Anywhere But Here (Anywhere, #1)

Anywhere But Here Anywhere Seven years ago I left Conway South Carolina swearing I would never go back I put that town in my rearview and didn t stop until there were several hundred miles between me and the memories I wanted

  • Title: Anywhere But Here (Anywhere, #1)
  • Author: Stephanie Hoffman McManus
  • ISBN: 9781530529988
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seven years ago, I left Conway, South Carolina swearing I would never go back I put that town in my rearview and didn t stop until there were several hundred miles between me and the memories I wanted to leave behind But you can t outrun your own heart The past always comes back, and it didn t matter how far I went, I couldn t erase the mark he left I d never met anyonSeven years ago, I left Conway, South Carolina swearing I would never go back I put that town in my rearview and didn t stop until there were several hundred miles between me and the memories I wanted to leave behind But you can t outrun your own heart The past always comes back, and it didn t matter how far I went, I couldn t erase the mark he left I d never met anyone like Kellen Nash before He made me feel so alive Until I made the mistake of falling in love with him I spent seven years trying to forget only to be forced to come face to face with him again I wasn t prepared for old wounds to be reopened or for him to still have this effect on me He nearly broke me once I won t give him the chance to do it again, even if he does still look at me like he can see everything I keep hidden inside There s too much history between us, like the North and the South, to forgive and forget so easily, but the longer I m back, the I start to question what really happened then, and the I worry about what will happen if he discovers my biggest secret At seventeen she was the most beautiful thing I d ever seen, and not at all what I expected A girl like her didn t belong with a guy like me, but that didn t stop me from wanting her, or breaking her heart I never thought I d see her again, but she s back Only she isn t the girl I knew In her place is an angry spitfire even gorgeous than I remember, and she s determined to take all that anger out on me I ve spent seven years missing her, living with the regret of letting her go, and when I start to catch glimpses of the girl I loved, I realize it s never too late Or is it This is the first in a series of inter related stand alones There is no cliffhanger, but Kellen and Shae s story will continue to play out through the rest of the series Contains mature content not recommended for readers under 17

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      260 Stephanie Hoffman McManus
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    One thought on “Anywhere But Here (Anywhere, #1)”

    1. I'm going with three stars because I don't like open endings in stories like this one.Let's be honest. This is all about the relationship between the protagonists, be it past, present or future. This is all about whether or not they will be able to overcome all the obstacles that kept them apart for many years, even though they obviously love each other.You can't stray very far from that. It's either yes or no and to be left with a 'to be continued' feeling was just disappointing and frustrating [...]

    2. FANTASTIC READ!I devoured this. Oh way too angsty for me. Loved both Kellan and Shae. But errr,,, Cammie aka slut, steam was coming out of my ears. Anytime she took part of this story, I wanted to yank her skanky ass out of my kindle!

    3. 5 Stars!"His mistake was thinking that I wanted the world, when all I wanted was him."Speechless. that's how I was left after reading, Anywhere But Here. The ending brought me to tears. I was trying to hold them in, but it wasn't possible. I loved Kellen and Shae's story. My favorite part was reading about them in their senior year. Kellen was a bad-ass even in high school. Usually, I'm not a fan of stories written in past and present, but I really liked it for them. I liked that he brought Shae [...]

    4. I started this today and finished it today, literally couldn't put it down! I've given this 5 stars purely coz I loved it however I didn't love the ending so much, I wanted, needed more I'm hoping book 2 will give me that but as it's a book on another couple I'm not sure it will, my feelings are mixed right now, I'm not as eager to jump into the next book as I feel I should be but then again it is past 11pm so may be I'm just tired and will feel different tomoz lol

    5. I just finished Anywhere but here and let me tell you she pulls you in. I have read books where it's past and present and they weren't very good. This story was so great. I loved it. I love all Stephanie's writing though so I knew immediately it would be amazing. young love heart break and life happen. Some of its funny but also deep and happy. some sad. I don't want to give anything away in my review but I hope that doesn't put you off reading it.This last week our family has been going through [...]

    6. Shae and Kellen’s story will rock your world! I laughed, I cried, I got furious and I cried some more! Shae is the high school’s everything girl, the perfect student, so popular all the girls wanted to be her and to top it all off she is rich. No one knew that her happiness on the outside was fake and inside she kept secrets. Shae had been taught to never let them see your weakness or your tears, you go on you be strong. But high school can also be stressful and destructive as Shae learns wh [...]

