Crazy Lady!

Crazy Lady Increasingly alienated from his widowed father Vernon joins his friends in ridiculing the neighborhood outcasts Maxine an alcoholic prone to outrageous behavior and Ronald her retarded son But whe

  • Title: Crazy Lady!
  • Author: Jane Leslie Conly
  • ISBN: 9780064405713
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Increasingly alienated from his widowed father, Vernon joins his friends in ridiculing the neighborhood outcasts Maxine, an alcoholic prone to outrageous behavior, and Ronald, her retarded son But when a social service agency tries to put Ronald into a special home, Vernon fights against the move.1994 Newbery Honor BookNotable Children s Books of 1994 ALA 1994 Best BooksIncreasingly alienated from his widowed father, Vernon joins his friends in ridiculing the neighborhood outcasts Maxine, an alcoholic prone to outrageous behavior, and Ronald, her retarded son But when a social service agency tries to put Ronald into a special home, Vernon fights against the move.1994 Newbery Honor BookNotable Children s Books of 1994 ALA 1994 Best Books for Young Adults ALA 1994 Young Adult Editors Choices BL 1994 Books for the Teen Age NY Public Library Young Adult Choices for 1995 IRA

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    1. A good, fast, enjoyable children's book.The Good:--believable characters & character development--doesn't talk down to its audience or gloss over people's faults--doesn't bash working-class people; makes them behave the way people behave in real lifeThe Bad:--wasn't sure whether the narrator was supposed to be a kid's voice or an adult's, especially since the narrator mentions that the story's action took place in 1981 (the book was written in the 90s)The Ugly:--the ending.The ending was a d [...]

    2. I am reading books from the ALA’s most challenged list. I checked off all the books I have already read (although I plan to go back and read some) and now I am working through the part of the list I am interested in reading. I went through the list in my school library and grabbed this one. I finished it this morning and sobbed through the last two chapters.I cannot for the life of me figure out why this one would be challenged. All I can discover is it is challenged for “offensive language [...]

    3. Crazy Lady, by Jane Leslie Conly is a story about Maxine, a mean and crazy mother of Ronald, who has special needs but is very smart. The last main character is Vernon and he becomes friends with Ronald and Maxine to try and make things better. The setting takes place in a small neighborhood called Tenley Heights, located in Baltimore and it also takes place during the day time. The conflict of the story is when the boys are making fun of Maxine and Ronald and Maxine says mean and hurtful things [...]

    4. Crazy Lady was an interesting novel. It's about a young boy who is troubled in school, but does not have enough money at home with his single dad and 4 siblings to afford a tutor. He finds someone who will tutor him for free as long as he helps out her neighbor, the "Crazy Lady". Maxine the crazy lady is a drunk who has a son with special needs. The boy befriends the two despite the negative perception they both have from society, and helps them be looked at as people with problems they cannot c [...]

    5. Crazy lady is a book by Jane Leslie Conly about a boy named Vernon in 1981. Vernon doesn't do very well at school and if he gets another F he will fail his grade. Vernon gets a tutor from the help of Maxine, she gets him a retired teacher named Ms. Annie. Throughout the year that Ms. Annie is helping him, he becomes good friends with Maxine's son Ronald. Vernon helps Ronald have a sale to get money for new shoes and go to the Olympics. Vernon also helps Ronald in his Olympic events, and after th [...]

    6. I thought that this was a good book that some children may be able to identify with. An boy ignored by his busy family and younger siblings, befriends the so-called crazy lady down the street. A touching story that is sure to be liked.

    7. This book uses rather outdated terms and the sentences are choppy, but it's a good story when you drill it down.

    8. Vernon Dibbs and his neighborhood friends enjoy agitating Maxine, well known for her angry outbursts and heavy drinking. Maxine’s eccentric behavior has earned her the name “Crazy Lady.” In spite of Maxine’s problems, she proves to be a devoted mother to her mentally disabled son, Ronald. Vernon wants nothing to do with either of them, until he is forced to help Maxine care for Ronald in exchange from receiving English tutoring from Maxine’s neighbor, Miss Annie. As he spends time with [...]

