had not read at Half Price Books. (At half price, the price is always right.)I have to admit: the cover was right. The world Holly Lisle has created is enthralling. (Pun intended.) I loved the characters, hated what happened to them, and enjoyed their growth through their experiences.I had a hard time putting the book down to sleep.It's a good read!

    22. Talyn is a tremendously interesting book. I couldn't put it down!The story starts fast - you're thrust into a vibrant world with well-defined, intricate cultures and believable characters. Look for your traditional fantasy elements elsewhere, because Talyn has about as much in common with high fantasy as Shakespeare has with James Cameron. The plot is not predictable, and it will keep you turning the page to see what happens next. There is a romance element that turns in on itself. There is a ma [...]

    23. This book has everything that I want in a Fantasy book and much, much more. Pros:- Amazing world building. - Unique and quite complex magic system.- The author has an amazing ability to make you "feel" what the character is feeling, and also makes you go through some very uncomfortable situations. Definitely not for kids!- Great characterization.- A rich plot that will always keep you guessing.Cons:- The author has a habit of repeating herself, especially in the beginning. However, I suppose the [...]

    24. By no accounts was this book perfect, but I'm willing to forgive a book a lot more if it makes me laugh. Right from the start the main character, Talyn, has a fantastic sense of humor that would have kept me interested in a much worse book. Talyn is a character I think most people can empathize with. She's straightforward, proud, and vivacious. Right from the first chapter I cared a lot for her, and I was emotionally invested in what happened to her.More at: dragonldy/2011/01

    25. I really, really liked this book. At some points, it did get pretty dark and gross, but I still loved it. The characters were all well written, and realisic, and I loved the touch of humour that came even in the darker moments. Talyn was a very relatable protagonist, and the story was well crafted. THe only reason I didn't give it five stars is that I found the ending was a bit too rushed and perfect. Otherwise, it was a great read.

    26. At times I really didn't want to keep reading because of all of the horrible stuff that is happening. I love how she first makes us love or hate characters and then due to what happens in the book you see you were wrong and you go from no that couldn't be to a totally different feeling about the same characters. The end is a bit rushed because the author wants to tell us what happens after but wants to do that in a limited number of pages.

    27. I did not manage to finish this one, but I did get well over halfway so I've decided to just go ahead and mark it as read anyway. I'm not quite sure why I stalled out--I think it was a combination of the story/characters not quite grabbing me enough, and the author's slightly preachy tone about certain things. I think I will finish it at some point, but for now it has gone back to the library, as it was long overdue.

    28. So good. So, so good. I can't really find words to describe it right now. Having read Hawkspar first, there were a few times when I had to stop and put it down because I feared what was going to happen to Talyn but then I was through the worst without ever realising it.The Tonk society intrigues the hell out of me, and I wish we'd get more stories of the Korre.

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