Jack of Thorns

Jack of Thorns Florist Psychic Addict Laurence Riley coasts by on good looks and natural charm but underneath lies a dark chasm that neither heroin nor lovers can fill Sobriety is a pipe dream which his stalker ex

  • Title: Jack of Thorns
  • Author: Amelia Faulkner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Florist Psychic Addict Laurence Riley coasts by on good looks and natural charm, but underneath lies a dark chasm that neither heroin nor lovers can fill Sobriety is a pipe dream which his stalker ex boyfriend is pushing him away from Luckily, Laurence has powers most can only dream of If only he could control them Aristocrat Psychic Survivor Quentin d Arcy iFlorist Psychic Addict Laurence Riley coasts by on good looks and natural charm, but underneath lies a dark chasm that neither heroin nor lovers can fill Sobriety is a pipe dream which his stalker ex boyfriend is pushing him away from Luckily, Laurence has powers most can only dream of If only he could control them Aristocrat Psychic Survivor Quentin d Arcy is the product of centuries of wealth, privilege, and breeding, and is on the run from all three A chance encounter with an arresting young florist with a winning smile could make him stop Laurence is kind, warm, and oddly intriguing but Quentin s wild telekinesis and his fear of sex make dating a dangerous game When opposites attract, they collide Desperate to fix his rotting life, Laurence prays for aid and accidentally summons a fertility god who prefers to be called Jack Jack is willing to help out for a price, and it s one Laurence just can t pay he must keep Jack fed with regular offerings of sex, and the florist has fallen for the one man in San Diego who doesn t want any If they re to survive Jack s wrath, Laurence and Quentin must master their blossoming feelings and gifts, but even then the cost of Laurence s mistake could well overwhelm them both How exactly are mere mortals supposed to defeat a god Jack of Thorns is the first book in the Inheritance series and contains mature themes and events which may be distressing to some readers It has a low heat rating and an HFN ending.

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      330 Amelia Faulkner
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    One thought on “Jack of Thorns”

    1. 4.5 stars. Loved it! One of those books where I was glued to the pages from just a few paragraphs in. I was so impressed with the way it starts out as a contemporary romance and bit by bit the little holes in the story are filled with magic. Both the characters are appealing and complex. The slow-burn romance is torture! (the good kind) There's mystery and some sadness in their backstories and all the questions are only partly resolved at the end. Great writing and great story. I've already star [...]

    2. Terrible. (And HYPED)Words actually fail me. So I'm going with some quotes…Quentin referring to a mobile phone: "One does not have such a device." Quentin, instead of saying yes: "Quite so." or "Ostensibly." Quentin generally: "Oh, not you, dear boy." etc. etc. etc.Nobody talks like that! Nobody! Not even an earl. Not even the queen. He never says "I" once. He always refers to himself as "One." It's utterly ridiculous. It sounds like 12 year old pretending to be posh.This is supposed to be a c [...]

    3. This was a frustrating book, in a lot of ways. It was very long, which is good, but the story felt sort of incomplete, even for a 'you have to keep reading' series. The amount of angst in the characters' backgrounds was *ridiculous* (content note: heroin addiction, alcoholism, past child abuse, past sexual abuse?, threatened sexual assault, dissociation and some mental illness). The Love Interest is sex-repulsed asexual currently because of trauma (but is attracted to the MC and doesn't realize [...]

    4. Wow.Go get this book. It releases on the 13th and you want it. If you've ever bought a book on my recommendation before, you NEED this book.First, I can't believe I've never read anything by Amelia before. She's made my auto-buy list from the first chapter. This book is THAT good. I'll be grabbing her entire backlist the second I get paid. You should too. Jack of Thorns has an amazing voice. The characters have secrets. Their secrets have secrets. And that's hard to pull off when at least two of [...]

    5. This was awful, I really tried and pushed on but by 57% decided life was far too short for me to finish this.One of the characters is English. I was extremely shocked to find the author is British. Assumed it was written by someone with only a cartoon view of what Britain is like, who'd possibly o'd on cheesy sixties/seventies tv series; though to be honest 'old boy' one fears even the poshest of those lordly specimens didn't talk anything like the quintessential Quentin. It's supposed to be a c [...]