    9. This book is about a boy named Vernon who hangs out with his friends who sometimes cause trouble. They make fun of Maxine who lived in the neighborhood by calling her "Crazy Lady". Maxine is an alcoholic, has outrageous behavior, and has a retarded son named Ronald. Once Vernon heard that a social agency tries to put Ronald into a special home he tries to help and fight against it. Vernon soon warms up to Ronald and realizes even though they are different they are so alike. I really enjoyed read [...]

    10. This is a well-written story of a struggling neighborhood and how the neighbors care (or don't care) for each other. A boy with some learning disabilities befriends another, who'd probably be called autistic today, and the action revolves around their relationship. The author helps the reader care about both main characters and what happens to them. I recommend it to middle school and older due to the portrayal of alcoholism.

    11. Favorite quotes:"She said, "Some kids, like Tony, find it easy to learn, and that's good. But the ones I admire most are the ones who keep on trying, even when it's hard. The ones who hang in there even when they don't end up on top. Rhose children are very special."" (p.4-5)The best book I have read this year. All about family, loving parents, the hardships of parenthood, being frustrated and angry at things hard to understand in life, and friendship.

    12. A truly unconventional and heartwarmming tale with both gritty and adorable moments. This is one of the few kids books I've ever read that confronted drug-addiction and mental health in any way whatsoever.

    13. Complicated, but it's a very heavy subject matter. I liked that the author avoided most stereotypes but the narration did not fit well with the main character, who sometimes spoke strangely eloquently even though he's supposed to have difficulty with school and language arts.

    14. I thought this was going to be better than it was. The beginning was okay. It was pretty cool how Vernon developed a relationship with a child with special needs.

    15. NOTE - I am reading this along with my daughter who is entering 6th grade. My notes below are streams of consciousness as I read so I can show her the kind of thinking I do as I read. Ch 1- Mom dies, no one left to believe in him. (Nice opening-flashback to discussion with "Miss Annie")Ch 2 - Junior High. Learns he is not good enough for baseball (which he thought he was). Nothing to do anymore, everything is for elementary kids.Ch 3 - Insert Maxine aka Crazy Lady. She has a disabled son, lives [...]

    16. Told from the presepective of Vernon, a city kid trapped in a family that is coping with his mothers' death, this is the story of a boy who learns to view everything around him differently. Vernon struggles in school, and all his siblings are too busy keeping the family together to help him. For a while, he gets into small-time mischief (shoplifting, vandalism, harassing the alcoholic and her disabled son down the street). Then he's forced to have an actual conversation with the alcoholic, who r [...]

    17. CRAZY LADY BY jane Leslie Conly is truly a realistic down-to -earth and fascinating story. It unfolds so many issues relating to social and psychological area of the young and old.This book reveals a hidden pathto all readers while bringing out a simple themetic arena. The book at first clearly reveals the complex problems of a youngster and the challenges brought forward to his familly due to his mother's death. Then the narrator, Vernon Dibbs is exposed to Miss.Annie who introduces Ronald and [...]

    18. Crazy lady by Jane Leslie Conly, is about a lady named Maxine and her son Ronald. Maxine is a really stressed out woman that thinks alcohol can get rid of stress so she drinks a lot and with her son Ronald being mentally handicapped she has a lot to worry about. They lived in a small town called Tenley Heights in the late 1980s but there is a group of bullies that like to pick on Ronald and Maxine but one of the kids in that group named Vernon helped Maxine out one day by getting her a sack of p [...]

    19. Crazy Lady by Jane Leslie Conly1994 Newberry Honour BookRating: 7/10. Maybe I am just burning out on juvenile fiction, but that's how I felt at the time.Basically, this is a book about not judging others. The main charactor, Vernon, has recently lost his mother, and feels lost in a family of five kids. He is not as smart as his older brother, or as resourceful as his older sister, or as cute as his younger siblings. When his grades get dangerously low in English, he gets tutoring to avoid repeat [...]

