Book of the bizarre

Book of the bizarre The Book of the Bizarre The Book of the Bizarre is designed for the depraved outlandish enough for the eccentric and freaky enough for even the hardest trivia nut Full description

  • Title: Book of the bizarre
  • Author: Varla Ventura
  • ISBN: 9781578634378
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Book of the Bizarre The Book of the Bizarre is designed for the depraved, outlandish enough for the eccentric, and freaky enough for even the hardest trivia nut Full description

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    One thought on “Book of the bizarre”

    1. ''Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows'EveAnd on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging force of the full moon.'' - Kim ElizabethI consider myself a rather sceptic person when it comes to the Paranormal and the Supernatural, but I'm an avid reader of every book that deals with the subject. From time to time, I even watch these funny ''ghost'' shows [...]

    2. The source material and research for this book seemed a bit dubious, and I found myself questioning the research more than once. There were a few interesting tidbits in it, but I found myself doubting them after coming across a couple of errors. A great example would be the case of the giant penguins in Florida. The book lists the event as taking place in 1998, when it was actually 1948. The book itself is more or less an 'anthology of summaries,' with very few of the tales being much more than [...]

    3. Basically, Varla Ventura’s THE BOOK OF THE BIZARRE is a collection of morbid and strange factoids. It includes a fair amount of information on a wide number of phenomena and happenings and suchlike, and it’s great—to a point. Some of the trivia is nothing special—for instance, I think most people know that toenails grow more slowly than fingernails since we have to cut our fingernails more often. But for all the information that wasn’t new to me, there was plenty of information that wa [...]

    4. This book was a great laugh and an enjoyable experience altogether. Varla Ventura has an amazing way of finding incredibly strange facts and piecing them together into a pile of pages wrapped in cardboard. Some of the stories I had heard, and some I hadn't. "Stories, you say?" Yes. This is not a chapter book or a book containing a strict storyline. There is no main story, no main characters, and nothing is very consistent throughout this book. I love to read chapter books, but I recently have be [...]

    5. To be honest, I'd give this book either 3.5 or 4 stars, so I went with the higher one. It was a great little book for what it is, and I learned quite a bit from it. It also had some of my favorite bits of history in it; Countess Elizabeth Bathory, aka "Countess Dracula", history's first female serial killer; Lizzie Borden, who didn't give her step-mother and her father 40 and 41 whacks, respectively, but definitely did a hack job on them (if you'll pardon the pun); and a lot of really fantastic [...]

    6. I like this kind of thing, but found this particular example very disappointing - a farrago of brief, vague and overly credulous teasers, many of questionable provenance and veracity - a latter-day Ripley's Believe It Or Not! but without the edifying pictures and rigorous standards of research (heh). If you've never been exposed to the fringes of human belief and behavior - ghosts, UFOs, ghastly murders, medical oddities, the occult - then this book might serve as an introduction but you'd be we [...]

    7. This is an interesting book filled with fun and sometimes horrific or hilarious facts that most people would never know or even dream of! I read such weird facts as: six people died from a brain-eating amoeba detected inLake Havasu, a man-made lake on the border of Colorado and Arizona; and Attila the Hun did not die in battle,asmany believe.He met his maker on his wedding night. After a night of lovemaking, he got a nasty nosebleed, and lost so much blood that he died! If you are interested in [...]

    8. This is a book of whimsical history, odd facts and strange happenings. It's a trivia book that I recieved for Hanukkah from a friend and it was a fully enjoyable read. There is something so entertaining to me about the truth is stranger than fiction genre of books. None of this information is ever going to come in useful to me outside of a Trivial Pursuit game, but I still feel like a I fed my brain nevertheless in a very fun and entertaining way.I highly reccomend this book, especially after ha [...]

    9. This has literally just become my new faveorite book. While it's just a fun factoid book, it still has VERY strange but fasinating information. There was a lot of things in the book I didn't know until I read this. We have made a story time amonst my friends with this book, talking about all the strange and bizzare stories and facts in the book. It has become a fave amongst everybody I know. I auctually plan on buying a couple more copies to send to friends who I know will enjoy this book. It wa [...]

    10. Ha-ha! Loved. Some really great trivia of the weird in here, including some stuff I actually didn't know. The highlights: midwives in Europe used to burn placentas to see how many times they popped, (the number of pops was said to indicate the number of children a woman would have) James Dean's porsche was thought to be cursed, and King George V was euthanized to meet newspaper/funeral deadlines (the royal physician agreed to do it so neither typesetters nor dignitaries would have to alter their [...]