    6. Lawrence Riley runs a florist shop with his mom in San Diego. He suffers from drug addiction, which has led to numerous rehab attempts. One night he prays to his pagan gods to help him get his act together. When one appears, Lawrence is ecstatic, however there is always a price. Lawrence doesn't know if he is willing to pay that price. Lord Banbury aka Quentin, is a product of English wealth and status. On the run from his past, his arrival in San Diego is met with the paparazzi and lavish life [...]

    7. “Woo me, Quen. I’m obviously worth it.”It’s been a while since I read a book so fast, as soon as I picked “Jack of Thorns” I couldn’t stop reading it. Quentin of course was my favorite character, before he met Laurence he lived a very lonely life but his aristocratic upbringing has trained him to appear confident at all times. His closed off personality might have made it difficult for Laurence to come close to him, but nonetheless it was really funny to see him being out of place [...]

    8. 4.5 starsA story set in San Diego written by someone who actually knows San Diego.I was fully prepared to have to relive some really bad geography, ala Everything Changes by Melanie Hansen, but by the time chapter five or so rolled around, I knew I was in good hands. I even learned something about that ginormous tree in the middle of Balboa Park (because she's right; locals totally don't read those tourist signs, lol). Woot!Now onto stuff other readers will actually care about. :D The world-buil [...]

    9. This was a fun read, especially once I got a bit further into it. The blend of paranormal and old gods is somewhat unique. Lawrence is a nicely complex character, a man with odd inherited talents, and a great mother who is nonetheless very reticent, failing to tell him things he really needs to know. His potential that is starting to unfold scares him, and his addiction history is both a source of shame and a siren call he fights every day. Lawrence works in his mother's flower shop, where their [...]

    10. Okay, I have to admit-I usually prefer a LOT of romance in my books, regardless of any other genre that a story might be a part of, and I don't necessarily mean in terms of the physical. Most of the romantic parts of this story are confined to the unrequitedwith a teensy, tiny bit of hoped yet the paranormal aspects of this book were plenty to keep my interest most of the way through. Now, yes-I did say "most of the way". There were some times, mostly in the first half of the story, where it did [...]

    11. *A free copy of this book was given to me by the author, in exchange for an honest review.*Laurence is a wreck. A heroine addict living day to day, getting by in life stoned most of the time, relying on his charms, his good looks and willingness to sleep with anything that moves. He has psychic powers, but no control over them or his life in general. Quentin / Banbury is a wreck too. Another addict, an alcoholic. Quentin flees his past and future quite literally by moving to a new location every [...]

    12. I received this ARC for a honest review. I really excited to read this book. Very rarely do I read a m/m paranormal romance book that is not focus on shifters (mostly werewolves) or vampires. So, I liked this book. I didn't love it but I think there is potential for the series.The Good- The MCs were not werewolves, vampires, and/or a ghost lover. I know I said this in the first paragraph but this is important. - Laurence and his mom. They were awesome. I kinda wish this wasn't a paranormal roman [...]

    13. Here is an interesting fantasy paranormal story. We have two individuals Quentin (English lord) and Lawrence (doped-out florist) from very different cultures drawn together, only to find out they have something very much in common. They both have super powers, yet undeveloped. When Lawrence accidentaly calls forth the god Jack/The Green Man, chaos ensues. Survival now depends on their learning to develop their powers to defeat Jack.All the characters were great. You can't help but hate all the b [...]

    14. I had trouble getting into the story. I’m not sure if it was because of the narrative or just the plot that didn’t seem to interest me. The MC’s didn’t help the cause. Laurence was just not my type and Quentin annoyed me a little, what with the ridiculous way he talked. It really got on my nerves. I didn’t feel the connection between the main characters, and I didn’t feel threatened by the supposed villain or bad guy. Half way I was pretty disenchanted, after reading so many good rev [...]

    15. This was an interesting, fast-paced fantasy about Laurence Riley, a young man who operates a florist shop with his psychically gifted mom and pretty much coasts along through life knowing he needs to get his act together but struggling to figure out how. He is also psychically gifted—with visions of future events that tend to come to reality. Desperate for a positive change, Laurence invokes his magic abilities and calls for help from a fertility god. What he gets is Jack—green-eyed, self-po [...]

