House of Cards

House of Cards Calum Hardy s life has unravelled Reeling from the betrayal of a man he once loved he boards a train heading south with no real idea where he s going except a world away from London Brix Lusmoore ca

  • Title: House of Cards
  • Author: Garrett Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781626495449
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • Calum Hardy s life has unravelled Reeling from the betrayal of a man he once loved, he boards a train heading south, with no real idea where he s going except a world away from London.Brix Lusmoore can hardly believe his eyes when he spots one of his oldest friends outside Truro station He hasn t seen Calum since he fled the capital himself four years ago, harbouring a lCalum Hardy s life has unravelled Reeling from the betrayal of a man he once loved, he boards a train heading south, with no real idea where he s going except a world away from London.Brix Lusmoore can hardly believe his eyes when he spots one of his oldest friends outside Truro station He hasn t seen Calum since he fled the capital himself four years ago, harbouring a life changing secret But despite the years of silence, their old bond remains, warm and true and layered with simmering heat they ve never forgotten.Calum takes refuge with Brix and a job at his Porthkennack tattoo shop Bit by bit, he rebuilds his life, but both men carry the ghosts of the past, and it will take than a rekindled friendship and the magic of the Cornish coast to chase them away.

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    1. 4.5 Stars.The sign of a good book(for me) is if I'm still thinking about it hours after I've finished it-and this was definitely the case here.I found my thoughts drifting back to Calum and Brix's story a lot.House of Cards isn't a fluffy MM romance.It deals with some difficult topics but the story felt real.Calum Hardy's life fell apart in the blink of an eye.After the worst kind of betrayal,he's lost his home,his jobDesperate to get away from London he gets on a train with no idea where he's g [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars!I used to be a little more hesitant when it came to a new Garrett Leigh book, but not so much any more. Her style just works for me. Yeah, her reads are a bit more melancholy. They aren't usually hearts and flowers. But they really bring the emotions. I'm almost always sucked in to the story and the characters from the get go. I almost always have that emotional connection. This was probably the least amount of steam I've seen in a Garrett Leigh book. But in all honesty in makes sense [...]

    3. Ok, Garrett Leigh is officially on my 'must have' listI wasn't going to tackle this series not for any reason in particular just because I have so many booksspecifically series on the go right now that I thought I'd try and behave because seriously the books in this series have gotten some really good reviews but I was trying to behave myself and then I saw "House of Cards' by Leigh Garrettwhat can I say, willpowerI has none. Add to this the fact that Calum's last name is 'Hardy' and seriously h [...]

    4. *4.25 stars*The thing with Garrett Leigh's stories is that despite the melancholic tone or the heavy topics, they always feel like home. I might have had a shitty day, but reading a Garret Leigh book is warmth and comfort for me.Ιn true Garrett Leigh fashion, House of Cards is angsty but melodrama-free. Ιt addresses hard but everyday issues, such as abuse, with the respect they deserve. It's steady paced, but doesn't lack tension. And Porthkennack provides an excellent background.Brix collects [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsHouse of Cards, like the other books in this series, takes place in a village called Porthkennack, in Cornwall. While the setting is the same town, all of the novels work perfectly as stand alone. I've grown to really like this charming seaside town and it's eclectic inhabitants. Garrett Leigh writes broken characters like no one else. And the way that her characters always help each other heal (without succumbing to magic-dick syndrome) just does me right. I love her characters, their [...]

    6. I've read several of Garrett Leigh's books and enjoyed all of them.I've tried to write this review several times. I've deleted the words each time. For some reason it's not really coming together for me. So, I'm going to keep it short and simple.House of Cards has a somber air to it. Both characters struggling to rebuild lives that fell apart for them. Brix and Calum knew each other in London years ago. Happenstance brings them back together in Cornwall to a completely different kind of life. A [...]

    7. DNF at 40%. I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I'm a little burnt out on tattoo artist books.

    8. Although House of Cards is the fourth book in Riptide Publishing's Porthkennack series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. Garrett Leigh writes eloquently of the Cornish setting of House of Cards with its bays, inlets and caverns perfectly suited to smugglers and wreckers who lured ships onto the rocks in order to loot their cargos.While some of Brix's family still continue the Cornish tradition of freeing goods from their former owners, Brix himself rescues poor bald chickens destined for [...]

