Three Pennies

Three Pennies A girl in foster care tries to find her birth mother before she loses her forever in this spare and beautifully told novel about last chances and new opportunities For a kid bouncing from foster home

  • Title: Three Pennies
  • Author: MelanieCrowder
  • ISBN: 9781481471879
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A girl in foster care tries to find her birth mother before she loses her forever in this spare and beautifully told novel about last chances and new opportunities.For a kid bouncing from foster home to foster home, The Book of Changes is the perfect companion That s why Marin carries three pennies and a pocket sized I Ching with her everywhere she goes Yet when everythiA girl in foster care tries to find her birth mother before she loses her forever in this spare and beautifully told novel about last chances and new opportunities.For a kid bouncing from foster home to foster home, The Book of Changes is the perfect companion That s why Marin carries three pennies and a pocket sized I Ching with her everywhere she goes Yet when everything in her life suddenly starts changing when Marin lands in a foster home that feels like somewhere she could stay, maybe forever the pennies don t have any answers for her.Marin is positive that all the wrongs in her life will be made right if only she can find her birth mother and convince her that they belong together Marin is close, oh so close until she gets some unwelcome news and her resolve, like the uneasy Earth far beneath the city of San Francisco, is shaken.

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    One thought on “Three Pennies”

    1. This was overall a really cute read about a young girl in the foster system and a woman who really wants a kid. There are four different points of view going on through this, which is amazing considering how short it is and how well everyone's personalities were conveyed. I thought this handled the emotions of a foster kid fairly well (though I have no experience in that) especially with feelings of denial and abandonment. This also shared light on a woman who really wanted a kid but wasn't sure [...]

    2. I adored this book. It's perfect for my fourth graders. Told from three perspectives and in poetic prose, this is perfect for readers that are ready for something deep and real, yet appropriate for their age and sensitivity. I will definitely be adding this to my list for Mock Newbery 2017. 😀

    3. Poetic. Gorgeous tale about being open to love despite your weariness of being hurt. While our past colors our present, it doesn't have to define us in ways that we don't wish it to. We can be mothered by people other than the one who birthed us, and we can detect and even accept when motherhood doesn't fit the person we called 'mother.' Broken wings can heal. Hearts can be filled. Flipped pennies can all turn up heads. Highly recommended The writing reminded me of MAYBE A FOX.

    4. Three Pennies is a lyrical tale about a foster child who dreams of someday finding her birth mother and living a happily-ever-after ending, comes alive under the skillful storytelling of Melanie Chowder. Since the age of four, foster child, Marin has been shuffled through the foster care system, living in less than satisfactory conditions every time. When she finally is assigned to Gilda Blackbourne a no-nonsense, rule oriented case worker, who must pick the best home for her next foster placeme [...]

    5. "You and I are like two halves of a bone trying to connect after a bad break." This story pulled on my heart strings big time. I can absolutely relate to Marin in so many ways. I love the intertwined messages of the Owl's thoughts, Marin, and Gilda (the social worker). This story is in our #MockNewbery and it's one that will definitely give the students opportunities to think deeply.

    6. Beautifully crafted in its storytelling and delicately handled in its subject matter. Abandoned by her mother at a young age, Marin has bounced from foster home to foster home. When her social worker brings her the news that a woman is interested in adopting her, Marin wonders if her birth mother might still actually want her back. Like the San Francisco ground beneath her feet, her future may be on shaky ground. Perhaps the best thing to do is to hold tight to the most steady thing in her life. [...]

    7. I loved how the story was written with the different narrators and what each narrator contributed to the story. The quick pace had me finishing this book quickly, yet it already landed a spot in my heart.

    8. Short chapters, diffenerent perspectives, sage advice, opportunities 4 discussion, & strong writing. Yes, I am putting this on my #MockNewbery

    9. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineMarin has been in a foster home since she was four and her mother abandoned her. She has never given up hope that her mother will return, and carries a piggy bank and a copy of the I Ching with her to remind her of her mother. When her new social worker, Gilda, tells Marin that her mother has terminated parental rights, freeing Marin to be adopted, Marin decides that she will do everything she can to make herself unpleasant. She is placed with Lucy Chang, a [...]

