Torch Red: Color Me Torn

Torch Red Color Me Torn Zoe is certain she s the only teenager on the planet who s still a virgin okay except for maybe abstinence queen Casey Renwick The talk in the locker room makes sex sound so great and maybe it is but

  • Title: Torch Red: Color Me Torn
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781576835319
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zoe is certain she s the only teenager on the planet who s still a virgin okay, except for maybe abstinence queen Casey Renwick The talk in the locker room makes sex sound so great and maybe it is but Zoe isn t so sure The new girl in school, Shawna Frye, has done it, although she s the one girl who doesn t say much about it.Maybe I should just do it and get it over wZoe is certain she s the only teenager on the planet who s still a virgin okay, except for maybe abstinence queen Casey Renwick The talk in the locker room makes sex sound so great and maybe it is but Zoe isn t so sure The new girl in school, Shawna Frye, has done it, although she s the one girl who doesn t say much about it.Maybe I should just do it and get it over with.When jock boy Justin Clark asks Zoe out, she wonders if he could finally be the one Nate, a die hard Christian and real friend, encourages Zoe to consider exactly what it all means before she makes a life defining decision Behind the scenes, Shawna s dark secret threatens to change everyone s perspective on sex But will Zoe find out before it s too late

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    One thought on “Torch Red: Color Me Torn”

    1. This book sucked ass. It actually licked it, swallowed it, and smelled ass. Who's worse than Pitiful Kara and Bitchy Jordan? Oh, I know! Self-absorbed Zoe.This book made me so angry. Every single character (except Shannon) pissed me off. There wasn't a single likable thing about Zoe. She calls everyone a tramp, she criticizes a homeless girl (thinks she's dumb and has no fashion sense!), and is a complete hypocrite.The writing was terrible! I saw a lot of punctuation and grammar mistakes! If I h [...]

    2. **Short "end of month" Review**Almost rape scene Trigger Warning.Sorry girls but if a guy YOU HAVE BEEN WITH FOR 3 WEEKS is asking for SEX, you need to walk away quickly.If you find out YOUR BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING, you need to tell her right away!!!If your "new BF" is the only cheating with your best friend's boyfriend, you NEED NEW FRIENDS!*sigh*Glad it was all wrapped up when Jesus was found.

    3. The book Torch Red was good but weird at the same time.In this book the main character's name is Zoe and she is in high school.Why the book was weird is because I could not relate to any of the things the characters did or thought.I could not relate to their actions at all.One reason why is because the main characters (Zoe and Justin) are in a relationship and they mostly do relationship things.I'm not even in a relationship.Now,why the book was good is because the of the conflict and how it was [...]

    4. This book is probably one of the best books I have ever read! The beginnings are always kind of boring though. Once you get to the middle and the very end of the book you always want to read the next one in the series. Zoe feels like she is the last virgin left on earth, always hearing all the other girls talking about sex and other things like that. All of a sudden a girl named Shawana comes to Zoe's high school. She's done it before but she has a secret that may change everyone's ideas about s [...]

    5. SHORT REVIEW #1:Torch Red: Color Me Torn is a realistic fiction written by Melody Carlson. It is about a girl named Zoe who feels like she is the only virgin left on the planet. She soon gets a boyfriend named Todd who has a questionable past. Throughout the book, Zoe is very torn about whether or not she should give up her virginity to a guy she hardly knows but feels so connected to. At the end of the book, Zoe has a life changing experience that will push her over the edge, whether it be good [...]

    6. That Shawna Frye. Here she is, Taking her slutty self to another high school and causing havoc and disease there as well. All kidding aside, was Carlson's intention to keep teenagers virgins by implanting the idea that sex is nasty and disgusting? I lost track of how many times Zoe squealed "EW! Gross!" when confronted with matters of a sexual nature. Or that you are doomed to a life of disease and shame? Staying a virgin as long as you want is a good, good thing, but this was so heavy handed an [...]

    7. The book Torch Red by Melody Carlson is a really good book. It's a good book to read because it is all about suspense on who Zoe will pick in the end. Over half of the book she chooses Justin and then things start to change and you are surprised. I would definitely recommend this to a friend because it's all about drama and suspense. It's also about how God can help her through certain situations and those are always good books to read about.