    20. Crazy Lady is a story about Vernon, a boy who wants to do better in school, Ronald, a boy with special needs who is afraid of anyone and everything, and Maxine, Ronald’s mother who is an alcoholic. It takes place in a little neighborhood outside of a big city. It all begins when Vernon meets Maxine on the street and she finds out he is failing in school. Maxine has Vernon tutored by her neighbor, Miss Annie, a retired school teacher. Vernon meets Ronald after a tutoring session with Miss Annie [...]

    21. Format/Length: Chapter book; 180 pagesAward(s)/Distinction(s): Newbery Honor Book Notable Children's Books of 19941994 Best Books for Young Adults (ALA)1994 Young Adult Editors' Choices (BL)1994 Books for the Teen Age (NY Public Library)Young Adult Choices for 1995 (IRA)Theme(s): Family relationships, Friendship, Meeting challenges, Survival, and AbandonmentReview:Interesting story, but I did not get into the plot that much because the voice of the narrator. I also did not enjoy the ending- it l [...]

    22. While I lived in Sioux City, there was a lady who had three kids, she was alone, she didn't have a wife. They lived in a shabby house. Her kids were always dirty. There was two boys and one girl. She worked all day, and all night. Everyone said that she was an unfit mother. I remember one day when I was at the park across the street she was sitting on a bench watching her children play. Someone came up and told her that she needs to go back from where she came from. Also that her children were m [...]

    23. I thought that the book was okay but not great.It is about a boy who doesn't do too well in school and thinks he's stupid. There's this crazy lady who gets drunk and disorderly all the time and drags her severely mentally disabled kid around with her everywhere she goes. Well, he gets to know her a little better and through her gets a tutor to help him with school. Through the tutor he is able to get to know the crazy lady and her son better.Turns out he ends up really learning to love the son a [...]

    24. Crazy Lady by Jane Leslie Conly is a story about Vernon, teen, helpful but can get into trouble very easily and Maxine, a lady that dresses in a funky way. It all takes place in a small neighborhood in the afternoon. When Vernon and his friends go walking down the street, they see Maxine walking with Ronald. As Maxine sees the boys she starts to yell at them to get off of the sidewalk. Vernon and his friends have been making fun of Maxine and Ronald because they both are different from Vernon an [...]

    25. The main characters of the story are Maxine, roger , Vernon . The setting of the story is Vernon don't like Maxine and him and his friends pick on Maxine which is a older lady. It happened during the day and it happened at Maxine's house and on the sidewalk. The conflict of the story is Vernon don't like Maxine so him and his friends pick on her. Venon started to spend time with Maxine and Roger at Maxine's house. The end of the story Maxine stopped drinking and started being nice.I think that c [...]

    26. "Mom could make you feel special even if you had a face like a garbage-can lid. She hugged you on the outside and the inside, too. I'm the one in the family who was bad in school. I tried, but when the report cards came out, it was always the same: mine was the worst. I failed third grade and barely slid by the next year. Mom never blamed me. She said, "Some kids, like Tony, find it easy to learn, and that's good. But he ones I admire most are the ones who keep on trying, even when it's hard. Th [...]

    27. The author of the book is Jane Leslie Conly, The main characters are Maxine she is alcoholic that drinks a lot, Vernon who doesn't judge people for who they are and is in middle school and Ronald who is special needs. Maxine and ronald weren't really friends in the beginning.The setting is in A neighborhood called Tinley heights in Baltimore.Maxine and Ronald live in Tinley Heights as well. The conflict is Accepting people for who they are. A big part of the story is when Ronald Maxine’s son r [...]

    28. I loved this book. I can see how some narrow minded people might hate it, because it does require a heart. Vernon is a great character and I think he is easy to relate to. He really isn't exceptional at anything and even at the end of the book, after months of tutoring, he still only gets a B- in English, and he is very happy about it.The characters are easy to love. I think it is great that the author portrays Maxine as she does, especially when she is drunk. To those who have an alcoholic in t [...]

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