Return of the Untamed Billionaire

Return of the Untamed Billionaire An explosive reunion Every night prima ballerina Anya Ilyushin dances for Roman Zverev the man who once captured her heart before shattering it Anya has buried the fragments behind an impenetrable w

  • Title: Return of the Untamed Billionaire
  • Author: Carol Marinelli
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An explosive reunion Every night, prima ballerina Anya Ilyushin dances for Roman Zverev the man who once captured her heart, before shattering it Anya has buried the fragments behind an impenetrable wall, but when Roman saunters into her dressing room, their fierce attraction is rekindled Beneath Roman s wealth and sophistication lies an untamed wildness there s nothingAn explosive reunion Every night, prima ballerina Anya Ilyushin dances for Roman Zverev the man who once captured her heart, before shattering it Anya has buried the fragments behind an impenetrable wall, but when Roman saunters into her dressing room, their fierce attraction is rekindled Beneath Roman s wealth and sophistication lies an untamed wildness there s nothing civilized about what he feels for Anya He left before their longing could consume them both, but memories were branded onto his soul Now he s back and determined to make Anya his own

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    One thought on “Return of the Untamed Billionaire”

    1. Having read the first 3 books in Carol Marinelli's Irresistible Russian Tycoons Series - the 1st The Price of his Redemption, which I really liked, is Daniil Zverev's and Libby Tennent's story /book/show/2 and the 2nd, The Cost of the Forbidden, which I also liked Sev Derzhavin and Naomi Johnson's story, /book/show/2. and the 3rd Billionaire Without a Past is Nikolai Eristov's and Rachel Cary's story, which I really loved./book/show/2, I was so looking forward to Roman Zverev (Daniil's brother) [...]

    2. I don't understand any of the positive reviews for this book. There was nothing likable about either the hero or heroine in this book. They were both cold & screwed up. Who likes to read a fictional romance book about a hero (Roman) who answered an ad to marry & be a sex toy to a middle age woman because he needed to "improve" himself in order to be worthy to his brother and former love? A man who has no regret on the decision to leave the supposedly love of his life and marry someone el [...]

    3. A well written romance on the second chance trope,Return of the Untamed Billionaire by Carol Marinelli managed to keep me hooked from the start.Anya is a strong independent heroine who has seen her share of tough times.I loved that she was so dedicated to her craft and was willing to sacrifice for the same.At first,she is hurt and lashing at Roman,which I totally understood from her perspective.She was not perfect and had flaws,which made her more realistic.Roman is an alpha hero who knows that [...]

    4. This was a poorly written book. Roman's reasons for not getting in touch with Anya were weak, as were his reasons for marrying Celeste. I liked Anya. She was strong, dedicated to her craft and career and was obviously very much in love with Roman. I could very much understand her feeling betrayed by him. And he never once apologised for what he had done. Her treated her pretty cavalierly and expected to just pick up where he had left off. Rotten hero.

    5. I made the mistake of reading several 1/2* reviews and was prepared to hate this book. It has so many things I hated like hero defending the Other Woman whom he MARRIED? Abandoned his loved ones never intending to make contact again? Married an older woman for "adventurous sex"?! Gosh! With this prejudice I started reading this final of 4 Russian heroes series y am I glad I gave this book a chance! Whoever wrote those reviews seemed to only see the bad and ignored the why and how. The author rem [...]

    6. I liked it however I like Carol Marinelli's book because they are original and well written. I feel this book is much too ambitious and dark for the short harlequin format and would have been done better justice in a larger format. However great read!So Anya a ballerina finds her first love Roman again, each of them having a past. Roman is a hard core alpha male but decent and dedicated to Anya. Anya has too much psychological issues which display themselves as potential eating disorders. So Car [...]

    7. There was not one thing that I liked about this book! To begin with, the writer must not know English very well because there were a lot of dialogue that made no sense at all and if there was any romance or chemistry between these characters, I failed to see. Roman's wife had more appeal & love than any real feelings for Anya. In other books for this series, Anya was a cold bitch and in this one she's too needy and easily forgives. As for Roman, he is loathsome. After leaving Anya when they [...]

