The Method

The Method How hard will you fight for the one you love Frank and Linda s marriage is falling apart When old friends tell them about an unconventional therapy retreat called The Method they jump at the chance t

  • Title: The Method
  • Author: Duncan Ralston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How hard will you fight for the one you love Frank and Linda s marriage is falling apart When old friends tell them about an unconventional therapy retreat called The Method, they jump at the chance to attend.Dr Kaspar s Lone Loon Lodge is a secluded resort deep in the Montana wilds The staff is friendly The other couple joining them is intense But when a death occuHow hard will you fight for the one you love Frank and Linda s marriage is falling apart When old friends tell them about an unconventional therapy retreat called The Method, they jump at the chance to attend.Dr Kaspar s Lone Loon Lodge is a secluded resort deep in the Montana wilds The staff is friendly The other couple joining them is intense But when a death occurs events quickly spiral out of control, leaving Linda and Frank unable to trust anyone but each other.Nothing is what it seems, and only one thing is certain Love Is Pain Kindle Scout Winner 2017

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    One thought on “The Method”

    1. The Method by Duncan Ralston is a book I won with the Kindle Scout program. It is a good intense story that keeps you reading. It is a little spooky,what is real or staged? There is a murder, lots of tension with other guests, and soon the couple of the story is trying to survive when they came to this hide-a-away to get their marriage back together.

    2. "He can write anything, any genre, and make it superb. He can write characters like you have known them all your life. He can put words on paper that completely suck you in and have you sitting with blinkers on as you read so that you hear and see nothing around you while you read. He is that good."See here for the full review:The Method

    3. Wow! This was not at all what I expected. At first it seemed like our troubled couple, Linda and Frank, were on this amazing retreat to get better that may or may not require some extreme hiking or survival. However, there were quite a bit of twists and turns and this “Method” kind of blows you out of the water! Be ready for quite a few surprises as this book takes you down a few paths you won’t be anticipating. The writing itself between the characters is the type of stuff I love. Definit [...]

    4. Duncan Ralston's The Method is a brutal exploration of a relationship falling apart; Linda and Frank's last gasp effort to save their marriage; a weekend getaway at Lone Loon Lodge to undergo The Method — whatever that is. Recommended to them by mutual friends who were experiencing similar issues, but who are now closer than ever, it seemed like a good idea. What could go wrong?Full review: culturedvultures/method-d

    5. I am a big fan of Duncan Ralston. I loved his extreme novella, Woom, and I also loved the brooding supernatural novel, Salvage. The Method is very different to both of those books, which is good because it shows Ralston is anything but predictable. Whilst I enjoyed this book, it didn’t really blow me away from an originality perspective like Woom did, nor did I engage with the characters as much as I did with Owen Saddler from Salvage.The concept of The Method is built around an expensive retr [...]

    6. The Method is AWESOME!!The Method will make you not to want to go on any remote get a ways! From start to finish, this story will hold you to the very end. A very surprising end!!

    7. Duncan Ralston's latest offering The Method, is an uncomfortable, twisting journey, where nothing is quite what it seems. As always Duncan gives a brilliantly written story, with a dialogue so tight and unforced, with tangible characters. It's a spooky tale of paranoia, where the reader simply can't fathom what's real and what's staged. One of my favourite writers, who never, ever, fails to deliver original, and solid stories.

    8. The Method is an unconventional couples therapy retreat that Frank and Linda hear about from some friends who attended. The treatment saved their relationship. Frank and Linda decide this might be what they need to reconnect and save their marriage. The treatment is expensive and as it turns out, not just financially so.The setting is a remote lodge in the middle of the Montana wilderness. Surrounded by forests and a lake, it’s isolated and picturesque. Phones and other distractions are taken [...]

    9. “Marriage problems? I’d recommend divorce before rerolling in ‘The Method’” A few months back I nominated ‘The Method’ for possible publication for a new venture by called ‘Kindle Scout’ where by reading previews and a voting system readers can help choose which books will be published on kindle. As Duncan is both well known in the horror community, and has an entertaining online presence, I was not surprised ‘The Method’ was picked up for publication. Because I voted for [...]

    10. This is a highly enjoyable thriller from an author who knows his craft. The setup of the story is fairly straightforward, a couple who decides to go on an out of the way, retreat for couples trying to mend their relationship. From that point on, the story takes on a life of its own. I have read a number of Ralston's books and with each successive one he manages to show me something a little different. Far from the dark supernatural of Salvage or the grossness of Woom, he has woven together a bri [...]

    11. The ending of The Method was predictable, but it had some unpredictable twists along the way. I didn't find the book as suspenseful as I would have liked as I had a nagging feeling about some of the plot. It got a bit bizarre in parts, but I still wanted to finish to piece all the bits together.I was confused with the first chapter of the book as it started with a bang, then chapter 2 seemed to come out of the blue in a completely different location and time. This would have been easier to under [...]

