Midnight Lord Devlin White Duke of Winterbourne is the last in a long line of powerful witches who assist the Demon Lord of London in keeping control of the Nightwalkers living amongst normal men With all bu

  • Title: Midnight
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781620047545
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • Lord Devlin White, Duke of Winterbourne, is the last in a long line of powerful witches who assist the Demon Lord of London in keeping control of the Nightwalkers living amongst normal men With all but one of his siblings gone to the new American colonies, his proud family line all but ended, Devlin is kept from gloom and despair by his friend Barra, and his unusual ward,Lord Devlin White, Duke of Winterbourne, is the last in a long line of powerful witches who assist the Demon Lord of London in keeping control of the Nightwalkers living amongst normal men With all but one of his siblings gone to the new American colonies, his proud family line all but ended, Devlin is kept from gloom and despair by his friend Barra, and his unusual ward, Midnight.Neither alive nor dead, but a draugr caught somewhere in between, Midnight is content to spend his life at Devlin s side, though he longs for the day Devlin sees him as than a ward Then Devlin is summoned to solve a problem involving draugr a problem that threatens to take Midnight from him, and leave them and countless others dead if he cannot find a way to stop it.

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    One thought on “Midnight”

    1. 4.4 starsI admit that I sort of post-poned reading this story because it feels like an all-out fantasy, which is not a genre I like. I love the two Dance series, but they don't feel like all-out fantasy because the idea of the MCs as detective. But since I have no more Megan Derr's stories, I decided to go a head.Oh, my, what an ENCHANTING story this is. Megan Derr is able to make me forget that I don't like all-out fantasy. I fall immediately in love with the world building -- where there are r [...]

    2. Again, no surprise that I love this one. Lol Midnight and Devlin are quite the pair. Devlin is a witch and Midnight is a functional draugr (zombie). Devlin is arrogant, snappy and brash while Midnight is softer. He's polite, easy-going and caring. They both harvest an unrequited love for the other but there's reservations on Devlin's side that gives Midnight his doubts about Devlin's feelings. One thing I do love about Derr's books is how there's always someone who's snippy and snappy and while [...]

    3. I really liked this narrator's voice. Crisp and British, it fit the story well. The world building and characterization does not follow the typical shapeshifter formula and I found myself drawn in almost immediately. The only disappointment was the fade to black sex. The tension builds so well and for so long that I was pretty damned disappointed that it didn't happen on page. Yeah, so I admit to wanting to read about some walking dead (don't think zombies) and black arts witch kinky man sex. So [...]

    4. 3.5-4 stars – A good continuation of Derr’s Dance with the Devil series. This installment is set in England much earlier than the other two, so is sort of a “prequel”. We follow Lord Devlin White (so my guess is that he is related to Chris who is the MC in book 1). Devlin is a powerful witch/“nightwalker” that assists in eliminating paranormal issues. Along with him are his trusty servant Barro and his once-ward, now assistant Midnight who Devlin revived from the dead fifteen years e [...]

    5. This was a super fun foray into the past and magic and death and love, I thoroughly enjoyed it. While I still would have liked this if I had read it, the narration was wonderful and I think this is a great series to listen to in audio format. He voice is perfectly British and he captured Devlin's haughty arrogance perfectly, and I loved it!The structure of giving us the fist half from Devlin's POV and then the second half from Midnight's was a nice change from the usual back and forth. It allowe [...]

    6. Mystery,intrigue, night walkers, vampires, weres, dragons and zombies just to name a few things I liked about this book!The story was great, even if the romance was a bit muted, I enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the next one very soon! (view spoiler)[ even If Devlin has different reasons for holding out on a relationship with Midnight, I just thought raising a child from age 6 to adulthood could put a damper on a romance, but it's a fantasy and a book, so I just went with it and enjoye [...]

