Puppy Love

Puppy Love Work is the most important thing in my life until now I love being a cop it s what I ve always wanted to be and I put my heart and soul into it I never cared that all my relationships have failed du

  • Title: Puppy Love
  • Author: Hayden Hunt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Work is the most important thing in my life, until now I love being a cop, it s what I ve always wanted to be and I put my heart and soul into it I never cared that all my relationships have failed due to working too much because, really, I never felt very passionate about any of the women I dated But I feel passionate about Charlie, even if he s resistant to it I hopeWork is the most important thing in my life, until now I love being a cop, it s what I ve always wanted to be and I put my heart and soul into it I never cared that all my relationships have failed due to working too much because, really, I never felt very passionate about any of the women I dated But I feel passionate about Charlie, even if he s resistant to it I hope his dog, Bailey, can be the tie that binds us He s perfect for me, but he s straight Noah would normally be everything I wanted in a man, but him being straight complicates things And the last thing I need is complication after my recent break up Not to mention the fact that I m trying to care for my father with alzheimers who I haven t spoken to in nearly a decade Things are hard enough without adding a new relationship into the mix But my dog, Bailey, really likes him If I have to keep seeing him for her, I don t know how long I can resist him This standalone gay for you novel comes complete with a HEA ending

    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ☆ Puppy Love - by Hayden Hunt É
      348 Hayden Hunt
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    One thought on “Puppy Love”

    1. This book is written really weirdly o_O why on earth are all the M/M puppy books I come across really weird?!!? <<-- Scratch that. Did I say weird? I meant utterly ridiculously (in this book's case at least)!! Highly NOT recommended!! I'm sick and tired of utter nonsense like this book here. I want one GREAT M/M puppy book where the adorable puppy didn't go to complete waste! Is that too much to ask?!!?I've made a list of some of the pearls of shitdom [yay for thinking of a new word!!] li [...]

    2. **)3.5 stars for Puppy Love•.•*) .•*)(.• (.•`*Even though Bailey brought them together, she was not center stage to this book. The main story was finding love when you were not looking for it and learning to make goals that led to HEA. New kid on the block, Hayden Hunt is quickly getting into the MM stream of things, bringing together two unlikely characters and made them gel. Charlie Shaw was a writer who left home several years ago when his father disapproved of his lifestyle. When a [...]

    3. Definitely not a bad story but it had a few things which were rushed, also Charlie behaved sometimes a bit childish >.< First, the title is nice but not quite fitting. It says "Puppy Love" but Bailey was mentione as an old dog in the story or maybe I misunderstood something. The plot with the dog was great, it was the connection between Cop Noah and Charlie. But it was not the center: this was the relationship between the men.It was a bit rushed how fast they developed their emotions and f [...]

    4. Totally enjoyed this story. Well written. Strong story line, characters well developed. Noah, a police officer, was called out to a residence where he found an old man who was suffering with dementia. The house was trashed and it also housed a little dog. Noah was able to locate the man's son, Charlie, who was able to fly out the next day. Noah takes home the little dog, becoming very attached to him and when Charlie gets there, the little dog doesn't want to go with him to his father's home. Th [...]

    5. When they least expect it…I really enjoyed this fun read, Noah and Charlie may meet under uncomfortable circumstances, but the connection between them doesn’t take long to heat up. Charlie, back in town to care for his father, is still nursing the wounds from a recent break-up and isn’t looking for a relationship, but is unable to resist his attraction to Noah, the cop who is sheltering his childhood dog. There was a lot going on for this new couple, and I felt for them as they struggled t [...]

    6. This is a very heartwarming and interesting book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The story covers the journey of two men, Noah Bryant, a policeman and Charlie, a writer (and a dog, Bailey) towards love and happiness. Noah is called out to investigate a case of burglary and circumstances forces him to contact the son (Charlie). Charlie, a writer was definitely not expecting a call about his father and dog, while he was depressed about a breakup with his boyfriend. What you wi [...]

    7. Noah and Charlie will tug at your heartstrings. Their relationship progressed quickly but the same has happened due to tragic circumstances to many people in real life, so it is not far-fetched. I would have liked to read more of their romantic times in the beginning instead of just being mentioned later on. Their first time going all the way together would have added so much to the story, especially with how fast their feelings for one another grew. The story is angsty, but also sweet and roman [...]

    8. I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review This was such a cute yet very touching read. I really liked the characters, my favorite being Bailey (doggy). :) Noah is a cop who saves Bailey and falls in love with her. She used to be Charlie's (writer) dog but was left with his father who has dementia and can no longer take care of her. The author wrote this with a lot of emotion because I was feeling so many things while reading it, and holding back tears was a big factor [...]

