Fashionably Flawed

Fashionably Flawed You think your job is tedious Try being the Harbinger of Evil for a day I dare you What s the Devil to do when his fire no longer burns away his sins and Fate is screwing with his well fate Easy lie

  • Title: Fashionably Flawed
  • Author: Robyn Peterman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You think your job is tedious Try being the Harbinger of Evil for a day I dare you What s the Devil to do when his fire no longer burns away his sins and Fate is screwing with his well, fate Easy lie, cheat, steal and dictate my questionably accurate autobiography slash romance novel to my unwilling and outstandingly rude Vampyre niece Welcome to my Hell A mysteriouYou think your job is tedious Try being the Harbinger of Evil for a day I dare you What s the Devil to do when his fire no longer burns away his sins and Fate is screwing with his well, fate Easy lie, cheat, steal and dictate my questionably accurate autobiography slash romance novel to my unwilling and outstandingly rude Vampyre niece Welcome to my Hell A mysterious darkness is gunning for me and this time it might prevail, but I have little time to worry about that Instead of seeking it out, I shall simply go about business as usual If it s fated, it will find me My list is long Traveling to Earth to promote my bestselling romance novel at an alarming book convention where I must protect my privates from the rabid lady readers is enough to frighten even the Devil Not to mention, I have to avoid my insane mother like the plague and catch the smart mouthed, gorgeous soul seller on Earth who may or may not be someone I d like to keep So today is a day like any other Punishments must be doled out and chaos must be encouraged A vacation would be lovely, but there is no rest for the weary or the evil Luckily I know how to have an outstanding time doing outrageously bad things Thank Hades, I m a handsome bastard There is no fated happily ever after for the Prince of Darkness, no matter what ridiculous ending my niece slaps onto my autobiography Or is there Fate is a bitch, but she usually gets it right.

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    • Free Read [Thriller Book] ✓ Fashionably Flawed - by Robyn Peterman ✓
      423 Robyn Peterman
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    One thought on “Fashionably Flawed”

    1. 4.5 StarsWarning: The Squee level has reached critical mass. Destruction imminent. I have been waiting for this book for fucking ever. And I am not disappointed. This was me throughout the book: IT WAS FUCKING GREAT! I just adore that sinister immortal! ♥Pre-Review or whatever it's called*squee at deafening levels* *squee level: over 9000*

    2. The wait is over! Satan has his own book! Yay!!! And it did not disappoint. He's sexy, sarcastic, and steals office supplies! What more can you ask for? Non stop laughs from start to finish with Satan, Astrid, and Tiara (my new fave who totally needs her own book)!

    3. Once again I am not disappointed. I have never read a book by Robyn Peterman that I have not loved, and this was no exception. I lean towards books that will shed a little light in my life and bring a smile to my face. Ok so these bring more than a smile, most of the time I just laugh. I love the interaction between Astrid and her uncle Satan. They know when to push a little and when to let it go. Their sense of family may be a little stranger than some but they are usually a pretty fun group. I [...]

    4. Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:A fun, mysterious, outrageous story featuring Satan and is fantastic self! This book had plenty of hysterically LAUGH OUT LOUD moments and pure shake-your-head-I-can't-believe-that-happened moments that was truly entertaining and of course, it has an ending that leaves you knowing there will be MORE from Satan! These Hot Damned stories are addictingke dark chocolate and mint cookies addicting! And I have been anticipating Satan's story for several books now and [...]

    5. This book is nuts in the most brilliant way possible. The Hot Damned series is the one I anxiously wait months to devour the next book and each one is perfection. I didn't know how much I was going to like Satan's POV, but I shouldn't have worried. Robyn is a darn genius who can make any character loveable, even if he is a liar and a cheat. Is it March yet??

    6. This book didn’t work for me. The narrator was good. Considering this book didn’t end with a HEA but a somewhat cliffy, what was the point of the insta love? The couple had met once spent less than an hour together before they professed their love. It was ridiculous as there was no world building to explain it. The twist was predictable and not finishing the story meant the author could have taken the time to develop the relationship. Let’s not talk about all of the world building plot hol [...]

