Diplomacy of Wolves

Diplomacy of Wolves This first volume of The Secret Texts a fantastic epic of ancient curses evil conspiracies and the darkest of sorceries revolves around a year battle between two clans for control of Calimekka A

  • Title: Diplomacy of Wolves
  • Author: Holly Lisle
  • ISBN: 9780446607469
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • This first volume of The Secret Texts a fantastic epic of ancient curses, evil conspiracies, and the darkest of sorceries revolves around a 400 year battle between two clans for control of Calimekka A young diplomat must reluctantly use her deadly magical powers to keep Calimekka from being crushed in a reign of unholy terror.

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    One thought on “Diplomacy of Wolves”

    1. This book really frustrated me. Sometimes I loved it and other times I skipped entire sections. The beginning of the Diplomacy of Wolves is told from the main character Kait's point of view. You come to know her and relate to her, and everything is great. I discovered that the book is not about crazy mages running around, like the jacket suggested, but about a werewolf/shapeshifter. Points for originality there. Things start to fall apart when people are attacked, families are destroyed, and cha [...]

    2. Ooh, tough to rate. . . say 3.5? This is well written, well crafted fantasy. It has good solid world-building - interesting and coherent; it has rounded characters, if tending rather more to the faulty than the perfect. It's got action and intrigue and machinations. . . but I just wasn't fully into it. I have no idea why, though I can pinpoint certain dissatisfactions from the latter parts which really brought the whole book down. It was as if all the coy allusions and hints of the earlier intra [...]

    3. Originally published on my blog here in July 2001.For the Secret Texts series, which this novel begins, Holly Lile has combined a fairly standard fantasy quest with a background drawn straight from post-apocalyptic science fiction. There are many similarities to, say, A Canticle for Leibowitz, with the major difference that the world destroying war was not nuclear but fought with magical weapons producing effects similar to fallout, persistent radiation and mutations.One of the mutations, still [...]

    4. I didn't really like this book. Almost everyone is a bad person. Women are raped constantly. People are betrayed constantly. Also, she makes up a lot of nonsense words and concepts. Kait is a werewolf – and she lives in a place where werewolves are feared and killed. (Of course, Lisle doesn't call them werewolves, she calls them Karnee). She, of course, goes on a quest for a long lost mirror that can bring back the dead. Not a light book. (Not deep, just dark.) I didn't like it.

    5. I powered through this book, and it had some cool stuff, I liked the tropical setting, and for the most part the settings were crisp and interesting, but something about the ending made me not care very much about reading the next installments. Maybe I'll get back to it. This book is certainly well-written, and it seems to have all the elements, but for some reason it still feels like there's something missing. Maybe it is that I don't identify very well with the themes.(Although now as I look b [...]

    6. It feels like 70% of the plot progression, exposition, and character progression all happen in characters' internal thought processes. Obviously a story will be colored by a POV character's perceptions, but for me this went over into infodump territory.Pages were spent detailing aspects of the world which were completely uninteresting. And the things that were interesting had so little explanation that it seemed like the author just didn't have the answers at all. I'm sure those bits will work o [...]

    7. This is the first book in, I assume, a trilogy. Although I enjoyed it, I've not found myself driven to dive into the second. The world created and it's history are quite complex, and I would like it to be just a bit clearer considering how far I am into the story. I think I know who the good guys and the bad guys are among the characters, although a few remain ambiguous. I'm less clear about the players in the larger historical good/evil conflict. I'm looking for a romance involving the central [...]

    8. I realy disliked all the raping, degradation, humiliation, female oppression, slavery- Just not enough payoff in the story to go through all that. Also,yeah, sometimes HEA robs the story of it's power and poignancy. However, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone dies, incl the heroine at the end of the series- I just didn't trust the author. I felt that with such a dense world, there really needed to be an introduction to it, rather than just putting us in the middle of action. this is one book th [...]

    9. "Diplomacy of Wolves" is the first book in the Secret Texts trilogy. It starts of rather slowly, and at times it was even confusing. Also, reading some of the sexual tension and descriptions made me feel like I was reading some poor fanfic; although it was nice to set some of the tones and themes of the novel instantly (politics, scheming, sex -- clearly not a children's fantasy this time).Overall the word I'd use to describe this book is probably shallow: the characters were a bit lacking in te [...]