    7. Anywhere But Here was such an amazing story. I'm not a fan of switching from Past to Present throughout a book but this one was done so right that it couldn't have been written any other way without it losing its groove.Shaleigh Bradford, or Shae as Kellan calls her, is the girl everyone wants to be in high school. Cheerleader, football boyfriend and smart to boot. But no one notices how much she hides the hurt until Kellan. Kellan Nash was the high school bad boy. Late for class, fighting, and [...]

    8. Where to start on Shea and Kellan. They are so very good together and at the same time so very combustible together. Shea is a strong woman who has been through a lot on her lifetime, and Kellan is a strong man who has been through almost as much as Shea. When they see each other again after 7 years apart, there is definitely a chemistry between them that never seemed to disappear. They have a lot of ups and downs and a lot of stuff that they have to work through in this book, but they manage.If [...]

    9. Clearly my opinion can not be counted as unbiased. I am very much biased, and I don't usually leave a review on my own works, but in this case I felt I needed to. Second chances and redemption are themes you will find in each and every one of my books, but this story is unlike my others in several ways, the biggest being the ending. I will not give it away, but I will say, I was torn for quite a while on how I should wrap it up. I will make it clear, there is no cliffhanger, however, not everyth [...]

    10. What do you do when you have to go back to the place where you hate the most? Well unfortunately Shae's grandmother,Didi passed away and left Shae her business. Shae had gone through so much in 7 years that broke my heart. Shae has many secrets and so does the boy who broke her heart Kellen this story will make you angry,cry and want more. It's a story about telling the truth will set you free! I can't wait to hear more about Shae and Kellen story. Just remember to have Kleenex while reading! 5/ [...]

    11. I am speechless This is an amazing story, written by an outstanding author! The story is a mix of past and current events in the lives of a group of people, but mostly Shae and Kellen. I can't really put into words the emotions I delt with during the reading everything from laughter, to sadness, to hope, and tears. This is what writing is all about! I would give it 100 stars if I could!

    12. A touching story by a talented author, she brings you into the story making you read as long as you can to see what happened in the past to these characters. I also can't wait to see where she goes next with the secondary characters even though I want to see what happens with Shea and Kellen first. I received this arc to give a honest review.

    13. Wow, this author has some amazing writing skills. I love every story she creates & she gives you all the feels in each character like you are there.This is a second chance romance that takes place between HS & (present day) seven years later. This is Shaeleigh & Kellens story. So much angst, betrayal & unexpected twists will keep you turning each page to find out more! Read this book now!

    14. "Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will Rise." -------Victor HugoThis is one of the best books I've read. It attacked all my senses and left me a blubbering mess by the end of the book. It was one of the hardest as I pictured all this couple went thru. Time wasted over being hurt, lies told, and everyone else sticking their nose where it did not belong. This is the first book I have read by Stephanie and she nailed it. Her story was genuine and so where her character's.The past always [...]

    15. ANYWHERE BUT HERE is a five-star, bestseller, written by Stephanie Hoffman McManus. If you like second chance romance, well written characters, and a story that keeps you drawn into every page, this book is for you. I particularly like the way the story is written. Stephanie tells the story in a past and present format, and she nails it. It was an even more interesting read for me because I was vacationing in the location that the book took place while I was reading it. Shae had to return to her [...]

    16. “Anywhere by Here” is definitely one of those books that readers can completely get lost in. The story and the characters made me want to hole up for days and not come out until I knew everything about them. Shaeleigh, or Shae, is a bright young woman who is forced to go back to her hometown after seven years to settle her grandmother’s estate. She refused to go home after the man she loved, Kellan, broke her heart immediately after high school. The story of their past is beautifully laced [...]

    17. Anywhere But Here is the story of love and loss. Heart break and forgiveness. It all starts in South Carolina, where Shae and her mother move to be closer to her paternak grandparents after her father dies in a tragic helicopter crash. Shae seems to have the perfect life outside of her home life. Shes on tons of committee's, great grades, a cheerleader, great boyfriend. She has everything going for her as far as everyone can tell, but what they don't know is that she barely speaks to her alcohol [...]

