Firestorm A raging forest fire in California s Lassen Volcanic National Park traps exhausted firefighters including Ranger Anna Pigeon in its midst Afterward Anna finds two from her group have been killed On

  • Title: Firestorm
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: 9780425220382
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • A raging forest fire in California s Lassen Volcanic National Park traps exhausted firefighters, including Ranger Anna Pigeon, in its midst Afterward, Anna finds two from her group have been killed One a victim of the flames The other, stabbed through the heart Now, as a rampaging winter storm descends, cutting the survivors off from civilization, Anna must uncover theA raging forest fire in California s Lassen Volcanic National Park traps exhausted firefighters, including Ranger Anna Pigeon, in its midst Afterward, Anna finds two from her group have been killed One a victim of the flames The other, stabbed through the heart Now, as a rampaging winter storm descends, cutting the survivors off from civilization, Anna must uncover the murderer in their midst.

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    One thought on “Firestorm”

    1. Part of my Reading Around the World challenge. Please visit my blog: highlanddrive/201This is a very enjoyable mystery. Has a lot of similarities with a country house mystery. You have a limited group of suspects and they are isolated. Though, they are isolated in a stressful situation while being trapped by a wildfire. This is the fourth of the Anna Pigeon mysteries that are all set in National Parks. This one is no different, being set a Lassen Volcanic National Park during a wildfire. I reall [...]

    2. The good: I learned a ton about wildfires and wildfire survival. The book itself tends a bit towards the infodump, but the information is generally so interesting that this is not too problematic. Barr herself has worked as a seasonal park ranger, later a full park ranger, and she clearly knows what she is talking about. I love books where a specialist uses fiction as a means to teach in an enjoyable way, and Barr's books always fall under this category.The bad: As usual in Barr's books, I had r [...]

    3. My favorite Nevada Barr book so farFast-paced, Firestorm kept me at the edge of my seat. Couldn't put this book down until I finished it. The murderer was a complete mystery until almost the end, and the ending had a very satisfying twist.

    4. This is the fourth book in Nevada Barr's mystery series, all set in US National Parks. I am reading the series because they are well done and because it is my puny attempt at activism in these times when our parks are at risk.Firestorm was especially timely after the horrendous fire season we had in California last fall. In fact, it is set in Northern California's Lassen Volcanic National Park, home to jagged peaks, meadows, lakes, volcanoes, and steaming fumaroles (openings in or near a volcano [...]

    5. ]I always enjoy Nevada Barrs ' work, despite the fact that I haven't been reading about National Parks Ranger Anna Pigeon's exploits, in sequential order. This is one of her earlier works, number four in the series. California's Lassen Volcanic National Park is the setting, and Anna is there, high in the mountains, serving as a medical technician for crews fighting a major forest fire. There is plenty of interesting information about this extremely dangerous job, the strategies involved to comba [...]

    6. In this 4th book of a series, U.S. Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is on temporary duty as the security officer and EMT with a group fighting the Jacknife fire in Northern California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park. A weather system promises some rain or snow to quench what is left of the fire, so the crew is dismantling the camp and pulling out. But one man is injured in an accident and Anna and a few others trek to his position to help evacuate the big guy down the mountain. Before they can get to s [...]

    7. I don't know why but I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous 3 in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna , who is a Park Ranger, and a team of fire fighters from other services have been caught in a firestorm in California's Lassen Volcanic National Park. I'd never heard of this park prior to reading this book. Anyway, two people and a pet dog end up dead, both by murders covered up by the fire. During the several days that the group is cut off from civilization it is Anna's responsibility as the [...]

    8. I read this quite a few years ago, but recall enjoying it. These books are always entertaining, with their changing settings and interesting main character, Anna Pigeon. I've read many of them, but probably haven't recorded them all in yet. I'll round up to 4 stars from 3.5, since it didn't make my Mystery Top Ten list that year.

    9. So far this is the best Anna Pigeon novel I've read. I loved this setting - fire fighters caught in a National Park, fighting a fire and one of them turns out to be a murderer. But which one? Anna spends several days surrounded by people that she can't trust and everyone is suspicious of everyone else. There's a lot of excitement with the fire, too, and I just kept on reading.

    10. "Raw, naked power blooming in red and orange and black. Tornadoes of pure fire shrieking through the treetops, an enraged elemental beast slaking a hunger so old only stones and gods remembered."Firestorm (1996) is my fourth book by Nevada Barr in her National Parks series featuring Anna Pigeon, the ranger. After Glacier, Carlsbad Caverns, and Mesa Verde, Ms. Pigeon is now serving in Lassen Volcanic National Park as an emergency medical technician helping battle the ferocious Jackknife fire that [...]

    11. Anna Pigeon finds herself as an EMT embedded in a firefighting crew battling the "Jackknife" fire in Northern CA. The fire has consumed thousands of acres and has claimed the life of a man and his dog. The blaze is somewhat controlled and the San Juan crew has been recalled due to a cold front that promises rain. But before Anna and the crew start for the Base camp, a young firefighter is injured. When Anna, the crew chief and the firefighters reach the young man, the winds don't feel right to P [...]

    12. This 4th Anna Pigeon book finds her working as EMT for a firefighting crew in northern California. After eight days of work, most of the crew is called off as wet weather is predicted. But a firefighter breaks his leg, and Anna and her partner, Stephen, are called down the 30 degree slope to administer first aid. The EMTs and the last few firefighters are half way up the hill when suddenly a "firestorm" occurs, meaning the fire explodes and moves up-hill as fast as a human can run. And run they [...]

