Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell

Like the Roman The Life of Enoch Powell Written with full access to all Powell s public and private papers this biography details Powell s Midlands childhood his appointment at the age of as Professor of Greek at the University of Adel

  • Title: Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell
  • Author: Simon Heffer
  • ISBN: 9780297842866
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Written with full access to all Powell s public and private papers, this biography details Powell s Midlands childhood, his appointment at the age of 25 as Professor of Greek at the University of Adelaide, his writing of poetry, his love for an Irish woman and his Rivers of Blood speech.

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    One thought on “Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell”

    1. Warning. This is a thick tome weighing in at some 1,200 pages.Having read the memoirs of every Prime Minister since 1900, I decided to go off on a tangent and examine some of the big beasts of British politics since 1970. Enoch's career ended suddenly in 1968 when his 'Rivers of Blood' speech cut a fissure across the race relations landscape. He was sacked from the shadow-cabinet by a cowardly Heath and relegated to the realms of an outsider and cross bencher, despite overwhelming support from t [...]

    2. Simon Heffer wrote a political biography worthy of such a great, captivating man who still influences many to this day. His warnings and views certainly still hold immense relevance, and anybody who is interested remotely in Enoch Powell and even British politics in the 1960-70s ought to start here. The detail is immense and sourced excellently, it gives a fair and accurate account of his life that is as sad as it is influential and uplifting, and I would be lying to say that it did not bring me [...]

    3. Enoch Powell é conhecido especialmente pelas suas posições lúcidas, ainda que polémicas, sobre a imigração maciça e as suas consequências, mas habitualmente não é referida a sua elevada cultura, própria de um classicista de formação, que aos 25 anos era já professor de grego antigo. Sobre o seu conhecimento linguístico, há um aspecto que interessa especialmente aos portugueses.Nesta excelente biografia feita por Simon Heffer, intitulada “Like the Roman. The Life of Enoch Powel [...]

    4. Despite some stretches of dullness, this book is excellent. Ok, the bits on prices and incomes policies are tedious, but a comprehensive biography must include the things which took up the time of, and interested, the subject - despite the fact it may take up far too much of our time, or not interest us. The book manages to paint a so often black and white figure as a complex man, and one who the reader will feel sympathy for - his views might be seen as wrong, but a greater understanding is acc [...]

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