Prove Me Right

Prove Me Right Liam All I want the only thing I have ever wanted is to get home to her I just have to finish my tour with the band before we can start our life together But when the darkness I ve been hiding from he

  • Title: Prove Me Right
  • Author: Anna Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781635760705
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Liam All I want the only thing I have ever wanted is to get home to her I just have to finish my tour with the band before we can start our life together But when the darkness I ve been hiding from her comes to light, I have no choice but to let her go Meara We were friends before we could walk, in love since we could drive, and planning our future since high school.Liam All I want the only thing I have ever wanted is to get home to her I just have to finish my tour with the band before we can start our life together But when the darkness I ve been hiding from her comes to light, I have no choice but to let her go Meara We were friends before we could walk, in love since we could drive, and planning our future since high school I would wait for him forever because I know he ll always be mine But when the life I ve waited for is finally in my grasp, I discover something that will destroy my fairy tale ending.

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    1. 4 "Proven" StarsFinding new-to-me authors is my favorite. And this book is one reason why. With such a well written story that had both heart and steam, I now need to go back and read the first two in the series. Meara and Liam's story follows them from when they were very young children who became best friends until they were adults in love trying to preserve their relationship through the trials of long periods of separation. Having grown up together, Liam and Meara have always been inseparabl [...]

    2. Review by Natasha Gentile I have been waiting for this book ever since that scene went down in the second book Show Me How. I’ve been stalking this author for this book and I have to say she certainly didn’t let me down.I made the mistake of taking a shower and climbing into bed thinking I’ll just read a couple of chapters. Umm big mistake. This book had my heart racing, it gave me palpitations and it had me very, very tired the next day.One weakness can change everything. Meara and Liam w [...]

    3. This story was so unexpected. I have come to believe that Anna Brooks is not only an  absolutely Brilliant Author but her Writing is going to 100% Take your breath away I couldn't put this book down. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough just to see what happens next. How do they fix this and when do they find their happyNow I may have acted like a loon but that's because this story was filled with angst and drama not unnecessary  drama but drama that had you addicted to the story. That has yo [...]

    4. I loved this book!! Meara and Liam are an awesome couple, who go through so much, but still come out on top. Meara is the strength that Liam needs when he's at his lowest, even when she seems to walk away. I love that they were childhood sweethearts and that they have a history together. This book drew me in, and sent me on an emotional roller coaster. While this is book 3 in the series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. I can't wait to see what Anna has in store for us next, and I hope [...]

    5. Loved it!!! Had me rooting for them from the very beginning, in tears by the second chapter, and hopeful 'till the end. I really liked the plot and how Anna worked with it to make it believable. I believe she really accomplished what I think she was looking for: a sweet love story with steamy and some dark twists that in the end delivers a beautiful HEA. I felt the complexity from both primary characters since the beginning, both knowing what they felt and wanted and working to achieve it. Meara [...]

    6. WOW!!!!! Once again, Anna Brooks took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout PROVE ME RIGHT, and I didn't want to get off!! I loved that Liam and Meara were childhood sweethearts that were honest in their feelings for each other from a very young age, and despite the separation and demands of Liam being in a rock band, their love for each other never once faltered. I loved Meara, she was a strong heroine and her love and trust for Liam was commendable!! She was selfless as she let him [...]

    7. What do you do when the one thing you told your boyfriend you wouldn't stand for happens? Do you stick to what you said or do you forgive again? Meara and Liam have lived each other since they were little. Meara helps run her family's bar, Liam is in a rock band. Meara stayed behind, being supportive while Liam was on the road knowing he would come home some day and they would start their lives together. But when being on the road turns out to be longer than he planned and old demons start to re [...]

    8. *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*I love a good rockstar romance, and I love it when I am surprised. This one sure surprised me. Mainly because it was a difference kind of rockstar romance. It shows long distance relationships with a band member can work but can also cause some serious issues. I loved the characters. Everyone of them was unique in their own personal way. And the story was easy to follow. Even though I haven't read the first two books in the series, I don't think I n [...]