    10. Randomly picked this book off the library shelf. Kait is a diplomat with a secret. But when things go to hell in a handbasket and attacks slaughter entire clans, she has to learn diplomacy to find an artifact to save the world. Or something like that. So yeah, I couldn't even finish this book, I was too bored. I thought the world wasn't particularly interesting, the plot was way too cliche without a hook, and the characters just not powerful enough to keep me reading.I read about 100 pages, flip [...]

    11. 3.5 starsFantasy books rely heavily on their world building. If the world is confusing or overly complicated (or worse, flat out boring) it’s hard to enjoy the book.This series’ world of magic, skin shifting, and spirits is a little fussy and dense but relies also on predictable plot points to make the entire combination easier to experience.This is a decently written fantasy novel that does seem to have lots of talk of violence and rape that all happens “off stage.” (To make it less har [...]

    12. I did enjoy this book. Though I won't be adding it to my favorites list. I tend not to like the focus on too many characters but this was fine. I do like Kait, I find she is an enjoyable character. I don't like how the author makes up new words, a few is fine, but the novel is riddled with them. I didn't find this novel all that "dark" as has been said. I found the "dark" elements were never in detail, more implied or quickly stated. I will read the next book as I am interested in seeing where K [...]

    13. A fun, albeit predictable, adventure. Be sure to have book number two beside you, as the book ends on a major cliffhanger as opposed to a climax. For that reason, the continuous assaulting and sexualization of women, and predictability included, though I hate to do it, I had to move the rating down to two stars. For the quick pace, and good portrayal of the shape-shifting, I'll push it back up to three. For the moment, the ending compels me to end the review right here!!

    14. One of my favorite books & series! Kait is an excellent main character, and the world of Matrin is engaging and complex. I love the author's attention to detail, and the descriptions were incredible, always utilizing all five senses. The magic system is intricate and unique, and the consequences for using it are always heightening the stakes for the characters.

    15. This book takes place post apocalyptically after a wizard's war and follows Kait as she enters the diplomacy service within her large clan of extended family, the Galweighs. In the midst of the first act her world is turned upside-down by the rivalry between her family and that of two rival families. Rye, the scion of one of these families becomes obsessed with Kait which complicates her attempts to save her family. This book falls somewhere between a two and three for me. Instead of allowing us [...]

    16. Overall, a good story, good characters.Not as good as I remembered it, the second time around. It didn't have a deep enough hook, I guess to really intrigue me enough that it warranted 4 stars. I would still like to read the rest of the series though.The Secret Texts SeriesDiplomacy of Wolves (The Secret Texts, Book 1), follows the story of a young girl, stepping out in court for the first time, as a chaperon for her family. But as her family is slaughtered, she struggles to find strength and su [...]

    17. Fantasy readers alert! Holly Lisle kicks butt! I'm not a fan of series because they tend to end up overworked and incredibly trite. This trilogy (Wolves, Dragons, Falcons) escapes that, first by choosing a female protagonist, second by creating an elastic fantasy scheme (lots of room to change and grow), and third by allowing her characters to form relationships the way real people form them: through proximity and common interest. Unlike her regular fiction (she tends toward mysteries), Lisle's [...]

    18. Just finished it for the first time. I definitely need to finish the series and get closure. There seems to be good potential but its hard to know if it'll be realized in the next two books. It was a fairly complicated plot which is ok if its handled well through the three books. I did really like her character development. It feels predictalbe but yet there is the occassional twist and surprise which I enjoy. Many times fantasy is entirely predictable. I have not decided yet if I like the book [...]

    19. I enjoyed the book a lot, but it ends rather abruptly with a cliffhanger. I don't mind when the first book in a series leaves room for further adventure, but I expect some sense of completion at the end, some sense that the author has resolved the plot. As I was nearing the end of Diplomacy of Wolves, I started to wonder how Holly Lisle was going to wrap things up when so much was happening. As the mass of remaining pages dwindled, I started to fear that her resolution would have to be unsatisfa [...]

