All the Stars Left Behind

All the Stars Left Behind Relocating to Arctic Norway would put a freeze on anyone s social life For Leda Lindgren with her crutches and a chip on her shoulder the size of her former Manhattan home the frozen tundra is just

  • Title: All the Stars Left Behind
  • Author: AshleyGraham
  • ISBN: 9781633756830
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Relocating to Arctic Norway would put a freeze on anyone s social life For Leda Lindgren, with her crutches and a chip on her shoulder the size of her former Manhattan home, the frozen tundra is just as boring as it sounds Until she meets her uncle s gorgeous employee Unfortunately, no matter how smoking hot the guy is, Roar comes with secrets as unnerving as his movingRelocating to Arctic Norway would put a freeze on anyone s social life For Leda Lindgren, with her crutches and a chip on her shoulder the size of her former Manhattan home, the frozen tundra is just as boring as it sounds Until she meets her uncle s gorgeous employee Unfortunately, no matter how smoking hot the guy is, Roar comes with secrets as unnerving as his moving tattoos And Leda doesn t trust him.Roar shouldn t be drawn to the moody human girl with eyes that leave him weak in the knees But when Leda gets shot by one of his enemies and survives, Roar finally understands why he s drawn to her Leda is exactly what he was sent to Earth to find A weapon of immense power capable of saving his planet She just doesn t know it yet.

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    One thought on “All the Stars Left Behind”

    1. Three and a halfI was really intruigued by the synopsis of this plus the cover was so eye catching. The idea of a heroine with spina bifida was a unique one for me and I really had no idea where the author was going to take this story. Leda is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her father and thanks to her mothers complete lack of interest in her has been taken in by relatives in Norway that she didn't even know she had. In many ways she's just trading water until she meets Roar the pe [...]

    2. ***2.5/5 Stars***All the Stars Left Behind had so much promise! The premise was uniquely fascinating, the characters stood out and were original, and the parts about space travel and science blew my mind. There was so much about this book that I loved. Yet there's a huge but. It felt as though I was reading a beta copy. Which means, I kept finding scenes that contradicted itself, moments where the ball was dropped, and things weren't always fleshed out or made sense. I don't think I've ever re-r [...]

    3. I am sorry, but I hate instalove. Enough to be one of the main causes I stop reading sth, even more so if the plot is full of holes. We have Leda, with a disability and a mother who doesn't care for her, so she is closer to her dad. When he dies, Leda and her mother move to Norway. There she meets a guy called Roar, an alien who is sent to earth in search of a weapon to help his people. Here begins the instalove and the holes on the plot More info on the aliens, please? Why it feels like some pe [...]

    4. Thanks to Entangled Teen for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Leda has Spina Bifida with an L5 lesion thus she needs crutches to get around. This did not stop her cold and distant mother from moving her from her home in Manhattan and leaving her at her grandmother and uncle's house in arctic Norway. There she meets Roar, her uncle's new employee and the earth stops. As she gets entangled in her attraction for this suspicious man she learns there is more to her feelings t [...]

    5. Oh the predictability and the cliches. It was all too much.After the death of her father, Leda moves to Norway to live with her uncle. When Leda meets Roar, their world is flipped upside down and the two feel a very strong attraction for one another, the only problem is that Roar is an alien sent to Earth to look for the secret weapon to save his home planet. Will Leda be a distraction to his mission or will their attraction prove to be useful in finding the secret weapon.Leda was a very good ma [...]

    6. Leda Lindgren has recently lost her father with whom she'd been very close to her whole life and with a mother that is never there Leda finds herself being relocated to Arctic Norway with a grandmother and uncle. Leda also suffers from spina bifida and uses crutches to get around due to her failing muscles which doesn't make the move and meeting new people any easier for her. However when Leda meets her uncle's gorgeous assistant, Roar, she finds a strange pull towards him with things happening [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this novel about two characters who are meant to find one another to save Roar's planet. The novel is told in alternating POVs, from both Leda and Roar's perspectives, but I think more of the story is shared through his voice. I identified with Leda. She, like me, is a vegan, and who seems to open to interacting with people who may not be ready to make that commitment just yet, which seemed like a very positive portrayal of veganism. I also loved that beyond her alternate diet, [...]

