The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen Cruel Cold Wicked Just a few adjectives used to describe the most ancient of fairies Galeta The Blue But did you know dear reader that once upon a time long long ago the Blue was the Benevolent P

  • Title: The Fairy Queen
  • Author: Jovee Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cruel Cold Wicked Just a few adjectives used to describe the most ancient of fairies Galeta The Blue But did you know, dear reader, that once upon a time, long, long ago, the Blue was the Benevolent Pink Few know the trials of the fae reviled by all, save for one The ancient and wise Creator Galeta is the Creator s daughter, and It will stop at nothing to save her.Cruel Cold Wicked Just a few adjectives used to describe the most ancient of fairies Galeta The Blue But did you know, dear reader, that once upon a time, long, long ago, the Blue was the Benevolent Pink Few know the trials of the fae reviled by all, save for one The ancient and wise Creator Galeta is the Creator s daughter, and It will stop at nothing to save her The truth of who the fairy really is may startle you She s the heroine of all of Kingdom A sad truth no one knows, not even the wee fairy herself The journey to getting her back will be marred by pain, trials, and tribulations, and when it s over, Kingdom will never be the same again

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    One thought on “The Fairy Queen”

    1. Ooooh my! What a ride! This book made me absolutely breathless, I had to take some breaks or it would have hurtled me right through to the end - and sometimes I was crying so hard I couldn't really read.The heroine is once again a hated woman with a very dark background and if you read the series from the beginning (Her Mad Hatter) you already know and despise her. I never thought that could change but read for yourself! And her hero? If she didn't want him, I'll take him. Soooo dark and dangero [...]

    2. I didn’t think I’d flip a leaf and like Galeta the Blue. She was horrid and downright mean! Yet I find myself feeling sorry for her. The choice she made had extensive reaching results, and darned if she didn’t try to make good and fix things. Galeta definitely deserves an HEA, but her road was an infinitely difficult one to navigate.And the state Kingdom was left in?! Holy cow, I can’t read The Mad King fast enough!

    3. It's no secret that I am in Awe of Jovee's story telling skills and that I am in love with all the characters from Kingdom good, bad and ugly. For that reason I was truly honoured to receive an advance review copy of this title and instructed to give my honest opinion.My honest opinion is this: Life doesn't always come up roses and end happily ever after and so when it always does you start to realise that the rose tinted glasses will eventually slip. This book is the bump in the road, the ying [...]

    4. Speechless (In a goodway)I fell in love with the series from the first book. Jovee has a unique way to make you feel as if you are there in her stories. I fell in love with Kingdom and each book is better than the last. the "Bad Boys" to the "Dark Queens" each character is given the chance to find true love. This book has quite a surprise twist (which I won't give away). I am on edge now, anxiously waiting to find out what will happen next.

    5. Oh wow Wow this book took a turn to the totally unexpected! I'm not sure what to think! This book was amazing like all the others I really did like it But now I feel the need to cry and throw a huge fit because I'm not sure what just happened. Officially scared of what is to come and the wait to see what happens!!!??!!

    6. This book will change everything you thought you knew about fairytales! And the ending! You will be sitting there thinking, what the heck?? All of Jovee's books are great but this one really puts a spin on things! It's about Syrith and Galeta the Blue. And Harpy and so many others in her Kingdom books that show up occasionally. Excellent read!!

    7. Oh. My. Goddess!Just when I thought I knew Kingdom and it's Dark Queens Jovee has completely topsied turveed the world all about! What an beautifully done story. It was amazing! How can you do anything but hang on for the ride? I just cannot wait to see wht happens next!

    8. Amazing as always! Next Queen out did the last one! Jovee please keep cranking out the Kingdom stories because it gets me through the hum drum of life!!!! You did all fairies proud with this one!

    9. Love itI absolutely loved this book. The story came together perfectly. And the ending is keeping me in suspense for the next book to come out.

    10. **** 4 Cranky Stars ****Galetta the Blue Beautiful? Yes, devastatingly so! Benevolent? Oh. Hell. No! Try vicious, cruel, wicked, malevolent terrifying and despised by all.She has single handedly been responsible for the failure of almost all failed relationships on Kingdom, and has killed more people on a whim than even she remembers. So the question is how such a wicked creature even deserves to have her story told? Her creator knows of her trials.Enter Syrith, son of Zelena Hermosa, the Queen [...]

    11. This book was okay for me. I liked the story between Galeta and Syrth just fine what I disliked was the ending. Most stories are erased which okay I understand that the author really wanted to re-write Hatters story but ugh. I've already dealt with another cookie cutter book and although I love the world that she's spun it makes me less than excited to read upcoming books.But I digressThe book was okay, personally I'm tired of like half the books being another persons POV that doesn't have anyth [...]

    12. Feeling slightly ripped off by the ending. The actual book was amazing. It had enough back story to make me willing to believe in the Blue and kept me at rapt attention throughout. Wasn't sure I could connect to her considering everything she'd done throughout the series, but by the end it was almost like she was someone entirely new.(view spoiler)[ That ending where time is rewritten just feels like a way to resell us the same books in a new format. If it goes on for more than a couple of books [...]