    20. Absolutely absorbing. Drew me in from the very beginning. Love the fluid, very descriptive writing style - she makes it very easy to imagine all the sights and smells of the world that she has created. I also liked how the characters are realistic (well, besides the magic and such) - like how there are a lot of them are selfish, jealous, greedy folk, just like there are a lot of selfish, jealous, greedy people in the world. It's not depressing or anything, just not sugarcoated.Beyond that, the w [...]

    21. What an amazing and insightful piece of literature. Holly Isle introduced a whole new way of reading. With each page your reading may become blurred as you are literally wanting to read the next page. The first book of three in the "Secret Texts" where introduced into a time before time. Full of conspiracy, treachery, powerful magic, the enternal struggle between good and evil, and the heart the strength of passion and love. Kaite a karnee belongs to one of the powerful "Five families" but she h [...]

    22. The writings excellent, the characters wonderfully three dimensional and deep, and the worldbuilding some of the best I've ever seen. I enjoyed it, especially the scenes that kept me turning the page when I should have sleeping, but for some reason that I can't pin down it just didn't grab me. Maybe it just wasn't the sort of book I'm in the mood for right now.It's clearly the first in a series. Lots of things get set up and almost nothing is resolved. There were some eye-rolling moments, mostly [...]

    23. Not quite a full "4", but closer to 4 stars than 3. I really got sucked into this tale, replete with rich imagery about an alternate post-apocolyptic world, with cities run by brutal dynastic families engaged in double-crossing politics worthy of the Borgias. The familes' use of outlawed magic as a means of control and power was interesting, especially that the magic exacted a heavy price for its use (think blood) and backlash leading to disfigurement of the user or the unlucky person they decid [...]

    24. Absolutely absorbing. Drew me in from the very beginning. Love the fluid, very descriptive writing style - she makes it very easy to imagine all the sights and smells of the world that she has created. I also liked how the characters are realistic (well, besides the magic and such) - like how there are a lot of them are selfish, jealous, greedy folk, just like there are a lot of selfish, jealous, greedy people in the world. It's not depressing or anything, just not sugarcoated.Beyond that, the w [...]

    25. Very readable, with a heroine worth rooting for.The violence got too gruesome and intense at times for my taste (which is why I'm not in a big hurry to read the sequels, though I eventually will), and I was disappointed that every single loyal friend of Kait's was a man. I always find it regrettable when a novel has only one impressive heroine, and all the other female characters (if there even are any) are either passive, pallid damsels or bad-news villainesses. This occurs all too frequently i [...]

    26. An exciting adventure! And what a cliffhanger of an ending! Set in a world called Matrin, who's map only slightly resembles our own, this is a detailed novel set in a land rich with its own history, religion, and vocabulary. It is full of excitement from the very first pages! In fact, that is my only real complaint - it would have been nicer to have more of an introduction to the characters and their unique world before thrusting them into one tough situation after another. Of course, now that t [...]

    27. At first I wasn't sure were this story was going, I was a bit lost with all the jumping from character to character and I had to read back at least once to remember who was who. Then, some chapters later, I was in. It would be a four-star for me if it wasn't for the confusing beginning. Also, beware of the ending, which isn't really an ending as most of the storylines are still unresolved in the end.Having the following books close at hand would have been better, I hope I don't forget the story [...]

    28. I really liked the first chapter or so of the book. Kait is an ambassador in training, quite capable, on her first mission, and she also happens to be a werewolf of sorts. Sadly, that isn't really what the book is about. Kait is really the only competent woman that I can think of in the book, and the story mostly isn't about her. It also has quite a lot of disturbing bits (rape, torture, nasty sorts of magic, and magical pregnancy as a result of rape), and I didn't care for how they were handled [...]

    29. This triology was a fun read, and eventually engrossing, but I had a couple of problems with it. Since it was well-written and plotted, with decent character depth, it's entirely likely that it will be more to others' taste. I found the brutality level a bit higher than I like in my fantasy reads, and found the language a little dense and overgrown in places. That said, by the third book I was hooked and couldn't put it down.

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