    9. I received this book free for an honest review.This was a sweet romance. There was potential for it to be more but I don't think the characters got developed as well as they could have been.A totally straight MC cop went gay for the writer no questions no angst or drama about it. Charlies dad had kicked him out at 18 and they hadn't spoken in 8yrs he became ill and Charlie came home. There was only one interaction between them and because the dad was still a homophobic old man Charlie left him I [...]

    10. When Noah attends a house after a call of burglary, he doesn't expect to meet an old sick man and a cute little dog, named Bailey. Charlie isn't expecting a call from a police officer in the same week that he boyfriend leaves him. Finding out he needs to go home to take care of his father, in a town he hoped never to see again, leaves him anxious and unhappy.Neither of these two is looking for a relationship, but they are attracted to each other and bond over their affection for Bailey. How they [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. Something I tell my kids a lot is time is infinite but we have a limited amount of it. That's what this book was about to me, time. Time had run out for Charlie to repair his relationship with his father. Because of his work schedule Noah didn't spend as much time with Charlie as Charlie wanted him to. Time is something that is precious to all of us but not many of us realize it. This book was a heartwarming journey on two people falling in love and coming to realize [...]

    12. This book just didn't do it for me. I know it is fiction but even so this book was pushing it.A 27 year old romance writer with unlimited funds seemingly, who picked writing as a career because you can get the most money for the least amount of work - really!!! Falls insta-love with a totally straight guy who has no issues at all with this massive change in his identity. Not even a shrug of the shoulders. It was weird but I got to 59% of the book and realised there were no other characters in th [...]

    13. GoodNoah is a police officer that's being called to a break in but in the house is a old man that can't seem to take care of himself. He contacts his son Charlie and there is a connection between them.The story is good and the characters are described okay. What didn't make a excellent book for me was that the writing style was jumping a little. The feeling of getting in to the book was lacking and that makes this a 4 star.

    14. 3.5 stars for this sweet book. It was a bit wishy washy in areas. It felt at times like this had been written by two different authors. Some of it was great and others times the writing was very amateurish in the language used. Especially the sex scenes left me disappointed. I would willingly read another book by this author.Adult read

    15. Who would have thought a call from a police office regarding his father would forever change his life and what he thought he knew.It changed the life of not only Charlie, but Noah and Bailey as well.A cute romance of acceptance and love. Friendship and finding that one person that not only accepts you for who you are, but loves you for it. A budding friendship becomes more.

    16. This romance moved very fast, but it didn’t mean everything was all perfect. I loved that Noah and Charlie were pretty normal. There aren’t many secondary characters so the story really revolves around the relationship between them, there is conflict though. I really enjoyed this story and would recommend if you like a straight up romance. It was very sweet and easy to read.

    17. Puppy LoveHad possibilities but needs more development. The two MC's fell in love after an intense two weeks. That wasn't shown in the story, just told. I felt that 95% of the story was Charlie acting like a 5 year old. Neither MC was very likeable in my opinion and I just didn't feel any emotions between them.

    18. This is the story of Noah and Charlie. Its a story about two men, opposites in every way finding love. It wasn't an easy road for the two. Charlie had a lot of issues and ran away when times got tough. It was a sweet GFY romance that I liked. I would recommend the story to anyone who enjoys a sweet GFY romance.I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

    19. As with Hunt's other books, I really enjoyed this one. The only issue I had was Charlie's attitude. I know he had a lot of stuff going on regarding his dad but it seemed like he was picking fights with Noah over stupid stuff. I'm glad everything worked out though.

    20. This was a really sweet story of two men finding exactly what they need where they least expect it. Great characters, entertaining story, great message. I read it in one afternoon. I would definitely recommend it. I received an ARC for an honest review.

    21. Down to earth good romance. I love these to guys. there relationship was normal. straight forward, what we would except from a great loving couple with ups and downs. I action ally fell in love with them. I was given this story for a honest review.

    22. Quick readA bit quick and possibly slightly unrealistic (the straight to gay switch happened super fast IMHO) but still a sweet story.

    23. Really cuteDogs bring people together on so many levels. Very cute story but I would have loved to hear more about their future.

    24. This book is amazing! So sweet and sexy. The HEA ending made me cry. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good MM romance.

    25. MehA bit too simplistic. I like a story with a little more meat. This is ok for when you want to have a bit of light fluff you can read fast. Heat level 0.5/5

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