    12. Another amazing read from Duncan Ralston. The Method is a fast paced and insane. Is it predictable? Yes and no. I found myself going back and forth asking myself "what is really going on here."Frank and Linda have had a difficult last few years, and as I learned why, I drew closer to these characters. Not much more can be said without giving too much away. The journey is intense, at times cruel and simply hard to put down. I loved his first novel Salvage so much, that I already think it'll be hi [...]

    13. OMG!! I was NOT expecting this book to be all that great, I don't know why, but it was freaking amazing!!It's full of suspense, that will keep you turning the page, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, there are sooo many twists and surprises in the story to keep you up at night reading.It actually kinda freaked me out a little bit!!

    14. WowAwesome book! Unique plot, full of suspense, drama, mystery, and action. It kept me guessing until the end. I will be following this author.

    15. I was excited to finally receive "The Method" after reading the excerpt and nominating it for publication via Kindle Scout. I'm a fan of Ralston's work, especially his ability to meld genres, and this book didn't disappoint! The story follows Frank and Linda, a married couple on the rocks, who agree to attend a radical marriage therapy session on the recommendation of their friends. Frank and Linda have no idea just how radical The Method actually is. This thriller is full of suspense, conspirac [...]

    16. Short Take: DOH!!! Ya got me!!So I snagged a copy of this one recently, and I’ll be honest: I didn’t expect to like it very much. From what I had seen of some of the author’s other work, he’s an extreme horror kind of guy, and although I’m not bothered overmuch by the occasional gory scene, it’s not something I really seek out. I tend to go more for psychological horror - the thing that just might be hanging out in the closet always affects me more than the dripping decapitated head. [...]

    17. A psychological thriller of 312 pages, The Method by Duncan Ralston is available through Kindle Unlimited for free reading. I nominated this book for selection through the Kindle Scout Program. The novel was selected so I received it at no cost and it appears on the site as a verified purchase. And then there is the remaining option of purchasing it for USD 2.99. It is a clever story with lots of twists and turns revealed through the muddled minds and thinking of the characters. The reader is i [...]

    18. I truly enjoyed this story. While I can see the horror elements to this story I wasn't scared or really even creeper out while reading. There were some cringe moments but nothing that really made me jump. I felt the pacing of the story and the character development was great and did not leave me wanting. However, the ending was a bit predictable and the author kind of gave it away.The Method is an extreme form of marriage counseling that leaves the couple in a constant state of bewilderment, par [...]

    19. I received an advance copy for voting for this book in The Kindle Scout program and you should really give this book a read if you love the extreme horror genre.There are so many twists and turns in this book it will make your head spin in an amazing horrific way. This is why I don't sign up for self improvement and relationship courses.Well done Duncan Ralston, you made me care for characters that really at times weren't that likable. I'm really looking forward to whatever horror you write next [...]

    20. Marriage therapy gone wildThis is a story for those who are in the midst of a marriage crisis. The Method is a treatment that can either make you or break you. But it does give you something to think about. I really enjoyed the book by one of my favorite authors.

    21. Up until about I was about 80% through I was enjoying the story and I think if the author had gone with the obvious plot line (which I'm not sure how to reference without spoilers) it would have been an okay read but instead of just being kind of "out there" he went way WAY out there to the point where suspension of disbelief simply wasn't possible for me anymore. When I roll my eyes and mutter "really?!" while reading a book you know you've lost me.

    22. This is a pretty solid horror novel involving a couple who is struggling in their relationship. On the advice of some friends they participate in a retreat that is designed to help them sort things out and become like their old selves again, only not everything goes as expected.The story gets pretty intense and there is some graphic violence, which is pretty expected with this type of novel. In some places I felt it was a little bit too movie-like, sort of like the story was trying to present it [...]

    23. Linda Moffat has recently recovered from her battle with cancer, but rather than it bringing her closer to her husband Frank, her recovery has driven a wedge between them and now all they seem to do is argue.After hearing about a couple’s retreat that uses unconventional, yet cutting edge techniques known as The Method, the pair of them decide to give their marriage one final shot at revival.However as you’ve probably noticed from the use of the word ‘unconventional’ nothing is going to [...]

    24. There was seldom doubt in my mind about the final outcome of this story, because certain things that happened felt like they gave the plot away. In that respect, it didn't feel as suspenseful to me as it should have. But whether the story actually played out the way I thought, whether I was right or wrong, you'll have to read to find out because I don't want to give the story away. There is plenty of action, deceit, and tension, and the story keeps you reading. I received a copy of this story th [...]

    25. I liked this book, it kept up with suspense and you didn't know what was going to happen next.Seems like true love to me.Cherie'

    26. This was an interesting story. It had quite a few turns in it. Just when you think you know who you can trust, bam! You are hit with something that pulls the rug from under your feet.I stayed up reading just to find out how the heck it was going to end!

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