Small Claims

Small Claims Fiction In this new novel by ReLit award winning Leacock nominated writer Andrew Kaufman a man eschews the usual avenues of mid life crisis sportscars mistresses and instead seeks meaning in the le

  • Title: Small Claims
  • Author: Andrew Kaufman
  • ISBN: 9781926743905
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fiction In this new novel by ReLit award winning, Leacock nominated writer Andrew Kaufman, a man eschews the usual avenues of mid life crisis sportscars, mistresses and instead seeks meaning in the least likely of places small claims court Every day for ten days he chronicles a case, relating it to his life, the breakdown of his marriage, and his relationship with hisFiction In this new novel by ReLit award winning, Leacock nominated writer Andrew Kaufman, a man eschews the usual avenues of mid life crisis sportscars, mistresses and instead seeks meaning in the least likely of places small claims court Every day for ten days he chronicles a case, relating it to his life, the breakdown of his marriage, and his relationship with his two young children, all in an attempt to rebuild his broken faith in humanity With small observations, subtle investigations, and the constant pursuit of small scale justice, the unnamed narrator struggles to understand himself, the life he s made, and the society he s living in all through the framework of a court system that won t let you sue for damages above twenty thousand dollars Like Willy Loman in Death of A Salesman, Charlie longs for acknowledgement and finds it in the most unlikely place This is Andrew Kaufman minus the magic realism and with a big dose of tenderness for the frailties of the heart.

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    One thought on “Small Claims”

    1. This was a book of many little truths about life and failure and dealing with the small things to hold on to the big picture.

    2. Although quarterlife crises have been an option since 2001 and I’m sure are still be fashionable I’m not sure anyone under the age of forty-ish would be the ideal reader for this text and, best I would think, a male although never having been an anything-ish female I can’t say for sure. Few things are certain—the older I get the ishier life becomes—and that is just one of the many things of which I’m certain I’m uncertain about. What I am certain I’m certain about is (having expe [...]

    3. Where does one go, within oneself or without, to find the way to carry on? The novel "Small Claims" offers witty, insightful, absurd and gently sardonic places as answers to these questions, to the delight of the reader. Andrew Kaufman's story is both wryly comic and a more than a bit heart-breaking. The novel's themes of self-acceptance amid unfulfilled (and perhaps unfulfillable) expectations and personal (dis)illusions are presented inventively. Mr. Kaufman's narrator held my interest through [...]

    4. Hard to review. The absurdity behind his action to fix himself is something I can respect and relate deeply to. Whom has not been upset at life and ridden an elevator up and down for 30 minutes. For me it was bus rides. In any case, the summary makes it sound a little wanky and self pitying but I found it to be funny, sharply sad, and pretty direct and unpretentious. It ends a little weakly but it's kind of supposed to, and the reader can't make the kind of emotional journey he went on for month [...]

    5. Great book to read in your 50s! "The act of looking down, this phase of my life forcing me to see the catastrophic consequences of my every misstep, knowing how easily everything can go wrong, the gravity-assisted pace with which failure arrives, has been overwhelming and undermining." . . . "The best you can do is enjoy what you have."

    6. The narrator of SMALL CLAIMS, by Andrew Kaufman, is struggling with his place in the world. He is a struggling writer, having to settle on writing technical manuals to make a living. His marriage has stagnated, to the point that it's easier to have apathy about his wife than try to fix the marital problems. He is even fumbling through fatherhood. Small claims court has become his salvation; he observes the people and situations of each case, and considers his feelings on each matter. Eventually, [...]

    7. As a man’s marriage begins to fail he heads to the small claims court and wedding chapel at Toronto City Hall to understand the challenges and intricacies of other people’s relationships. Some of his observations are astute, beautifully imagined and even funny and help him develop his own understanding of where his life has gone off track. However I didn’t find this book a page turner and had to force myself to pick it up again after periods of infidelity with other works.A noticeable depa [...]

    8. I won this book from .It's the story of a man in mid-life crisis who begins to attend Small Claims court in Toronto as sort of a way to take his mind off his marital and parenting problems.A very different take on how one could deal with lifes problems and an OK read but not an especially interesting one.

    9. In the midst of a mid-life crises, the author starts to observe Small Claims Court in Toronto and weddings at the City Hall Chapel. The Court visits make for the most interesting parts of the book. Towards the end, his wife gets her say in the matter. The book is readable. Not too good, Not too Bad and Not too long.

    10. Nice quick read about a man going through his mid years and trying to figure things out. I liked the little stories of people's lives at the small claims court. It put the narrator's life into perspective of the scale of the issues people are dealing with.

    11. I won a copy of this book.An author is having a mid-life crisis and attends small claims court and wedding ceremonies in Toronto. The story is short (171 pages total) and I read in one sitting.

    12. Not one of my favourite Andrew Kaufman books. Didn't seem to flow properly, but his writing is still so special and original.

    13. short read, should just be a short story and cut even shorter. guy talks about his missteps in life before and after marriage and winds up in small claims court observing a trial of divorce. Terrible written and nothing happens. Got as a pre-sale to review and sorry I wasted my time. glad I didn't spend any money and wold tell poeple to avoid doing so.

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