The Lightning Tree

The Lightning Tree The Lightning Tree is a novella and one of the companion tales in the The Kingkiller Chronicle series It was published in the anthology called Rogues published by Bantam Spectra

  • Title: The Lightning Tree
  • Author: Patrick Rothfuss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook
  • The Lightning Tree is a novella and one of the companion tales in the The Kingkiller Chronicle series It was published in the anthology called Rogues published by Bantam Spectra.

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    One thought on “The Lightning Tree”

    1. "Bast was halfway to the wayward inn when he realised he had no idea where his carrots were"This made me laugh, that quote made me laugh. It was good to see a little more of this fantasy world. So far we’ve seen little of Bast beyond his awe for Kvothe. We’ve not really seen the person behind the hero worship. He is such a rogue. He is a swindler and a digger out of secrets. He’s surprisingly deft at routing out people’s private information; he’s very, very, clever in a conniving sort [...]

    2. 1.) The Name of the Wind ★★★★★2.) The Wise Man's Fear ★★★★★2.4) The Lightning Tree ★★★★★2.5) The Slow Regard of Silent Things ★★★★★3.) Doors of Stone n/aThe Lightning Tree is a short story that is set in Patrick Rothfuss' world from The Kingkiller Chronicle. You can find The Lightning Tree and other short stories that are curated by GRRM himself in a bind-up anthology titled Rogues. This story is set in Kvothe's innkeeper days, and surrounds his mysterious [...]

    3. This was my first taste of Rothfuss, and I got the picture that the protagonist here, Bast, is part of a larger world. This fine story, however, works as a standalone. I loved it and I hadn't read The Name of the Wind. I am now, as a result of this novella. The tone is very different from The Name of the Wind. The unknown and the mystical powers of Bast segregate him from humans as a Fae creature driven by his wild nature. Although The Name of the Wind, involves magic and fantasy, it's a very hu [...]

    4. The Lightning Tree is a companion novella to Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles. Listed as Book 2.4 of the series and included originally in Rogues, a fantastical short fiction collection compiled and edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner R. Dozois, The Lightning Tree is a prequel of sorts. The novella sets its eye upon the shape and flux of an average day for Bast, the assistant at the Wayside Inn. Taking place prior to Chronicler's arrival at the inn, Bast's day is steeped in the twil [...]

    5. A day in the life of Bast.Wouldn't you like to know what Kvothe's enigmatic apprentice is up to in his free time? Spoiler for the whole Kingkiller Chronicles incoming (view spoiler)[Could it really be that he is Kvothe's and Felurian's son? Or is that just baseless speculation? (hide spoiler)]

    6. Un día lleno de curiosos sucesos que nos permiten conocer mucho más a Bast.Sencillamente, siempre es un placer leer a Patrick. ♥

    7. I would read this author's grocery list, seriously. It was great to see a story from Bast's point of view. Adds a little more information to the overall story. Fantastic!

    8. My Rating: 4.4/5This is soooo gooood!It's a great addition to the story, actually. Not much happened in the story but still it was really really interesting. I think it would be great if there were more bast chapters in the third book!

    9. Ah, Bastort and extremely enjoyable. It suited me much more than the Slow regard of silent things did, and it was much moreKvothian? Name of the Wind-like, I guess. Anywaylots of fun and well worth reading :)

    10. Nice to get a taste of the Kingkiller Chronicles again. Read as part of the Rogues anthology and my favourite of that collection. This is a day in the life of Bast. It contains elements of trickery, tomfoolery and we get to discover a fair bit about Kvothe's apprentice.I'd suggest reading the main novels first to get more from this story. Without the context, I'd wager it's not quite as interesting (some between-the-lines info as well), but still likely a good read thanks to the prose.There has [...]

    11. Baaaastuuper interestingI am hoping Patrick includes a journey to Bast's homeland in the third. This novella reveals more how Bast has instinctive magics and a differing moral code than humans. His base instincts rule his behavior similar to Felurian but he could easily kill if he felt it was needed without any remorse, similar to Cthaeh. Bast also performs some form of sympathy that is different than any sympathy shown previously. This novel also further explains and shows how Bast's two magica [...]

    12. My first two star-read of 2017. And I'm not even mad about it. I considered this 58 pointless pages that I did not find enjoyable in the least. Doesn't take away anything from the world for me, which is nice. Maybe it should be lower than 2 stars, but I'm feeling generous.