    9. I didn’t like this. I’m not sure what I expected of this, but there were several things that just weren’t for me.Calum walks in his boyfriend having sex with some other guy one day. So that’s when Calum has had enough and simply walks out. Since everything is in his ex’s name he is left with nothing. But Calum doesn’t care. He gets on a train and only gets off it when he’s reached the end.And that’s where Brix finds him sitting on a bench. Calum ended up in Porthkennack without r [...]

    10. **Gratuitous chicken pictures included**Can I just tell you how happy I am that this author wrote a book that opened the door for pictures of my chickens? I know people are used to dog pics but no one is ever all that interested in pics of my girls. (& you may not be now butat's not going to stop me). Why chickens you ask? Well, because one of the MC's rescues chickens. (I was in love with him from the first minute he was on page).Soe book. The book was really good. Both of the main characte [...]

    11. DNF at 40%It is my own fault. I shouldn't have asked for an ARC, because after my last book by the author I swore to myself not to read anything by Garrett Leigh again. But I fell into the trap of nice reviews and own sloppiness. Reading House of Cards simultaneously with Elena Ferrante's L'amica geniale Series (an audio version) was not a good idea and not to the advantage of this book, but I like to combine audio books and eBooks in different genres with each other. Until now it worked perfect [...]

    12. Comencé la serie Porthkennack sobre personajes que viven en una población de Cornualles hace meses, pero fue un DNF. El lenguaje, propio de la zona, me dificultaba mucho la lectura y por tanto el que la disfrutara. Así que me metí de lleno en House of Cards con muchas dudas y temiendo un abandono. Bah, debería haber leído el libro mucho antes, no tenía nada que temer. Si bien el lenguaje está lleno de vocabulario y expresiones de la zona, en cuanto te acostumbras es fácil entender todo, [...]

    13. My heart!Another wonderful book from Garrett Leigh, who is consistently one of the best contemporary romance authors in the genre today. Her stories have a tenderness and compassion to them that is simply unparalleled. Where plots and stories like hers would come across as soap-operatic in less skilled hands, hers come across as emotionally-charged and deeply human. I can't wait for the next installment.

    14. I'm going to be a dissenting voice on this book. Brix and Calum did not make me care for them and they should have. Brix saving battery hens is a biggie, a passion of my daughter's and therefore mine, but that didn't make me care enough. Calum made me tired and I wanted to tell him to communicate. I didn't feel pulled in by the eclectic cast of secondary characters either. I found I don't care much for tattoo work, I mean, I love the artistry of it but I don't want to actually know about it. Als [...]

    15. House of Cards is a super-slow-burn romance but it's also the story of a friendship.Both MCs have lived very difficult lives and have secrets about their pasts. Calum just kept it a secret from his new friends but he shared it with the reader from the start. We learned what was going on with him pretty much from the first page but throughout the story we learned more details about the situaton he was in to better understand what he was going through.On the other hand, Brix's secret only got reve [...]

    16. I admit that I have only read two books by Garrett Leigh and I tend to avoid her works because I am worry about the level of angst. Well, I am satisfied to say that in House of Cards, the fourth entry to the Porthkennack series, Garrett Leigh successfully balances the angst, the drama, and the hopefulness between the two main characters. Yes, it started with Calum Hardy being down on his luck, losing his place of work and money, with practically no place to go and nothing owned thanks to his bas [...]

    17. House of Cards was written by Garrett Leigh as her contribution to the Porthkennack universe series published by Riptide Publishing. This is the first of the series I’ve read, and it can be read as a standalone, but after looking at the previous books in the collection I’d definitely like to read them all.Centered around the seaside Cornish town of Porthkennack, with its rugged natural beauty and host of wacky characters, House of Cards is a friends to lovers story with several intense issue [...]

    18. 3.5 starsGarrett Leigh doesn’t do light and easy. Her romances are gritty, which is often a more realistic look at life and love. That’s definitely the case in ‘House of Cards.’The setting of the Cornish coast added depth and meshed well with the story - tough, stormy, and dark. For a large chunk of the book, Calum is hardly holding on. His ex did a number on him, and his confidence is completely shot.It would be hard not to fall for Calum. All he wanted was a home and someone to call hi [...]

