The Devil's Match

The Devil s Match Psychopath s k pa nounA person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviournonyms madman madwoman mad person deranged person maniac lunatic psychotic sociopat

  • Title: The Devil's Match
  • Author: Amo Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
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  • Psychopath s k pa nounA person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviournonyms madman madwoman, mad person, deranged person, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath informalan unstable and aggressive person informal 2F R O S TEllaSince I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by hate, death, murder, and slavery I ve been gPsychopath s k pa nounA person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviournonyms madman madwoman, mad person, deranged person, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath informalan unstable and aggressive person informal 2F R O S TEllaSince I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by hate, death, murder, and slavery I ve been guarded my whole life by my brother Raze, the kingpin of the underworld and the most feared individual in the United States of America And then further guarded when I found out the president of The Devil s Own MC was my long lost half brother Being tossed around from one extreme protection to another has left a part of me yearning to break out of it s cage The part that I ve tried to sugar coat and hide, because if she s unleashed, everyone would see just how much like my brothers I am.Panting, wanting, needing to unleash the side of me I ve always known was there.My secret is mine and my brothers.Only they know what I hide and why I hide it How I fight for love because if I don t, my rage would win and I d be a mere shadow of the girl people have grown to know.But I broke.And the man who held the hammer that shattered the walls I spent years building to cage in my rage was a psychopath.

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      439 Amo Jones
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    One thought on “The Devil's Match”

    1. NOTE: This coming year I have set a challenge for myself of reading one book a week that takes me out of my comfort zone. A book that may include one (or more) tropes (scenarios) that I avoid like the plague. Cheating. Older women/younger man. OW drama. Just to name a few. Nothing is off limits. I am taking a HUGE step out of the box I usually live in and charting a course into the unknown (HaHa). My reviews for these books will differ slightly from my usual as I will focus more on whether the a [...]

    2. One of the things I love most about reading books by Amo Jones is the surprises she always has in store for me. That woman’s mind creates books with such scintillating wit, spine-tingling horror, angsty romance, and phenomenal characters that I can never predict how the story is going to go. I’ve been eagerly anticipating Frost’s book. And when I say anticipating, I mean I was one thirsty little -----, but it was definitely worth the wait.While Frost was a diagnosed psychopath, Ella was ra [...]

    3. 2 unsatisfied starsNote: You're going to read "I don't like" so may times you're probably gonna get sick, but really no other word fits. So #SorryNotSorry.I feel cheated on because of that brilliant blurb and that delicious cover. I won't drag this review- I did not like this book. At all. I wasted an entire week of mine after this book, and I think that shows. My concentration is very precious, and this book kept losing it so many times, it wasn't funny.So really, it wasn't a surprise to me w [...]

    4. The first time I read an Amo Jones book was last year. It was a book called The Silver Swan. Man oh man, that book did a number on me. It was just bonkers mad and written so well that Amo Jones became a favourite author to me. Fast track to the present and she is still producing books that leave me with a wtf look on my face. Her books are different, original and totally out there but I just love them. I go absolutely mad over her books. Just like I did with The Devil's Match. Holy shitballs, I [...]

    5. ***This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*I don’t think I have ever thrown a kindle as many times as I did, wanted to stab a character one minute and love them the next as much as I did while reading The Devil’s Match! I love dark, angsty romances and I got that and so much more with The Devil’s Match. Amo Jones completely shredded my heart and my soul to the point that I am still trying to find them so I can put myself back together again. Hell I sound li [...]

    6. OMG, Amo SLAYED with this book! Frost is fucking amazing! I wasn’t even expecting to love him like I do. But he is now MINE. I always knew I’d love Ella fucking McKenna. I’m a big fan of lethal heroines and she is TOP NOTCH! Frost and Ella together are pure satanic magic! Highly, HIGHLY recommend this phenomenally fucked up series!

    7. I am stunned!!! I don't know how Amo's mind works but it is BRILLIANT!! I loved this book for Ella and Frost sooo much I didn't want it to end.These 2 are enigmas on their own, but watch out world when they are together they are the perfect crazy!! I loved how we all know you don't have to be blood to be family and this book shows so many facets of this. Things are always what they seem!I love having most of the characters from the previous books involved in this one. I can't wait for more forki [...]

