The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death After stopping a serial killer and shutting down an interstate human trafficking ring Sloan Jordan is ready for a break But back at home in Asheville her problems have only just begun The supernatur

  • Title: The Angel of Death
  • Author: Elicia Hyder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After stopping a serial killer and shutting down an interstate human trafficking ring, Sloan Jordan is ready for a break But back at home in Asheville, her problems have only just begun The supernatural world has taken an interest in her, and strange things are happening Her powers are multiplying, she s plagued by vivid nightmares, and a deranged young woman, babblingAfter stopping a serial killer and shutting down an interstate human trafficking ring, Sloan Jordan is ready for a break But back at home in Asheville, her problems have only just begun The supernatural world has taken an interest in her, and strange things are happening Her powers are multiplying, she s plagued by vivid nightmares, and a deranged young woman, babbling an unknown language, has been detained by police The only clue to her identity Sloan s name carved into her arm If that wasn t enough, the FBI has launched a full scale investigation into her private life, believing Sloan might not be as innocent as she claims With her boyfriend, Warren Parish, deployed with the Marine Corps, Sloan s only ally is Detective Nathan McNamara Their friendship is already complicated, and its limits are about to be tested Sloan has a secret one that could turn even Nathan against her forever The Angel of Death is BOOK 3 of The Soul Summoner Series.

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    One thought on “The Angel of Death”

    1. I can't get enough of this series. I am eating it up like candy. It's such a fun easy read and perfect for getting me through this monster flu that has had me in bed for 4 days! About to start book 4 now.Audible:I added the whispersync audible narration to this kindle book. It is the same narrator as the prior books in the series and she does a really good job. I think I like her more with each book in the series.

    2. I REALLY like her story telling. I wish I could find a good story teller more often. I love the flow of the book. It's setting are easy to 'see'. The dialogue is very good which is essential for me. In all these respects and more it was truly a pleasure to read. ButspoilerI lost virtually all respect for Sloan. Likewow. The love triangle went on WAY too long. She showed no REAL sign of love or respect for anyone but herself. Whiny and selfish. She acts more like 17 than 27. The only real sense o [...]

    3. Sloan Jordan is pregnant, and that’s only one of her problems. Warren, the baby’s father, is on active service and can’t be reached. Sloan still can’t shake her attraction to Nathan, there’s a crazy woman with Sloan’s name carved into her flesh on the loose, weird and disturbing dreams suddenly gain substance they have no right possessing, and the FBI want her for questioning.When Warren’s father unexpectedly turns up, things go from weird to insane, for Azrael is the archangel of [...]

    4. *gifted a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review*THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! Like what just happened? I'm being hit by all these things. T_TWarren or Nathan. Nathan or Warren. I absolutely despise love triangles but this series was the exception. However, it's book three now and I'm expecting her to choose (and I'm rooting for Warren). It was so hard to decide because they both seemed so nice and like- couldn't we just all get along? *thinks* Probably not. So this is the make or break inst [...]

    5. Sloan, Warren, and Nathan's journey into the world of good and evil continues. This book is not the end but will give you an ending. For every question that is answered another will take it's place. If you love a good paranormal series this is it. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed it and now I have to wait until Elicia Hyder finishes the next book. Maybe I can send a little angel to nudge her along!

    6. Wow, this installment of this series pulled on my heart string, it kinda made me ugly cry. There were unexpected changes that just wowed me. This also was a stupid good book!!4.9* - Stupid Good

    7. I was kindly given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Hold onto your mukluks because this book is going to blow them off. This story isn’t just paranormal. It’s PARANORMAL. I’m talking epic, with battles between angels and demons, good vs. evil. We left off in the last book with Sloan Jordan’s boyfriend, Warren Parish, being re-deployed and leaving for the middle-east when she realizes that she’s pregnant. The story in this book takes place during the time just befor [...]

    8. I enjoy the story and the characters but the books in this will never be more that a 3 star because of that stupid love triangle. No matter what happens I can’t be completely happy. At least Sloane has made her final choice. Unfortunately it wasn’t the choice I wanted her to make. It is not that I don’t like Warren, or even Warren & Sloan together. It is that Nathan & Sloan spend more time together and they have a better dynamic. Their banter is amusing and their connection and sup [...]