    13. No tenía pensado leer este libro, pero de repente me ha dado por ahí y aquí estamos, rompiendo por un día el #LeoAutorasOctLa verdad es que después de los cuatro libros de Crónicas de la Torre me apetecía algo ligero, y todos los que tenía pensado leer de autoras (que leeré después), eran demasiado densos. Así que he decidido pasar esta mañana fiebrosa leyendo a Rothfuss, que siempre es buena cosa.El árbol del relámpago es un libro muy comparable a La música del silencio por el mo [...]

    14. An excellent short story for those who read The Name of the Wind, just about one of the characters, Bast, and what he does on a normal day when the story isn't being told. Bast is a very compelling character, and his motives or own morality are semi-ambiguous in the main story, so this story gives an interesting look into his world and his views. I love this world and I love Rothfuss, so I enjoyed it. Even if you had no context it would probably be an interesting, if confusing at times, read.

    15. Read this way too fast to fully enjoy it. Gotta read again shortly to fully digest. Wonderful novelette.

    16. I listened to the audiobook version of this as part of the "Rogues" novella and short story collection and found it to be wonderfully Cheeky; rich with descriptions that quickly ignite the imagination, and be filled with intriguing characters. In short, I found it to be a superb little day-in-the-life tale.

    17. Arguably my favorite thing Rothfuss has written. Second maybe only to The Name of the Wind. Pretty sure this is a slight prequel. Good and a must read if you're into his KingKiller series.

    18. Una historia interesante y entretenida, un cuento bonito, muy bien escrito, sobre uno de los personajes de El nombre del viento. Aún así, es breve, por lo que tampoco esperéis gran cosa.Reseña completa: paseandoentrepaginas.

    19. Ay, qué corto se me ha hecho esto Pero me ha encantado, es maravilloso leer desde la perspectiva de Bast, me ha hecho quererle más aún. Ojalá en Las Puertas de Piedra tenga un poquito más de protagonismo ;-;

    20. Más ganas dan de matarte por no sacar el tercer libro Patrick xd para los que no sabían al igual que yo existe este libro que habla sobre bast quien sigue siendo un enigma :/ me gustó más que la música del silencio en todo caso que era como un cachipun de pulpo xd

    21. Read this as part of the book "Rogues" edited by George RR Martin. LOVED this story and found it to be very intriguing and fun. Love everything Pat comes up with but this story was pure FUN. Great stuff, Pat, keep it up! Thank you!

    22. A short-story for the fans of The Kingkiller Chronicle. It wouldn't survive on its own, even if it fed on Bast's quirkiness. However, it is pretty essential for those who care for Bast as much as I do and who want to know more about him. Don't expect much though: it is merely a day in his life. One day can't tell you everything about a person and Bast isn't even a person.

    23. Breezier (unsurprisingly--it is a short story [although it's only a few hundred words shy of being a novella]) than the first two books of the Kingkiller Chronicle and The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Length notwithstanding, the breeziness wasn't a surprise. Because, you know, Bast. If you DON'T know Bast, for heaven's sake get outta here and read The Name of the Wind already.Brief, charming, fascinating. It was always evident that Bast had a strict, unusual moral code. I enjoyed a deeper explo [...]

    24. Un relato súper ligero de leer y el cual intente saborear hasta el último momento.Pasar un día con Bast fue bastante entretenido, nos enteramos de las actividades que hace fuera de Roca de Guía y sin que se entere Kvothe. Aunque no aporte gran cosa a la trilogía principal, si toca temas interesantes como los Fata y el tipo de "magia" que usan. Simplemente disfrute nuevamente de la forma de escribir de Patrick como siempre.Estuve guardando este relato para cuando necesitará leer a Rothfuss [...]

    25. كالعاده كتابة باترك المبدعه الممتعه ، باست من شخصياتي المفضله لكن الي كشف عنه قليل ، كنت ابغى اعرف من فين جا وكيف قابل كوث رغم كدا كانت القصه ممتعه تماما , قصة اوري كان ممكن تكون ممتعه زي هذي لو كانت اوري او بيئتها مختلفين شوية لكن برضو باترك قدر يسوي قصة مثيرة للاهتمام حتى وما [...]

    26. Es una historia bastante entretenida. No agrega nada nuevo a la historia de kvothe, simplemente describe las aventuras de bast en su día a día. Es divertido, refrescante, pero creó que esperaba algo más, como el origen de la relación de bast y kvothe o algo parecido. Al menos sirve para conocer más al personaje.

    27. Mola leerte este relato si conoces las crónicas del asesino de Reyes.A mi me ha sacado alguna sonrisa tierna y me ha ayudado a entender un poco más la personalidad compleja de uno de los protagonistas de la saga.

    28. So bittersweet to be back in Kvothe's world for such a short time! It's sounds so dorky but all I can think to say about this story is that it's "delightful." I loved following Bast and I love the creative story telling.

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