Keep Me Still

Keep Me Still Travis thinks his life is out of control until the night he crashes into Cody That s when he learns what it truly means to surrender everything Cody is strong sexy and generous than Travis believed

  • Title: Keep Me Still
  • Author: Stephen Hoppa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Travis thinks his life is out of control until the night he crashes into Cody That s when he learns what it truly means to surrender everything Cody is strong, sexy, and generous than Travis believed possible He takes him in and begins unraveling all the pain and secrets that led to Travis being alone, homeless, and running for his life with an envelope of stolen cTravis thinks his life is out of control until the night he crashes into Cody That s when he learns what it truly means to surrender everything Cody is strong, sexy, and generous than Travis believed possible He takes him in and begins unraveling all the pain and secrets that led to Travis being alone, homeless, and running for his life with an envelope of stolen cash.With such a sweet, fragile heart, Travis has never let his guard down with anyone, but he can t resist falling deeper and deeper into Cody s effortless dominance and possessive touch Over stormy summer nights in Cody s isolated cabin, Travis discovers the euphoric passion of giving in to the desires Cody draws out of him.Heart Mind Body Travis hands over everything to the man who taught him to trust The only problem is Cody isn t who he says he is and his own dangerous secrets may shatter the faith Travis put in him.This is a 70,000 word stand alone novel which contains intensely intimate scenes between two men, and a happily ever after with no cliffhangers.

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    One thought on “Keep Me Still”

    1. Reread January 2018 4 StarsI decided to reread this because I honestly didn’t remember what it was about. It was a lot more angsty than I thought but I think I liked it better this time. Both of these guys are broken just in different ways. They’re both lost and just need someone to heal them. They get that from each other. I still loved the epilogue and bonus chapter. And I still felt like there were things that needed fleshing out more. For example, why Cody does what he does (I would have [...]

    2. This is on kindle unlimited so I decided to try it. I usually don't even admit to what I try on the unlimited program because they are mostly way creepy and I'm a pervert. This one seemed ok based on the blurb. It was a bit weird at times and hella boring. It took me several days to get through it. Since I wasted time out of my life I can never get back, I want this to count on my reading challenge.

    3. Great start to a beautiful friendship!This is the first in a long line of Stephen Hoopa's books I want to read. I loved the interaction between the character. They played well off of each other. Also the lite D/s vibe was great.

    4. 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars, because I love this author. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review of this book*This was a rough-edged falling-in-love story that had me hooked from the start. Stephen Hoppa has a way of creating and delivering characters that deeply resonate with me. This story follows two men, both flawed and trying to function as they deal with every-day life. Travis is a little-boy-lost, running from a past that has broken his spirit, and hiding from the darkest elemen [...]

    5. I stumbled on a treasureI found a new author for me. I started reading the book and was so taken by the story I couldn't put it down. Travis and Cody were both in need of each other and just didn't realize it. This is a definite must-read. Stephen Hoppa has written a story that held me captive. I cannot wait to get my hands on more books by Stephen! So glad I stumbled on this!

    6. It’s a cute story and I loved that there was something darker to both these characters. Perhaps one or two too many make out scenes but the plot is dynamic and the characters are strong. Read it twice and enjoyed it both times!

    7. After reading Ridden by the Cowboy: Learning to Submit to the Alpha Rancher M/M Gay Dark Romance Erotica, I decided to give the author another chance. A snippet of Keep Me Still was included and described as "a longer story with more romance", and since I found Ridden by the Cowboy 1, too short and 2, lacking romance, I figured this one might be more up my alley.In hindsight, that was probably pretty naive.The story is this: Travis (T) is on the run from his evil stepdad. Corey (C) takes him in, [...]

    8. 3 stars. This actually started off really well and then I'm not too sure what happened.The writing is decent, not the best but tolerable. I liked the setting and the characters Cody and Travis were pretty interesting and I liked their relationship well enough. One of the things that bothered me was that it was kind of insta-love which I cannot stand. I wish their relationship had developed a bit slower. I also didn't like the last half of the book. It just seemed to fall apart and was a big mess [...]

    9. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Both guys were so broken and I knew Cody was involved in something bad, but I also knew that he loved Travis more than anything and those two contrasting facts worried at my guts for the last half of the bookhe epilogue was super sweet. And as an extra we got the first chapter again from Cody's pov.

    10. Okay.This one was tricky for me It literally kept me up until 6 this morning trying to figure it all out.First. we have Travis He's running from some dude named Axel, but it takes a while to figure out who he is and why he broke my heart a little in the beginning but I didn't like his attitude, especially when it came to Cody, who tried everything in his power to help him. I kind of wish it would have been alternating POV's that way we could see why Cody was so intent to helping him even after a [...]

    11. I'm honestly not sure why.This story was kind of strange in places but I couldn't stop reading. Travis is running, both from his past and his present. While trying to deliver pizza, while he's ill, he crashes into a bear statue in the road to the house. Cody is the customer who takes him in and tries to take care of him. It's the start of a rather unusual relationship. Cody takes care of Travis and encourages Travis to open up and talk. Travis begins to trust him and shares his history. They eve [...]

