The Deadly Dance

The Deadly Dance Iinfuriated that her holiday was ruined by a mugging Agatha Raisin decides to open up her own detective agency The romance minded sleuth is thrilled by visions of handsome fellow gumshoes and headlin

  • Title: The Deadly Dance
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780312984748
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Iinfuriated that her holiday was ruined by a mugging, Agatha Raisin decides to open up her own detective agency The romance minded sleuth is thrilled by visions of handsome fellow gumshoes and headline making crimes but soon finds the only cases she can get are a non glamorous lot of lost cats and an errant teenager But when a wealthy divorc e hires the agency to investiIinfuriated that her holiday was ruined by a mugging, Agatha Raisin decides to open up her own detective agency The romance minded sleuth is thrilled by visions of handsome fellow gumshoes and headline making crimes but soon finds the only cases she can get are a non glamorous lot of lost cats and an errant teenager But when a wealthy divorc e hires the agency to investigate a death threat against her daughter Cassandra, Agatha thwarts a vicious attack on the heiress bride Now Agatha is in hot pursuit of the culprit But when the groom s father turns up dead, Agatha must untangle a growing list of suspects, from Carsely s quiet village lanes to Paris most fashionable streets Soon the willfully undaunted Agatha is in trouble with French and British police on the outs again with old friends and dead in the sights of a murderer.M.C Beaton continues to delight fans of her wildly popular mystery series with The Deadly Dance.

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    One thought on “The Deadly Dance”

    1. Agatha Raisin is the character I love to hate. If she was a real life person I would be polite but not pick her as a close friend. Yet I love to read what she gets up to and how the few friends she does have love her warts and all. This time she is in danger just because she is being her normal self - half way through she starts to realise there is an issue, but thinks it's someone else's problem not hers.

    2. I was just rambling through the doings of Agatha and Carsely around about page 75, and enjoying them as always, when I suddenly realised that no murder had up to that point been committed - an attempted shooting okay, but no actual murder. Then page 78, 'And on that bed lay a man, face-down.' Of course it was the first murder!Thereafter Agatha trots off to Paris, gets involved with the French gendarmerie, is flown back to England and then her investigations, as is often the case, rub the local c [...]

    3. After years of solving crimes as a hobby, Agatha Raisin finally opens her very own detective agency. She figures this should be easy with all her investigative experience. However, it’s not quite as simple as she thought it would be. Her agency is hired to do little cases like finding missing cats. Agatha was hoping for more than that.She finally gets a client, Catherine Laggat-Brown, looking to hire her to protect her daughter. Apparently the girl has been receiving death threats. Mrs. Laggat [...]

    4. A great addition to the series, introducing new characters and a change of scene for Agatha.There's also an expansion of point of view. In the past, we've occasionally been privy to the thoughts of other characters, but only very briefly and usually as a means of expanding on Agatha's personality or looks. This time we have large passages devoted to other characters' mindsets. The change is refreshing. It heightens the tension while also upping the amusement as we learn whether or not Agatha has [...]

    5. Adorabile Agatha, non malgrado ma proprio a motivo dei suoi mille difetti. Egocentrica e insicura, perennemente preoccupata del proprio aspetto e perennemente in attesa del principe azzurro, pasticciona, egoista, sbadata, imbranata ma inevitabilmente simpatica. Come sempre, la trama gialla non è niente di che, ma fare un salto nei Cotswolds per seguirla in un'altra delle sue improbabili e divertenti avventure è sempre un piacere. Stavolta poi ci sono un sacco di novità, prima di tutte l'apert [...]

    6. And so finally we get Agatha's detective agency! This book felt somewhat different to the previous 14 for that sole reason. We got to see more mysteries. We got quite a few more characters in detail. And the central mystery (or mysteries) was actually rather thrilling. I do feel that it could have been tightened up a tad more - there was a lot of back and forth, and sloppy policing and all that - but it was such a successful change from the previous formats that I am rating it closer to four tha [...]

    7. Agatha and her familiar storylines have been perfect for the too-busy-to-read times I’m in right now. This one was interesting as the cottage next door has yet another new tenant, but, this time, a woman. As always, Penelope Keith narrates perfectly.

    8. A favorite series from this author. This book satisfied with the incomparable Agatha and a solid mystery.

    9. This is the first Agatha Raisin book I have read and it was awful. I am surprised by all the good reviews. I did not like Agatha at all and the plot was preposterous. Perhaps if I had started at the beginning of the series I would like her better (?). I considered giving it one star but decided to be a bit generous with two because I started mid-series. The writing was simplistic which made it a very quick read. It did not measure up to the level of authors such as Deborah Crombie or Louise Penn [...]

    10. Agatha starts her own detective agency and murder and mayhem come to the Cotswolds. There was a lot going on in this one - multiple evil plots. More Sir Charles in this one, a touch of Roy Silver, and an excellent Christmas dinner party complete with the cats knocking down the holiday decorations. One of the unsung heroes in all of the books: the cleaning lady Doris Simpson. Well, sometimes she lets the murderers into Agatha's house, so not always heroic.

