Aliens Are Coming!: The True Account of the 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

Aliens Are Coming The True Account of the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast It was an ordinary night in October of until a news bulletin interrupted the dance music on CBS radio aliens were invading the United States Meghan McCarthy s hilarious Aliens Are Coming tells th

  • Title: Aliens Are Coming!: The True Account of the 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast
  • Author: Meghan Mccarthy
  • ISBN: 9780375835186
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It was an ordinary night in October of 1938 until a news bulletin interrupted the dance music on CBS radio aliens were invading the United States Meghan McCarthy s hilarious Aliens Are Coming tells the true story of the Halloween radio prank that duped much of the country into believing that Martians had invaded The book uses excerpts from the actual War of the WorIt was an ordinary night in October of 1938 until a news bulletin interrupted the dance music on CBS radio aliens were invading the United States Meghan McCarthy s hilarious Aliens Are Coming tells the true story of the Halloween radio prank that duped much of the country into believing that Martians had invaded The book uses excerpts from the actual War of the Worlds radio broadcast and includes information about the importance of radios in the 1930s before the time of televisions and computers as well as facts about Orson Welles and H G Wells, author of the novel on which the broadcast was based.

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      259 Meghan Mccarthy
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    One thought on “Aliens Are Coming!: The True Account of the 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast”

    1. Though this is apparently NOT historically accurate - youtube/watch?v=avJ_D - McCarthy's story about the panic caused by Welles' broadcast is interesting and entertaining. Her artwork is terrific, and I love how reality is depicted in black & white, but the radio broadcast and all the fantastic images inspired by it are in glorious technicolor.Who cares if it didn't really happen this way?

    2. Wonderful illustrations that feel very 1938.Interesting telling of people’s panic during this famous radio broadcast.Interesting background about what happened before and after the first radio broadcast.It’s interesting that all the books and newspaper articles listed at the end in the bibliography all seem to be geared to adults because this is a children’s book.When I was a kid and I heard about this incident, I always thought people were so silly to believe it was a newscast, but given [...]

    3. Very fun! I want to use this next year in a library lesson. Just because you hear it on the radio (or see it on TV, or read it on the Internet) doesn't mean you should automatically believe it!

    4. I loved the illustrations and I learned a few things about this historic incident that I didn't know before. I'll have to re-listen to this broadcast!

    5. This nonfiction picturebook won the Grand Canyon Reader Award for Nonfiction in 2008. It is intended for children ages 5-8(P). In this book McCarthy illustrates the chaos the ensues on Halloween night in 1938 when a group of pranksters takes to the radio airways and announces "Aliens Are Coming!".Much of the text in this book is actual commentary from the original radio broadcast. McCarthy does an excellent job depicting the mass hysteria that this prank caused. The illustrations are very true t [...]

    6. A nonfiction picture book about the famous 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast. As always, McCarthy's illustrations are fun and charming; in this selection, they also have a 1930's feel. The text includes a child-friendly excerpt from the actual broadcast. The author's notes and bibliography at the end are extensive and helpful. Another member commented that this could be a great text for a library lesson about not always believing what you read or see in the news.

    7. This is a great book to use to discuss reliable sources with a class of young students. It could also be used to give the background information for a study in radio broadcasts, the 1930's, or dramatic performances. Very well done with an extensive author's note in the back. Will definitely be using this one with classes!

    8. This book was based on the War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938. It was based in the 1938 when radios were the main source for information, and people would believe anything they hear. CBS broadcasters reenact a scene from the novel The War of the Worlds, and caused a scare to all listeners. People believed that aliens were coming. People start panicking, leaving town, and police even search the field where the supposed aliens landed. However, at the end, they were just reenacting a scene f [...]

    9. This would make a great introduction to a lesson on media literacy, and critical thinking in the era of "fake news." It's a great story, but kids will need lots of extra background info to help them understand what a "radio play" is and what other events were taking place in 1938. I read it to a class of fourth graders and they kept asking me, "but is it true?" They were disappointed that there were no real aliens in the story.

    10. Prank on Halloween in 1938 leads to panic and hysteria. A radio "play" on Orson Well's The War of the World panicked many who actually believed that Aliens had invaded New Jersey. Through delightful text and graphics, this little picture books retells a fun event in history. Would you believe it?

    11. I use this book for a music lesson for my fourth grade students. The kids love the story, and enjoy my silly use of accents as I read the story. I extend it into a music lesson and it is so fun for them. The history of the event is interesting and presented in a way that the kids respond very well to it. The illustrations are cartoonish but fun with a sense of humor.

    12. This book intrigued me, initially, and while it gives a detailed account of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast, it wasn't incredibly captivating, leaving me a little disappointed.

    13. Now this is a subject that I would have *never* considered as a viable topic for a children's picture book, but that's why I'm not an author and Meghan McCarthy is! The pictures in Aliens are Coming are great, and they easily conveyed time, mood and setting. I also loved the illustrations of the aliens, and let me just say, the eyes that McCarthy typically draws on her characters are *perfect* for these aliens! I did have some reservations about the way this book was written. I wasn't sure that [...]

    14. I plan on reading this book to my literacy buddy. It retells the true story of the radio prank in October of 1938. Something I always had loved learning about as a child! Science fiction.

