Once Bitten

Once Bitten Alexa O Brien is a professional huntress and a werewolf with the ability to conduct and manipulate metaphysical energy When she is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic vampire Arys Knight the dangerou

  • Title: Once Bitten
  • Author: Trina M. Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: None
  • Alexa O Brien is a professional huntress and a werewolf with the ability to conduct and manipulate metaphysical energy When she is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic vampire Arys Knight, the dangerous power they create together becomes than either of them anticipated As a result of their actions Alexa risks the loss of than her remaining humanity, she risks loAlexa O Brien is a professional huntress and a werewolf with the ability to conduct and manipulate metaphysical energy When she is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic vampire Arys Knight, the dangerous power they create together becomes than either of them anticipated As a result of their actions Alexa risks the loss of than her remaining humanity, she risks losing the very person who holds her heart, Shaz Richardson When her former lover and Alpha pack member Raoul is framed for murder, he comes to her for help and Alexa is forced to face past emotions and betrayals that were never laid to rest As the murders continue she is torn between past hurts and present loves Amidst the rush of power and the struggle for control, Alexa must dig deep within herself to discover where her heart truly belongs As secrets are revealed and lies exposed, she comes to discover that not everyone is who you think they are and the greatest loves are undying.

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      417 Trina M. Lee
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    One thought on “Once Bitten”

    1. It's not very often that I can't complete a book. Unfortunately, this one falls into that category. The story reads like it was written by an amateur who is in desperate need of a better editor. After struggling my way to page 162, I read the following sentences and had to go ahead and call it quits -"My jaw dropped in horror. In his hand, illuminated by the glove box light, was a spare tampon that I had tossed in there in case of emergency. "For those not so fresh days, huh Alexa?"Yep, I was do [...]

    2. “It was starting to feel like a hair pulling, bitch slapping kind of fight.”*Might contain spoilers*Arys is the only reason I finished the book. He was dark, kinda evil, and dangerous, and if you know me, you know I love a bad boy. Shaz was so boring. I only felt friendship towards him and it annoyed me that he and Alexa was together. Alexa, who I had no respect for at all, annoyed the shit out of me. She was selfish and really accusing. As boring as Shaz was, Alexa didn't deserve him, and s [...]

    3. This is the first book in what seems to be a long-running series from a new to me author. It was recommended by a fellow reader. I went ahead & gave it a chance thinking it be a good "in-between" read. FYI: The kindle version of this book is currently free on . World BuildingThe world building was minimal. No info dumps to get through or massively detailed explanations revolving world dynamics. The reader learns as the story progresses. The story takes place in a contemporary world much like [...]

    4. An interesting story that, unfortunately, fell flat for me. And I can't really say why. :O-It's true there's not much world-building, but given the plot, it wasn't a must as it's a standard "world" in UF. On the other side, some magic needs some explaining. The monsters are real and not downplayed for the audience. Vampires kills, were too (which is good). - The heroine is a strong woman who survived tragedy both on the physical and mental "plane". All of these should have make this book one I'd [...]

    5. I really wanted to give this more stars. One I gave purely because that front cover is beautiful! Another star I gave because even though I found the story somewhat disjointed and lacked flow at times I liked the theme, the magic elements Alexa's struggles and with the problems the author threw at her. The third star I gave because I enjoyed the characters/personalities of those around the Alexa, yet I failed to connect with Alexa herself. I would have liked to see Shaz and Arys develop more as [...]

    6. I couldn't get into it. Reading it was a chore. I got halfway through it before I was literally screaming in frustration. The heroine of the book was a shallow, short-sighted hussy. The first real sexual interlude was with a poorly introduced character that I didn't even really care for enough to find attractive. The redeeming male character she was "really" in love with, I was hoping he'd run in the opposite direction, because Alexa was not anywhere near good enough for him. And Raoul was a poo [...]

    7. This mess is WAY too long and convoluted. Over 600 pages, this could easily have been cut into two books, or better still, lose the filler. I couldn't believe how many chapters passed after the first villain was conquered, or how many were useless. Did we really need to stop while the characters are supposed to be chasing Zoey so the author could introduce the lesbian tiger, have her hit on six female strangers just to make sure we get the point, and then show that she's interested in Alexa too? [...]

