Angels All Over Town

Angels All Over Town New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice made her triumphant debut with this delicately drawn but emotionally powerful portrait of a woman s extraordinary journey of the heart and soul a timeless

  • Title: Angels All Over Town
  • Author: Luanne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780553568264
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice made her triumphant debut with this delicately drawn but emotionally powerful portrait of a woman s extraordinary journey of the heart and soul a timeless story of love, sisterhood, and the hope that emerges even out of heartbreak.Una Cavan doesn t believe in ghosts But ghosts seem to believe in her At least, her father sNew York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice made her triumphant debut with this delicately drawn but emotionally powerful portrait of a woman s extraordinary journey of the heart and soul a timeless story of love, sisterhood, and the hope that emerges even out of heartbreak.Una Cavan doesn t believe in ghosts But ghosts seem to believe in her At least, her father s ghost does, walking into and out of her life as casually as if he were entering and exiting a room Una has always believed the Cavan women had the power of witches, and from the beaches of Connecticut to the bustle of New York City they ve shared the special unbreakable bond of sisters No man has been able to come between them until Lily marries the perfect man and begins to drift away and Margo gets engaged With another failed relationship behind her, and a thriving career as an actress ahead of her, Una wonders if she s destined to be alone or if there isn t something , something magical that life has in store for her Then an unexpected encounter gives her the answer she s been seeking.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    One thought on “Angels All Over Town”

    1. This is Luanne Rice's first novel. I have always wanted to read her first book and am thrilled to finally have read it. I have read mixed reviews from others, but from my perspective, I just thought it was a wonderful read regarding one period in three sister's lives. In the 80's I loved Soap Operas, ao I loved reading about Una. What I liked about this novel was the grittiness and the mistakes revealed in all of the characters, which kept me reading more. I liked how this was not a plot driven [...]

    2. It's informative and kind of spellbinding to read Luanne Rice's first book. All her emerging talents are present here, and I find all of her books a great read I can share with my mother and with friends.

    3. I would say this book is so-so. I kept waiting for a big conflict. The main character Una was kind of blah. She seemed to just pass over everything. OK pool book, but not one I could really get into.

    4. One of the authors first books. Not one of my favorites. The book was all over the place regarding the three sisters, their husbands, mates, boyfriends, whatever. Her romantic descriptions were not very refined. The sisters were so dysfunctional and led obscure lives. The book tried to address issues of sibling rivalry, alcoholism, abuse, loss of parents. Una's sex life was rather crude and made her out to be more loose than I believe the author wanted her to be. I NEVER give up on an author fro [...]

    5. This was Luanne Rice's first novel. It took off in a few different directions at the beginning. The main character, Una Cavan, sees her deceased father and speaks with him. She seemed to wind up in bed with random men. She and her two sisters have a close relationship until Lily gets married. I almost stopped reading this book a few times but some of the characters were good enough to make me want to know more about them. Una studied acting at Julliard. Then she landed a job on a soap opera. I'm [...]

    6. I had not read any of Luanne Rice's books, so "Angels All Over Town" was my introduction to Rice's very easy, laid back reads. This is the story of three sisters who are inseparable until they must deal with an addition to their family who really doesn't fit in in the beginning, and causes changes that must be dealt with and accepted. All in all, an okay read

    7. really great story left me wanting more of the charactures in the book and to finish their stories,

    8. I struggled reading this book. This is her first, and I believe she’s developed as a writer, but I’m glad I didn’t start with this one or I might not have picked up another.

    9. The back cover blurb mentions witches; so I figured this book would be about witches's not really. Witchcraft isn't even mentioned in any conversation between the three main characters. This is a novel about a woman seeing the ghost of her dead father. Rice did a good job of grabbing my attention in the beginning, but it started to wane at page twelve as I waited for some type of conflict to occur. For me, the conflict never showed. I did consider putting the novel down multiple times, but somet [...]

    10. This was Luanne Rice's first novel and is the fourth book I've read of hers.The first part when Una has just finished another cup of coffee, grabbs an old Redbook and heads for the bathroom. There she finds her father seated on the toilet, reading the New York Daily News. Her heart is racing from embarrassment, not shock. She did not ask herself how her father, a man who had died wearing two colostomy bags, could be taking a normal shit. Nor did she wonder why he was reading the Daily News, a ta [...]

    11. In my opinion, Angels All Over Town was a structural atrocity. However, the storyline itself was good – assuming you could identify it, of course – and the author has a promising capability to communicate complex emotions often associated with difficult situations. That being said, unless you are really bored, this one is probably best left to women who can directly relate to the character’s personal issues: sibling relationships, adult children of alcoholics, loss of a close relative or [...]

    12. I picked this because I was intrigues by the introduction. Said that this is the first book by Luanne Rice. So of course I had to read it. It's ok. I prefer Jane Green. Her depiction of the sisterly life is pretty spot on and I like reading about them but the lovelife bit is a touch grating for me. Una, the protagonist seems to just jumped in bed with the first man available who is nice to her. After a while it gets annoying. Hello, your backbone is calling you, said it misses you! Not sure if I [...]

