Soundman for a B-Band

Soundman for a B Band Sex drugs and Rock n Roll would have been considered a tame existence back in the s in Albuquerque New Mexico At the age of eighteen I was a sound engineer for popular bar bands There was so mu

  • Title: Soundman for a B-Band
  • Author: Brett Arquette
  • ISBN: 9781312978706
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll would have been considered a tame existence back in the 1980s in Albuquerque New Mexico At the age of eighteen, I was a sound engineer for popular bar bands There was so much depth to that depraved existence that I was surprised I found my way out Now I m a husband, a father, a responsible human and I don t have anything to do with that lifesSex, drugs, and Rock n Roll would have been considered a tame existence back in the 1980s in Albuquerque New Mexico At the age of eighteen, I was a sound engineer for popular bar bands There was so much depth to that depraved existence that I was surprised I found my way out Now I m a husband, a father, a responsible human and I don t have anything to do with that lifestyle, but I do have the memories Good, bad, vulgar, ugly, funny, stupid, silly, dangerous, decadent there was always a new night, a new band, a new girl, a new party and it was so much fun that it seemed like the good times would never end And then I grew up My name is Duncan and these are my stories of running sound for B Bands.

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    One thought on “Soundman for a B-Band”

    1. I received a free copy of this book from the author. I stopped reading this book about 124 pages in. The book wasn't that bad ; I just found that I wasn't really enjoying it. It started out enjoyable enough but I got turned off when he told a rather lengthy story about Paula Paula. He basically takes revenge on her for her loss of interest in him following a one night stand by deliberately sabotaging her new band's show at a club where he is doing the sound. He ends up manipulating her into slee [...]

    2. If you think this is another rock star autobiography, well, you are semi right. What a fun look into a B band soundman. Alternated between his life with his family now, and his band years, it makes for an entertaining read. It's what most guys aspire to be, and this guy lived it. Thoroughly enjoyed! I received this book for free, but it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.

    3. A while ago I received this to my inbox:Hi Mikda,I saw the you read "I Am Ozzy" and I was hoping that you would give my new novel "Soundman for a B-Band" a shot.It's a fun, mindless, wild ride!Please feel free to visit my temporary download page and select any version you prefer.Thanks,Brett ArquetteFirstly, you misspelled my name Brett! Secondly, I appreciate the style of marketing and made a request to my local library to purchase your book which they did. You're welcome Sir! Thirdly, awesome [...]

    4. This book came through as a suggestion from the author based on my interest in rock biography and from that point it was a good call.Although a work of fiction there was an authenticity in tone which reminded me of the L.A. glam metal club scene as presented in the film 'decline of western civilisation part 2' .ough in many ways the fiction is slightly less debauched than the reality of other factual(or as factual as biography gets) written in this era.This a sex .me drugs but mainly rock and ro [...]

    5. Arquette continues to spam users (including kids) about his latest book. If you look at user-submitted questions on "Operation Hail Storm", you can see there are many people who have received multiple copies of his spam letter, all from quickly-deleted accounts. This is in clear violation of Goodread's Terms of Service. This IS NOT how a good author gets the word out about his book. If you have received spam from one of his deleted accounts, please report him here

    6. At first, I wasn't sure I liked the book. The author had suggested I read it since I had read several of his other works and really enjoyed them. As I read thru the book, it was an interesting glimpse into what reality in the 80s was for a rock and roll bar scene. I have to admit, I missed most of the era, and can't say I feel like I missed out on much. It was an interesting introspection on growing into yourself and maturing thru the twenties and into the thirties.

    7. Great story about a B- Band Soundman in the 80's, but written in present day time with the normality of wife kids and a job etc and i love the way he incorporates 80's rock songs with the memories of what happened to him in the past, which leads you to the next story.Interesting read with quite a few funny moments, did wish that Def Leppard had been spelt properly ( but that's just a pet peeve).If you like the 80's and stories of the 80's well worth a read.

    8. An excellent book that tells the raw story of a guy making his way in the music scene in the 80's. The description says it allx, drugs and rock n' roll.The only reason I docked one star is the book needs some editorial polishing. A few spelling errors throughout. Besides that - five stars for the story. Thanks for an interesting read Brett!

    9. I came across this by chance and by chance had not got a book lines up and ready. Maybe that is how the world works. Not a book I would have naturally picked out but as soon as I started I noticed the appeal. Almost a work of philosophy but whose philosophy?

    10. Absolutely loved this book!So much fun and very well researched.If you still love and always did the Rock bands and I mean,the real Rock bands, this book is for you.Yes, it is fiction,but you can easily imagine any of those bands starting just like the bands in this novel.I've never laughed so much reading any other book as I did reading "Soundman for a B-Band". I was extremely impressed with how well this novel was researched-even to the smallest details of the Rock bands backstage workings.The [...]

    11. This was raw! raunchy, too! Yeah, those were the days. in all their glory. I have to admit, that despite some painfully gross moments, I did find the book hilariously funny! Of course, I can have a pretty warped sense of humor, Some guys out there are going to read this book and wish it was the bad old days! Fun read!

    12. I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of SOUNDMAN FOR A B-BAND by Brett Arquette and the publisher, Lulu books for review purposes. Brett 'Duncan' Arquette has a story to tell, and tell it he does, in his funny, at times fearlessly graphic, and self-deprecating way. He takes us back to his younger days in the late 1980's and 1990's when he fell into working as the soundman for various local bands in New Mexico. Arquette shares his memories of his rock 'n roll days during some of the wild and [...]

    13. Please note, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. I frankly didn't even realize what all a sound man did. I loved finding out. I loved reading about the different escapades that happened. Both in the personal life and in the music life. It was great to see the band's life from a very different perspective. And I loved the dynamics between everyone. This book is well written and engaging. It is a great read that le [...]

    14. I must admit, this was a fun, fun read. Unfortunately, due to work and family obligations, it did take me much longer than I was expecting to get through this one.This biography tells the story of Duncan who, back when he was a younger man, was a much sought after soundman for B level bands in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. The stories about his adventures from a soundman, to married with kids is very entertaining and flows rather nicely. Almost in a conversational way.The way the author work [...]

    15. 4-5 Stars in some places. Written with Honesty.A bit crude at times but that is how it can go as male musicians living on a shoestring budget and in tight quarters. Poor Tara, man. I've never-Ever heard of treating a girl like that. Could have used a bit more moral fiber, some remorse as the adult reminiscing. Monkey read, monkey do (or DON'T do in this case). That was cringe inducing and painful to read.What happened to Paula Paula? A loose end, I felt. Certainly that kind of talent would conti [...]

    16. As someone who frequented small clubs and bars in the mid 1980s and early 1990sp. Exactly. This is the behind the scenes, after bar time narrative that you always wondered about after seeing your favorite regional band on stage.

    17. DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.It was entertaining. Some typos along the way but that's expected when no editor is involved. It might be a fun read for anyone who likes the rock club scene in the 80's.

    18. Definitely sex, drugs and rock n roll. Brett Arquette tells it like it was. He told the tale of technical challenges, personnel challenges, sexual challenges and more in an entertaining and informative manner. The book was a bit too raw for my reading tastes, however it was well written and from what I have read in previous band books is/was a true representation of the life and times of a B Band and an A and C Band as well.I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest revi [...]

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