    10. While my rating was only 3 stars, I do think that plenty of other people might like this book more than I did. The story was just a bit too slow/ephemeral for me, especially considering its intended audience (middle grade readers).Marin is on a mission to find her mother. The mother who walked away from her when she was 4 years old. The mother who has not ever tried to contact her. The mother who has signed papers officially giving her up and allowing adoption proceedings to begin. Marin is sure [...]

    11. "The bird who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." This is just one bit of wisdom from the owl in @melanieacrowder's latest book, Three Pennies. .Marin has been bounced around foster homes since she was four years old. Despite all of her moves, she always carries with her three pennies and a book, I Ching (The Book of Changes). Now that she's eleven, Marin is becoming even more curious as to who her birth mother is, and thinks if she finds her, Marin can convince her they belo [...]

    12. After reading Three Pennies, I can say that Melanie Crowder's books will always have a place on the shelves in my 5/6 classroom. They are great stories, well told. I categorized Three Pennies as "realistic" even with occasional chapters from an owl's perspective, mostly because it's not the fanciful world that I fell in love with in A Nearer Moon. Three Pennies is a tribute to foster kids and the good-hearted adults, both social workers and foster parents, who work hard to find them homes.

    13. Actual rating: 4.5 Marin has been shuffled through foster homes and now has the possibility of being adopted. Using I Ching and three pennies she tries to answer and solve her problems and fears of change that revolve around her. She still hopes to find her birth mother and find out why she left Marin on her own. A good book about a topic many children would like to read about.

    14. Marin lives in San Francisco and is going to undergo a big change, after living in foster homes for many years. A single, Asian woman doctor is interested in possibly adopting Marin but Marin wants to find her birth mother first and convince her that they can still be a family. When Marin moves in with the doctor, she searches for her mother, using her own name as a clue. Then, shifts take place in Marin's life, just like the shifting tectonic plates in the Bay area. This story is told from the [...]

    15. Melanie Crowder writes a book about family. After Marin is abandoned by her mother, she gets bounced around from one foster care home to another. The only thing that keeps her going is the secret dream that her birth mother will eventually come back to her. When she finally is given the opportunity to be with a loving woman who really wants her, Marin struggles with giving up her dream. Recommended for students in grades 4-6.Reviewed by Carol Kaner, Youth and School Services, Vernon Area Public [...]

    16. Beautiful short story (novel), great for 4th grade and up, about Marin, a girl abandoned by her mother at 4 years to the foster care system in San Francisco. Marin has never given up hope that she will be reunited with her mother, but, at 11, she is now eligible to be adopted by a family. What happens when she is placed with a potential adoptive mother and her attempts to track down her birth mother (under the watchful eye of a neighbor's owl) and her habitual use of the I Ching made for a heart [...]

    17. Crowder's writing is lovely, and I can see this as a Newbery contender. However, as a reader, I was frustrated by several things: 1. Is this really written for kids? p. 82: "What weighs more -- a city or an ocean? Both press down upon the earth with the ponderous weight of the souls they carry. Below the leagues of water, below the sand and the skeletons of sunken ships and the bones of creatures who lived and thrashed about and sank to the ocean floor thousands of years ago, the tectonic plates [...]

    18. A solid little novel with highly likable characters. You will root for everyone and not be disappointed that the happy ending was a tad predictable. Still not sure what the owl's significance was, but enjoyed its inclusion. I plan to purchase for my elementary library based on it dealing with a foster kid and a deadbeat parent.

    19. Mixed thoughts on this one. This is one where I really want to hear from my middle grade readers after they've read it.Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Marin strives to be invisible as she bounces from foster home to the next waiting on her mom to come back. Her story and the characters are believable. When Marin discovers that her mom is relinquishing her rights to Marin, Marin is determined to do what it takes to track down her mom - even if it means disappointing and hurting her pot [...]

    20. I feel bad that I didn't like this book more.I've only heard great things about it and was looking forward to reading it.The writing is beautiful: poetic, descriptive, lyrical, and philosophical.We have some unusual view points: fault lines deep beneath the earth, a formerly injured owl, a rule following CPS employee, an accomplished doctor who longs for a child, and Marin, a girl who desperately wants her mother to come and reclaim her from her foster home.The story was lovely, exploring mother [...]