    13. Loved this book. Una Cavan sees her father's ghost just when she needs him most. The Cavan women (sisters) are growing up and going their separate ways and Una falls in love and visits the beaches of Connecticut but almost loses her love due to her acting career. She is a soap actress that finally gets a big screen movie part but in the meantime the paparazzi are linking her to the movies producer and her man back home is tormented by the media coverage and pictures. Finally she goes back home a [...]

    14. A little more superficial than my usual taste, but it was a fast read and I could relate to the main character. I think her insecurities were endearing, and the bond she needed to feel with her family (especially her sisters) clicked with me immediately. I'm also one of those girls who once dreamed of becoming a big movie star, so the acting part enthrilled me. Not much depth, but has meaning that is easy to pick up on if you come from a close family. Happy ending, I overall really enjoyed this [...]

    15. Luanne Rice is one of my favorite contemporary authors. "Angels All Over Town" is her first novel, and it shows. As a writer myself, I also think my first novel doesn't flow as well as my others. With that being said, like all of Rice's books, I still enjoyed the well thought out characters, the complications of family and love story. The beginning felt a little out of place with the rest of the book, but by the end I could connect it. Still, I wish the ghostly encounters were tied in a little m [...]

    16. I couldn't even finish this. It was the author's first book and it was the first book that I have read by this author. Perhaps it was the superficial nature of it, or the fact that the plot was slow to go anywhere but I couldn't finish reading it. As well I am giving away all of her books that I picked up. Even though they were free, if the rest are as annoying, I can't be bothered to read them.

    17. I really wanted to like this book but unfortunately it fell completely flat in my opinion. The main character, Una wasn't very likeable. The storyline jumped from a moment of happiness to a moment of insecurity within a paragraph to the point that I wanted to throttle her for not having a backbone. I know this was supposed to be a fun, light-hearted read, but it's one of those books I really could have just done without.Until next time,~Lisa

    18. For a first book I would have to say it is good. I read it not knowing it was the author's first book and kept comparing it to others by her, other much better novels by her. Overall, I was disappointed by this book and finished it just because I finish what I start, not because I really enjoyed it.I would have liked to have seen the relationship between the main character and her sister Lily more developed.

    19. Another Luanne Rice book that was a complete disappointment. I found out this was her first novel so I was excited to read it. Half way thru the book I was still waiting for it to get good and it never did. The storyline was pointless and it never came to a real conclusion at the end. Some of her books are awesome and others, like this, are just a waste of my time!

    20. I totally enjoy this author, and was intrigued to read her first book. But I just didn't love it as it fell flat and never went anywhere. The premise was good so now that Rice has more experience with writing maybe she should re-write this one as there is so much promise. It could be so much more.

    21. Didn't love this one as much as others, mostly because there just wasn't much of a plot. I kept waiting for a climax, or some sort of conflict and it just never happened. As I read some of the other reviews, I understand that this was Rice's first novelI can see that and I've definitely really liked some of her later novels much better!

    22. I enjoyed this book. Lighthearted and funny. The story centered around 3 sisters trying to navigate life while coming to terms with their fathers death and their mothers indifference. In the end, they remained close and their tight bond held. I usually enjoy Luanne Rice's books and this one delivered for me.

    23. You can definitely tell that this is her first book. Thankfully, it wasn't the first that I had read from her-- Otherwise it would have been the last. The plot was barely discernible, and the blurb on the back had the intriguing bit about there perhaps being witches-- The only witches in the book are when someone talks about the Salem Witch Trials.

    24. Found it slightly boring, skipping over sections laden with detail after detail. While the relationship between the sisters and their men I enjoyed, there wasn't any real back story to get a true sense of who they were. A good first novel for Rice who continued to grow with her following books. I still love her writing.

    25. Although the story was engaging, I was rather disappointed that the ghost did not 'visit' as often as I envisaged when I read the blurb. That was the reason I chose the book in the first place.I did like the characters and the sister's relationships.

    26. You can tell this is her first book. The plot was slow and there was too much of it during the Europe/France phase. I would have been more interested in Lila's marriage and what was going on there than reading about this bizarre flaky director.

    27. Patron Review:The painful thoughts of an unmarried soap opera actress suffering from losing her sisters to marriage and wondering if her significant other loves her. Sometimes depressing but interesting.

    28. Maybe this should be one and a half because I did finish it. However, this is the first Luanne Rice book I haven't liked. Everyone seemed so clueless about their relationships and maybe I'm a prude, but the sex and masturbation made me want to stop reading.

    29. Good enough for a long trip but not much more. It promises ghosts and spirits talking and stalking but - the first view is a maybe, the second is unbelievable, the next are obvious dreams, and don't occur til near the end of the book.

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