    9. Great read. I love how these books in the series deal with tough issues. Drug and alcohol addiction was a tough topic. whew.

    10. How appropriate that this book deals with addiction. I am so addicted to these books. The are a daytime soap opera in book form--As the Page Turns. Liam and Meara have been together forever. They even married in a treehouse when they were 12. They are just that right together. But every relationship has its challenges. Theirs is distance He has been touring for seven years. He is lonely. He drowns his sorrows in vodka and when that doesn't work he goes deeper. Meara is addicted to work. Every ho [...]

    11. Meara & Liam have been THE couple throughout this series. They've been together forever - quite literally, as their moms are bffs. : ) We don't see them together a lot in the other books, but they're still very much a presence. And their story is SUPER emotional. I wanted to give each of them sooooo many hugs! They each have struggles, but they never give up on each other - even tho it gets touchy! It ripped my heart to pieces & then put it back together beautifully. The only thing keepi [...]

    12. HeartbreaingOMG! This book was absolutely amazing. This book brought some tears to my eyes. This is a must read I think this might be my favorite one in the series so far.

    13. Third book in the series and I'm still loving! This story is about Meira, the feisty cousin we've been waiting to hear about and her rockstar drummer boyfriend Liam. This book still had all of the original items I love from this author, great character development, character interaction, dialogue, angst, supporting characters, and steam! This book had a little more heartbreak but it was done so well and I really felt like it added to my experience while reading it. There storyline seemed almost [...]

    14. Rating: 3.5 StarsThey started as friends when they were young, and it developed into something more. But even the strongest, and sturdiest of love is tested, and sometimes it takes more than true love for it to survive.Meara and Liam were friends way before they were lovers. They built their relationship on friendship, honesty and trust. High school graduation came, and both needed to fulfill their dreams, it was hard for the both of them, but it was needed to be done. Liam was going on tour wit [...]

    15. Rate: 5 StarsTitle & Author: Prove me Right By Anna BrooksWriting: GreatViolence: SomeSex: Some“One night was all it took for everything to fall apart. Can one moment be all that’s needed to repair it?”Meara and Laim has been childhood friends/ lovers since they were kids, and was each other prince and princess. Liam promise her that he will make her fairy tale dream come true once he finish is tour with his band. Meara being a true supportive girlfriend told him she’ll wait and when [...]

    16. This book will have your emotions on a roller coaster and leave you turning page after pageyou won't be able to put this book down. You will be so emotionally invested and left wanting more. Meara and Liam had a true childhood love story. They truly love one another, have passion, trust and want what is best for the other. They sacrifice their happiness at being together so Liam can pursue his dreams of touring with his band. When Meara selflessly let Liam peruse his dreams she had no idea that [...]

    17. Five starsPROVE ME RIGHT(It's Kind Of Personal #3)Author: Anna BrooksPROVE ME RIGHT is the third book in Anna Brook's IT'S KIND OF PERSONAL series. Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone, but they are much more interesting together. Anna continues to weave her magic in this captivating series.Meara and Liam's love story is charming and delightful. Their story reminds you that true love does exist, but that there can be disappointments and complications.Meara and Liam were childhoo [...]

    18. 5 star reviewProve Me Right is the third book in the ‘It’s Kind of Personal’ series by Anna Brooks. Although part of a series it could be read as a stand-alone but having read books 1 and 2 I would definitely recommend reading them in order. They are fantastic reads so you would in no way be disappointed.So onto book 3 and what a book it is! This author really does have a way of grabbing you and dragging you into her books and trust me once you’re in you do not want to get out! Her chara [...]

    19. Anna Brooks has done it again! She made me completely fall in love with yet another couple. Prove Me Right is book 3 in the It’s Kind Of Personal Series and it’s finally time for Liam and Meara’s story! I’ve been waiting for these two since book one and it was SO worth the wait! These two have been in love with each other since they were young. Their young love was so special but it had absolutely nothing on their grown up love!Ohhh Liam. What can I say about him? I think I love him so m [...]