    8. I was to sum this book up on one word it would be 'Incredible'. I actually picked this book up for free through and I am so glad that I did as I will now be following this series.Written in first person (and a very good first person at that) from Alexa's viewpoint, the reader is able to get up close and personal with her strengths and weaknesses. We get to see her grow and stumble backwards. And I do have to say that I find Lex to be the perfect blend of kick ass and insecurities to be an intri [...]

    9. I just didn't really enjoy this book. It had enough that I was able to stick with it, but I felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle through most of it. There were things that were happening (metaphysical powers, were powers, vampire powers) that just didn't flow with the story and should have been better explained early on in the book. It seemed like that stuff was mentioned and I was just expected to know what those powers (and consequently the results of those powers like psi balls) were [...]

    10. Awesome dark vamp/were book. I have been looking for a new fab series to read and I finally found it, this is dark, delicious, sexy and wonderful. If you like Charlaine Harris and Laurell K Hamiliton you will most likely love this. It was a freebie on and I have bought the rest of the series, I absolutely loved it. It is dark like the Anita Blake books with some blood and murder. The world building was wonderful and really worked, the characters are interesting, flawed and grows on you slowly t [...]

    11. Got as an ebook freebie.If one ignores the demented relationships, than I suppose it wasn't that bad. But seriously. Lets all get the hots for the guy who uses us for sex. (view spoiler)[ especially once we find out the dirty little secret at the end.where basically fucked her over and ended her mortal life (hide spoiler)] and the guy who kills people for food because "drinking blood with out the kill is like sex without the orgasm" so she accepts and gets it that he is a murderer and it "excite [...]

    12. I found this book on as a free read. As most free reads I am skeptical of whether or not it will be good or lack a plot. This is another writer who has slowly changed my views. Not only did it have plot but the feelings that the writer brought up in me were crazy. I felt, lust, hate, anger, love, sadness, and many more emotions. The story revolves around a werewolf named Alexa who was changed when she was just a little girl who watched her parents die. She survived the change from the bite the [...]

    13. This was quite a well written story, whereby a werewolf has a mystical connection to a vampire, but is also in love with another wolf. The angst that this caused our lovely heroine unfortunately reminded me of the Anita Blake stories, where she ends up sleeping with vampires, werewolves, etc etc etc, and this seems to be heading in the same direction.The back story was interesting - someone or something is killing the former lovers of the Alpha werewolf, and is trying to set him up - but I do fe [...]

    14. This was a great read. I especially enjoyed that Alexa is a 20 something yesr old werewolf who was changed as a young teenager but as a girl she had a natural affinity for controlling psychic energy that continued after being bitten by a werewolf during an attack that killed the rest of her family. This is a talent that most weres do not have and is more akin to the psychic abilities of vampires. How interesting.So we meet Arys, centuries old vampire who Alexa is drawn to by energy and power rat [...]

    15. OOOoooh wow! I LOVE finding new authors that are wonderful! This was a free read and now I'm going hunting for more of her work and will gladly pay for it. This was one damn good read!Alexa O'Brien is a Werewolf and has an abundance of metaphysical magic. Arys is a Vampire with metaphysical magic that calls to Alexa, and he is attracted to her more and more each time he sees her. They eventually fall into each others arms, co-mingling their magics, each gaining a little of what the other has. Bu [...]

    16. Conceptually done before, but then again what hasn't been done before in the supernatural genre. It could have been a lot better, but failed to bring the money to the bank in the end.Not sure if I can put my finger on what was wrong. It seemed a little disjointed at times, which meant it didn't flow evenly. The characters were underdeveloped and that was a shame. Lee has created a strong female and male lead with a lot of potential, so perhaps that is something we will see in the next book.Some [...]

    17. Once Bitten is a mix of urban fantasy and paranormal romance with some mystery thrown in for good measure. Yes, there are steamy scenes, but the author works them in with the plot, not as the focus of story. The main character, Alexa, is strong but not bitchy, and she kicks supernatural butt with the best of them. She's drawn to Shaz, a werewolf and a friend who can comfort her own wolf and offer support in her chaotic life. Too bad she can't shake an attraction and the lure of power from Arys, [...]

    18. Ok I give this 2.5*'s because I've read better books that I only gave 3*'s to. Ok I like half of Alexa the kickass half the rest of her is annoying! I didn't like the (view spoiler)[love triangle (hide spoiler)] I think the author is trying to be Laurell K Hamilton in that respect! I wish that there had been more murder mystery and less sex! The Catherine part seemed to be an add in as it had no relevance to the rest of the story! I don't think I'm going to waist my time reading anymore of these [...]

