Alpha Dragon's Virgin Bride

Alpha Dragon s Virgin Bride In a world of deadly alliances can their love be reborn Desdemona Hawthorn is only nineteen years old but she knows what she wants a normal life That s impossible now after that the sun went dark a

  • Title: Alpha Dragon's Virgin Bride
  • Author: Scarlett Grove
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a world of deadly alliances, can their love be reborn Desdemona Hawthorn is only nineteen years old, but she knows what she wants a normal life That s impossible now, after that the sun went dark and dangerous immortals took over her planet When she discovers she has magic of her own, she s forced to go to the witch temple for safety Despite the overpowering dr In a world of deadly alliances, can their love be reborn Desdemona Hawthorn is only nineteen years old, but she knows what she wants a normal life That s impossible now, after that the sun went dark and dangerous immortals took over her planet When she discovers she has magic of her own, she s forced to go to the witch temple for safety Despite the overpowering dreams of another life, where she was loved by one man and in love with another, she wants nothing to do with the immortals and their liesAlpha Titus Silverdrake must protect not only the members of his dragon clan, but also the humans in his region, from the Surge an evil alliance of vampires and dragons who seek to rule the world Despite his many responsibilities, when he recognizes the scent of Desdemona s magic at the temple he knows he must reclaim the woman whom he loved above all else Desdemona doesn t remember much about her former life with Titus except a feeling of betrayal But Kyran, the vampire who was her other suitor, hasn t forgotten any of what went before As she struggles to accept her destiny and her role in defeating the Surge, Titus must balance the need to protect his clan and the world with his battle to regain Desdemona s trust and her heart

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    One thought on “Alpha Dragon's Virgin Bride”

    1. Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with magic and witches. A lot happens in this witchy paranormal sci-fi shifter romance read and I loved it from start to finish. The story follows Desdemona and Titus as they find their way back to each other. Seems Desdemona was once called Patrice in a past life – one she is only just starting to remember. A past life that saw Gama call upon all her witches to cast a spell to create a veil over all magic – a spell that to [...]

    2. This author has gone in a different direction with this series and whilst I am really enjoying the background story of The Surge, there was not enough conflict this time apart from one battle. We had very little about what is going on apart from we now have a powerful witch mage helping Xander. This was a very interesting turn of events but it was not bought into more prominence. For this to work we need to have equal focus on The Surge battle and the love story plus it just needs a bit more ene [...]

    3. This is the second instalment in the Dark Sun series. It can be read as a standalone. However, there is a lot of background information to digest which book one may have helped with (I haven't read the first instalment, and I found this one to be okay). Desdemona wants a normal life or as mundane as possible, but fate has other plans for her. She is gifted and needs to seek protection from the witches temple.She has a history with Titus an Alpha Dragon, but she's not sure his feelings are genuin [...]

    4. This is the second book in a new Series by Scarlett Grove and already it’s a hit! You have the new Alpha to the Silverdrake dragon clan (Titus Silverdrake), a reborn witch who is in the body of a 19-year-old (Desdemona Hawthorn), a spoiled vampire (Kyran Blackrose), multiple zombies, witches (good and bad), and the evil vampire bent on taking over the world.After the Dark Sun happened, Titus has stepped up to be the new Alpha to the Silverdrake clan and now has the responsibility of rebuilding [...]

    5. Scarlett Grove is an author who gets my attention on page one and never lets up til I hit the end of my kindle. In this book (which is the second book in this series but can be read as a stand alone), we get to see more about my favorite shifters the Dragons and how some have worked to help rebuild the US especially after the Dark Sun. We meet Desdemona who lives on a farm or compound with her extended family. Since the Dark Sun happened there simply is no electricity unless you live in the city [...]

