Who We Were Before

Who We Were Before Romantic Novel Award NomineeZoe knows that it wasn t really her fault Of course it wasn t But if she d just grasped harder run faster lunged quicker she might have saved him And Edward doesn t real

  • Title: Who We Were Before
  • Author: Leah Mercer
  • ISBN: 9781503938151
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Romantic Novel Award NomineeZoe knows that it wasn t really her fault Of course it wasn t But if she d just grasped harder, run faster, lunged quicker, she might have saved him And Edward doesn t really blame her, though his bitter words at the time still haunt her, and he can no take them back than she can halt the car that killed their son.Two years on, every dayRomantic Novel Award NomineeZoe knows that it wasn t really her fault Of course it wasn t But if she d just grasped harder, run faster, lunged quicker, she might have saved him And Edward doesn t really blame her, though his bitter words at the time still haunt her, and he can no take them back than she can halt the car that killed their son.Two years on, every day is a tragedy Edward knows they should take healing steps together, but he s tired of being shut out For Zoe, it just seems easier to let grief lead the way.A weekend in Paris might be their last hope for reconciliation, but mischance sees them separated before they ve even left Gare du Nord Lost and alone, Edward and Zoe must try to find their way back to each other and find their way back to the people they were before But is that even possible

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    One thought on “Who We Were Before”

    1. Two years after the death of their son Milo, Ed and Zoe have not been united in their grief. In fact they are poles apart and can barely stand to be in the same room at the same time. When Zoe’s parents treat them to a weekend in Paris, will this be enough to draw them back together or will they end up even further apart? They have spent the past two years floundering around in ever widening circles steadily moving away from each other and consistently failing to connect and communicate with e [...]

    2. This was one of those ones you can read from Prime before they're published, and next time I need to avoid a Brit Lit book, because they're all the same these days.This book is cribbed from Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, it seems. British multi-voiced fiction where the timeline is all jumbled up, I guess to make you want to read, but I just wanted to stick to the "present day" posts instead of hearing the tedious non-chronological backstory. I ended up skipping parts of it because it was ridi [...]

    3. This book may be a difficult read for some. It deals with the aftermath of losing a child a terrible event too many have experienced. We see it through the eyes of both Zoe and Edward, alternating perspectives throughout the book. Because the terrible accident that took their little boy from them happened while he was in the care of Zoe, she deals with awful guilt and he has had periods of blaming her. They've been dealt with it differently to a similar end result a strained marriage where they [...]

    4. I knew going into this story that I was going to be torn apart because of the parallels that exist between the plot and certain life experiences I've survived. With that being said, I feel as if the suspense aspect—will they/won't they find each other—used as a plot device to move the story along overshadowed the anger/grief turned healing that I expected from a subject so heartbreaking. I can't claim to have enjoyed this story. How does one love a book full of such tragedy? But it was mostl [...]

    5. Started out interesting enough learning about how they met and how their relationship evolved. The book eventually became monotonous and I skipped through much of the middle. The ending was very abrubt.

    6. This should be taught in school as an example on how NOT to write. I can't believe I actually paid money to read this garbage. Two POVs both in present and past, it just screams danger. The narrative is not consistent, on occasion it switches different timelines without an actual break to let you know. Dicks and fucks in completely wrong places, it goes from one extreme to another trying to sound like a Shakespeare and your local Chav in the same paragraph.The story is totally unbelievable. Zoe [...]

    7. Zoe and Edward have been dealing with the accidental death of their toddler for a little over a year now, but the grief and guilt have been driving them more and more apart rather than them being able to gain strength from each other. Zoe has been in a fog for months and Edward has been wanting her to get on with life, though his anger over the situation also stems from grief.Zoe's parents gift them with a weekend trip to Paris, and they go more for the sake of the parents than for themselves. N [...]

    8. رواية رائعة بسيطة وعميقة في آن واحد. أحداثها ليست بعيدة عن الواقع ويمكن أن تحدث في حياة كثير من الناس. في كل فصل من فصول الرواية ينقل القارئ إلى فترة زمنية محددة. تتحدث بطلة القصة زووي وزوجها إدوارد عن علاقتهما قبل الزواج وكيف تعرفا على بعضهما، وواجهت علاقتهم كثير من التحديات [...]

    9. Zoe e il marito Edward hanno perso Milo, il loro amatissimo figlioletto di due anni, per colpa di una tragedia. Il senso di colpa attanaglia Zoe, mentre Edward, colpevole di averlo fomentato, non riesce a concedersi un momento per affrontare il lutto, nel tentativo di sostenere sua moglie. Ma Zoe, nei due anni successivi alla tragedia, si è trasformata in uno zombie, un essere vivo solo in apparenza, una donna chiusa nel suo dolore, intrappolata in un silenzio assordante che finisce per allonta [...]

    10. Let me just start off by saying this book will grab you, heart and soul, on the very first page. Zoe and Edward are fighting to stay in love after the death of their son 2 years before. Zoe blames herself as does her husband. They have drifted further apart as time goes on. They go on a weekend getaway to Paris that Zoes parents set up. While there they are separated and soon they come to realize they do love each other and need each other, now more than ever before. This is a hard review. Not [...]

    11. E’ un libro straziante, ricco di sentimenti ed emozioni che ti travolgono come un treno in corsa. Soffri, soffri con loro perché è inevitabile. Che sia il pov di uno o dell’altro, la rabbia, il rancore, la tristezza, la delusione prendono il sopravvento e non ti resta che resistere, aggrapparti alla forza sconosciuta che tutti chiamano amore. Un romanzo che racconta la storia di una seconda possibilità, di due persone che hanno smarrito il cammino durante il corso della vita, che gli ha r [...]

