Holy War (The Battle for Souls)

Holy War The Battle for Souls The final installment in The Second Coming Trilogy sees JC his wife Maria and their loyal band of Disciples confront the forces of Evil in an all out battle for the minds hearts and souls of a gene

  • Title: Holy War (The Battle for Souls)
  • Author: Grant Leishman
  • ISBN: 9781370368624
  • Page: 390
  • Format: ebook
  • The final installment in The Second Coming Trilogy sees JC, his wife Maria and their loyal band of Disciples confront the forces of Evil, in an all out battle for the minds, hearts and souls of a generation.Beelzebub has escaped the pits of Hades and raised an AntiChrist, in the form of JC and Maria s daughter, Samantha Together, aided by Beelzebub s army of ancient GodsThe final installment in The Second Coming Trilogy sees JC, his wife Maria and their loyal band of Disciples confront the forces of Evil, in an all out battle for the minds, hearts and souls of a generation.Beelzebub has escaped the pits of Hades and raised an AntiChrist, in the form of JC and Maria s daughter, Samantha Together, aided by Beelzebub s army of ancient Gods they will battle the Hosts of Heaven in the ultimate quest of Good versus Evil Beelzebub seeks dominion over humanity and ultimately the Universe.The ultimate battle for humanity s subservience will stretch across the globe, culminating in that most historic and holy cities of Jerusalem At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Mount, humanity s future will be decided once and for all.Is this Armageddon This gripping, fantasy, adventure, is a real page turner, that will keep you on the edge of your chairs, until the final climactic scene.

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    One thought on “Holy War (The Battle for Souls)”

    1. This has been a really fun series to read and this book provided a satisfying conclusion. I don't follow any particular religion so I found the rather irreverent writing to be humorous and also at times perceptive. However, at no time did I find the author disrespectful in his depiction of JC and Maria. Rather, he simply places them in a modern day setting and as such they speak and act as you would expect. Their family life is at the heart of the book and they have more than their share of prob [...]

    2. Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' FavoriteHoly War (The Battle For Souls): The Mission Of Saving Humanity From The Brink (The Second Coming Book 3): The Battle For Souls, opens with a glimpse of the experience of dying. Damian, son of JC and Maria, grandson of God, has been murdered by his twin, Samantha, the AntiChrist. He is welcomed into heaven by God who intends to wage a Holy War against the immortal Beelzebub, who has escaped from Hades and seeks domination of humanity. On Earth, JC an [...]

    3. First there was The Second Coming, then Rise of The Antichrist and last but not least…When Beelzebub sets out with his team of fallen angels to wreak havoc on the sacred organisation that is The Kingdom of God Church, and all it stands for, there can only be one outcome – Holy War!Together with his antichrist he intends to become the ruler of the Universe and no one is going to get in his way. It seems J C and Maria have big trouble on their hands.My favourite character by far in this book w [...]

    4. It had me hooked from the first page. Fun read with great twists and turns. Perfect way to cap off the Second Coming trilogy. Holy War was a seriously fantastic twist on the Biblically-based characters we all know… but they have been updated to modern people who are so easy to connect with. JC, the main character, is real and witty and doing what we all are trying to do: make the best out of what goes down. Unfortunately for him, what’s going down is the battle for all humanity. PS. The vill [...]

    5. When I started reading Grant Leishman's book I thought I'd get a satirical reading of the battle of good vs. evil in the style of Robert Sheckley and Roger Zelazny's Bring Me The Head Of Prince Charming. What I got instead was a rather interesting study of different world religion, the story of an alternative unifying religion based on love and acceptance, some very curious takes on major religious figures and a gathering storm of conflicts leading to one final badass battle (probably my favorit [...]

    6. Loved and followed this trilogy from book one and have grown to love the characters. Beelzebub (the Devil) has managed to rip apart JC and Maria's family by convincing their daughter Samantha that she deserves more from the universe than is being offered and should rule by his side for all eternity. The anti Christ, Samantha, must use the powers she has to cause havoc and destruction against anyone who challenges her. Sadly that includes her own family. But who will be the victor? and can there [...]

    7. I don’t mind taking the mickey out of our legendary religious figures; if we can’t laugh at ourselves and what makes up culture, then we are a bit narrow-minded, right? Well, given that, I suspected I was in for a treat with this book and I was on the mark! Holy War shuffles the board a bit when it comes to religion and gifts us a whole different take on the entire shebang.This made me laugh, because some of our known figures end up rather amusing. They come across as more human, every one o [...]

    8. Holy War: Battle for Souls, is a great title and I was instantly drawn to the book by the synopsis.Beelzebub, one of the main protagonists, escapes from Hell and hatches a plan to raise an Anti-Christ, who is, in fact, JC's and Maria's daughter, Samantha.I could put this book into a couple of genres. It is fantasy/adventure, yet there are poignant and profound messages in the book that delve into biblical prophecies and teachings. Armageddon has begun, The fantasy, lively, and, at times, comedic [...]

    9. Another great book from Grant Leishman! First of all, I love JC as a character so much that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. The way he is presented, not as a deity, but as a regular mortal, makes the reader really connect with him and the rest of the “squad” – angels and disciples, who are to meet the evil Beelzebub in the ultimate battle for the universe itself. JC, Damien, Michael, Maria and the others are the perfect spiritual leaders, who prefer not to preach, but to sh [...]

    10. Although this could be read as a stand alone I recommend this three book series to anybody who wants to read a fun, feel-good and interesting series. There is lots of humour, romance and conflict as this book brings the series to its conclusion, the battle between good and bad (although I personally felt it was really a battle between family and love and self-interest and hate). Throughout the series Leishman walks a thin line with great skill. Although humerous there was never a point where I f [...]

    11. Mr. Leishman continues to shine in his writing. He brings the characters to life in Holy War, humanizing them while remaining true to who they are. The storyline keeps the reader guessing, the characters and their dialog are enjoyable, and the writing is consistently engaging. This trilogy should appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

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