    8. This book was a good read and I enjoyed it even thoughI am no into the whole Sci Fi alien concept. The storyline was well written, but the characters were a little confusing at times. The ending was not really a surprise, but it was fairly written out.Moved to Norway after her fathers death, Leda Lindgren meets Roar who worked at her uncles shop. Leda was crippled and her mother ignored her most of the time because she never really wanted her. Roar see's past Leda and eventually falls for Leda. [...]

    9. celebrityreaders.wordpress2.5 stars -- I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.OK, this was a frustrating read for me. And I'm having a hard time judging what all comes into play in my final assessment. There is definitely a component that is a bad match writing style for me I think. But there's also bits that were honest to goodness not written as well too. And this is where it gets complicated: the part that doesn't match with me style-wis [...]

    10. 'All the Stars Left Behind' is a new young adult science fiction novel that fans will enjoy. It's the author's debut - which I think showcases her potential and talent. The plot might not be wholly original - there's aspects that I've seen plenty of times before - but the author gives it an unique feel that sets it apart. The story is one of star-crossed lovers that fall for one another but can never (or should never) be together. In this instance, the guy is an alien and the girl is actually a [...]

    11. Leda Lindgren’s father died two weeks ago, and her mother did not waste any time moving back to Vardø, Norway, where Leda’s parents were born. The Arctic is a long way from New York, and Leda is somewhat distraught, but she soon made a new friend in Nils, her odd neighbour. Her bombastic uncle Arne, a wood artist, is also a welcome presence, as Leda’s mother is cold, aloof, and always absent, and so is Leda’s grandmother. Leda is a great girl, outgoing and smart, but her Spina Bifida ha [...]

    12. ALL THE STARS LEFT BEHIND wasn't exactly the book I thought it was going to be and unfortunately in this case, that wasn't a good thing. I was just plain bored, confused or felt like I was missing something through most of ALL THE STARS LEFT BEHIND. It was like the author was so busy trying to fit in as much diversity in the characters as possible that she forgot that the book also needed a plot. I did actually like the characters, but without a strong story they kinda just floundered to me. The [...]

    13. I received this book from net galley for an honest review. Thank you!!This novel was a good read. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. This story involves aliens, romance, action, adventure, and discovering one's self.Leda Lindgren has relocated to Norway after the death of her father. She is a cripple and that people pity her. Her mother ignores her and never really wanted Leda. Leda learned a lot from her father.Roar has a mission, to find the weapon that will save his people. He works at Le [...]

    14. I have to be honest, when I first started reading this book I was expecting it to be a 3 star read. The first chapter didn't grab my attention, and it felt a bit rushed, but I am so glad I gave it a chance, because it soon morphed into one of the most exciting, intense and thrilling reads I have had the pleasure of stepping into.Sci-fi enthusiasts will eat this book up. But even if you are not into aliens and interstellar wars, you'll love the book for its elements of romance, forbidden as they [...]

    15. I won't actually give this a rating because, for the moment, I'm going to shelve this under DNF. I just couldn't get past the Instalove and lack of compelling plot. Maybe in the future I'll come back and try again.

    16. I really enjoyed this book. Insta-love is really not my favorite trope. Nor is the trope of a teen finding out about a mystery heritage, whether that be royalty, magical, or non-human. But!!--huge but here--these tropes did not bother me, because it was the first time I've seen them with a disabled main character in a sci-fi. To me, that was really special as someone who is also disabled. Representation of disabled characters is so, so behind, but we're already calling tropes dead before disable [...]

    17. I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Review can be found on *Milky Way of Books*Although the book was something I've read before in other series, I liked how strong Leda was. She has the attitude of a strong-willed character and does not back down easily. The missing star goes to the insta-love. I like the theme of aliens in YA when used good but I couldn't help but get Twilight vibes with this one.If you like a good alien type book with some action and romance, then this is the [...]

    18. When I read the blurb, I was non-committal about it. When I started I thought - Oh, this book had so much promise! An alien story with a disable MC, and an intergalactic war - it had some good components, but the writing failed it. So, you have these two species - Aurelite and Weodes - both at war with each other, with the latter having an upper hand, and the former a hidden weapon that was to be retrieved from Earth. So Aurelia sends Roar, who is basically a genetic bloodhound, to get the weapo [...]

    19. There are a lot of YA books that can be enjoyed by any age group. There are even a few out there that have become some of my favorites. But this is not one of them. This was a very cookie cutter teenage story that strongly pandered to being politically correct. Which is always so annoying. It has an interesting premise, but a boring execution and average characters. Cool things were mentioned but never explained. Like Roar's tattoos. I was dying to know what they stood for and why they moved. Or [...]