    6. TITLE OF BOOK: ALPHA DRAGON’S VIRGIN BRIDEAUTHOR OF BOOK: SCARLETT GROVEDATE READ: FEBRUARY 23,02017HOLY MOLY!!! 10,000 STARS AND COUNTING!!!!!!OMG!!! Look out paranormal writers, Scarlett Grove has upped her game!!! “Alpha Dragon’s Virgin Bride” is one of the reasons that Scarlett Grove is one of my favorite authors. New Series and second book, and damn if she hasn’t made it a hit already!!! Christ, I cannot wait to see what she does with the next book in this series. You have the new [...]

    7. This was better than the first oneI would have given it a 4 but well I don't know it just wasn't up to previous series. I liked the idea of the world she created, of dragons, vampires, and witches. Fighting evil of the same. I don't know, it just seems a little washed out.

    8. Great storyI can't wait to find the rest of this series. I hope she has a lot of them planed. This was well written with a few typos but not to distracting from the story.

    9. This series is a step up from most of Scarlett’s books and I cannot get enough! The story itself is original (ever get the feeling you have read 5 books about the same thing? Not here!) set in a world overrun by an evil alliance of vampires and dragons calling themselves The Surge. The Surge has blackened out the sun returning magic to the world and only the reincarnation of witches paired with their immortal loves can save it. Of course, none of the women remember they are witches or their pa [...]

    10. Dragon Shifter Series - No Cliffhanger Kindle Unlimited standalone book in series. They have been waiting for over a thousand years, unable to transform. Until the sun is block and evil walks the earth. When light returns, the battle begins. He knew her before and though her face is different, she still frustrates him the same. She doesn't believe he truly wants her. He thinks she needs time one misunderstanding after another. Good book but I struggled to decide between a 3 and 4 star rating. Ga [...]

    11. I can't finish it.I got about halfway through and just couldn't continue. I got through the first book but hated the female lead for being a selfish immature b*tch. But the rest of the story was awesome so I was able to finish. I was hoping this second one would be better. But no, this one is so much worse. I can so understand and sympathise with the Hero's position. And of course the back story is awesome. But unfortunately the heroine is so bad I just can't finish. She is so over the top selfi [...]

    12. Titus Silverdrake, Alpha of the Silverdrake dragon clan, needs a bride. Desdemona discovers she has magic and must leave her family compound for everyone's safety. She must go to the witch temple for safety, where she may be chosen as a bride for an immortal. I liked the story, but I wanted to just shake Desdemona in the beginning. Maybe it was her youth, but she was a Brat. She had her mind made up on how life was going to be at the temple (all wrong), and that was that. Titus was so much more [...]

    13. What an intriguing book that marries the paranormal entities of dragons and witches, to something similar to the apocalypse. Desdemona has a secret, one she's terrified of anyone discovering. It would mean the end of her world as she knows it today. But who knows. just might be the beginning of a new world, bigger and better than what she knows. As soon as Titus enters the room of the temple looking for a mate, he knows his one and only has not only been reincarnated, but is here, waiting for hi [...]

    14. This is the second book in the series about the changes to society when magic is returned to the dragons, vampires and witches. In this scenario, witches are very much in demand as they can carry supernatural children. Most have banded together to be safe from those who would just take them and use them as breeders.Desdemona is a young woman who discovers she is a witch and is forced to leave her family to seek protection. She hates the idea of not having a choice and has to agree to select a ma [...]

    15. I did enjoy this book. Apocalyptic stories are not usually my cup of tea. This one has shifters, vampires, witches, and people. It is a love story that shows the growth of the characters, especially Desdemona. She goes from an immature young woman to a . well you're gonna have to read this to find out. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.Desdemona was a normal girl, surviving a normal life, with a normal family after the darkness. Their world had changed, it became more simple. Still, she had he [...]

    16. Dragged to the temple to be the bride of an immortal wasn’t Desdemona Hawthorn idea of spending the rest of her life. Even if she was one of them now. When she met Titus, the new alpha of the Silverdrake dragon clan, she recognized him from her dreams and felt something unpleasant had happened between them. Unwilling Titus had accepted his fate as the alpha of his clan. He must take a bride and have an heir but, he had not expected it to be Patricia. The past came with force and both had to fa [...]