    15. On October 30, 1938, many Americans were shocked when a special news bulletin interrupted their usual evening radio program: Explosions had been observed on Mars! Meteorites were falling in New Jersey! And, something unimaginable was making its way towards New York City! “WAS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD?”Winner of the 2007 ALA Notable Books for Children, Aliens are Coming: The True Account of the 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast by Meghan McCarthy presents a playful rendition of Orson We [...]

    16. This story takes place in 1938 when TV wasn't invented yet. People got thier entertainment from the radio. One day a special announcement happens. It shocks the nation. The illustrations in this piece are dark and give a good effect of what is taking place in the book. Reading this story reminded me of a TV series I used to watch as a kid, "War of the Worlds". It was in black & white, but I didn't care because it made it less scary than the color thrillers I used to watch. I gave this book 4 [...]

    17. I had already known the story of Orson Welles and his "War of the Worlds" broadcast before I read this book, but I didn't know all of the details or realize the extent of impact. Like how many times they warned the listeners that it was a work of fiction. Or that history repeated itself in 1944, 1949, and 1974.As someone else has mentioned, the story is great fun (and so are the illustrations!) but the real information comes at the end in the Author's Note. It truly is one of the best illustrati [...]

    18. What a fun and kid-friendly account of the 1938 "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast! This was the 2008 winner of the Grand Canyon Reader Award in non-fiction. A brief intro to the event, followed by actual dialogue from the Mercury Theatre program is shown alongside great illustrations. But I was also interested by the author's note in the back, which goes into more detail about the confusion & aftermath from the broadcast. I learned new facts, such as how a radio station in Rhode Island al [...]

    19. Countless listeners mistook Orson Welles' dramatic 1938 radio broadcast based on H.G. Wells' science fiction novel The War of the Worlds for an actual news report, resulting in mass hysteria across the United States. Author illustrator McCarthy has used her color palette to allow readers to easily distinguish fact from fiction in this picture book based upon that event. Real events are depicted in black and white while the lurid fiction is conveyed in color paintings infused with red tones remin [...]

    20. What a wonderful way to engage children to historical fiction with a sci-fi twist. This book, recalling the October 30, 1938 Orson Welles production of War of the Worlds, gives children a fantastic insight into the pre-television era of the US. Unsuspecting listeners freaked out, thinking that they were being attacked by aliens, when it actuality, it was just a radio show. This accurate perspective on 1930’s news and entertainment broadcasting shows how easily out imaginations can run wild. Th [...]

    21. I've always loved the story of the War of the World's broadcasts effect is just so fascinating, and this retelling for children definitely does the story justice. The main text briefly describes the events and the accompanying illustrations are wonderful (the remind me of Mo Willems, especially Knuffle Bunny). Following the story an extensive author's note describes the events leading up to the play's creation and various other interesting facts. The author also maintains a website aliensarecomi [...]

    22. Educational and entertaining account of the 1928 War of the Worlds radio broadcast that sent our nation into panic. It seems amazing that someone would believe such a report, and yet so many did. This picture book does a pretty good job of showing how. There is a two page spread following the story of details and factoids about it, including some humorous anecdotes. The interesting conclusion of the author was that someone WILL try it again. The vivid illustrations are instructive and fun too. G [...]

    23. The illustrations of this book turn a wonderful historical story into a masterpiece! I love how the "real life" pictures are depicted in black and white and the radio story is in vivid color. The story is also presented in such a way as to not reveal that the broadcast is a play instead of reality until the very end - just like how it happened! I can't wait to share this book with my little sisters (7 & 11)!

    24. This book is about the true story of a Halloween prank that turned the US on it's head. On Halloween in 1938, CBS radio station was all good, playing music as usual when it was interrupted by a news bulletin about an alien sighting! It includes excerpts from the actual radio broadcasts.I would use this book because it's fun but also educational. I could use it to help emphasize that not everything you hear should be believed.

    25. This story reinacts the true account of the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast which terrified the country. This picture book shows aliens and spacecrafts coming to earth as told by the broadcast. H.G. Wells wrote this sci-fi script to scare people but didn't understand the pandemonium it would cause all across the country. A very interesting Author's Note at the back of the book.

    26. This book is a retelling of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast that caused panic across the US. I have heard that it was not as panic inducing as it had been talked up as, but this books is still an interesting account of the event. It would be a great read aloud to talk about how we get information and how we communicate.

    27. The Aliens are Coming is a true account of the 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds that threw citizens into panic. This is an interesting topic for kids and relates well to the science fiction many students are reading today. It is also a great way to introduce this historical event to kids in a way that is entertaining, quick, and easy to understand!

    28. Amusing look at Welle's broadcast of a Martian invasion. What makes the book so funny is the actual radio dialogue (super cornball) and how everybody beleived it was authentic. The illustrations are cartoonish, with a depiction of what the aliens would look like, based on the radio script. Since no science is involved, the aliens are completely ludicrous and therefore, absurd and funny.

    29. This is a cute story retelling the events that took place in october 1938 when CBS radio broadcast the program War of the Worlds. My boys really enjoyed learning about this event in history and it sparked lots of conversation about not being able to believe all that you hear/read/see.

    30. This is an awesome and fun children's book about the 1938 radio theatre presentation of War of the Worlds. I love the illustrations. There is a great photo of Orson Wells in the author's note, which also includes great facts about this historical event.

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