    20. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!All the Stars Left Behind is Ashley Graham’s debut novel and is a rich intergalactic sci-fi novel that will appeal to fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series with its romance, action and characterisation. After the recent loss of her father, Leda Lindgren finds herself relocating to Norway to live with her e [...]

    21. Leda Lindgren has never had it easy in life. Born with spina bifida, she is no stranger to struggling in life and certainly has no shortage in courage. With a mother who wants little to nothing to do with her, Leda has always been extremely close to her father. When her father dies, Leda moves in with her uncle and grandmother in Norway, wanting nothing to do with her new frozen home. But when she meets her uncle’s new gorgeous employee Roar, Leda is instantly attracted to him—in more ways t [...]

    22. “All the Stars Left Behind” had a really interesting premise but fell a little short while reading. Leda has spina bifida and has to use crutches to get around (this was probably the best part of the book- Leda is a pretty unique heroine). Seemingly due to her disability, her mother has abandoned her. After her father with whom she was very close dies, Leda goes to Norway to live with her extended family. There, she meets Roar, an alien with moving tattoos who works for her uncle. Roar was s [...]

    23. 3.5 out of 5 starsAll The Stars Left Behind by Ashley Graham is a YA Sci-Fi story filled with aliens, mystery, adventure and romance. The novel is about Leda Lindgren who has moved to Norway to live with her uncle and grandmother after her father passes away and her mother decides she doesn't want anything to do with her. Born with spina bifida, Leda already has insecurities and now with her mother sending her to her only family in Vardø, Norway, she has a major chip on her shoulder. Luckily, w [...]

    24. First off, I have to applaud Ashley Graham for including a heroine, who has a disability, into a Sci-Fi novel. More times than not, disabilities are only included in books where they are the central focus, and so they are usually dramas/tear jerkers. There were times I wasn't sure if it was realistic or not (like guys only showed interest in the main character, Leda, until they saw her crutches), but I've never had a physical disability, so I'm not one to talk. Maybe guys are really that shallow [...]

    25. ashley graham's debut, all the stars left behind, introduces us to leda lindgren. she's recently moved to norway to live with her uncle and grandmother after her father died and her mother went awol. she's not all that excited about living in a new place. and meeting new people. especially since she can expect awkward stares and teasing once she explains her medical condition of spina bifida.when she meets roar, it's like time stands stillar isn't like other boys. he's not from planet earth for [...]

    26. 2 StarsThis is a genre (YA/Sci-fi) that I don't read often, but truly enjoy when I do. Unfortunately, All the Stars Left Behind was an exception and a difficult read for me. The story had a great premise and potential, but I struggled with various points in the execution. Throughout the story, I felt like there could have been more details or detailed writing. In the first few chapters, especially, there were whiplash inducing scene changes where I was left feeling lost and confused. Many times [...]

    27. **Book provided through NetGalley for an honest review.Wow this book!I have to say I was very impressed by the storyline and how things sort of developed and the little twists and turns!!!When I requested this book I had high expectations because not only is the cover amazing, the description of the book just makes you want to read it instantly. I couldn't really read it right away as much as I wanted because my life is just crazy right now and it's taking forever to get through books nowadays, [...]

    28. I receive this book from NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC in exchange for my honest review. Leda has spina bifida and lives with her Grandmother and uncle. Her mother has never really cared for her and her loving and supportive father has recently past away. Life is boring until the day she meets Roar and his moving tattoos. She feels drawn to him and wants to figure out why. From there she is thrown into a wild ride of secrets, adventure and finding out her life purpose.When I read the s [...]

    29. This book was not terrible with an interesting plot that had the normal themes of romance, adventure and action but with aliens. Some of the writing seemed jagged as if the author started to go one way then got lost in thought, forgot where she was going and decided to just try to keep going. Sometimes I had to reread sections to understand what she was trying to convey.It actually reminded me a bit of Men In Black 2 with the idea of a long lost girl who didn’t know she was an ‘alien’ as s [...]

    30. I’m not sure how to rate this. If this isn’t a series, then the ending was cruel and inhumane punishment for the reader. If there is a second book coming then bravo, well done. WAY to much left unfinished to be a stand alone. Just. no. It’s painful.I wasn’t sure why Norway had to be the location it didn’t seem to fit the overall feel of the book. And Leda was American anyway. It had great emotional pull and the pace improved throughout the book. It did feel like two books spliced toget [...]

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