    8. Most the characters in Torch Red were either good or bad. They were either sluts/cheaters or virgins and I think that's pretty unfair.Emilywas the only exception, but she still stayed with her boyfriend just because she'd test negative for STDs.Zoewas kind of difficult to get a handle on at some points, but I think that's just because she was so conflicted herself. There were times when I wanted to feel sorry forShawnabecause of the whole date rape thing, but she didn't have to become a slut bec [...]

    9. I found Melody Carlson's Torch Red to be an amazing book that can possibly relate to all teen girls at one point in there lives. "Before I start to gloat I remember that my God is a gracious and forgiving God." (Last chapter.) This quote represents a life lesson. Even though you may have been picked on by someone or you have been through a very rough time dealing with people in general it is easier just to forgive and forget in order to get the barrier of hurt and pain off your heart.The book is [...]

    10. Torch RedMacy K. KeenDecember 13th, 2016Pre-AP English 10 -5Melody Carlson is a writer of many book series and people describe her as a person who truly understands teen girls and what they go through. Man and almost all of Melody Carlson’s novels are directed toward teen girls or women and many of which are in a series.The book was written in the United States in 2004. This time period was when the world was slowly changing, as it always is, but directed toward teen girls and what they go thr [...]

    11. Zoë, a junior in high school, feels like she is the absolute, honest-to-goodness, last virgin on earth. With the pressure building from both her girlfriends and her new, more experienced boyfriend, Zoë considers making a choice that will change her status as a virgin. When good girl Casey Renwick befriends Zoë, she might just find out that there is more to sex than just what she’s heard in the locker room. In the third novel of Melody Carlson’s True Colors Series, that one topic that plag [...]

    12. Torch red: color me tornThe main characters in this book is Zoë, she’s a girl that is pretty certain that she is the only virgin left in her school. She gets hooked up with the wrong guy and starts to make the wrong decisions. She’s lucky that she has a good friend, Nate, that will be willing to help her out of situations that she gets herself into. Justin, He’s in the play and asks Zoë out. He thinks that they are getting serious and rents a hotel room. Things start getting hot and Zoë [...]

    13. I read the book Torch Red. The book was written by Melody Carlson. Torch Red was about a girl named Zoe. She is in high school and had some hard decisions to make. She's dating a boy and she thinks that she loves him. The boy is one of those boys that your supposed to watch out for but, Zoe doesn't listen. She thinks that he's special. Zoe should have listened to her friends though because she gets herself in a tough position. She has to make a hard decision, whether or not she wants to lose her [...]

    14. This series is written to and for teen girlsI am 44 years old and have an 18yr old son and a 13 year old daughter. There is a time and a place for everything. This book was good as an "open your eyes even more, watch closer and be more careful with your kids" book.But would I let my teen read this?? Not on your life!!! The subject matter is sex, STD's, abortion's, rape, under age drinking.d the terms and vivid descriptions made me blush!! I think personally that the information is something as a [...]

    15. I really liked this one. I think it's my favorite so far. The turn-around from the beginning to the very end is very clear, and the happiness of the ending didn't seem to be so isolated to just the main character. It's great when one confused person is given direction in their life, but is it really as good as if that person makes a difference and spreads it to others? I did get some remarks from friends like, "You're reading a sex book? Tsk, tsk." It should be clear; yes, the hot topic of this [...]

    16. This book is about a girl named Zoe who is in high school and she feels as if she is the only virgin left alive. She begins to realize as time in the book passes that being a virgin isn't necessarily a bad thing. She auditions in a school play which changes her whole life. The too main love interest's in the play are also Zoe's main crushes. She starts to date a boy named Todd, who doesn't have the best past but Zoe believes that he's changed. As the book goes along she realizes that Todd hasn't [...]

    17. The Color Me series was given to my by my Christian boyfriend's sister, since she didn't need them anymore and thought they reminded her of another series that my sister is reading (though they are actually QUITE different).I know the book is meant for a much younger age group, and I'm not a Christian (or religious at all for that matter) but I thought I'd give the series a shot.Personally, I think the book could have ended (maybe with a little closing chapter) after Zoe ran out on Justin and re [...]