    19. 4.5 starsIt took me a while to get into, but then this one really snuck up on me. Very much a Garrett Leigh feel to this.

    20. ARC from NetgalleyI hate to be predictable, but I would be remiss if I didn’t start this review by letting you know that Garrett Leigh is an author who always always always hits me in the feels. Her latest book, House of Cards was no exception. There’s just something about a big bad tattoo artist who’s nothing but a teddy bear, and that was pretty much what Brix was. He inexplicably disappeared from Calum’s life four years ago, but fate decided that Calum and Brix weren’t finished with [...]

    21. I enjoyed this so much I nearly read it in one sitting. At 2 am I forced myself to put it down. It was such a great story of comfort and healing and I found it incredibly romantic. Calum is on the run from his past and a seriously toxic relationship. He finds himself on the Cornish coast and runs into an old friend, Brix. When Brix sees him, he immediately takes him in and looks after him. Calum has always had a bit of a soft spot for Brix and the feeling was most definitely mutual, although whe [...]

    22. With no job, no money, no phone, no boyfriend, and absolutely no idea what to do, Calum Hardy boards a train heading south from London. He doesn’t even know where the train is going, other than the hell away from his bastard ex–which is exactly where he wants to go. It isn’t until he is sitting, drunk, on a bench outside of the train station in who-knows-where, that he realizes just how fucked he is, though. Amazingly he is spotted by Brix Lusmoore, a friend–and first guy-crush–that he [...]

    23. 5 StarsWhen Calum finally decides to escape his abusive boyfriend's hold, he does so with only the clothes on his back. After hopping on the first available train, he finds himself on a bench at the train station in Porthkennack. Shortly after arriving he is rescued by Brix, who happens to be an old friend he knew in London. Brix ran from London four years ago after receiving disturbing news. Back home in Porthkennack, he has slowly managed to put his life back together. Brix is shocked to find [...]

    24. Okay, so let’s start out with the familiar tune of “I really don’t know how to rate this”. It’s one of my favourites, as some of you may know.I don’t know how to rate this. The first idk 85% are actually quite engaging in a slow-burn, romancy kind of way. There is angst, there is hurt/comfort (beware: past-abuse), there are loveable, solid side-characters, there is real affection between the MCs – no sex but I’m more than fine with that. There is also some awkward miscommunicatio [...]

    25. **Sighs**, I have to write this with my head held down. I really wanted to fawn over this, but I couldn't get that involved. I think I spent more time trying to wade through the slang. Its usually not that hard with a Garrett Leigh novel, but I spent time scratching my head. Its not that I didn't like it. I just wasn't invested in Callum as much as I was with Brix. I understood Callum's issue, but it was so melodramatic and it went on and on. It never seemed to end. I guess for me, I wanted him [...]

    26. This book didn’t work for me.Which sucks, because I’ve heard good things about this author and have been meaning to read something by them for a long, long time. I’m choosing to believe this one might simply not be for me, since I intend to check out their other books at some point.Why House of Cards didn’t work for me, though? I must admit I’m not sure. It had all the elements I usually love in a romance book: a slow burn (ish) romance, characters who stand by themselves and are not o [...]

    27. 4.5 stars from me. A lovely story of old friends who'd lost each other and their way in the world, but found each other again and were determined to make every day count.Yes, there are serious issues in the story, and of course, it wouldn't be a Garrett read without lashings of angst 😉, but worth every minute of the read. The 'real' stars of the show, without a doubt, were the rescued battery hens 🐔, and my only niggle was that Rob got away with absolutely everything.we can but hope that w [...]

    28. This book feels oddly removed from the previous books in the "Porthkennack" shared universe, probably because Calum, the main character, never had much connection to the place before going back. I'm also a little dried-out from all the tattoo artist characters in romance these days, and honestly, it didn't really hold my attention very well in this particular instance. Despite those small complaints, I thought this was a mature and well-written romance with a wide appeal to many readers.Calum ha [...]

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