    11. I usually love MC Beaton but this particular story really annoyed me. I found the characters unrealistic and unbelievable. I usually don't mind exaggerated characters but I found Agatha Raisin particularly unsympathetic in this mystery; and I thought the Emma character went from interesting to ridiculous. Even the mystery itself did not engage me. The only reason I finished the book is b/c I hate leaving books half-read.

    12. Another enjoyable installment from MC Beaton in the life of Agatha Raisin. Agatha has turned serious and started a detective agency. There are missing cats and teenagers to find. Then, there is a murder to solve. Agatha is fun as always.

    13. This may have been one of the best ones yet! They keep getting better & more hilarious as I go! Gotta love Agatha Raisin and all her shenanigans!

    14. Finally Agatha has decided to start her own detective agency, but at first it's cases of lost cats. Some funny moments as Agatha stumbles upon the identity of the criminal.

    15. Will Agatha never learn? Since this is book number 15 in a series that now stands at 27 books, probably not. But what fun would that be?

    16. When plots are remembered, the clues fall together fast. A forgotten title needs an important event to hang on and make a memory trigger. Agatha Raisin 50s, pushy fast city life PR whiz, has retired to Carsley village in picturesque England Cotswolds, vividly recreated by author who dwells there too. After solving some murders with her new friends, her black coffee-cigarette fueled breakfast energy and buzzing brain here compel her to start her own detective agency in nearby larger Mircester. At [...]

    17. Good story but some bad attitudesThis provides quite a lot more characterisation and subplotting than some of the other instalments. I particularly liked how one person in the book was shown not to be the pitiable victim they claimed but more of a victimiser.Their story arc added more pace and intrigue to proceedings as well as a big plot twist. I felt the series was improved by the absence of petulant, unreasonable James and I liked how Agatha - who starts off in a similar thread - became more [...]

    18. I liked previous Beaton's books and this Agatha Raisin has the same, easy style as her other books. I liked the mystery plot mostly, the twists and turns kept me interested throughout the book and I liked how it was gradually revealed. However, I really didn't appreciate the villain being demonised as she did. How she could go from (view spoiler)[working for Agatha to wanting to kill her (hide spoiler)] was not explained well at all and it made me a little frustrated at her motivations as well. [...]

    19. Enjoyed the first mystery with Agatha owning her own detective agency. Agatha meets her new neighbor, Emma Comfrey, and hires her to be her secretary at the agency. Emma becomes very reliable and manages to solve a couple of minor cases for Agatha. As usual, Agatha is her usual selfish and rude self. Charles and Roy also show up at Agatha's to help her solve a case involving a wealthy divorcée whose daughter Agatha was hired to protect due to a murder threat against the daughter. At times it wa [...]

    20. In all honesty, I haven't finished this book yet -but I don't think I want to. I've been bored with the mystery aspect of it, and the writing is bothering me so much I can't focus on much else. The sentences are choppy and straightforward with little variation or nice prose. There are two main characters we get a point of view for, but their voices are so similar that I cannot tell who's view I'm in unless I see the name. This isn't a good way to get people to like either character, since it mak [...]

    21. I don't know if reading this series is as fun as listening but I get a kick out of Agatha's foibles. In this one, she starts her own detective agency and immediately gets into trouble. But through it all, she begins to change a little and realize that her friends are more valuable than anything else in her life. I like this small movete to gentle readers: mild language

    22. As usual, Agatha Raisin blusters and bumbles to cover up her insecurities. Meanwhile, her good friends assist her in thwarting a would-be killer. She starts her own detective agency, and eventually hires a secretary, who becomes jealous of her.There are many ups and downs along the way, some of them hilarious, before the rip-roaring surprise ending.

    23. In this book, Agatha finally opens up her own detective agency. This leads to additional problems as she deals with managing a business, dealing with her own personal anxieties, and solving murders. I still love Agatha because it is so easy to identify with her struggles and concerns. I'm hoping we see more interesting characters as this detective agency continues.

    24. a little disappointing, just merely ok. I have the same problems with this series as the Charlaine Harris series: I really don't admire the protagonists, who seem self centered and more like women that men would write. The mystery was entertaining, but merely ok.

    25. Good heavens! For a book that started out with Agatha detecting the whereabouts of lost cats, it sure ended in a blaze of glory! It took awhile for the murders to start, but this installment was full of crazy murderers and a glorious fire-filled Christmas feast. Thanks for another joyful read!

    26. Another fantastic Agatha Raisin murder mystery and "no-love" story! Poor Agatha, will she ever find happiness and love? Maybe her new detective agency will bring a different sort of meaning to her life.

    27. This was an enjoyable installment. I don't know that I like Agatha always falling for a person who might be wrapped up in the case and usually doesn't end well for her. I will say that I'm very happy you can pick up any book in the series and basically know what's happening.

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