    7. 4.65I finally finished the book I've been anticipating for agesWhen thinking about what to write for my review:-mind blank-Oh well. My reviews have really been nothing more than the random things I found interesting/annoying/sexy/hilarious during the book.So, to start, off, this was a pretty damn fantastic book. In my opinion, it sort of straddled the line between Dance in the Dark and Dance with the Devil. I liked it better than Dance in the Dark but it fell short of Dance with the Devil. Then [...]

    8. I think this is my favorite of the series so far, how I loved this story, how I felt cozy and emotional while reading it.Devlin is the Mad Duke, the descendant from a powerful noble family of black witches, a practitioner of rune magic. Midnight is the Corpse Child, a draugr, who Devlin bound to his own life in order to save him after he was killed and give him a sort of life, feeling he failed to protect him. Devlin and Midnight share heart, breath and soul. Midnight has always loved Devlin, si [...]

    9. 6/23/2017 ETA: I enjoyed this story much more on the second go-around. I was thoroughly engaged with all characters and smitten with the MCs, despite Devlin's surliness. Adjusting my rating to 4.0 solid stars.********************************3.0 StarsOkay. I'm in the minority here but I didn't care for this book very much. Eek! *ducks* In fact, after finishing Midnight, I decided to take a break from reading the rest of this series. I will likely go back and finish it up but it nonetheless doesn' [...]

    10. Ooooh Midnight ~he said"The angelic choir would never sound half so beautiful to me as your voice" your heartbeat"ThenMidnight touch his chest with his own hand. "I hear you and feel you, to the exclusion of all else" Now who wouldn't like that!!! ♥I loved those wordsd I Love Midnight!Gosh , this book has lingered in my thoughts for days.Because WowI'm finding this series is just magical4.5 Stars`This was a Sweet Magical Read~the only VERY SMALL problem I had with this book is that it has a YA [...]

    11. **4-4.5 stars**Fabulous world-building and writing style. I really enjoyed this book and all it's quirks and twists and turns. Devlin is a fabulous character - strong, brave and closed-off but at the same time almost transparent in some of his feelings. Midnight just made me smile in every scene - the way he spoke, the mischievous way he teased and taunted Devlin, the sadness he felt when his "heartbeat" was missing. The way he was reborn was truly beautiful. Lovely plot and details. I'd recomme [...]

    12. Loved it! Can't wait to read more. Would like to know more of Neirin and Troyes world. Couldn't believe how quickly the ending came for Silas and that he didn't know that he would be vulnerable at that point.

    13. FIRST RE-READ 21 September 2016I'm honestly a little chagrined that it's taken me almost four years to re-read this series. The whole thing is just so spectacular, each book has characters that are fantastically well drawn, and the universe is delightfully full.I even ended up liking this one more this time. Enough that I'm upping my rating from four stars to five. And I'm making a mental note that if I'm ever in need of a spectacularly well written paranormal/fantasy series that I need to retur [...]

    14. I wish I could give this book 10 stars. It's absolutely amazing! I love the world building and the writing is very good. The book has everything you need, black magic, a Duke, black witches, evil priests, scary angels, sorcerers and alchemists, arrogant knights which aren't so arrogant after all, an absolutely lovable dragon who is always hungry and loves apple pie, a wolf-elf who is charming, caring and so deserves the happiness he finds and this book has Midnight. I fell in love with Midnight [...]

    15. This must be my 6-7th reread and I still am completely overcome by warm fuzzies over the absolute cuteness of young baby zombie Midnight meeting White that first time <3 Gahh. This remains my special favorite of Derr's, alongside book 2. I haven't been able to enjoy any of her new books, so I end up always going back to this one. Love the MCs, love their dynamic, love the world. It's charming and magical.

    16. Still enjoying the series - an ancestor of Chris White this time, the Duke isn't perfect but he's close to it and I adored Midnight. Half the book is from Devlon's point of view, the second half from Midnight. It would have been four star if they weren't seperated so long and details weren't ignored when they finally got together in a few ways. However, I loved the Dragon and his leader with Barras. The storyline was intriguing and pretty out there but gave a lot more to the story than a simple [...]