    9. The 3rd book in The Soul Summoner SeriesWonderful. I love Ms. Hyder's story line. It blows me away. She draws you in and makes you love the characters right away. Sloan Jordan is still in love with Nathan McNamara. But she also loves her boyfriend Warren Parish . They truly are soul mates. Nathan may understand a little about her special gifts, but some are better left unsaid. He soon learns more then he's bargained for. So while Warren is deployed Nathan makes a promise to watch out for Sloan. [...]

    10. Okay, look. I like both Nathan and Warren. I do. But I really hate this love triangle. I find it very hard to believe someone can be "in love" with more than one person. Sloan just not choosing reeeeally pisses me off. Like, yeah, I like Nathan a billion times more, but god, I wish she had just picked who she wanted to be with last book. I don't care who. I'm really bummed how much this book focused on the love triangle. But seriously Nathan is so much better and just. Ugh. It's a good thing I l [...]

    11. Love this seriesere's romance, suspense, drama & a supernatural theme. The triangle of Warren, Nathan & Sloan is crazy! Warren is way too understanding. Just when I thought the series was finished I find out there's a book 4! Can't wait

    12. This series started out marginal and then went downhill from there. The only compelling thing in the first book involved trying to figure out what the "gift" actually was and how it worked. Even then, I had my doubts about the writer's smarts. There's just really a lot of really dumb stuff in there. Like trees turn color in the fall for no good reason. Wrong. Vegetation develops anthocyanins as a protective measure, and this gets triggered in the fall. Not a big deal, and I would not care, excep [...]

    13. 4.5 starsThis series is getting better and better, more action, tension, humour and finally a conclusion to the love triangle (I really hope the one who missed out gets his own hea in the future, he's gorgeous, loyal, has a heart and soul of gold and certainly deserves it)The drama certainly ramps up in this book with both the FBI and a host of demons after Sloan and the baby she is carrying. With Warren deployed away with the marines and Nathan tasked with the job of keeping her safe, a dark po [...]

    14. Book 3 is just as good as the previous 2 books. Love this series. The author provides a very creative, suspenseful, intriguing story. I can't stop continuing this exciting story. The author has given us great characters and a great plot. This has great suspense, thrill and a touch of romance. There are two very strong men who would are perfect in their own way. Love them both. Sometimes it is easy to pick out who you think should be together when there are two guys after the same girl. However, [...]

    15. This book is very hard for me to rate. On the one hand, the plotting is excellent. Hyder took to heart the saying put your characters out on a limb and then set the tree on fire. It was a little slow in the beginning, but picked up marvelously at the end.On the other hand, things in this book really opened my eyes to what a selfish, immature, weak-willed character Hyder created. She never really chose between the men. One of them chose for her. She couldn't face hardship (and that includes getti [...]

    16. I honestly think this is the best installment yet in the Soul Summoner series! I feel like we learned so much more about the angels and how life/death works for them! I loved meeting Azrael and his clan of soldiers, such an interesting concept of who he is and how he's weaved into this story and into Sloan & Warren's lives. The love triangle aspect doesn't seem to bother me as much this time around; I think because Nathan plays a much bigger part in this book. He's become a true hero in my e [...]

    17. It makes sense Angels would be the route taken by the author. Angels have an incredible lore and a lot can be done with them. I'm a bit disappointed by what happens to Warren Parish but I suppose someone had to take the fall. Not sure if this will be good for him and Sloan, however. And poor Nathan McNamara - hope he gets his own story line or series. He deserves one. All in all, a good read, but a little less enjoyable than the first book. I think it is because more characters were introduced a [...]

    18. I bought the first book "The Summoner". It was a little slow to take off but picked up quickly. I sooooo loved this book, I went on and paid for her entire series, "The Siren, The Death Angel, and The Taken. So far I have read three of the books and am currently reading The Taken. By buying her series, or even just one of her books, I got a bonus book : The Detective. Remember Nathan MacNamara? Well she dedicated a book to him, too. What I enjoyed about this series is it was a continuation from [...]