    18. Ahh!! This book. It grabbed a hold of my heart and didn't let go. I can't stop thinking about it, and it brought out so many feels!Kellan Nash, the bad boy, the poor boy, the one no one wanted—not even his own parents. And then, in one moment of fate, a school project changed his life forever. He was partnered with Shea.Shea, the good girl, the smart one, the rich one—the one everyone wanted to be. But that was all just a mask. No one really knew her.Until Kellan“It wasn’t perfection tha [...]

    19. Anywhere But Here is a story about second chances, although by the end of this story I wasn’t sure I wanted them to have a second chance! After 7 long years of anger, lies, and simple misunderstandings, Shae and Kellen run into each other and eventually everything becomes clear. McManus gives her characters and readers heartache right along with regret and sadness. Luckily for Shae and Kellen (and us the readers) we are also given hope. There looks like a chance for forgiveness, friendship and [...]

    20. I stumbled across this book by chance yesterday and so thankful that I did. WOW!! what a powerful love story, such heartbreak, never have I wanted to crawl through my kindle and smack so many people before in my life.Shae is such a strong woman to survive such heartbreak from early on in life, between her daddy dying, her high school cheating on her, she walks in on him screwing another girl (one of her friends no less) and then there is Kellen, that is the one that hurt her the most, a love lik [...]

    21. What the actual fuck?!! I loved this book but damn Why you gotta leave it like that? I had to but my kindle down and walk away a few times. So much heartbreak and loss it gutted me. Now, don't get me wrong as soon as my heart healed I'd pick it back up and carry on. But DAMN girl you did an amazing job with this book! I could really feel the emotions of Shae and Kellan. He is giving Ky a run for his money on my list of fuckable book boyfriends lol. Yes, even through everything that happens. I lo [...]

    22. Loved it. Sucked me in slight spoilersGreat book. Kept me coming back for more, to continue and not put it down, would definitely recommend it. That being said, I was slightly disappointed with the ending, there wasn't actually a cliff hanger (though I guess it technically could have been one and I may not have seen it as such) but it left me wanting more that's for sure. With Shae and Kellen finally finding some peace after all the lies and betrayal, you think there would be full closure, so un [...]

    23. So this book shocked me beyond belief.I thought I knew what the big twist was. I was preparing myself for a certain heartbreak and then WHAM at the end I am hit with the real twist and I was shocked! I did not see it coming and it tore my heart out.This is definitely a tear jerk-er, it doesn't seem like it threw out the book but you know its coming.The writing was fun and well done. The story line was intriguing and kept you turning the page. Although this book doesn't really have a HEA, its not [...]

    24. For the first two chapters or so, I was really hesitant about this book. I was worried it was going to be every other YA romance. But turns out it was so much better. Loved the characters. Sure the plot may have been a little predictable here and there but I don't care. I thought it ended pretty abruptly though until I realized this book is labeled as "Anywhere But Here (Anywhere #1)". So that means a sequel will be coming right? I sure hope so or else that ending is going to really tick me off. [...]

    25. I question if I read the same book as all the five star reviewers. I also deducted a star from a mediocre three star book because of the ending. The author just quits telling the story. Does the author plan a sequel to tie up all the loose ends? Do we know if Kellen and Shae finally get their HEA? To avoid spoilers I'll vaguely say that leaving the two characters in the location where she did really disappointed this reader. I'm not impressed and I probably won't bother reading a sequel if she d [...]

    26. I absolutely loved this story! Stephanie wrote a real, raw story full of emotion and I couldn't help but root but Kellen and Shea from the very beginning. I have never read a second chance romance like this before, there were so many details, so much history and so much damn emotion! I cannot wait to get my hands on book two of this story to continuing reading about these characters and see where they wind up.

    27. For a boy I loved.I couldn't put this book down. I've never read this author before so I went off of other reviews. I was nervous that this book would disappoint. But wow I was wrong. I am so bummed this book is over. I can't wait to search for the second one. That's the one thing that blows about a great series. The wait!

    28. 5 starsThis was beautifulThe story was fantastic and heart breaking I loved the whole story it was emotional and had me on a roller coaster! I was wrecked throughout in a great way! I recommend this book to everyone!!

    29. 5 starsI have to say this book is emotional. I cried. And laughed. And cussed. Then cried some more. I am upset at the ending. I wanted more. Do they get back together? Are they able to put all their stuff behind them? Do they have children?

    30. Wow!!!!This story was exceptional! I felt every emotion every character had. Wow! Wow! Wow! Absolutely love this story from beginning to end. This was PERFECT!

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