Master of Surrender

Master of Surrender Bound by a brotherhood forged in the hell of a Saracen prison eight Blood Swords mercenary knights for William the Conqueror set out to claim their legacies the only way they can by right of arms by

  • Title: Master of Surrender
  • Author: Karin Tabke
  • ISBN: 9781416550891
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bound by a brotherhood forged in the hell of a Saracen prison, eight Blood Swords mercenary knights for William the Conqueror set out to claim their legacies the only way they can by right of arms, by right of victory, by right of conquest.For Sir Rohan du Luc, known as the Black Sword, enemies fall easily beneath his assaultuntil he comes face to face with a foe Bound by a brotherhood forged in the hell of a Saracen prison, eight Blood Swords mercenary knights for William the Conqueror set out to claim their legacies the only way they can by right of arms, by right of victory, by right of conquest.For Sir Rohan du Luc, known as the Black Sword, enemies fall easily beneath his assaultuntil he comes face to face with a foe worthy than any battle hardened knight Bold and courageous though she is, Saxon maiden Isabel of Alethorpe cannot stop Rohan de Luc from seizing Alethorpe and its people in the name of William the Conqueror Then Rohan demands not just the manor, but Isabel herself She vows that her heart will remain her own, even if she is forced to allow him to lay claim to her body But while the lady s lips say no, Isabel s traitorous body is awakened to desire by the seductive attentions of this potent invader Can she remain true to her Saxon heritage and her hopes that her brother may have survived the battlefield, or will Sir Rohan s skilled touch capture her unwilling heart as surely as his prowess with his sword captured her father s lands

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    One thought on “Master of Surrender”

    1. I'm just going to warn you, right up front – this is not a light, fluffy romance. It’s brutal, gory, violent, sexist and just about every other miserable day-to-day thing you would expect from the Medieval era. And wow, I really enjoyed this story! Master of Surrender is the first book in the Blood Sword series, and while it’s not terribly unique – few medieval romance novels are – it grabbed me right from the bloody prologue and kept me reading through the not quite as bloody end. Sir [...]

    2. Dark Knight, Rohan du Luc, and his 7 fellow knights, were saved from torture and a brutal death by a witch who bound the eight men by blood and foretold of their prophesy and released them to fulfill their legacy; and so became the Blood Swords. Fierce, ruthless and hardened, the Blood Swords will stop at nothing to claim what is theirs and Rohan has claimed Isabel and her castle as his, but Isabel won’t just hand over the keys to her castle, nor will she submit her virtue to him. Isabel is st [...]

    3. ok block your ears people im about to scream "W O WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"where do i start i didnt really have high expectations for this book maybe because lately most of the higlander books are repetitive and monotonous same same its hard to hold my atension, and this really dissapoints me because historical romance is my fav genre .The forst 50 pages of this book were fabtastic it set a dark scene that was so well written i actually believed i was there .d then it just got better it presents a lega [...]

    4. De verdad qué rabia que no se puedan poner medias estrellas, porque quería darle 4'5. Ha sido uno de los mejores libros de romántica medieval que he leído. Me ha tenido enganchada a la trama durante toda la novela, con personajes muy carismáticos y atrayentes. Muy novedosa no es la historia, porque peca de cliché, pero es que a ver qué van a inventar en un libro medieval que se sitúa en la conquista de Inglaterra por parte de Guillermo el Conquistador.El protagonista, Rohan, es el bastar [...]

    5. I don't even know where to begin with this. I'm giving it two stars not because it isn't a good story. It is. It is exciting, action-packed and emotionally satisfying. The heroine is likable and strong-willed and the hero is totally alpha. It is a story that grabs you from the start. The reason I am giving this book two stars is because it is very similar to a book I read as a teenager called The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, . At first, I tried to decide whether it felt familiar b [...]

