City of Saviors

City of Saviors Los Angeles Homicide Detective Elouise Norton encounters her toughest case yet in City of Saviors the fourth installment in the critically acclaimed mystery series from author Rachel Howzell Hall Aft

  • Title: City of Saviors
  • Author: Rachel Howzell Hall
  • ISBN: 9780765381194
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Los Angeles Homicide Detective Elouise Norton encounters her toughest case yet in City of Saviors, the fourth installment in the critically acclaimed mystery series from author Rachel Howzell Hall.After a long Labor Day weekend, seventy three year old Eugene Washington is found dead in his Leimert Park home At first blush, his death seems unremarkable heatwave combined wiLos Angeles Homicide Detective Elouise Norton encounters her toughest case yet in City of Saviors, the fourth installment in the critically acclaimed mystery series from author Rachel Howzell Hall.After a long Labor Day weekend, seventy three year old Eugene Washington is found dead in his Leimert Park home At first blush, his death seems unremarkable heatwave combined with food poisoning from a holiday barbecue But something in the way Washington died doesn t make sense LAPD Homicide Detective Elouise Lou Norton is called to investigate the death and learns that the only family Washington had was the 6,000 member congregation of Blessed Mission Ministries, led by Bishop Solomon Tate.But something wicked is lurking among the congregants of this church.Lou s partner, Detective Colin Taggert, thinks her focus on the congregation comes from her distrust of organized religion But Lou is convinced that the murderer is sitting in one of those red velvet pews and that Bishop Tate may be protecting the wolf in the flock Lou must force the truth into the light and confront her own demons in order to save another soul before it s too late.

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    One thought on “City of Saviors”

    1. City of Saviors is the fourth book by Rachel Howzell Hall involving homicide Det. Elouise Norton and returning characters of the Los Angeles Police Department.Norton has now been promoted to a detective sergeant, allowing Hall to weave this change into the story to bring additional layers to her story telling. Norton's promotion, along with other issues, bring new complexities to the life of the lead character. In this novel, the tale starts with the investigation into the death of an elderly ma [...]

    2. A pure distillation of everything that makes Elouise Norton books great - all of the sass and the sincerity, all of the darkness and all of the heart. This is nearly perfect, both laugh out loud funny and creepy as all hell.

    3. Absolutely perfect. I love love love me some Sergeant Lou Norton! She's like a Timex takes a locking and keeps on ticking! This book was so worth the wait. Fabulous job, Ms. Hall!

    4. Lou is back!!! She is wounded after catching her last killer but pushing through in true Lou fashion. In this fourth installment, we continue to really get to know Lou. She is a little like all of us when we have work to do, we push through and get it done. She’s got a murderer to catch. This time it isn’t a missing child but another vulnerable member of our society who is preyed upon by those who should be helping and not profiting. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages tur [...]

    5. Rachel Hall has to be my favorite AA female author of mystery right now. And she did not disappoint in the 4th installment of the Elouise Norton novels. The only complaint I have is that there are not enough titles by her (Rachel) yet. I'm a fan of all of her works , even the first book I read years ago. I can say if you enjoyed the first three, you'll like this one. If you haven't read her other titles do yourself a favor and do so.

    6. 'City of Saviors' is Rachel Howzell Hall's latest crime novel starring homicide detective Eloise 'Lou' Norton. It's a competently executed 'whodunnit & why' with an interesting twist at the end. Lest you miss the constant reminders throughout the story (and all previous ones in the stack as well), Lou is African-American.It begins with a 'hoarder' found dead in his severely overstuffed home. It appears to be by natural causes, but something doesn't look right to the detectives so they begin [...]

    7. *frustrated sigh*Listen, I really love this series. It's interesting, gritty, and I can relate to Lou on a personal level. I love that when I'm reading this, I don't think of her as a character. This book is my favorite of the series so far and I hope it's continued. After the events of the last book, if Lou didn't have PTSD, I would have stopped reading and never picked it up again. I was shown that she was having a hard time. I was shown that she's still battling racism and sexism and I can re [...]

    8. 3.5 stars. Another solid entry to this newish series. I really appreciate the author's efforts in conveying the difficulties that Sgt. Elouise Norton has with her struggles in race and gender within the LAPD. And trying to hide her ptsd while juggling a really icky case and knowing that there is some sort of underlying issue at work. I also liked her support system. The case itself, while a solid procedural, was slightly predictable. There were some steps that I'm surprised that the detectives d [...]

    9. City of Saviours is the fourth book in the series to feature Lou Norton but the first that I have read. Obviously, there is a lot of back story but it didn’t stop me enjoying the book and it was easy to read as a standalone. If anything, the back story has made me intrigued about what I have missed.Lou is my new favourite heroine. A female, black police officer, she has to prove herself more than necessary that she can do her job. She does get respect from her immediate team, although she isn [...]

    10. A very good addition to Hall's Elouise Norton series. This well-written book had enough plot twists to keep me turning the pages and enough red herrings to keep me guessing until the end. Glimpses into Lou's personal life also continue to add depth to a her character. A nice tease on the last couple of pages had me looking forward to the next book in the series with a smile on my face.