    7. Just when you think that the expected ending will happen you get an ending with a twist! An excellent book with action, mystery, romance, and humor. Read and enjoy because I know there will be a to be continued story! Satan is from an unusual family with lots of friends who love him and he doesn't expect a happy ending which is what we expect with romance books. Read and learn about Elle and her story and you will be hooked. Robyn Peterman writes such excellent books and I throughly enjoyed this [...]

    8. 5 Candi Kisses & OMGoodness and Evil, in the same room. As always Robyn brings us into her wacky and wonderful world and the adventure is a hoot. The Devil is one handsome SOB and his Siren is a perfect match for him. Evil and deceitful to the core, Elle has not had the best millennia ever, but if "Blade Inferno" has any say in the matter she will definitely have a better millennia this time around. Add that to seeing all of the old gang, although I missed Samuel, a lot. I am hoping to see B [...]

    9. I have been waiting for Satan to get his own book since Fashionably Dead Down Under.He is hot and oh so smexy!WTG on making this one of the funnies books yet in the Hot Damn Series.With Astrid, her half sisters Tiara and lets not forget Fate's help, Satan hopefully will find his HEA.I could not stop laughing my way through the Romance Conference.This is a total must read for 2017Who am I kidding, this is a must read ALWAYS!!!

    10. Too funny for words. Finally getting a whole book about Satan was worth the wait. Elle is the perfect match for him and I can't wait to see what happens next between them. With appearances by Mother Nature, Astrid, Tara, and Dixie to name a few, this book will have you howling with laughter. Do not read this anywhere or anytime you need to be quiet.

    11. SatanJust when you thought you couldn't love this series and characters more, Robyn drops a cliffhanger in your lap. Only she can make you feel pitty for a fallen angel. March can't come soon enough.

    12. Fashionably Flawed: Book Nine, The Hot Damned SeriesThis was great Awsome wish the next one was coming out sooner then next year but I will try to be patient.Love The Hot Damned Serieswooohoo

    13. Love this seriesI was wondering when he would get his own story. This book was so great. I laughed, cried a little, but laughed way more. Can't wait for the next book.

    14. I. Want. More!! I think the next part of this series needs to be out sooner rather than later. I loved it. The ending had me all up in my feels and it may or may not have made my eyes leak.

    15. She did it again!Profane, fun and fabulous, absolutely. I love how Ms. Peterman catches me off guard, you just can't see it coming. Even if you listen to the words.

    16. Another great addition to the Hot Damned series! Fashionably Flawed is Satan’s story and had many laugh out loud moments. The interaction between Astrid and her sister Tiara and Uncle Satan has you shaking your head and wonder how the heck Robyn comes up with this. But she never disappoints! No disappointment here just that I have to wait till March 2018 to see Satan get his happily ever after?

    17. It’s truly amazing how a writer can get funnier with each book, just when you think a book can’t get better it doeslolRobyn Peterman is a master of epic proportions at wielding the might pen to put magical words, profane words, hilarious words all together and come up with the most amazing stories.Lucifer, the Devil, or Uncle Fucker as Astrid refers to him is totally superb in Fashionably Flaw he shines higher than the highest bone fire lol Elle is a gorgeous Siren in every way and she is al [...]

    18. Holy hell. Satan is smoking hot. Another fanfreakingtastic book by that famous (or is it infamous) author Robyn Peterman. Loved the self promotion in the romance reader convention had me laughing my ass off. I guarantee if there is ever a convention here in San Diego and Robyn is there I will move heaven & hell to get there. Another fine job 2018 is too far away for another book.

    19. This is a laugh-out-loud, irreverent and unique book which takes the entire series up a notch, something I thought wasn't possible.Robyn Peterman is an excellent writer who doesn't disappoint. We get to see all of our favourite characters, albeit some briefly, and get to see Lucifer meet his match.The book is a non-stop thrill ride that you won't want to put down.