    11. I love trivia and interesting tidbits, and this book is chock full of them. Everything from ghosts to cursed objects to phobias to UFOs. It's all here, plus lots more. For instance, I discovered I break the law in SC nearly every day because my pants have hip pockets. There's a law saying hip pockets are no-nos because you can hide a flask there. A fun, quick read or something you can pick up when you have a minute here and there.

    12. Neat book, I wish I had the paperback though, not much fan of hardcover. Full of lots of weird and interesting things, but previously stated, some of the stuff I couldn't just believe. Unlike the other reviewer, I was too lazy to look up corrections. But other than that, I did enjoy reading this book and I have loaned it out to a few friends and they too enjoyed this book.

    13. I came acrossThe Book of the Bizarrein a catalog. I quickly requested it from my local library. This book is truly a book of bizarre. The stories are short and sweet. The quotes are priceless. The stories are disturbing and at times humorous. A great read for October.

    14. I received this book as a gift, and it made for a fun and easy read on one excruciatingly long road trip. It's a neat book to just flip through, as each story is only a few pages long at the most. If you like macabre style art/stories, you'll enjoy this book as I did.

    15. Little snippets of trivial bizarre things. Entertaining read! She shares links to many of the stories.The stories range from bizarre plants to bizarre deaths to superstious beliefs from around the globe.

    16. I really enjoyed this book. It covers a wide range of topics and really gets you thinking. I did take some of the information and do some of my own research.

    17. Dozens of brief entries (many of them are a single paragraph), so if anything in here piques your interest you'll have to look it up elsewhere. The author sometimes misses the forest for the trees; for example her entry on Jennifer Mee notes that the fifteen-year-old had hiccups "for more than three weeks," but doesn't mention the fact that she was later convicted of murder.

    18. The best light lunch reading that exists, it's a series of bizarre facts organized by supernatural, strange, religious, and more. The feel and look of the book is what sets it apart with the red headings, thick paper, and small size. I'll be featuring it in our next nonfiction fact though there are HUNDREDS of them in here I could use this alone for the rest of the year!

    19. While I can't wholeheartedly recommend this book, there's certainly enough amusement factor in here to at least intrigue those folks who love to soak up weird trivia.If you''re of that tribe and prefer to have the trivia presented to you whole and complete, however, you might want to steer clear. Most of the articles are half a page or less, providing only the broadest of strokes; those with a more research-minded attitude might find some interesting fodder, though.There are a few outright error [...]

    20. I have just finished reading The Book of Bizarre by Varla Ventura the genre is non fiction. This book is about a tone of little scary creepy stories and facts. This book is antagonizing and will have you wanting more. This book has everything from trivia questions to just the scary stuff. One of the stories in this book is about a crew of archeologists and they are staying at a haunted hotel. Ever since the set foot in the place the crew new something was up. More stories like and unlike this ar [...]

    21. It's exactly what it says it is, a book of strange facts and stories. They run across a pretty sizable chunk of the random trivia spectrum, and as most of the entries are only a paragraph or two in length, it's probably more ideal for bathroom reading than anything else. Lots of interesting stuff in there though.

    22. Loosely Nonfiction. A collection of snippets, short stories, facts, first hand accounts, rumors, etc. They are somewhat categorized. Many of the items collected herein are false or at the least poorly researched. But then others are well documented. It's not something to be used as a resource on a term paper, but as bathroom reading it's not bad.Easy to read.

    23. I liked this book. It's a cheap, fast read but it was entertaining. Sure there was some repetition and some of these facts could have been better researched. Yes, I know we're going for a sensationalist angle here, but quality needn't suffer (blarg, I sound like a pretentious butthole right now, but there it is). But really, overall, I liked this book.

    24. A fun book of weird facts. I'm not sure the truth behind all of them and I would have to take the time to go through all of the sources to trust most of the information but it was still fun to read. Also many of the stories in the book that are said to have no explanation have actually been explained.

    25. This was fun. I love this kind of stuff. Facts and legends about ghosts, famous people, cults, diseases, aliens, unsolved mysteries, etc I read this stuff hoping that it will leak into my writing and sound more real. And to sound cool at parties. Kinda like the Pac-Man line in "Scott Pilgrim vs the World".This is the perfect bathroom book.

    26. This is a book I'll probably pick up many times in my life just for fun. Some stories are a little too vague and the facts a little too common, but overall it's an entertaining book worth sharing with friends.

    27. I wanted to like this book, but just couldn't really get into it. I knew a lot of the material already and wasn't keen on the writing style. Overall, I love the bizarre, but this book just wasn't for me.

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