    8. The Devil's match picks up where Razing Grace part 2 left us. Make sure you have read Razing Grace part 1 and 2 before reading the Devil's match. This is also book 5 in the Devil's Own series. Yes they are both interlinked Now before I start with my review let me just say I've always been intreged by Frost' s character.What I didn't expect was how perfectly Amo's perception of Ella would be.Ella is badass and I loved her character. She truely is Princess of darkness.😈☠"One Mississippi, two [...]

    9. ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **Amo Jones has done it again! She has a way for making me fall in love with the dark and depraved alphas of The Devil’s Own series. And now we can add to that list that I love a psychopath. The Devil’s Match has been a long anticipated read and I am ecstatic that it was everything I wanted it to be. This is the fifth book of the series and while I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you read the others to get a better understanding of the charact [...]

    10. I honestly have no words. What else can be said about an Amo Jones book that I haven't already said in the past. This woman is brilliant. She can paint a picture with her words and pretty much make you feel every emotion in the book. After reading Frost and Ella's book I feel like my heart has been through the wringer. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I swooned and I fanned myself can wrote like this author. She does the damn thing every time and totally exceeds your expectations. I loved this boo [...]

    11. I could NOT put this book down!! I loved it!! I was even reading while cooking dinner. That's how hooked it had me. I don't know how Amo does it, but these books get better and better. Frost and Ella's book is hands down my favorite!!

    12. I have waited a while for Frost’s story and it is so worth the wait.What a book it is I feel like I have been on a rollercoaster ride the ups and downs the feelings throughout this book have put me through. It is very antsy!!!This book is so consuming from the start Amo has you sucked in with her words and these characters. This book follows on the story from previous books if you have not read them then give them a go you will not be disappointed.Amo really delivers with this story I have to [...]

    13. This was a hotly anticipated book for me all the teasers Amo put out just Intrigued me more and i can tell you it was well worth the wait. Frost holy crazy hotness I never imagined how much I was going to fall in love with that man. A diagnosed psychopath Frost is an unemotional killing machine and it’s easy to say that’s all he is however he’s a man of hidden depths. The first meeting between Ella and Frost was everything I expected not so much eyes meeting across a room but one crazy sou [...]

    14. Even though I received this a few days ago and been working 11 hour days at work I stayed up late to finish this. And I do not regret it at all because it's Amo! And Amo didn't let me down. this book is twisted and dark everything I needed in a book. loved the way she wrote about frost. now I'm wishing he was real. I want my own personal frost. but the thing about this I felt like I was the main character and I loved that so freaking much

    15. Dayyyym! I mean Am fucking speechless!Let me just say that, This book is fucking epic! Gotta say that's my favourite book of Amo's! It had me howling laughing my arse off and then I was like, well shit!Ella & Frost are a match made in crazy arse heaven! The King & Queen Of The Psychos!! Y'all need to read this epicness! But be warned, it ain't for the faint hearted! Amo! Fucking Epic!! 👏👏👏

    16. 5 Zillion Let The Beast Out Of Her Cage Blood Red Stars!!!! A super sexy, steamy love match made in Hell! Move over Millie & Raze, there are some new crazies in town. Somewhere between the Prosencephalon and Rhombencephalon of your brain, there's a locker that is sealed with secrets. Where voices are kept. *** At that point I was already so invested in this book, I knew it was going to be a late night.*** With one sentence, I knew that this book was not being put down until had devoured ever [...]

    17. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for Frosts book (i haven’t but it felt like it) and boy was it worth it. Frost intrigued me from the very first mention of him in a previous book and I was dying to get to know the real Frost. I LOVE Frost so much. He’s everything I love in a fictional man. He’s hot, scary, unpredictable, a psychopath and he’s definitely met his match with Ella. Frost has always been a bit of an enigma. He absolutely fascinates me. He’s got that dark, broody, int [...]

    18. There aren't enough stars for this book/series. This is one of my top favorite series and each book is just as dark, dirty, and sinfully delicious as the last. I love the way that Amo Jones writes and can't get enough of her writing. I immediately one click anything she puts out, they call to me in a way that no other book does. I was already in love with Athens Devil’s Match just from the dedication! The Devil’s Match picks up following the Razing Grace and should be read in order. Sweet El [...]

    19. ***I received an ARC of this book for the purpose of my honest opinion. ***Holy hell! Amo is the Queen of all things dark and wonderful lol. I have loved all of her books and this being in The Devil's Own series only made it better because it has characters we know and love. Frost isary sexyr lack of a better term lmao. He is a character you want to beat on until he sees things your way, but that would never happen and he would just use his trademark smirk on you until you scream from the injust [...]

