American Dream: Interviews with Industry-Leading Professionals

American Dream Interviews with Industry Leading Professionals Let s face it Nobody becomes successful on his or her own If you want to maximize your career potential you have to find ways to stay inspired and motivated This book includes six in depth interviews

  • Title: American Dream: Interviews with Industry-Leading Professionals
  • Author: Jason Navallo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Let s face it Nobody becomes successful on his or her own If you want to maximize your career potential, you have to find ways to stay inspired and motivated This book includes six in depth interviews with leading professionals from a variety of industries to provide you with the advice, inspiration, and motivation you need to achieve your goals Peter Mallouk Peter MalLet s face it Nobody becomes successful on his or her own If you want to maximize your career potential, you have to find ways to stay inspired and motivated This book includes six in depth interviews with leading professionals from a variety of industries to provide you with the advice, inspiration, and motivation you need to achieve your goals Peter Mallouk Peter Mallouk is the president of Creative Planning, twice named the 1 Wealth Management Firm in America by CNBC He has been personally featured three years in a row as the 1 Independent Advisor in America by Barron s Ben Caballero Ben Caballero has been the top ranked real estate professional in America since 2013 in two categories number of real estate sales transactions, and cumulative transaction dollar volume as published by the Wall Street Journal and as independently confirmed by REAL Trends His lifetime production exceeds 20,000 sales and 6 billion, making him the most productive real estate agent in history B.J Armstrong This top NBA sports agent, whose clients include Derrick Rose and Draymond Green, is a former athlete and three time NBA champion who once shared the court with basketball greats including Michael Jordan Shelly Sun Shelly is the CEO and co founder of BrightStar Care, a national home care and medical staffing agency with 315 locations and 350 million in annual system wide revenue You may also recognize her from the popular TV show Undercover Boss Scott Gerber Scott Gerber, principal and CEO of Gerber Group, is widely viewed as a leading entrepreneur in the hospitality food and beverage industry, appearing on shows such as CNBC s Squawk on the Street, Fox News, and CBS s Undercover Boss Liz Elting Liz is the co CEO and co founder of TransPerfect, the world s largest privately held provider of language and technology solutions for global business, with over 4,000 employees in 90 cities worldwide Whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, become a record breaking professional athlete, or grow your own business from the ground up, you will find the inspiration you need within the pages of this book.

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    One thought on “American Dream: Interviews with Industry-Leading Professionals”

    1. Author Jason Navallo has chosen an appropriate title for this book, an inspiring and informative collection of interviews with 6 different highly successful business people and entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds whom all affirm the author's premise that the American Dream is indeed far from dead.All 6 interviewees have impressive and highly respectable stories to share as well as lessons to teach, though with all due respect, I daresay that BJ Armstrong tends to come across with the lea [...]

    2. after I finished reading, I thought for a moment. I loved the idea about writing about successful people in different industries, for by this way the book will inspire more people than if it was only written about one person . Let me clarify my point. For example, I read the whole book, and it was extremely interesting to know about those kind of people. To know their backgrounds, their methods, their ideas, and their first thoughts that gave them purposes in life. Yet, I was only inspired by on [...]

    3. We see successful people everywhere but always think on how to become one ourselves. To be on top on your career you always need to be inspired and motivated to push you forward and reach your own success. This book contains 6 in-depth interviews with leading professional from variety of industries to not only providing advice but also inspiration and motivation you needed to achieve your highest potential in your career.I should thank you Jason Navallo for approaching me with his book because h [...]

    4. Full Disclosure: I don't know the author, and I stumbled across this book on and paid the asking price for itd am glad I did.The American Dream has taken its share of punches in the last few years, and to listen to some folks, it is dead and buried. "American Dream" contains six interviews with people who are proving that, not only is the American Dream alive and well, it is thriving.The author introduces the book by stating the American Dream stands for freedom, and the opportunity for prosper [...]

    5. I received an advance copy of the book from the author. I really enjoyed reading these interviews. I could relate to some of them but not to others, but I found that each of them had a unique view of the world and a tenacious attitude towards fulfilling their ambitions. Success is not something I think about often but I feel that I should read these sorts of books more often since they always inspire me in some way. The interview questions were well-done and I appreciated the thoughtful response [...]

    6. Received an advanced copy from the author. The book covers 6 interviews with entrepreneurial people. I like the question and the stories the people were sharing, it was good to see how they think and what their path to where they are has been. One thing that I like is that the people interviewed for the book had different perspectives on the questions and in some sense contradictory, which tells you that there is not a single proven path to the dream, you build your own.

    7. Disclosure: I was provided with a copy at no charge. There was no agreement for a review I'm just writing one anyway.The purpose of this book is fairly easily deduced from the title and the introduction. It's answering the questions "Is the American Dream Dead?". Jason attempts to answer this question by interviewing 6 business leaders across diverse industries and while he doesn't round up any conclusion the main thread is that the business people don't think that the American Dream is dead. A [...]

    8. *This review is based on the softcopy emailed to me from the author.*Overall, I'm glad to be able to peek into the lives of 6 successful people. Most of them share a basic trait in their success (willing to take action instead of sitting on their wishing star) and express appreciation for the simple things of life (e.g their family, exercise). They will teach you more about making a life rather than merely making money.I'm glad to read them. Revelations popped up at unexpected places (I don't ta [...]