    13. This is the first Anna Pigeon story I've read in years. I don't actually remember reading any before but I have the feeling I read one or two decades ago, because I love our national parks, have visited a lot of them and enjoy reading about them. I read this one because of the description of the fire. Having grown up in CO and lived in CA I find wildfires fascinating and sometimes read nonfiction accounts of them. I'd heard this fictional account was quite good, so I gave it a try. The fire in t [...]

    14. Anna Pigeon is trapped with 10 others as a fire goes out of control near Mount Lassen. Anna has been called from her usual posting along with personal culled from many other sources like BLM. Surviving in their personal shelters they survivors are cut off by the destruction the fire wreaks and by the weather that created the conditions allowing the firestorm. The weather continues to develop and brings on snow and close cloud cover blocking air rescue options and creating a locked room mystery s [...]

    15. Okay, lost my first review in a cyber-burp, I guess, so here goes again . . . . I'm not sure how I missed this in the Anna Pigeon series, but I did, and I think it's one of her best. The story is tightly plotted and the descriptions of riding out a firestorm in a tiny hand-deployed fire shelter harrowing. This is Barr at her best.

    16. Another good book by Nevada Barr. The story give you are real feeling for what it might be like to be trapped on a frozen mountain following a firestorm. The mystery is well written and keeps you in suspense till the very end. The characters are written with personalities and foibles in their characters that they seem real. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

    17. "There would be nightmares. As Garrison Keillor said: "Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving". Loved this novel. I love the development of the main character "Anna Pigeon" as the series continues.

    18. I wasn't taken by the story line here, however the writing and the characters are developing nicely.3* Track of the Cat3* A Superior Death3* Ill Wind3* Firestorm

    19. I don't read mysteries but thanks to I found this one and liked it a lot. I'll be reading the other Nevada Barr books as well. Her style of writing suits me and Anna Pigeon rocks!

    20. Not liking these Anna Pigeon books as much when Anna is portrayed as a busybody not concerned about anyone's feelings. In this one, Anna is acting as an EMT for firefighters battling a CA fire. Just as they are about to head home, a man is hurt and needs to be carried to a helicopter site to be picked up. Anna is one of the crew sent to help carry, but as they are taking him up the hill, a storm comes in and winds set a flash fire. The crew drop the poor man and run to the creek bed to cover the [...]

    21. Another good book from Barr. I really like the protagonist, Anna Pidgion--her humor as she deals with serious situations. But I also like what I learn from these books. This one is placed in Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern CA. We camped there once and it was a beautiful place. Not so in this story where Anna and a group of firefighters are trapped away from the main camp in the midst of a firestorm. What a scary thing that is. I had never heard of the fire shelters that firefighters ca [...]

    22. I learned a lot about wildfires; that part of the book was interesting. I enjoyed reading the continuation of the development of Anna's relationship with Stanton. I was disappointed with the mystery. Once they ran to escape the wildfire, the story lost me. The use of characters by first name and sometimes by last name was so confusing. Sometimes she changed their reference in the same paragraph. I had to keep going back to verify which character she was referring to, and it slowed the pace of th [...]

    23. I have been slowly reading New York Times bestselling author Nevada Barr books featuring Anna Pigeon, a Forest Ranger. Firestorm finds Anna Pigeon working as a medic on the fire line of a major forest fire. She's tough, intelligent, and a bit of a character. The story, set in the California wilderness, finds Anna and a small team of firefighters caught in a firestorm. The description is harrowing. I could feel my own heart beating with fear. As usual I found the book fast-paced, riveting and cou [...]

    24. Best of the series so far.I am really liking this series so far even though the action is slower than I usually like. The slow, thorough development of the characters makes them come alive. This mystery is compounded by murder, forest fire, team stuck up on a burnt mountain in fog and snow, illness, injury, simmering romance, affections and disillusionments. Other than the confusing interchange of characters' first and last names (made me think too hard!) I enjoyed every page of this one!

    25. This series seems to get better with every book. In this book, Anna is using her EMT training as she works with firefighters during a California wildfire situation. A bit of a timely read (haha, it was published in the 90s) given this summer's extreme heat and drought conditions along the west coast of N. America and the wildfires that raged through Canada and the US. It made for a very interesting read. So glad I found this series. I know it's a long one and a bit of an old one, but it's been w [...]

    26. This is my favorite NPS Ranger Pigeon novel. The you could feel the intensity and danger of fighting a wildfire leap from the pages. The fast paced accuracy regarding fire fighting and the immense dangers the hotshot crews especially face on our behalf is something everyone who walks through our National Parks should realize. The ending has a great plot twist as well. But my only gripe with this novel was the choice of the gay character as the bad guy. I'd rather have been challenged more to gue [...]

    27. In honor of the National Parks 100th anniversary, I thought I'd read Nevada Barr. This one is set in California's Lassen Volcanic National Forest. Working with a fire crew, Pigeon and the rest of the crew are isolated from rescue because of weather conditions. One of them ends up dead, stabbed with a knife when the fire alone might have killed him. Trapped together, finding the killer takes special finesse.

    28. I continue to enjoy the Anna Pigeon stories. She's a fierce lady and I love how brave she is in almost all situations. Also, she's an alcoholic who doesn't drink anymore andoh, she's a widow. Just so many things are happening with her and it only enriches the story.This one is great - a fast paced mystery that will keep you guessing. You also learn a great deal about nature in her books which is pleasurable.

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