    16. Jack of Thorns by Amelia FaulknerOMG this book was sooo good!I admit I was hesitant to read it at first because there are some themes that, while they aren't triggers, I do find disturbing; drug addiction and child abuse hurt my heart in a major way so I tend to avoid books with them in general. That being said I am SO glad I read this book! Amelia Faulkner has created such an amazingly rich world and mythos in this book. The premise? What if the old Gods really do exist and interact with humans [...]

    17. One look at the cover and I'm thinking "teen urban fantasy" and "gay romance" - neither being genres I'd normally give a second glance.However, the first line of the description caught my attention:"Florist. Psychic. Addict."And the opening sample hooked me with its smooth and fluid writing and immediate sense of tension.This was not the book I was expecting. It was far, far better.Firstly, it's intelligent. Laurence isn't a recovering heroin addict, he's still a heroin addict - just between fix [...]

    18. listen,,,, this might have even been a 4 stars if the one mc wouldnt have talked like a human version of a freakin package of lipton earl grey tea or something because no human should talk about himself in the 3rd person 24/7 its just weird Who Does That but i mean, it was p cute nonetheless

    19. At a glance, this looked like opposites attract. A fair haired and tanned average American met dark haired and pale British aristocrat. Somehow, they struck a bond and developed a friendship. The further we went, the more it revealed they had more in common other than their psychic abilities. They were both addicts. Their friendship was pretty much what drew me to this story. Coming from different world, how Laurence and Quentin could be comfortable with one another was a journey. That both were [...]

    20. * I received a free copy of this book from the author for an unbiased review.*4.5I thoroughly enjoyed this blend of contemporary romance and paranormal fantasy. I’ve read a lot of paranormal/supernatural fiction and haven't come across one recently that allows the everyday aspects of life—friendship, pain, doubt and all the other highs and lows of living—to take precedence over the paranormal elements in the story, part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. The main focus is on the struggles [...]

    21. I went into this not fully knowing what to expect aside from the summary itself, but this story just grabbed me and I LOVED IT. I didn't want it to end, and now I CANNOT wait for the next story in the series!I think what I loved most was the characters. They had depth and were intriguing (There's SO much more I want to know about Quentin! And Laurence, too, but I really want more about Quentin's past and if they can get his abilities under even better control) and I loved all their moments of in [...]

    22. Ice queens are my weak point, that's why I ate this book in one seating. The story is the beginning of one promising series, and the characters are strong and defined. My only problem is a somewhat sporadic world building. I've got to many unanswered questions about the magic system and classification - do all the psychics have the same abilities, if not, why not try to explain it, if yes - why not try to explain it also. The characters, in particular, Laurence, had a perfect information source [...]

    23. This was my second time reading this, since I needed a refresher before moving on with the series. I think I enjoyed it just as much, if not more. I love the slow build, largely due to Quentin's cluelessness which leads to gems like this:"He tore his gaze away. It wasn't proper to ogle other people in such a manner, and he had no idea what could have caused his lapse in manners."And his gradually growing possessiveness, LONG before he realizes he might even have feelings:"Woe betide anyone who l [...]

    24. It's not a bad book, even though I'm still not very sure about the whole Banbery or whatever his name is referring to himself as "one" and not "I" thing. Is that a REAL British thing, or a made-up British thing? Either way, it made reading the first section until he started using "I" rather weird. I kept thinking "what species?"I think Quentin's got a lot more hidden about his past than what's been revealed so far, and maybe some of that will come into play later on?But yeah, it was a fairly int [...]

    25. Right off the top, let me say I generally do not like paranormal romance AT ALL, which is why I felt compelled to write a review. This is a good story first and foremost. The characters are interesting & well-developed. The paranormal elements are integral to the tale & not cliched. Can't wait for further books in the series - Laurence's life & budding romance unfolding with twists!

    26. On one hand, i enjoyed this world building in this story. It had me intrigued from the very beginning, and so I was eager to find out more. On the other hande characters were incredibly frustrating. Laurence was a bit of a doormat. And while I like his druggy past, it never seemed to actually feel like he was an addict. Sure he kept saying he was, but it never really felt like it unless he happened to bring it up. Quentin was alsoweird. Like he was written like he was from the past. And not 20th [...]

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