    17. Alpha Dragon's Virgin BrideDesdemona is 19 and helping her family on the ranch. She is playing her guitar when the leaves start swirling to her music. Since the Surge all witches are required. To go to the temple in California. Desdemona tells her father she is a witch an he takes her to the temple. This is where new witches are trained and mated to immortals to have children. Desdemona is chosen by Titus Silverdrake who is an alpha of Silverdrake clandestine and 5,000 years old. 2,000 years ago [...]

    18. Desdemona Hawthorn was perfectly happy as a human, playing her guitar and singing with the children in the compound her family lived on. She does not want to be a witch, and she certainly doesn't want to have to breed with one of the immortals that caused the problems that are in the world now. Unfortunately she gas no say in the matter once her magic is discovered. Alpha dragon, Titus Silverdrake is doing his best to improve the lives of everyone in his city, human or magical being. The advance [...]

    19. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions about it .Since the scourge took out the sun and dropped the veil lots of rebuilding has been going on be the dragons in the cities and witches have been steadily arriving at the temple seeking training and sanctuary .One such witch Desdemona is only nineteen years old and only wants to be normal but that isn't in the cards and after being chosen twice to choose a mate she must either pick an immortal dragon or leave and that's n [...]

    20. I really liked this paranormal read. This is a fast paced read with great characters and the story has lots of suspense and drama. I really liked Desdemona she is a great heroine.

    21. Great Read! Desdemona suddenly discovers not only she has magic powers up her life has a destiny. She is taken to the Temple to be trained in her newly discovered craft, she also destined to marry one of the Dragon Lords. Her happy simple life is turned upside down as she struggles to accept the sudden changes.Many twists as the story unfolds it becomes more complexed, we discover the Desdamona has met Titus in a previous life.Admittedly this series takes alot of concentration to follow compared [...]

    22. Desdemona is angry and defiant when she discovers she is a witch and her father takes her to The Temple in order to protect her and the family. In order to remain Alpha of the Silverdrake clan Titus must choose a witch for his mate. The moment he sees Desdemona, Titus knows she is the witch he has loved for thousands of years. This book is a fantastic blend of paranormal romance and fantasy, with sizzling hot, sexy characters and exciting action. I loved this book!I voluntarily read and reviewed [...]

    23. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!I loved this book!Now we get to see why Titus is so grumpy all the time.Because of an misunderstand, he was without his mate for a very long time.Now that they are reunited, will they continued the misunderstanding ?I dd think that in her previous life, Desdemona did act a little childishA lot of things could have been avoided, if both just had a sit down + talk through things.Which it was they did thi [...]

    24. I'm totally digging this new series. There action, danger, romance, and the rebirth of magic. This intriguing story will take you on a journey where a misunderstand left Titus without a mate but when his alpha status comes into questioning and he forced to take a mate for the better good of his clan. Destiny ended up giving Titus A surprise of a lifetime. I don't want to give to much away but if your looking for a enjoyable interesting and entertaining read you should one click the series. I vol [...]

    25. Very enjoyable and suspenseful. A lot of ups and downs and bumps in the road. She has to change her situation for specific reasons. Meets him and on we go from there. It was a lot of fun to read. Love this authors books. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    26. This book is set a few months after The Event. Titus has never understood how his brother could put his mate before anything else. It really infuriates himuntil he meets his intended, 2000 years later. Desdemona hasn't changed since she was Patrice. It upsets him that she is still immature but he will mate her anyway. Once she stops being a brat they finally mate and now he understands his brother. He will do anything to keep her safe. Now, they just have to stop Xander from taking over North Am [...]

    27. EnjoyableThe Alpha Dragon's Virgin Bride was a interesting read. I was a little iffy on whether I was going to enjoy this book because I didn't really like Titus in the first book. This book made me change my mind about him, however I really did not like Desdemona in the beginning. She was bratty, judgmental, and she complained a lot. Eventually she grew on me. Overall it was a enjoyable book.

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