True Born

True Born Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B PQ MF At seventeen Miss Georgiana Blake knows that John Crawford is the only man she will ever love and that she will marry him Neve

  • Title: True Born
  • Author: Lara Blunte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B018PQ7MF6 1758 At seventeen, Miss Georgiana Blake knows that John Crawford is the only man she will ever love and that she will marry him Never mind that John is the bastard son of the Earl of Halford, or that he is leaving to fight in India John is indestructible he will be back, and she will wait GeorLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B018PQ7MF6 1758 At seventeen, Miss Georgiana Blake knows that John Crawford is the only man she will ever love and that she will marry him Never mind that John is the bastard son of the Earl of Halford, or that he is leaving to fight in India John is indestructible he will be back, and she will wait Georgiana could never imagine that her marriage will become so important for her family, or that she will have to forsake the man she adores A man whose virtue is not forgiveness First in The Halford Trilogy, which will continue with The Last Earl available in and This Hell of Mine Recently published online, this is what some readers said about True Born Amazing The way you write is so unique, because it feels as though you are retelling things that have actually happened, instead of writing fiction And I think for this very reason, from the very first chapter, this story had me hooked I should mention that I couldn t help but be reminded of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights by the character of Hester Stowe with all that darkness, madness, passion and violence Loved the book I m seriously crying is is beautiful Your characters, their problems, their traits, all so well put together 10 stars Keeping writing and I ll keep reading Again, this was another wonderfully written story You re an amazingly skilled writer.

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    One thought on “True Born”

    1. 4.5 Stars!If you're looking for a book that tests love's commitment and seeks to truly understand love's many facets and complexities, this is for you. The author brings our heroine through life's indifference where matters of the heart don't always work out the way we wish. Or could it be that patience, a little waiting, and some maturity might change things? Find out in this engaging and sweet novel.

    2. dnf @ 20% (novella) (Kindle Prime lenders library April selection) . I won't rate this because I didn't even get half way through. I don't understand all the 5 star reviews for this little book. On there are 34 reviews and 82% are 5 star. Why I did not finish:I felt like someone was yelling at me. Here is why:pg 1: There will be a race!pg 2 But how utterly absurd! Of course John will win!pg 6: By the length of a horse! No, I want it to be splendid! You're mad!pg 7: Oh, no, but wait!pg 8: Oh, bu [...]

    3. Hmm, I have mixed feelings about this romance. On one hand, the action-driven plot kept my interest. A lot happens: there's betrayal, love triangles (yes, more than one!), sibling rivalry, death, disease, financial strife, separations, physical abuse, dueling, scheming villains, and more. I even learned about the high commodity of wigs in 18th century England. What's there not to like? For all the dramatic events that occurred, I didn't feel the emotions John and Georgiana experienced as we're n [...]

    4. First Time I’ve wanted to give 6 stars!Lara Blunte author ofTrue Born - The Halford Trilogy is an amazing and timeless historical romance, in my humble opinion. I hated having to go to bed without finishing it that first night!Georgiana is the third sister of five girls and her disposition is sunny, if a little outspoken. John is the much loved son of the Earl, born to his lover. He has two half-brothers, one older and the other younger. Of course, in this timeline there are many factors that [...]

    5. I really enjoyed True Born. It was an emotional read from the start. Georgiana is in love with John but must sacrifice her happiness for the family and marries John's half-brother, the Earl of Halford. There are love triangles, lots of death, sadness, love, family betrayal, and he got his moments. I found myself cheering and wiping a few tears. The story does offer the reader a happy ending.

    6. Why this didn't work for me: *spoilers*No strong female characters at all.Georgiana was annoying AF.She was placed up on a high pedestal and ALL other women were either utterly insignificant or backstabbing and hateful over men who wanted Georgiana.Georgiana CHOSE to marry Hugh, knowing all his flaws, for wealth and privilege for HERSELF and her sisters. Had any other women been a victim-playing gold digger she would have been demonised!Esther chose hard work, unlike simply marrying rich, but of [...]

    7. I really liked this book- I was worried that things were going to go wrong at the end after all they went through, but pleasantly, the author let things work out- good ending. I really loved how she ran for him letting her bonnet fly off- rather a romantic visual. To think, someone was so happy to see someone that they would run for them would make anyone happy. Historical fiction such as this always makes me appreciate how woman are much better off now than they were. I found the characters to [...]

    8. Ten stars!Love this book! It 1:28am so.i a bit tired, however I will say that this book has strong characters. The hero and heroine, even the minor characters played significant roles. I love the comparison between Hester and Georgied the struggle John had with the choice of light vs dark. He was such a strong hero. Thank you for this book. The negativejust one. It was so interesting that it kept me up late and I have to get up early for work in the morning.

    9. 1758 England. Georgiana Blake loves John Crawford, the bastard son of Edward Stowe, the Earl of Halford. Giana, as her sisters refer to her, is one of five daughters her poor father needs to marry off. John is going off to be a soldier in the war in India and promises to marry her when he returns.While John is away, influenza kills his father, and his evil half brother,The Viscount of Montrose, throws his mother out of the cottage the Earl said would always be her home. Giana cares for his mothe [...]

    10. I read True Born after reading The Last Earl. True Born is supposed to be the first in a trilogy, but there is a big time difference (100 years) between the two stories, so you can really read the books in any order.There is the distinct flavor of the 18th century, and a story of love that begins strong right out of the gate. John Crawford is the bastard son of the Earl of Halford, with a half brother who hates him and desires the woman he loves. John leaves for war and you can guess the rest… [...]

    11. True Born, by Lara Blunte, is an exceptionally well-researched love story set in the Georgian era. This story has well-developed characters that are faced with a lot of struggles as they encounter obstacles to their love. How they grow through their trials, makes for exceptionally good reading. This story grabbed my attention at the beginning and kept it as I turned the pages of this book. It was hard to put down! I highly recommend True Born, and anything else that Lara Blunte writes, if you li [...]

    12. In this story time doesn't wear the heart out, just puts in perspective what you really wantThey say if you let someone go and they come back to you, they were always yours to begin withSo much action, so much pure love. Two souls meeting each through a battlefield of difficulties determined that they were always each others to begin with

    13. GreatGeorgiana knows that John is the one and only man for her. She wants to marry him. He is off to war and says that he will write. He is the eastward son of the Earl of Harlford. His step brother has the hots for her and makes her marry him to protect her sisters well being. See how things work out.

    14. This book was ok. There are love triangles and betrayals all through this book. It is a good read if you want to read a romance. There wasn't anything that really stood out to me though. I may pick up book 2 sometime in the future but there are a lot of other books that I am interested in above this one.

    15. Lovely tale of love, with a beautiful reconstruction of the 18th century. I have to disagree with one of the reviewers, the book is full of feeling. We know what they are thinking, what their emotions are.Some very scary moments, and beautifully written, once more.

    16. Lovely storyTruly beautiful love story! Lots of adversity and throughout all the negativity true love never dies!Recommend highly to other romantics.

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