    19. A great start to a series! Action packed and full of drama, this story was an interesting take on paranormal creatures in a modern setting.

    20. This was a good book. I liked how the story flowed and the writing style was easy to read. I would recommend if you like vampires, werewolves, and the paranormal romance type books.

    21. This book was a bit confusing. There was a lot going on here, with so many characters to keep track of & the lack of world building - made this story very hard to follow at first but it's easily picked up.Our protagonist, Alexa O'Brien was very likeable in some ways. But more then anything, Alexa annoyed me - she was one of those girls who had to have the interest of every male in the story. Boy Hopping aside, Alexa was a cool chick. She was strong, independent but not so independent that sh [...]

    22. *This is currently a freebie on the kindle*I felt that I was left out of the story quite often, specifically when it came to the magic side of things. Having finished reading this book, I've since found out there are two prequels priced at 99p and it's preferred that you read the prequels before starting the first book. I couldn't connect with Alexa that well. Although somewhat toned down, she's a typical annoying, mouthy, fiery, "kick-ass" urban fantasy heroine. The story still continued to int [...]

    23. This incredible book should come with a different kind of Warning lable with it . HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!! I was NOSE TO SCREEN from the begining to end and craving MORE . Alexa has grown and matured into a wolf that is finally finding what and where she should be and lucky girl to have to suffer while being drawn to a SEXY , Wolf (Shaz) and the EROTICLY SEXY Vampire Arys . What a surprise when more and more of her hidden energies are exposed and enhanced from ONE night of temptation . Was better the [...]

    24. Review:Alexis is a were wolf and female alpha of her pack. She is called in by her old Alpha Raoul who's mistresses appear to be a serial killers targets and he's the main suspect. Alexis is also battling her old feelings for Raoul, her attraction to the dark vampire Arys and her love for fellow pack mate Shaz. Arys' vampire energy sings to hers and part of her is drawn by this power they make together. This power ability is rare and makes her both crave and fear the possibilities as she discove [...]

    25. Niiiiiice. Sexy wolves, delicious vamps, awesome shifters, and unique powers. This was a really good book, and i liked it a lot. I'm leaning towards Alexa with Arys though. Just so you know. I mean, Shaz sound really sweet and all, but it didn't feel that real to me. I felt like he so comforting to her that they should remain friends.…But, that's just me. I'm into that HOLY SHIT DID YOU FEEL THAT? kind of feelings when a main character is with someone. It depends though. I took away a star bec [...]

    26. First off, this was a well written book. I don't really know why I wasn't more into the book. I guess to me I felt the story was a little disjointed. There wasn't a nice flow to the narration. I was a little surprised that I wasn't more taken with the book. To me, there was just something off that kept me from being engrossed in the story. Maybe I really wasn't taken with the characters in the book as I usually am with books that I really like. And also didn't like how the story jumped from one [...]

    27. If you like Laurell Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong or C.J.Ellison then you have got to read this. Just amazing. It has the usual paranormals but very uniquely assembled. The deapth of emotion and personalities of the character's comes across with such claity, while the story grips you and keeps you guessing and on your toes. The descriptions and atmosphere are truly unrivaled. I just think I found my new favourite author. A truly talented writer, you are missing out by not having read this book!

    28. I really wanted to give it another star, but alas it did not do it for me. Although the story line moved along at a decent speed there was just too much going on for me to really enjoy vampires, were, magic, deceit, death, family turmoil, betrayal just too many twists. I forced myself to finish the book but truly should have abandoned it for loss of interest. Not my cup of tea. I might look into the next book. Might.

    29. I'm not big about writing reviews, lazy ass me! But this book deserves some words! Right from the start I was enthralled.! I looooove Alexa, she is my kind of woman! And who does not love a love triangle? I know I do The book has a good balance so it's not to much squishy squishy love stuff some sex, some love As I said, a very good balance! I'm totally reading the second one! Gogogo Trina! I loved it!

    30. I couldn't. Just couldn't get into this book like i wanted to. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book. It just lacked a certain flow. Although I loved most of the characters, I did not love Alexa so much. She was selfish and lacked any kind of conscience. Those two things combined made it really hard to enjoy the book.

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