    18. I picked this book because i started reading it last year but never finished. My friend also recommended it to me and told me i really should finish it. The story takes place in the city. Mainly in the high school and high school events(football etc.). It has one main character but the second character is very important too. The main conflict in this book would have to be when the main character and her boyfriend go on a really nice date but then he takes her to the hotel and tries things with h [...]

    19. Zoe is fairly certain that she is the only virgin on earth OK except for Harrison High`s abstinence princess Casey Renwick. All the talk in the locker room makes sex sound so great and maybe sex is great. Zoe isn`t so sure. That could all change when jock boy Justin Clark asks Zoe out. Zoe thinks that Justin could finally be "the one." Could he? Should Zoe just go ahead and do it with Justin just to get it over with and not feel like an idiot in the locker room? The new girl in school, Shawna Fr [...]

    20. This novel about teen sexuality is written from a Christian worldview. The author was trying to get across a few really good points. Unfortunately, I think those good points were presented a little to subtly to be picked up by many teens or worse, preteens who might pick up this book. My fear is that some may even get opposing messages from this read.As an adult, I loved the realistic portrayals of the hormonally driven emotions that often accompany sexual activity and just dating in general. Th [...]

    21. Sex-shaming and slut-shaming: the novel. This is literally a quote from the book, I couldn't make this garbage up; "God has a plan for our lives. He had someone really special picked out for you, and if you waste yourself on someone else, you'll be sorry when the real thing comes along." Congrats Melody Carlson! You just told your impressionable, naive teenage audience that if they have sex their whole lives will be ruined! Thats totally not a problematic idea to shove in their heads!Also how is [...]

    22. Oh mY goodness! I never really thought I was a prude and in the dark about life, but this book was a real eye opener. It talked about date rape, abortion, teen pregnancy, rainbow parties (crazy and gross), teen drinking and dating, and STD's. Wow. I'm not sure that I was my stepdaughter reading this, but then again she may know some of it already. The book was very good but very descriptive. This is a nightmare book for teenagers especially parents of girls. It shows you that you always need to [...]

    23. I just love Melody Carlson's teen series, and am so glad my library finally started ordering the ones I haven't read yet! This TrueColors series is my favorite of hers, and this is one I didn't get to read before.I like that Shawna made an appearance in this one, after being a central character in Deep Green (or whatever the jealousy book was called.) This one seemed a lot more realistic than some of the others, and I did like Zoe. She was a little naive at times, but she was 16 so I can give he [...]

    24. I have one major gripe with this book. Fairly early on one character tells the main character she was date raped. The main character barely reacts. No sympathy or horror to that dreadful event. They carry on the conversation as if the main charrie had been told that the character had pizza for dinner last night. I can't believe the author didn't dwell on the fact the girl was raped, its a horrific thing to happen to someone and it came across as both characters, including the victim, didn't actu [...]

    25. This is the third book of the trucolor series. This one is about a girl name Zoe who seems to be the only virgin in her high school,even the new girl Shawna has done it. But when Zoe gets asked out by the hottest guy in school, hes not looking for JUST a relationship. Zoe starts talking to her christian friend Nate and she starts helping out in the soup kitchen at her church. She seems to find God through all the trouble in her life and soon she doesn't get bothered by being the only one a virgi [...]

    26. Melody Carlson is an amazing writer, no dought. But as I was reading this book I found my self putting students from my high school in the characters roles. Zoe is a very bold character. She at first didn't care about God, church, or what others around her thought. (Unless it was the girl's in the locker room.) But by the end Zoe found out who her real friends where, and found Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. This book is a book anyone can relate too.

    27. This was a fairly good Christian YA novel. It shows how a teenage girl is seriously tempted to have sex because it seems as though she's one of the only girls in high school who hasn't. Eventually, she decides it's not worth it when she learns that a friend of hers has an STD, and she decides to truly turn her life over to Christ. It was a simply written novel, but it was well done, and the characters were drawn well also.

    28. This book was good, but a little unconfortable at times. It isn't the best book in the series, but it was still good. Zoe is sure that she is the last virgin in the school. But when jock Justin Clark asks her out, that could change very quickly. She just wants to do it and get over it, but her good friend, Nate, wants her to think about this decision before she does anything. The more she thinks about it, the more she is leaning towards abstinence, but what will she really choose?

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