    6. I am going to be really honest here. I really didn’t know what to expect when I started this book. As a general rule, I don’t read many Medieval Romances. It’s not that I don’t like them, because I do…I just don’t seek them out. Well, after reading Master of Surrender by Karin Tabke, I am going to give the genre some serious reconsideration from now on!Our story starts in the year 1059 at Jubb Prison, Viseu, Iberia. Rohan de Luc, the bastard son of a Norse nobleman, and his men are i [...]

    7. I reviewed this on last year:I've been looking for a new good medieval and Karin Tabke's first effort hits the mark. I got it Friday evening after a long week's work and stayed up until 2am to finish it, barely pausing to eat and breathe. This was an intense, exhausting story. The tension and the violence are quite draining to read. The plot is good, although hardly original. Norman conqueror/Saxon maiden has been done many times before. The story takes place in the weeks between Hastings and W [...]

    8. Master of Surrender4 StarsThe year is 1066 and William the Conqueror has invaded England with his legions of knights and mercenaries. Rohan du Luc, a Norman knight and leader of the Blood Swords, William’s elite guard, takes possession of Rossmoor, a Saxon stronghold, and its spirited lady, Isabel Alethorpe. As the conflict between the Saxons and the Normans rages outside the walls of the keep, so does the battle of wills between a woman who would retain her virtue at all costs and a man deter [...]

    9. The year is 1059.Jubb Prison, Viseu, IberiaRohan du Luc, a mercenary knight, and the bastard son of a nobleman, lay chained in a filthy cell, being tortured along with his band of seven other knights. Until a witch defies her brother to help the eight mercenary knights escape, at which time she sets in motion the prophecy of the Blood Sword, binding the eight knights together. As part of the prophecy, only a specific woman can bear each of them sons, and with it comes a price.1066, Six years lat [...]

    10. A mediocre and painfully predictable cookie cutter medieval romance. It starts out well but then you know the road that this book is going to take very fast. You’ve got the annoying villain who keeps making a come-back, the hero who should’ve told the heroine the truth from the get-go and you can’t for the life of you figure out why he kept the info a secret in the first place, and of course there’s even the TSTL heroine moment where you’re saying “gawwwd don’t tell me she’s goin [...]

    11. This is a very good start to The Blood Sword Legacy series. Book is well written and really draws out the characters (both male and female leads) as well as the surroundings. It makes you feel like you're right there in medieval times. Totally amazing how authors do that when we haven't a clue what it was really like back then. Just started reading book two and loving it. There are eight brothers in the Blood Swords can't wait for the next installment.

    12. Well, my experiment (to read a book I would never ordinarily pick up) was both a success (I read it) and a failure (I remembered exactly why this is the kind of book I would never pick up!). In the interest of fairness to the book, I'm going to leave my biggest issue with it to the end, recognizing that my biggest issue might just be a matter of taste, and other people might like that sort of thing. I'm first going to look at what I thought of the book apart from that issue. I thought it was wel [...]

    13. As a romance reader as of 2008, I have quite a lot of reading make-up to do Now I knew that Karin Tabke wrote some pretty awesome paranormal books, but now finding out she wrote these AWESOME Historical Romances makes me all giddy, because I am all about the historical romanceMASTER OF SURRENDER is a wild ride from start to finish. Author Karin Tabke can write a sensual scene as easily as she writes a fight to the death. I enjoyed this book immensely and have moved happily on to the next one.

    14. a few chapters in, and there's no plot in sight. this bodice ripper has nothing i haven't read a hundred times before, but it does have shallow characters and horrible writing. can't be bothered to continue, and don't feel justified giving a rating based on the little i managed to read.

    15. Norman Rohan du Luc awaited death in a brutal Iberian prison along with his brothers at arms, fellow mercenaries and an unknown Saracen. Punished for surviving the horrific brutality inflicted on them, the men are bound as the Brotherhood of the Blood Swords and began sharing a legacy and cutting swaths of victory across the continent.Seven years later, having become a notorious death squad for William the Conqueror, Rohan and the Brotherhood seize Rossmoor, easily overwhelming the unskilled Sax [...]