    20.        This is one fun mysterious laugh out loud story . What would you do if you were the evil one Satan writing your autobiography and trying to figure out the darkness that is coming after you . Well you end up going to earth to find a soul seller and fight off all the crazy ladies at the biggest book convention in Las Vegas . Just another day for the devil , you think but wrong . He is in for the battle of his life and trying to figure out the little soul seller that he may or may not wa [...]

    21. Our merry band of crazies is back and ready for action! Satan has decided to write his autobiography. Well, he has Astrid write, while he recounts his exploits in graphic and deplorable detail, and steals Ethan’s office supplies. He just needs the happy ending, and he’s ready to rock the romance world! Well, except for all of those hookers (aka readers) who mob him at a book signing. And what is this disturbance he can feel coming? A visit to Fate doesn’t give him the answers he wants, or [...]

    22. It was a dark and stormy nightd Satan decided he MUST publish his "autobiography". So he enlisted his horrified niece Astrid to write it. While his family is terrified by this new development, Satan is determined that his book will be more famous than his brother Gods. But things are starting to change in the world, there's a shift in the wind, and the Harbinger of Evil can feel darkness coming for him. On a mission to hunt down an evil-doer guilty of selling souls, Satan comes across Elle, and [...]

    23. This is a great book; this is the ninth book in the Hot Damned Series written by Robyn Peterman. This book has it all romance, humor and mystery. Once I started reading this book I didn’t want to put it down until the end. The Devil is writing a true romance novel about his life and gets his editor to pay him enough to be the highest paid romance author. He has also been told by Fate that there is a darkness that is coming for him. His nieces offer to help him find the soul seller and happens [...]

    24. I thought i had read my favorite book from Robyn Peterman, but I was wrong. This book, Satan's story What can I say is my favorite, more so than any other.Satan is in search of a woman who is selling souls, he needs to shut her downe after allhe is Satan, and souls are his business. While he is in search for her, he is marketing the book he wrote, with the help of his niece Astrid. At one point during his search, he is at an event to promote his book. I laughed so hard as to how Ms Peterman desc [...]

    25. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!OMG !The whole gang is back + they are hilarious.( Satan w/ a fetish for office supplies - Genius )Satan is having Astrid write his autobiography. Easy, right ?Nothing is easy when dealing w/ the devil.Of course, he had to change the names to avoid lawsuit. Who wouldn't ?Then he found out that someone is selling souls w/o his permission The nerve.What follows is a quest to find the identity of this cri [...]

    26. Each book surpasses the previous even though it just doesn’t seem possible. Reaching a new benchmark, Fashionably Flawed truly made Blaze Inferno the king of all book boyfriends. The ultimate for all female romance fansat desire that twisted kick. And Blaze is the definition of all things dark and badass. A better penned mate for him was not possible. This genius author breathed life into these characters with the fires of the Underworld, lighting them, as well as our stalker is obsession of t [...]

    27. It's Satan, and he's hotter than hot! This highly anticipated book in the Hot Damned series was well worth the wait. No one else but this author could make readers root for the bad guy! This is deservedly one of the longest books in the series. Full of hilarity, a little mystery, and action of all kinds, this one will have you reading straight through. With an event at the Romance Readers convention as an all time highlight moment, (love the shout outs to amazing authors!) Satan is at his best w [...]

    28. He dances, he sings. Ok he doesn't, but now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to Blaze Inferno, the highest paid romance writer.Satan has decided to write an autobiography. Hey, it worked for his brother, God, why not him?Teamed with his nieces Astrid and Tiara he tries to publish his book, deal with rabid book fans and try and track down a beautiful soul seller with a nice rack (according to demons).This is the best Robyn Peterman has written yet. Non-stop action, laughs, a littl [...]

    29. When you can pick up a book and know that you will love it, that is a good feeling, but when you know that it will make you giggle and annoy your family by your outburst of laughter This is why I love this series. Fashionable Flawed cracked me up, but it also made me love the characters of this series that much more. Just when we think that Ms. Peterman has gone as far as she can go with this outlandish world of hers, she takes up where no-one has ventured to go before ;DA great read and so wort [...]

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