    11. ARC provided by the publisher and voluntarily reviewed.I enjoyed City of Saviours.I thought Lou was a great character; broken but not ready to give up, tough, resilient and passionate about her job. I found her relatable and sympathetic.The investigation into Eugene’s death becomes quite strange and sinister s Lou uncovers his dark and disturbing secrets. The more she finds out the more questions she has. I liked the way this played out and developed across the novel.The true cause of Eugene [...]

    12. I am definitely a fan of Rachel Howzell Hall and her Detective Elouise Norton series. The first three books in the series are stellar, and the fourth, City of Strangers, may just outrank them.In City of Saviors, Lou has just returned to work full time after an accident and the killing of a heinous murderer. She is still dealing with the physical and emotional fallout of that as well as the resentment of some of the other detectives as Lou was promoted to detective sergeant after the case.Unfortu [...]

    13. I picked this book based on its title and comments that this was a fresh voice in crime fiction and had started reading. This book caught my attention right away, here is a young Black female Detective in charge of finding out what happened to Eugene Washington who was found dead surrounded by lots of cats and stuff. At first glance it looked like he had just died of a natural death especially since the area was suffering from a heat wave.When a woman living in the area arrived saying she was pr [...]

    14. Detective Lou Norton is a Kick Ass CopEugene Washington is found dead in what appears to be an unremarkable way. But when Detective Norton arrives at the scene she realises that not all is what it seems. Lou Norton becomes convinced that the Church of the Blessed Mission where Washington worshipped is somehow responsible for his death.Lou Norton is a hot new Detective; she is flawed but that only makes her more human and a better cop. This is the third book in the series but the first one I have [...]

    15. I have read several of Rachel Hall's Lou Norton novels and they are all entertaining. This one has Lou dealing with the aftermath of action in prior books as well as a mysterious death. I like the character of Lou Norton, her desire, her anger and her persistence, which sometimes affects her physical and mental health negatively. Her partner, Colin, is a well drawn character and the stark differences between Colin and Lou are interesting aspects of the book. These are good books, a bit on the li [...]

    16. Read "Land of Shadows" and couldn't put it down.I got this one the other day anc judt finished it with my name on a list for her other two Det. Elouise Norton novelss.Elouise is a take charge detective who happens to be African-American so has two "strikes" against her.her gender and her color. She is recently divorced and recently almost been killed by maniacs she has been tracking (in one of my yet-unread books). In this volume she encounters modern-day cannabilism, ministry, deaths and her pa [...]

    17. 3+. These books are really enjoyable to read. I like the heroine very much - her depth, humor, grit, and the way she handles the daily challenges of living in an (often) messy world. The characters are well-written, even the tangential ones, and the story arcs are interesting. Some aspects of the cases were too foreshadowed, too easy to piece together as the reader, but that's the only negative I found. Overall, I appreciate what Rachel Howzell Hall has done with this series. I'll keep reading a [...]

    18. I really enjoy this series because I don’t see many opportunities to read mysteries/thrillers from the POV of an African American police detective. The character Lou makes sharp observations about his changing city and the challenges in her workplace. The featured murder in this book took many twists and turns to reach its conclusion. The mystery almost felt secondary due to Lou’s other issues regarding her physical and emotional wellbeing. I did enjoy it, though, and can’t wait for the ne [...]

    19. This was maybe the weakest of her novels to me. I love her alliterative skills. She writes in an excellent style. She rushed back, in the novel, from a devastating accident in her last book. She is having nightmares and not getting proper rest. The plot for the story was a retired military man who was found dead in a roach infested apartment with serious riches. A holy church with a secret was the backdrop. Eugene Washington also had a crazy secret. I love the L.A. based novels but the ending wa [...]

    20. I'm only sorry it's over. Detective Norton's prospective on life is 'can and will do'. She muscles through fear and adversity to champion the weak, vulnerable and murdered. As usual her descriptive language puts you right in the scene without revealing the criminal. Meanwhile her friends and other characters are developed richly and keep the novel moving at a fast and fun pace. I'm rereading it now just to visit with her friends:) Well done!

    21. Rachel, You did it again!I loved it, but then I have loved every book written by this author. Yes. I have read every single book that she has written and she just gets better and better.This time, Detective Lou solves quite a few murders with more twists and turns than I can count. The storyline was fast-paced and I had to pay attention to keep up. I couldn't put it down, as the old cliché says.This book was the best that I read all summer long and I am an avid reader, one who reads at least tw [...]

    22. I received a copy of this book from a giveaway. Wow! Such a good book! The storyline grabbed my attention in the very beginning and I did not want to put the book down. There were so many twists and details it kept me guessing on which character was the bad guy.

    23. This was a great thriller.With all the suspects and the twists and turns I could not put this book down.I cant wait to read more in the Detective Elouise Norton line I need to find out how she makes out.I received this book free as part of giveaways.

    24. This is an interesting series. Lou Norton is an African American female police officer in Los Angeles. Some elements of the plot are somewhat melodramatic, but Lou, her colleagues, and her friends are engaging. I'll definitely read more in this series.

    25. No one believesit's anything important when an old man dies home alone, but Detective Lou Norton feels something isn't quite right. An elderly dead hoarder sends her into an unexpected world that shocks even our intrepid heroine. Can't wait for the next one.

    26. This is the fourth book in the series and it did not disappoint. This series just keeps getting better and better. I couldn't put this book down I just wanted to know what would happen.

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