    12. How do you deal with the loss of your two-year old son? The unbearable grief, The neverending guilt, The aching sorrow, The self-induced blame, The despair of not wanting to go on, The agony of knowing you will never hold him again This is the heartbreaking story of Zoe and Edward, whose son's accidental death is tearing them and their marriage apart. Instead of leaning on each other for support, they pull away from each other. Struggling to survive day after day, Zoe and Edward were given a tri [...]

    13. This was a heart wrenching read, told in alternating points of view from both Zoe and Edward. The time period moves back and forth between present day when they are on a trip to Paris meant to bring them back together, and the past when they first met, and fell in love. We also learn in these flashbacks how the loss of their child ripped them apart and left them in the precarious state they are currently in. Zoe and Edward thought they were going to be a happily ever after story, but real life g [...]

    14. Who I am after I read thisI'm a big fan of multiple narrator perspective. And a marriage from both sides in particular is also something I'm drawn to. The author does a good job of balancing the perspectives and explaining how they each got to this point in their marriage. I appreciated knowing from the beginning that Milo died so it wasn't quite such a slap in the face of shock when it happens. I think the reader had to know in order to fully demonstrate how painful their emotional separation i [...]

    15. The description made it sound as if it might be something I would enjoy even while dealing with emotions of grief. I read it over two days but it was more of a chore than most for me to finish. The style took some getting used to because it changed perspective between the wife and the husband as well as the past and the present. Overall, I think the author showed some stages of grief including denial and anger. Sad subject matter but it didn't work for me. I doubt I would read this author in the [...]

    16. This was very sweet and sad. Considering the story, I surprisingly didn't shed a tear. Though the story was interesting, it was very long and drawn out with a very abrupt ending.

    17. Un dramma che allontana due persone che si amano.Una storia straziante di un per sempre che non può durare dopo tutto il dolore che la coppia ha vissuto.Zoe è una bella ragazza che come hobby adora sferragliare, i suoi lavori sono di dubbia riuscita, non le riescono affatto bene ma lei imperterrita continua in questo passatempo che la rilassa.Un giorno finchè è seduta in una panchina al parco un ragazzo le si affianca e dimostrandole di aver fegato, la invita per un appuntamento in cambio di [...]

    18. When Edward and Zoe's 2 year old son tragically died, they grieved in different ways. He emptied Milo's room and got rid of clothes so they could move on. But Zoe needed to be surrounded by Milo's things and was angry that Edward took everything away so quickly. Edward needed comfort from people and Zoe wanted to be left alone in the dark in her bed. Both grieved deeply, but in completely different ways. How does a couple survive this and remain a strong loving couple?

    19. potential spoiler:This book is another kindle freebie, and like so many I have read lately, the timeline bounces around. I guess this is a fad or new trend in writing. With the first few novels like this that I read, I found it added to the interest, but with this one, I just found it tedious. In spite of the style, the story kept me interested and seemed to be heading toward an acceptable end, meaning something other than the trite happily ever after. Then the author succumbed to the need to ti [...]

    20. 2.5*It was ok. It was a bit slow and bleak for my liking, although the ending did sort of have a slightly, very slight HEA. It was sad.

    21. Familiar style and maybe even story line to some I have read recently , but still I enjoyed it. It switches pov from husband to wife, and jumps from past to present, but it not hard to follow.

    22. A weird romance novel with cliché emotions driving the plot.Basically I felt the characters were flat and unnecessarily abusive towards each other. The book can be summed up as too many near misses and swift changes of the heart. I also felt that a book about two Brits lacked all the charm and personality you would expect. This only added to my disappointment. What on earth is this book about? The best I can figure is that it's either about two immature lovers who get married on the idea that a [...]

    23. At first I was torn about whether or not I wanted to request Who We Were Before on NetGalley. Emotionally-charged books are always on my radar, but some topics are hard for me to read, especially when they deal with cruelty to children, vulnerable people and animals. I also struggle with topics about losing a loved one to illness or accident, since it is something that I am unfortunately too familiar with. I don't choose to read too many books like these as they usually leave me emotionally drai [...]

    24. Emotional Rollercoaster. This Book Deserves To Be Read.Leah Mercer is a great storyteller. She touched me in so many ways as I read this book. She has a talent for speaking the truth from a woman's and a man's point of view. There are times in our life when emotions are too painful and running away from feelings is the only thing that promises safety.Zoe decided that having love forever isn't real. She had been in a relationship with Ollie for three years. He asked her to marry him and she said [...]

    25. I loved how this book went back and forth between the two main characters, Zoe and Edward. In the back and forth of first person points of view in alternating chapters, much of the storyline unfolded through flashbacks. The settings of London, its suberbs, and Paris were also attention-keeping.

    26. I think this was a free " Kindle First" book. I liked the way the chapters alternated between the characters & the past & present. It was a quick read - would be good for a book club to discuss.

    27. Really. This book really hit home. So I read this book over the course of one day. I guess U can say that u really couldn't put it down. Having been married and divorced I recognized many of the signs of my broken marriage in this book. While there wasn't a great tragedy that sepatated us it was still just as bad. I read this book with compassion for Zoe and distain for Edward. I guess because I am a woman. I am not sure if that is how the book was supposed to be perceived but it's how I took it [...]

    28. ⭐️⭐️⭐️3/4Wow, this book was a doozie. I don't feel like I can give it a fair review, honestly, the content was a bit too much for me. The story of a couple and the loss of their young child and how they grieve and continue trying to live their lives. Being a mother, I can relate to falling in love with your husband and then child and how parenthood forces relationships to evolve. Fortunately, I was unable to relate to what one goes through after such a horrific tragedy of losing your [...]

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