    8. Loved the conclusion to the series. Book two was probably the one I liked least of the four. One thing that has to be said. Roman (this book) and Daniil (book one) are identical twins - apart from a scar on Daniil's cheek. Couldn't they have used the same cover "actor" for continuity purposes? The story even mentions them going to Romans Paris apartment where his butler mistakes Daniil for him. Aside from that, I loved the series ending. Carol Marinelli sure loves writing about Russian orphans m [...]

    9. It was exciting to read about the last of the four boys that grew up in a Russian orphanage. Can Roman win back Anya's shattered heart? Will secrets finally be revealed?

    10. Sometimes "love" or "being loyal" is tough-love. I'd say this one was the most complicated, most true-to-life, heartbreaking of the series. Roman really sacrificed himself for his twin and Anya, his early childhood love. I really think if he'd tried to hang on to both of them in their teenage years, it would've doomed them all to the vicious cycles of poverty and all the ugliness & crime that they would have lived in--with him front & center as the "vulgar-animal & life-ruiner". Most [...]

    11. Leí este libro porque quería cerrar esta serie , solo esta en inglés por ahora . Me he llevado una sorpresa porque la protagonista de esta novela no es nada de como la describen en los libros anteriores, al contrario , es una mujer que vive entregada a su carrera y esperando al único hombre que ha amado , aún cuando no sabe si está vivo o muerto. El hombre no está muerto y más bien ha rehecho su vida y no volvió por el,a cuando pudo haberlo hecho . Sus razones para no buscar a la joven [...]

    12. Řekla bych, že autorka má poněkud zkreslené představy o anorexii. Aňja celou knížku skuhrá, že kvůli baletu nejí a nemůže mít děti. 18 měsíců nemá menstruaci a pak otěhotní v podstatě po prvním sexu? Z minulých dílů jsem žila v iluzi, že Aňja je nejtalentovanější baletka široko daleko. Teď najednou je sice pilná, ale stěží průměrná? Přesto má v plánu tančit aspoň do čtyřiceti a druhé dítě chce hned, aby se brzy mohla vrátit ke kariéře? Cel [...]

    13. Things to like: Carol MarinelliHarlequin PresentsRussian heroesBallerinasThings to dislike:Are we sure this is Carol Marinelli?Feels more like a cheap KU by Marian TeeWhere were the Russian pet names? The sexy Russian names like Dmitri, Mikhail, and Alexei?This was not romanticized ballet, this was the real bulimic, no menstruating kind.I liked Roman's brother, Daniil's story. But thiswoof.

    14. Very Torn On This Book (may contain spoilers)I wanted to like it I really did but I didn't like how the H made decisions for everyone's lives. I loved Anya and i really felt her pain. The author made me feel it so intensely so in that respect it was great. But (spoiler) I didnt like that the H married another older woman from an advertisement and had 'risque' sex with her and loved her eventually. He could have learned manners and such without marrying another woman. He also had other women that [...]

    15. I usually dislike new HP's preferring to live in the HP world of old, douche bag H's and all so I have to confess total shock and surprise that I found a new HP that actually held my attention. I found it riveting. I'm not sure whether it was the whole ballet thing, so refreshingly different and quite well drawn or the characters, both intense and not perfect at all. I never really connected with either the H or the h but something about the book did it for me. Maybe it suited my mood, being the [...]

    16. I loved this book by carol. They storyline is gripping from start to finish. Both the H and h are strong characters who face the tough situations of life and do what they need to do to survive and then succeed. There is love, sacrifice and maturity. I am not sure why some readers did not like it, but it worked for me.

    17. "Spot-on emotional descriptions make Marinelli’s Irresistible Russian Tycoons story a strong one. Both Anya and Roman’s feelings are real, particularly in Anya’s angst over both Roman and her career" (4 stars @ RT Book Reviews).Miniseries: Irresistible Russian Tycoons

    18. A very emotional and satisfying conclusion to a great quartet about 4 boys raised in a Russian orphanage.

    19. lots of dramaI like my old man is to be with a good dose of angstbut this had black love and tooooo much of dark history

    20. I really liked this book - well written and I was waiting to read Anya and Roman's story. It is book 4 in a series, but can be read as a stand alone. Steamy and dramatic.

    21. Loved all four books in this seriesThis one ending came so fast, I thought I had missed some chapters, but it was a really good read.This author is really good, I read almost all her work!

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