    20. On 6/22/2016 7:07 PM, Janna Jones wrote:>> Remember me Know book 5 written by Anna Brooks. 5 Stars>> Nicolas and Lisa's story>> If you love someone and they live you back, no amount of time will > change that. Love does not fade. Love is eternal and faithful and > most important, it's irreplaceable.> Lisa Scott's perfect world crumbled with a knock on her door. She has > struggled with the reality her life has become since the loss of her > husband and the bad ch [...]

    21. This is the third book in the series, It's Kind of Personal, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Anna Brooks is such a talented writer, and keeps her stories refreshing and sweet. Liam and Meara are easily my favorite couple out of the series.Meara and Liam have been together forever, Meara has only ever loved Liam, and Liam has only ever loved Meara. They're relationship is built on complete honesty and trust. Graduation came, and they both said a tear filled goodbye to each other, know [...]

    22. “Prove Me Right” is the third installment of Anna Brooks’ series, ‘It’s Kind of Personal’ where we finally get the story of Meara and Liam. If you have been reading the series in order, then you have seen bits and pieces of their relationship since Meara is Charlotte’s cousin. Meara is an outgoing, fierce and beautiful woman who has known Liam her entire life. Liam, despite being a few years younger, is best friends with Meara’s brother, Pierce. Along with living next door to eac [...]

    23. FIVE STARSThe third book in the It's Kind of Personal Series and I am loving it. This series is full of young, endless love. In this book Meara is a patient and loving girl friend to the drummer of a rock band. Liam is Meara's brothers best friend and her own best friend as well as the love of her life. A 6 month tour with the band becomes a seven year journey. And Meara has been very lonely yet very patient and supportive of Liam. Liam is getting tired of life with the band. He is ready to go h [...]

    24. Prove Me Right by Anna Brooks is the 3rd book in the It’s Kind of Personal Series. Once again Anna Brooks has hit it out of the park with this 4.5 star rated book. Meara Kelly and Liam Anders have been friends forever and in love with each other for just as long. When they are 14 years old, they finally tell each other how they feel about each other. They promise to be with each other until the end of time. What could possibly go wrong? Meara is going to take over running her parents pub and L [...]

    25. Prove Me Right is by far my favorite in the It’s Kind of Personal Series. Again Brooks brings to life some favorite characters from books 1 and 2 but still this book can be read as a standalone. However this reviewer suggests starting at the beginning with book 1. Meara is the cousin of Charlotte from book 1. Her boyfriend, best friend, love of her life, is Liam. Liam is also the drummer in a band. The band goes on tour for a year but that year turns into 7 years. All the while Meara and Liam [...]

    26. Still recovering from my book hangover, this is by far, my favorite of the series. We previously met Meara with Charlotte and new of her relationship with Liam. This story had me completely caught up in their relationship from childhood straight through til they got married. The story really picks up once Liam leaves to tour the country with his band. Meara and Liam work through their 7 years of long distance relationships with a few ups and downs, but their love never faded. Liam was never temp [...]

    27. Prove me Right by Anna Brooks is the third book in the It’s Kind of Personal Series. Meara and Liam have been friends since before they could talk, they have been in love since they were young teens, and planning a future together for as long as they can remember. Liam has taken off on tour with his band and Meara has been waiting years for them to start their lives together. Mistakes are made and one’s weakness changes everything.Liam has only ever had eyes for Meara, he can’t wait to get [...]

    28. Oh my goodness, she did it again! I am in love with this series and all of the characters. The way she brings life to each of the character, I almost feel like I am right there with them. There is just a depth to them and I think it helps that this is a series so you can continue to follow the characters even after their story is over.This story is about Meara a cousin of Charlotte (who we meet in book one) and Liam who are childhood sweethearts. Meara works in the family’s bar while Liam is t [...]

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