    17. Many different creatures, one goal defeat the undead.Undead? Are you afraid?oh be afraid be VERY afraid!Part I, the DukeThis story is divided, the first part is from just one point of view. Devlin, the eleventh Duke of Winterbourne. A rune master and a black witch.In a tragic night of undead attacks a child miraculous survive as an undead that child fate was be eliminated, but something in the duke's heart made him desire help give in dead what that homeless child never had happiness. That's how [...]

    18. Whatever I end up thinking about Megan Derr's books, I always have to admire her imagination. It is very rare that I ever see any author -- of *any* genre -- come up with so many different ideas for stories, and so many different worldbuilding details. Her writing may not drag me in the way some other authors do, but the quality of her ideas is never in serious doubt.This book is a prequel of sorts for Dance with the Devil and Dance in the Dark. There is no specific plot connection, however. Thi [...]

    19. Megan Derr has taken a common theme-zombies-and made it something extraordinary. Rather than call the walking dead zombies, she's called them 'daugrs'. I've read a few of Megan's short stories, but Midnight is my first taste of her longer works. All I can say isMORE! Midnight is bursting at the seams with paranormal creatures. Not only does it feature daugrs, but demons, dragons (and their companion knights), shifters, angels, imps, witches and vampires, as well as a ghost and a wolf, elf, human [...]

    20. Who wants to imagine a romance between a wizard and a zombie? You must want to think about them in bed together having a little nookie, no? Then you'll love Megan Derr's Midnight!Well it's more action and very minimal, discrete sex so it is just another another of Miss Derr's dark M/M love stories with magical beings substituted for real people. Still… a zombie? She calls him a drauger which is a Norse zombie but still he's dead and just held together in this fantasy world by necromancy magic. [...]

    21. Just under 5 starsThis was another great installment to the Dance with the Devil series. While this book was not set up in the Case File format of the first two books, Lord Devlin White, Duke of Winterbourne, is a black witch investigating a draugr (zombie) infestation. Devlin is the perfect man for the job, not only because he is the strongest black witch around, but he also has direct knowledge and expertise of the draugr since he created the most powerful draugr in existence, Midnight. As a b [...]

    22. Such an amazing and imaginatively written book! In my opinion, this is among the best of Megan Derr's extensive work and still one of my all-time favourites. Although not a particular fan of fantasy inspired stories, I adore Midnight and Devlin and their interactions, the elaborate yet not overwhelming details of the world building and the gripping plot. They all make a perfect reading experience which I always re-visit with great delight. Highly recommended!

    23. I liked it, I really like this serie a lot. Midnight is adorable and I loved everything about him. I liked his heartbeat as well, and all the characters with them. But I loved the first two books the most. That's why I had to take one star off to show the difference. Doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy this book, I couldn't stop reading until the end and I'm very glad Modnight finally got his happy end with Devion!

    24. Loved it! Megan writes such fantastic MCs, intriguing and real enough in a fantasy realm to identify with. I loved the dynamic between Devlin and Midnight, and the supporting characters just added to the feel. The story itself sucks you in and keeps you riveted. A paranormal story with a hint of fantasy existing along side the 'normals', Megan does so well with this balance. I want more.

    25. That story plot was written very nicely; my time spend on it was satisfying.What I did missed was connection to first 2 book. I was waiting for someone to present a reason to call for help for 1 or 2 couple to see how they are doing. But the was nothing. But even so its very nice reading material.

    26. Well how about that! I actually liked a zombie book! I didn't think I would, but I did! This is clever and interesting and it would have 5 stars but I was a bit disappointed in the resolution. It just felt like there wasn't enough attention given to the relationship aspect to me. Otherwise, well done though.

    27. Midnight is a wonderful mix of paranormal creatures, urban fantasy and sexy historical romance all wrapped up in an engaging mystery. Highly Recommended.This story takes place in the Dance with the Devil universe, but functions entirely as a standalone.

    28. I really just love the world building and characters in Megan Derr's work. She has such an elegant way of writing.

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