    13. I have only read the bad 5 series, and was going on to read the Mad King when it suggested this book in order for it to make sense. Now I see why. I also think I may end up reading the rest of the Kingdom series along with the rest of the Dark Queens Not head over heels in love with this author when she writes through her female characters, but I love her males.

    14. Good read once you get into itIt's a little slow moving at 1st but once you get into it, it's a great book. Omg! What a twist at the end, can't wait to see how the series continues on form here!

    15. Loved itgreat story that leaves you dying for the next book. inventive reimagining of characters throughout the dark queen series makes for a fun read, but this one in particular is exceptional. I cant wait for the next one!

    16. Fantastic!Jovee has done it again. This was a wonderful read. Fans of her books will not be disappointed. The Blue was hated by all but in a story full of twist and turns readers will come to love her and cheer her on towards her own happily ever after.

    17. Fast pacedThe blue fairy had a lot to deal with in this book but even so there is always an enticing story to keep you enthralled.

    18. Really like the other books in this series, but with this one, I just cannot connect to the characters, unlike the other books.

    19. Love itReading this story I honestly didn't think Mrs. Winters could do it again but I was wrong. She has out done herself with each new book she writes. When reading her stories you are there with the characters your reading about. Feeling their emotions and yet on the sidelines rooting for them as loudly as one can. Everyone remembers the Fairy Queen and all of her misdeeds and treachery. Yet like the books in the past not all dark queens start off bad. You learn about the fairy queen through [...]

    20. Wonderful!Definitely worth the wait! This is a deliciously woven tale of Galeta The Blue. Of course by the end you don't hate her at all I am blown away by how much is explored in this book. Leaves you wanting more!

    21. Warning - Spoilers aheadUmmm WTF I can't believe the author is going to ret-con this entire series And having read all the kingdom books in order, I have to say I'm seriously disappointed. I wasn't thrilled when this series suddenly brought in the Greek pantheon, but I kept reading because I still wanted to see the dark queens get their happily ever after's, but to have gone back in time and now rewrite the entire series Ugh I don't think I can read a different version of the stories that I enjo [...]

    22. This book was quite a bit different from the others. True it did not deal with a Dark Queen but a Fairy Queen. This particular story arc took me by surprise. And it also made me feel so much more for the main characters than I have for any others.I was enjoying the story so much I did not want it to end. And when I got there I wanted to scream. If it had been an actual paperback book I would have thrown it. Nope, I am not going to tell you why I felt that way. Cause, well that would just be tell [...]

    23. THE FAIRY QUEENBYJOVEE WINTERSAll of Kingdom despises Galetta the Blue. Her wicked and cruel ways sowed fear and sorrow across Kingdom, yet her creator feels that she deserves to be redeemed and so with the unknowing assistance of the gods Aphrodite, Hades and Calypso a plan is set in motion to redeem darkness incarnate.Syrith is the dragonborne son of The Queen of hearts and Ragoth, the dragonborne King of Wonderland. His conception and birth were influenced by the inherent madness that infuses [...]

    24. I have read all of the Kingdom books as well as the Dark Queens and I can honestly say that this book. Blew. My. Mind! I'm trying really hard not to do any spoilers because, trust me-you want to experience this all without any interference.If you haven't read any of the other stories or if you don't know who The Blue is, Stop. This is not a stand alone book. Yes, buy this book but don't read it just yet. Hoard it like your little secret until you read at least several other's in the series (most [...]

    25. Another strong entry in the Dark Queens series. Unlike the previous book, this one drew heavily on characters from the original Kingdom and Dark Princesses series, neither of which I've read, but enough backstory was given so that I didn't feel at all lost. The love story between the two central characters was written is very different style from previous books, but it was refreshing in a way. In fact, the entire tone overall was much more dark and dire, and far less moony and silly (which I gre [...]

    26. Jovee does her best to make us love the most hated, reviled and unloveable of creatures and characters from Fairy Tales. With this book, we get to learn the true story of Galeta the Blue Fairy. When I began, I didn't think I could like, let alone love the Blue. But as always I read with an open mind and an open heart. The story is compelling, it draws you in and makes you feel. Even when you don't want to.So the question is, does Galeta get her Happily Ever After? Read on to find out. I promise, [...]

    27. I have been with this series from the beginning with the Mad Hatter and the Kingdom series. followed by the Dark Queens now and have loved every book to date including this one. I like most everyone I'm sure have disliked Galeta the Blue from the beginning and with this book telling her story I find empathy for her and understand her, and even like her now. BUTI DO NOT LIKE the ending of this book. I'm not happy about the twist and the change. However, I'm trusting that Jovee is going to lead us [...]

    28. A bit of mixed feelings on this. I loved the overall concept but there were times (especially the first third of the book, I'd say) that it felt a bit awkward and forced. It did eventually smooth out and I was definitely all in until the end. I hate/love the ending because of the cliffhanger. I have to hi5 the author on it though. The 6th book led you to believe that we'd be reading a way different ending so it was a complete surprise when I reached the last page only to realizeWHOA WHOA WHOA. T [...]

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