    16. Not that this book was bad. It was just very boring. A rather formualic medieval story centering around the wars between the Normans and Saxon. A formidable Norman warrior taking over the Saxon land and fair maiden of the keep. Isabel is a indignant Saxon lady who was forced to tolerate attentions from Rohan, the Norman warrior who had come to claim her home. I don't mind tried plots but I tire of Isabel and her indignation. Yeah yeah you have your pride and you will not bow to the Normans. You [...]

    17. The first book in the Blood Sword Legacy series by Karin Tabke. Set in Medieval England during the times of William the Conqueror. Sir Rohan du Luc, known as the Black Sword, is a knight of William the Conqueror and come to claim Alethorpe for him. Isabel of Alethorpe is a young Saxon maiden, determined to stay true to her Saxon heritage.A bit more intense and dark than many of the Medieval romances I've read. Yet it was written in a way that kept me enthralled.

    18. I wasn't sure where Karin Tabke was going to go with this series. I had read two of her other novels and enjoyed them but didn't LOVE them. This book however I loved loved LOVED!! It went on my keeper shelf (which doesn't happen very often) and I will definitely be getting the rest of the series.

    19. I really liked this story, even though there is much violence, because it seems consistent with the era. The characters are logical and realistic, and the plot well done.

    20. I had heard good things about this series and the blurb on the back sounded interesting. Just the writing didn't grab me and the hero didn't really either. Oh well.

    21. I liked how it was not all fluff and romance. It was hard and at times brutal, like the time in was set in.

    22. The beginning of this book had me overflowing with anticipation of what would happen. I was filled with suspense, as if I was watching a terrible storm roll in. I waited to see what havoc it would wreak and how the rubble would fall. Yet, this storm just stayed overhead for most of the book producing only a gentle shower through dark clouds. Underwhelming to say the least. Which is sad, since there was so much potential. I wish Julie Garwood had co-authored this one, because that would have made [...]

    23. Good lighthearted readGood points- characters had good chemistry and enjoyed reading about the other knights too, had a good plot to it and kept me entertainedBad points- was a bit long winded in some areas and the thing that kept annoying me the most was how much a lot of the book was about Isabelle's virginity the author mad a massive deal about it a bit too much but apart from that a nice read

    24. "Marcada por el destino" una historia ambientada en la época medieval que me encantó por toda la ambientación y la trama, pero sobre todo por los protagonistas; Isabel es una prota genial, fuerte y decidida, y Rohan también me ha gustado bastante, es una muy buena historia de amorReseña Completa: lavidadeunalectoraa.

    25. 'Master of Surrender' is the first book in Karin Tabke's 'Blood Sword Legacy' series.I went into this book expecting a light bit of historical romance. . . what I got was a surprisingly robust and raunchy historical romance series to sink my teeth into.Rohan de Luc is a bastard son. Along with a band of likewise illegitimate knights, de Luc heads the Black Sword and fights for William the Conqueror. The year is 1066 and William fights for the English throne against Harold Godwinson, the current [...]

    26. I won't lie. When I first started this book I was a little lost and felt as though this would be one of those books that doesn't correlate with their synopsis. The prologue was violent, a little sad, and ended with a sense of mystery and fantasy leaving me to wonder what I had actually purchased. But still I pushed on because now I was intrigued-- and I'm glad I did. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was setting up the cause and effect of the Blood Swords.One of the strongest appreciations [...]

    27. leslecturesdeveraliceRohan De Luc, un capitaine attaché à Guillaume le Conquérant, reçoit l'ordre de prendre sous sa coupe le château d'Isabelle Alethorpe. Entouré d'une aura de fureur glaciale et dangereuse, le guerrier entend bien soumettre cette jeune saxonne. Après tout, elle est dorénavant son esclave, mais une esclave courageuse qui ne lui rendra pas la tâche facile. Sans compter qu'autour d'eux, le monde transpire d'insécurité, secoué par la violence et les troubles. Un monde [...]

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