    12. Love discovering new authors!Stephen Hoppa is a relatively new author to me. I am not dissapointed when it comes to reading his books. This is the first actual book by him that I read, having previously read his short stories.Keep Me Still had two broken souls just trying to survive in a horrid world. Travis, who lost everything when he ran away is hiding from his ex step dad who is after him. Travis, working at a pizza place as a delivery driver, literally crashes into Cody's life, or more accu [...]

    13. This one wasn't for me. The best parts were the chapter titles which were interesting and made me want to see what was going to happen. And then I'd read the chapter and be disappointed again. All of the conversations were circular and repetitive. And I couldn't stand Cody. It just did not work for me.

    14. Travis and Cody were so hot together I love how the book flows the connection between the main character was great. I never got bored reading this book. No spoilers here I was given this copy for an honest review

    15. 3.5 stars. Review to come. I really thought I came back and wrote a review. I hate when I forget to do that and also forget what I wanted to say. I get it figured out

    16. So much emotion. Travis has been so traumatized and Cody is strong. Watching them heal and the surprising twists was so moving. What an amazing journey from beginning to end.

    17. 3.5 Stars ~ It doesn’t seem to matter how connected I think I am to this genre, all it takes is a single recommendation to put me back in my place. No offense to Stephen Hoppa meant, but I’d never heard of the author until I ran across Keep Me Still in my recs, and then went on to discover he has a reasonably prolific body of work. So, I took a chance on this novel, and I liked it.In a purely escapist way, Keep Me Still delivers on several levels. First off, the author offers his readers tw [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. I thought the dialogue between the two main characters was repetitive at times. And I would have liked the mystery of who this handsome savior really is was dragged out a little longer. They fell into each other's laps quite quickly, there was a missed opportunity to really build the sexual tension between these guys. Also I would have liked a bit more action and adventure, there were so many places the author could have taken us given the circumstances of these chara [...]

    19. The dominant loaner wants to rescue and save the scared young runaway, but needs to be saved from himself as well. Title: Keep Me StillAuthor:Stephen HoppaGenre: M/M Contemporary RomanceMain Characters:Travis has been on the run after finally escaping his hellish childhood. But in the process he stole money, and his thug of a stepfather is after him, so he’s been living in his car and doing pizza deliveries to make cash. After losing everyone he loves and believing his temper is best kept away [...]

    20. Excellent!This book had some good twists and turns I didn't see coming! Great read with a happy ending! Won't be disappointed!!!

    21. So compellingWhat an incredible connection Stephen Hoppa has gifted readers with in Travis and Cody, it was impossible for me to step away from them until their story was told. Alienated and on the run from his dangerous step-father, Travis is completely overwhelmed by Cody, who from their very fist encounter pushes every boundary Travis has. Consumed by his own self-loathing, Travis starts off torn between his instinctive need to push Cody away and the irresistible yearning to succumb to him. I [...]

    22. This is such an odd book that I'm not really sure how to rate it. On the one hand, it took a while to get in to and several times, I had to talk myself out of giving up but on the other hand, it was intriguing enough that I wanted to know what was going on and once it got settled, I needed to know what the big secret was.I was confused by Cody right from the beginning. He is such a larger than life character. He'd analyse Travis and it would irritate me the way he spoke to him but I'd end up thi [...]

    23. 4 1/2 out of 5 starsI found this book on the weekend review of Sinfully Book Blog for 99cents, BUT when I got to it the price had gone back up to the normal $2.99 which made me consider returning it….I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I didn’t. Travis and Cody captured my heart and reading their story was one of the best parts of my week. Travis is running from his past and shows up at Cody’s place to deliver a pizza, but Travis is beyond sick - fever, sore throat and just exhausted (partially from hu [...]

    24. **I RECEIVED AN ARC IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW**I enjoyed the story, and I felt like Travis and Cody were characters that I could care about. There was an actual plotline, which is always a plus and the story was suspenseful enough to keep me wondering what would happen next. Cody seemed too good to be true at times, and when the truth was revealed, well, things got crazy, which kept the story exciting. The steamy scenes enhanced the relationship instead of being the main focus. The ending [...]

    25. This book is one of the most heart-warming books I have read in a long time. This is an amazing story that will draw you in from the first page and you will be totally captivated until the end. It starts with Travis (alias: Adam/John) crashing into a bear statue outside Cody's cabin in the woods and from there the story starts. I do not want to give anything further away. This story has drama, suspense, intrigue, pent-up rage, horrific danger, spiraling emotions, coming to terms with a sexuality [...]

    26. This is a dark romance. It was hard to read for me. Our protagonist Travis is so very messed up, and his rescuer Cody so perfect, that it's tempting to take them as-is, but there's too much story left. You *know* there's more, and jeez when it falls apart it's in all directions. Because this is a romance, hope kept me reading, but man, I worked for it right along with them. And that, right there, is telling, for me as a reader and for this story's success. At the end of the ebook is a bonus chap [...]

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