    19. Warren has been deployed, Nathan is in charge of keeping Sloan safe and now a crazed, emaciated young woman has shown up in Ashville with Sloan’s name carved in her arm. Sloan has made herself well known now to the supernatural world and if the crazy girl isn’t bizarre enough, now the FBI is questioning Sloan about her relationship with Abigail. Did the FBI actually put a tail on her? Will her life ever go back to normal? Book 3 had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. [...]

    20. The Soul Summoner continues taking you further into the spirit realm with new angels and fallen angels introduced. All of your favorite characters remain true to character and Sloan finally chooses between Warren and Nate. There are surprises along the way that keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next.I enjoy the practical/realistic conversations and actions that lead you naturally and organically into the spiritual and supernatural. Can't wait to see what happens next. Enjoy!

    21. Another involving and engaging read in this series, and an easy read as well. This one gets deep and heavy into the paranormal bits; the more Sloan looks, the more paranormal activity there is around her. There's an epic battle at the end, and the way it's resolved means there will be an EVEN MORE EPIC battle in Book 4, which I'm so looking forward to. I really love Elicia Hyder's writing style. I think the fun and levity is such a nice complement to some of the heavy stuff that happens, plot-wi [...]

    22. Audiobook review: Dang, just when I thought the series couldn’t get any better, new characters are introduced, the love triangle gets really interesting to the point you just want to slap the ever loving daylight out of Sloan, THE angel of death makes an entrance, a main character goes to jail, and an all out brawl takes place between Angels, demons, and humans. Freakin’ awesome! The narrator Brittany Presley, did an outstanding job with tone inflections, character voices, and emotions.

    23. I know some will not agree with my review of this novel, and as they say 'each to their own'. I think that the main character, 'Sloan' could have been so much more, she came across as a woman who relied on the 2 male leads way too much, yet she had so much more power than either of them!!! The story line was swamped by the male characters way too much, and their rivalry over Sloan!So that's it, some will enjoy this series, but I found it just so so!

    24. Oh man!! This series is going to be the end of me. So many emotions have been evoked from the events in this book that I don’t know if I want to continue (I definitely will though). The warring emotion of the insistent triangle is frustrating. I get so peeved at Sloan because of her blasé attitude but her wittiness is her saving grace. Anyway, after 3 in a row I’m going to take a breather but I know I will be seeking out the next book in the very near future.

    25. Series is staying strong Well, there was not a dull moment in this one. Sloan wasn't as silly as I found her to be in the last book and the tension between Warren and Nathan was palpable. Lots of crazy bad stuff happens in this story but there is a similar amount of good to keep a balance. I never imagined I'd be reading a series like this - sort of a pseudo-supernatural/romance novel but it's not bad.

    26. Love this seriesI have loved every bit of this entire series and I can't wait to start on the 4th! I found the first book for free on bookbub and couldn't put it down. Action, romance, angels, demons and just when you think you can guess what happens next, something happens that you'd never guess! I would recommend this series (and I have) to anyone who likes a little angel/demon/human/action/romance/suspense in their life. ;)

    27. I swear Sloan, Warren, and Nathan are my favorite trio! Things heat up, things fly, people die, and I was glued to the pages. I have devoured this series so far, but I must take a break for a few days to do real world things.I'm still reeling at all the drama that took place in this story. Elicia Hyder has written a great series, I highly recommend it for those who enjoy some paranormal/mythical suspense going on in their head.

    28. Must readI really enjoyed reading this 3rd book in the Soul summoner series. I will be honest and say that Sloan did get on my nerves for most of the book. I felt that she acted like a petulant child for most of the book but the storyline really kept me reading on! Can't wait to read the next book!

    29. Action keeps getting betterSome new characters are introduced that bring new depth and storyline. Sloan has a difficult choice to make but she has to make it for everyone sake. Warren's life changes drastically. There's more action than in previous books, if you can believe that. So glad book 4 is already out since it ends with a cliffhanger.

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