    9. *Thank you to the author for giving me a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.American Dream is a book filled with six interviews of successful leading professionals. Take this review with a grain of salt as this isn't something I typically read. However, the author came to me with a request and I thought this book sounded like a wonderful idea so I decided to give it a shot.The book is a quick read at 79 pages so I was able to get through it in one sitting.The book was filled with [...]

    10. The book is a very good source of inspiration, especially for the business people. It includes important information about who is who in the present world of successful people. I enjoyed reading the interviews and getting encouraged/empowered in trying to sell my own translation services.

    11. *Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from the author prior to publication.*Jason Navallo’s "American Dream" is a compilation of interviews with a fascinating collection of individuals who can be truly said to have “made it” in America, at least in the business world. Navallo demonstrates a skillful interview style, adeptly developing a fluid pace with satisfying progressions. By abiding to a minimal role in asking questions - the right questions, no less – Navallo brings out lengthy [...]

    12. American Dream by Jason Navallo is an easy-to-read and informative book which introduces you to the inspiring stories and professional lives of six industry leaders. I would definitely advise it to my friends and colleagues.

    13. Get involved in building great companies and solving our country's problems. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to constantly motivate yourself by reading, listening, and spending time with people who already have success in their business lives. One thing that impressed me was the magnitude of the achievement of the people interviewed and the diversity of their industry. It examines people from various spheres of life be it Business, Real Estate, NBA agent, Hospitality, and Food and also a fe [...]

    14. “American Dreams” turned out to be a decent book after I got into it. At first, I thought the book would mainly be a series of interviews of corporate bigwigs giving their best version of “come on, you can do it” again. (Please note the sarcasm, there.). As I got into the ook, I became a little more interested in the stories of the people interviewed in the book. Each interview can roughly be divided into three parts: Introduction, Present Situation, The Journey The “Introduction” se [...]

    15. I was given a copy by the author and I wasn't fully convinced. Not my kind of book, let's put it this way. But the book is very nice to read and it is interesting. Admittedly not all six interviews have the same interest, and this is somewhat personal. If you are not well acquainted with basketball, just to put an example, you may enjoy less the interview with the NBA player. I am interested in specialised translation as a profession and enjoyed the last interview.One thing all share is the stro [...]

    16. Everyone need some inspiration and motivation in life and its challenges. There is no better inspiration than experiences from successful people. That's why "American Dream" is perfect as a starting point.I'm not an American myself and maybe words 'American dream' have different meaning for me than for Americans. Anyway, I think that this expression has something in common with every person in the world - and that is freedom, entrepreneurship and opportunity. In this book we could see that succe [...]

    17. "American Dream" is a short series of interviews with six CEO/entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and in a variety of industries. Navallo writes the book in interview format, but the format works and the questions and answers are very logical and readable. What struck me about this book are the very intelligent questions asked of the entrepreneurs about their particular businesses and how they were able to master the market and grow a business in the difficult post-2008 economy. In addit [...]

    18. Overall, it was a great read. Jason's questions inquire about a wide range of their lives both professionally and personally in a casual conversational approach. The reader can relate rather easily, as we can imagine ourselves in the office asking the questions ourselves. Paying attention to what each professional said and how they said it, one can see the values they have held as foundations that helped them get where they are today and the common perspectives they share. Ben Caballero is a bit [...]

    19. *** Received from author as ARC ***A very enjoyable read. The variety of interviewees makes for a diverse narrative, particularly when it comes to what these individuals do differently to be successful. You also get some insight into organizations and industries you otherwise might not know much about. Jason does very little to censor interviewee accounts or insert himself into their stories, which really lets the participants' accounts speak for themselves. Unfortunately, this also means that t [...]

    20. I was given an advanced copy by the author. I finished the book in 2 days, because I could not put it down and it's quite short. It was very encouraging to see that the successful people all have great attitude. They never believe what other people said if they were put down on any way, or told that they could never make it. I think it will be an excellent antidote to the widespread pessimism that is in our world today, when people are becoming opposed to almost anything that had developed after [...]

    21. A short book, only 69 pages, and consumable in one sitting. The book was provided me by the author in exchange for a review.The book chronicles a half dozen professionals, many of which most people never heard of, however, their stories, backgrounds, and a bit about how they started their companies are all described in interview format.The best parts of each interview, in this reviewers' opinion, are the answers to questions on what books they've read, what they think of the concept of the Ameri [...]

    22. A great collection of interviews from highly successful, self made individuals. From athletes, to real estate and finance professionals, to creative innovators turning their interests to an industry, one common element permeating throughout is how methodical these industry leaders were in creating their own American Dream.Whether you're starting your own business, need some inspiration or advice, or simply need a reminder that hard work will pay off, American Dream is a read for you.4 stars!

    23. Good book, very in-depth. I did receive a free copy of the book from the author himself.I enjoyed reading this, although it took me longer than usually to read and even longer to post a review. The author makes a honest effort to get to the bottom of what success means to successful people and how they got there. Good, quick read though.

    24. The book provides a view of the American Dream from people who love the dream and live the dream.The interview was flexible and gave room for each person to provide a unique representation of their success story and how it fits into the wider"American Dream".Nice work

    25. The author Jason Navallo went into depth with the questions he asked; interviewing some of the top professionals in their respective fields. I've gleaned a lot from this book which is helping me in my businesses and relationships.

    26. The American Dream is a live and well.Got a lot of insights from the interviews in the book.The American Dream is alive and well.Always good to hear about pioneers who made it.

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