    20. Ok, I had to take a bit to think about what I was going to write here. I'm not that good at writing reviews for some reason. Especially when it comes to an Amo Jones book. She messes my mind up something awful. And yet I go back again and again. Because I love what she does. She's brilliant. And scary. But mostly brilliant. The Devil's Match is no exception to the Amo Jomes mind scramble. It was everything I expected and nothing I expected at the same time. Just as I think I have her figured out [...]

    21. Wow, this book was really something else fact, it was everything! It was well worth the wait!! In the previous books, Ella always came across as kind of a quiet, sweet girl. We really get to see her true self in this book, and all I can say is, she's probably the only woman that could handle Frost! Those two are surprisingly well suited to each other, maybe just because their demons play well with each other. Yes, as it turns out, Ella has a bit of psycho in her too, she's just learned to hide i [...]

    22. Damm that was an epic book! I need a glass of wine after all that!Ella & Frost are a match made on the crazy  train!!!We’re then taken back to the past by Ella and she gives us her POV of how things went down when she was exchanged and her first meeting with Frost.Their chemistry was fiery and their passion was off the charts. Separately they are two unstable and explosive people, but together they are the calm to the storm but still crazy. My favorite person in this book was Ella. She is [...]

    23. How do I even begin talking about this story. There is so much going on in my mind right now. I am spiraling after reading this story. I literally fill like rocking in a corner. I sit here and wonder how Amo comes up with these stories. They alternately frustrate me to no end while keeping me in awe of the craziness that is these storylines and characters. There are so many twists and turns, it is nearly impossible to keep up. I was reading with my jaw dropped a lot of the time. There is also a [...]

    24. “Why would you recommend someone like me, stay away from.him?”“Because you're both very much the same, the only difference is, he doesn't hide it.”This is my first book by Amo. It would be better if I'd read previous books in this series because I was missing on some data.I have to say that I absolutelly loved the writing style. One of the best styles that I've read!I'm known as an angst junkie, which is why I picked up this book, but I didn't get it quite enough. More angst, please!

    25. *Arc received*4.5 Stars!Amo Jones NAILED IT!I’m blown away! Being an author I’ve discovered recently,Amo’s words are seducing me more and more each day. This book was epic!Frost and Ella are a match made in the underworld and they are perfect for each other. Their chemistry is so off the charts that I could feel the book burning in my hand. Sexy,Intense,Hot!I didn’t think I would love a psychopath so much but I fell for Frost. Hard. He has a way that makes you love him even though he’s [...]

    26. damn.nfully carnal while drawing out you inner beast and singing Korn to it!!! This is the best book by Amo and I've loved her from the start!! Her genius in this dark genre is unmatched and unlike anything anyone's attempting, why simply they aren't her!! Frost and Ella are hands down some of the best characters ever written because not only are they unapollagetically twisted but they are complex and beautifully dark!! Mistakes will have you screaming wtf since you never see them coming and the [...]

    27. Jesus f*cking Christ. Once again, Amo Jones takes us on a wild ride of mindfuckery at its greatest. The Devils Match is Ella and Frost's story and it doesn't disappoint. The chemistry between the two is insanely hot and it explodes off the pages. I honestly couldn't put this book down. I NEEDED to know what was going to happen next and I wasn't disappointed. Ella might just be one of my favourite lead female characters I've read. She's badass and her no shit attitude was refreshing.

    28. Just speechless with how amazing this book was from beginning to end. Ella is one of those women who you want to have as a best friend. She's fierce, loyal, cocky, and a genius. Then you drag in Frost, who definitely has issues and then put them both together and it's insane. Their relationship is not one that's easy or normal, anything but. There's also an intricate web of secrecy that makes this book explode. It's a page turner for sure!

    29. Usually by book 3 in a series I'm done, I'm bored. It's the same old song and dance. Here we are, book 5 in, The Devils Own by Amo Jones! SLAY GIRL, SLAY!Frost and Ella. What do I say about these two? They are Satan come to life. Separate they are deadly, together they are EXPLOSIVE! Get ready for the ride of your life! Don't start in the middle of the series, I did. I mean, you can but I don't recommend it. You need this series. These books keep getting better and better!Characters: 5Darkness: [...]

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