    21. "Most of us can rely on something good in our lives. Our parents' love. The constancy of a family pet. A pesky little sister or a know-it-all older brother and the perpetual flip-flop of siblings between affection and annoyance." But for the more than 400,000 children and adolescents living in foster care in the United States, many have nothing to rely on and many of them never lose the hope that a parent is waiting to reunite with them.When Marin was four, her mother gave her up. By the time sh [...]

    22. Marin has been in the foster care system for seven years with her only constants being a piggy bank, three pennies, and a pocket-size I Ching, a divination text. The answers have never been clear when Marin casts her pennies down and interprets them from her tiny book, but things become even more muddled as she begins to find a true forever home. A forever home would mean her birth mother could never claim her again is that what she really wants?Marin's journey is both emotional and physical as [...]

    23. I found that this book took me a while to get into, but after I was sucked in found I couldn't put it down. I felt so sorry for Marin and what she had to go through at such a young age, I can't imagine what it would be like if my mum abandoned me. It was such a tough thing for her mentally and physically so search non-stop for her biological mum. I felt so happy for Marin when she finally realized that Lucy was the perfect mum for her, even if Lucy wasn't her birth mother. I was disgusted and he [...]

    24. A beautifully written, compassionate story of the inner life of a foster care child who longs to be reunited with her birth mother. It's also a story about bending the rules when the rules won't lead to the correct conclusion, about facing facts even when facts are not great, about forging a new path with a stranger.The owl in the story is the all seeing observer, watching carefully over Marin as she tries her best to find her mother. Crowder does a wonderful job of giving life to Marin's charac [...]

    25. Another book that I put off reading because of a non-enticing cover and descriptions that don't do it justice. When will I learn? I would rate this more as a 4 1/2 stars -- I could have done without the owl.Marin has been in the foster care system since her mother abandoned her when she was 4. She has moved from home to home in San Francisco over the past eight years, but has never given up hope of her mother coming for her. When she learns that her mother is about to give up parental rights for [...]

    26. This is an incredibly sweet and gentle book. Very sparse, so it would be a quick read. I will strongly consider it for my library, because we do have many foster families. However, I wonder just a little if this is one of those books that adults will love and kids won't pick up. The cover is cool, so hopefully that will draw young readers in.Marin is a sad little girl, trying to stay invisible so her many foster parents will not see her as any trouble. But in her heart she has always held onto t [...]

    27. Wow! Wow! Wow! I am always impressed when I read a beautifully written story and touched when that story brings up feelings in me that make me want to go out and save the world at age 67. When I read the reviews that made me add this book to my wish list, I was looking forward to the read. When I read Three Pennies in a very short time thinking that it might be a story I would recommend to my very special elementary librarian friend/"daughter", I had no idea that I would be immediately putting i [...]

    28. Very simply told story of an eleven-year-old girl who has been in the foster care system since she was four, and her obsessive desire to be reunited with her mother. As the court date approaches that will terminate her mother's righs, and a woman is designated to become Marin's foster/adoption mother, she makes one last attempt to find and connect with the mother who left her. Through information given to her by a former friend of her mom, she's able to cross paths with her, but her mother is cr [...]

    29. Very nice Juvenile book. I'm trying to read more of this genre for my upcoming 3rd to 5th grade book club. I think this would be a good selection to open some interesting discussions. The main character, Marin, is an orphan in the foster care system in San Francisco. She won't give up on the hope that her mother will come for her and want her back, even when she is living with a woman who would very much like to be her adoptive mother. Oh, and there's an owl who is going through his own issues.

    30. Short, poetic chapters tell a story from multiple perspectives. Marin has been in foster care, waiting for her mother to come back for her, since she was four. Now she's eleven and the social worker brings the great news that her mother has terminated her parental rights and Marin can finally be adopted. But to Marin, who has counted on her mother coming for her when she was ready, this news is devastating. Hand this one to kids who enjoy foster kid stories and stories that make them feel the fe [...]

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